His Wife Part 31 & 32

He was enjoying his swimming in lake, where they are now ,both him and geet. it was beautiful morning , he had brought Geet to one of beautiful lake in between forest near to their farmhouse.

Geet was all excited to watch it and visit it. she was chirping around running here and there and he was enjoying the view of his Jaan along with is swimming session.

He chuckle taking another lap in the water seeing her running behind some small creature. he remember how she had blushed furiously seeing him first time in his swim suit. his thoughts were broken hearing  some sound and he looked at the source to see her rapidly slipping inside the lake.

He was horrified to see the scene and soon enough he heard her scream .

Jaan..he gasped and swam fast towards her direction .whereas geet drown deeper inside the water trying to move inside it but was not able to with her sari. Her eyes wide open inside water to see small fishes going around her. The view magnificent her whereas she try to breath inside taking the huge amount of water in her mouth and cough out slightly floating on the water .it was deep .she felt she will die now .

SAHEB. .she called out seeing him coming towards her rapidly. She tried very hard to stay on the water , moving her hands and legs.

Maan move towards her quickly , and hold her in his arms .both of them come near the edge and he kept her down slowly.

Geet cough out badly , her whole face was red . Maan take a breath of relief combing his wet hairs behind .

Are you alright? ? He asked her ,rubbing her back as she was coughing badly throwing out the water from her mouth.


She hug him tightly crying out scaring to hell.

It’s alright , jaan. Nothing has happened?  He try to sooth her hugging her back tightly.  He was scared to loosed her to watch the scene . It’s at that moment all sort of thoughts come before him. Dadima’s words bang inside his head .

Let her live her life maan.

The way she wished , she desired.

And that instant he knew and realized how wrong he was to force her into something she still is unknown , she never want.

He felt his own life slipping from his hands seeing her drowning inside.

Hum bahot dar gaye the. .agar hum..but before she could speak he place his palm on her mouth nodding geet her not to say anything.

Nahi..hum..dar..gaye the…agar Hum. .aapne agar hume nahi bachaya hota toh ,hum aapke sath kaise want bitate. Hum aapko kaise dekha pate. .hum..apse dur nahi jana chahte. .she sobbed hard hugging him tight again.

Maan was bowl away by her innocent pure love for him. He cradle her in his arms and they move back towards farmhouse.

Geet was snuggling in her duvet watching Tom and Jerry and giggling all alone.while maan was busy in his own work and in between watching her laughing session. He can’t believe the grown up woman in front of his eyes watching cartoon but that’s his jaan , .she has still not grown up in true senses.

