It was another day , Maan thought to take his jaan out on one of there farmhouse . just two of them as he wanted to to explore the world outside mansion .if she come out then only will be habitual of it. Dadima was happy with this thought but tease him before approving his demand. 

Here geet was unaware of all this lost in her shona’s world playing with it. 

When she bump with one person just had entered inside mansion. It was early afternoon. No one was in mansion apart from 3 of them .softy,  maan and herself.

What the hell. Are you blind or what .it’s the way you welcome your guest. Geet heard the scream of a lady and she flinch a bit but irritated to heard her voice. She knew it. She saw her face and can able to recognized it but where ?? 

Her cloths are too small like a baby geet thought making weird faces looking at her head to toe .

That’s when both of them heard the loud voice of maan. 



Geet was frighten seeing his red angry eyes whereas puppy ran from her hands betraying her where as she pouted at his retreating figure. 

Shona..she murmur on the verge of crying. 

What are you doing here ?? Do you forgot our last encounter or my warning? ? 

Geet don’t like it at all.they had met before? ? She tried to think and flashes of kc that night ran in front of her eyes making her cry. Yes she remember her. Her Saheb was holding her in his arms but later.. 

He was like this , but it was past. His past life. He is not like this today . Hai na geet , she muffle he cries.  

But what she is doing here now ?? She thought while her eyes met with his blood red and she flinch Bach seeing his anger on her now. He was angry to see her crying again that he burst on SAMEEKSHA instead. 

Get lost from here now . He shouted.

But maan. I said sorry to you also. I come here for you. Let’s forget everything and get together again. 

She socket with sugar coated voice of hers making him furious.

And he just grab her wrist and dragged her towards the door when she try to hug him but next moment before he could pushed her geet was there banging her small hands on her back while she try to pulled her away from him.

He stop to watch her next move. He was amused to see her reaction. 

Chodiye unhe..yeh aap kya kar rahe ho. ? Chodiye humare SAHEB ko , he is my HUSBAND. she spoke little loudly with authority in her voice making both of them shock. 

Sameeksha was shock beyond limits hearing this. She fumed on the little girls audacity and she pushed her hard angrily.  

Aahh..geet was falling behind when he move quickly and hold her. He was in uterus very own.  His body shiver in great anger to see his jaan going to hurt and that because of this shit of woman. 

You bi*** leave from here before I do something you will regret ..

He called the security and lashed out on them for sending her inside. 

Take her away from my sight. I not wanted to see her again in premises of khurana estate.  

You married that little filthy chit.how ..

Sameeksha bark on geet who was shivering now but hearing her words she fumed from inside as she remember how close she was with her saheb today also and at the time of karvachauth last year. 


Dared you utter anything against her ?? She is my wife.  

Now I will make sure your whole career will be ruin. .he warned her dangerously making her scared and she curse the moment she thought to come here. She started to plead him leaving beside her self respect. 

Maan glared at the security and they drag her outside while she scream out going outside.  

Maan turn to looked at geet who was crying silently  .

Jaan.he hold her shoulders but she snap it in anger and ran from there. 

Geet he called her entering inside there room but she was not ready to watch his face. 

Jaan..I Am sorry.  He sat beside her 

But don’t you cry .please.  


Then what should…I. . Do… you …were…close…to her…now. .. ALSO. ..and then ..

Geet he was worried now as he realized what she was referring she had watch them together that night. He curse that woman for ruining his day. 

Jaan.. I love you. 

But..you..were..with..her.. she sobbed again not able to bear the thought of them together.

Nahi..jaan..she was behind me that time also.I love you only. And that was my past. You are my present and future. 

And I don’t love anyone but only you.  

Jaan .. believe me . He try to make her understand when she was convinced still angry on him . She didn’t turn back .

He forcefully make her turn and wipe her tears softly kissing her eyes.she closed her eyes. 

I love you . He whisper taking her lips in his own knowing well this thing only can calm her now. 