They return next day morning as per geet’s contact nagging to be at home as it’s Karvachauth the next day. He was frustrated at her but she was almost on the verge of crying.so he has to agree to her terms .though he had warned her not to keep any fast for him .
Next day early morning geet woke up and silently slip from there bedroom while maan was sleeping peacefully.  She went into kitchen where dadima was already waiting for her but most shocking and unexpected for her to see Her mother in law there seating with dadima. 
Geet slowly went near to them scared from inside at the reaction of her . But to her utter surprise she asked her to sat beside them on the chair.
Dadima watch her expressions,  she was scared a bit to see sumitra there. She herself was first shock to see her in kitchen early in the morning when she step inside . She was more shock to watched her ready with all stuff of karvachauth. All the needed items and Sergi for kc which mother in law has to give there DIL on the KC fast.
On asking her she gave her reply with her own attitude. 
It’s my right sasumom , let me do it for my lovely daughter in law.
Sumitra I dont want geet to be hurt on this sacred day.so pls.
Sasumom,  I know I had hurt her a lot but do believe me today. My perspective towards her has changed. And I had accepted her today. She clarify sincerely before keeping all items on the table neatly.
Dadima though not sure but feeling sincerity in her words she thought to believe on her. Maybe geet’s innocence has affected on her too.
Dadima Come back from her thoughts hearing her.
Geet beta. Lets eat your sergi fast. You have to be empty stomach all day. Saying so sumitra hold the spoonfuls of sergi infront of her mouth and gesture her to eat.
Geet was dumbfounded to see it and she looked at dadima with her moisten eyes  when dadima gesture her to take it. Geet silently take it and munch it with her downcast head.
Yeh lijiye beta .yeh humare bahu ke liye hai. 
She hold the thali of all kc items which married women gets from there mother in law. Which jn Clunes sari,  chunari,  kumkum,  glass bangles,  etc. (I really don’t know much , just have watch little and read little in ff, sorry for my little knowledge )
Geet take it silently and touch her feet .
Sada suhagan raho bete  (stay married forever)she bless her as well as dadima .
Where are you early morning?  Maan asked her watching her entering into there room carrying his black coffee . 
Woh hum ..Hum. .she try to find the words when he pulled her slowly and kept cup on the table.
Don’t lie .he declared with finality. 
Hum KC ka fast rakh rahe hai toh..she stammer dreading for his reaction.
Why don’t you listen to me geet. Your health is still not good .it is improving just now , and you are b ehaving like this. I don’t beliveon this nonsense ..and for my life why do you have to starve yourself. He Bark on her furiously.  
Pls..Aap Aisi baate mat kijiye.. it’s for me. Your life matter to me. She confess yet again innocently.
But not at cost of your health,  your life. He argue cupping her face. 
Do you think what I will do without you , my life is nothing without you jaan ?? He try to make her understand. 
Hume kuch nahi hoga . As far as you are with me. And it’s my love and faith for you. Pls let me do it. Just for one day. I never asked anything from you. Her last words did it’s magic and he agreed half heartily . 
Take care of yourself. If anything happens to you , I will not forgive you . He warned her pecking her forehead while she chuckle on his statement. 
It was late evening when Geet descended the stairs slowly with her heavy sari which sumitra had given her for today’s occasion.
She looked around the party hall , which dadima had arranged for small kc function.
She felt her eyes turning wet reminding previous KC function. It’s the same hall , where she was serving every guest , some were torturing her with there dirty gazes or touches. It was same that time as well where she had to bear all bad words against her on KC.  It was same where she had witness him with his ex . Her tears rolled down again reminding the scene. Though she know he have changed. He only loves her but getting flashes of that sight it pinch her vulnerable heart.
Geet come out of her thoughts feeling soft touch on her wet cheeks . She look up to see her Saheb standing in front of her with irritated look on his face seeing her crying. He wiped her tears softly gesturing her in no.
Geet smile in tears seeing him there for her so early today. While in the hall all attention was on her only from the time she descended the stairs. Some admired her beauty , even praise dadima as well for choosing her for maan. Some envy her , some were old guests who knew her being mad before were left shock and started there gossiping even dared to asked from dadima.
But to dadima’s satisfaction or happiness maan is present there today for his lotus. That he and sumitra had before hand warned them silently. His one glare was enough for them to shut there mouth.
Aap itna jaldi aaye,  humare liye ?? She asked chirpily forgetting all her anger and miseries.
Yes jaan. How can I left you to starve yourself.  He take her hand in his and both went towards dadima.
Inbetween he asked her the reason behind her crying that she again remember it and her face turn sad.
Kuch nahi. Hume bas  kuch Yaad Aa gaya . She told with her low voice.
Kya ??
Till then they reach towards dadima,  both take her blessings .
Kisiki nazar na Lage humari bacchi ko . Dadima peck her head lovingly.
Geet smile before coming near sumitra to  take her blessings who patted her head warmly and hug her.
Maan watch the scene little surprised to see change of behavior of his mom towards geet as he take her blessings as well .
Dadima watch him and chuckle to see confused look on his face.
Don’t think too much son,  your mother had changed for better.
Dadima teased both maan and sumitra respectively.
Maan just stared at his mother unsure at what he heard just now while geet looked uneasy play with her pallu seeing the commotion going on between three.
Why are you staring at me like that ?? Sumitra asked from her son seeing his gaze .
No. I am just not sure still at what dadima is saying.
Dadima  broke into laugh finally hearing them while both mother and son glared at her.
What is happening here dadima tell me the reason also of your laughing . Rajeev barge in the group .
Maan glared at him , still he was not ready to forgive him or forget the happenings.
Bro..he called him seeing his glared but maan just left from there taking geet forcefully with him.
Maan..dadima and sumitra called him in unison but he was long gone .
Sorry dadima.  Rajeev was regretting for all the misconception going on because of him.
It’s alright son ,, you realized your mistake that is the big thing now. From beginning I was trying to stop you both from your ways (she referred to annie as well ) but.she left it glaring at sumitra.
Rajeev. Your Brother is angry now.give him time he will soon forgive you. Sumitra assured her son for she can’t see them in sad mood.
Where is annie ??
She has gone for her friends place for party and she..before Rajeev could complete Dadima complete his sentence knowing her family too well.
She is not going to return tonight , isn’t she ??
Now where he went away taking my bahu ,,she has to broke her fast . Sumitra changed the topic soon.
You don’t worry. He can never left her to starve . That’s why he had return early from his work today.
Sumitra just thought about his change of persona because of geet.
Saheb. Aapko aise nahi Aaja chahiye tha . Waha sab kya soch rahe honge  aur Rajeev Saheb .. aapko unhe maaf kar dena chahiye .
Geet blabber out as soon as they reach the terrace which had decorated for her by maan but she fail to notice in her own blabbering.
Maan was irritated now with her blabber , on that her chanting of the name of Saheb.  Second thing he don’t like her calling Rajeev  as well with Saheb.  That’s only belong to him , she has that right to called him only with that name , no one else.
He pulled her forcefully in his arms almost banging her on his hard chest.
Don’t you dare to called him Saheb.  He declared with finality while geet watched him with her big honey eyes innocently, confused at his demand .
He is your brother in law now , jaan . He give her a reason to for her confusion.
Geet nodded swiftly realizing the fact while she thought something in her mind and chirp up suddenly.
Yes. I should called him Rajeev bahiya,  how is it ??
Maan felt satisfied with her reply and nodded smiling at her enthusiasm.
Now called me by my name . He demanded further.
KYA? ?
Geet was shock with his demand yet again.
Hum kaise.. humne pahle bhi toh aapko kaha tha.. hume .hume sharam aati hai..
She blush furiously while he pulled her more closer almost touching there nose.
Achcha. . While at the time of kissing me , don’t you get shy.. ??
He teased her while his breath fan her shivering lips which were craving for his touch.
Nahi…she murmur in her lost state while he chuckle but didn’t kissed her instead kept lingering his lips on her own..
to be continue. .
Precap :
Till the time you will not called me by my name , I will…?
Fill in the blank guys ..??

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