He kissed her passionately making her drown in the kissed . She suck back his lips not ready to leave him now. 

When he remember how she had tried to pulled that woman from him claiming him as her husband.  He chuckle feeling his heart swelling in pride to get love of her.

Geet glared at him and bite his lips angrily making him wince in pain and he kissed her hard.

It was next morning when they started there journey though geet was sad to leave her shona alone behind and she almost cry whole night but maan manofy her somehow and almost blackmail her to come with him or her will go alone leaving her. She wanted to be with her saheb but wanted to take her shona as well but her Saheb didn’t let her. She leave him in a care of dadima who assured her of him. 

They reach till afternoon and by the time they reach geet was back to normal enjoying her surrounding.  

Yeh toh bahot hi Sundar hai Saheb.  She exclaim in happiness while roaming her hazels all around the farmhouse. It was situated in between forest far from city life. 


Maan was happy watching her happy face . He parked his car and instructed the security on the door to go now  if he need anything then will called them. 

Two servants take there luggage inside and went out leaving both of them alone. 

Now both were alone.as maan send everyone for a day not wanting any disturbance . There food and room was well arranged as he had already instructed them before coming here.  

He looked for geet and found her playing inside the garden there , running behind butterflies there to catches them . 


He was mesmerized with the sight and went near her to watch her closely. 

She giggle , her breaths were heavy while her saree was going up again and again revealing her beautiful stomach .

While suddenly she fall down stumbling in her sari and he ran to her.

Aahh. . She wince seating on a little grass there patting away the mud from her hands. 

Are you fine jaan , 

He asked her holding her soft wrist , while she blush furiously seeing his hold. 

He smirk seeing it and ran his hand upward on her shoulder coming down his fingers brushed aside her breast giving her chill of pleasure.  


Jaan.. he groan cupping it on her blouse , geet closed her eyes feeling his touch while she come more closed to him.when his hands ran down on her waist feeling her soft skin. He caressed her whole bare back , waist and stomach pressing it making her moan in his passion. 

to be continue..


Part 30

He caressed her whole bare back , waist and stomach pressing it making her moan in his passion. 


He made her lay down on the grass below and hovered on her. Geet was all shy just closed her eyes loving the feeling of his touch which was giving new teasing sensation to her.

Looked at me jaan. He called out wanting to see what emotions hold her beautiful hazel eyes.

And when she opened it he felt new Zeal and excitement to cherished her , to love her. There was her pure innocent love , her surrender to him and her sweet shyness that she immediately downcast her lashes again.

He placed his lips slowly on hers cherishing each feeling and press it tightly , crushing her soft petals . Geet sigh in a lip lock while he started to lick her lips before taking it in a soul searing kiss. Both kissed passionately while geet kiss him back pulling him closer.

Maan press his body slightly on her while his palm roam all over her front waist and stomach feeling her soft skin.

Geet moan in the kiss as her small hands hold on to him as if for her dear life.

He left her feeling her breathless , geet was all red that she hided herself in his chest clutching his shirt tightly , she breath hard on his chest.


He crushed her in a dear hug laying himself on a grass below he take her on his body feeling a much needed peace in a lap of nature while it was heaven getting her closed to him .

It was evening , when geet was busy in  in kitchen for dinner arrangements . She was chirpily making new Italian dish for her Saheb , which she had learn from Nakul kaka.


Maan entered inside kitchen and was pleasantly surprise with a beautiful sight of his jaan cooking something special for him . His nostrils fills with a food smell and his stomach grumble I hunger.


He let her finished her work silently while himself sat on the chair and admired her.

Geet in between looked at him and give her cheesy smiles and continue her work with more Zeal in a presence  of her Saheb.


Maan looked at her glowing face , her glistening eyes , shining in happiness.  She looks truly happy while cooking new thing for him . And he remember dadima’s words about geet.

“Maan let her live her life the way she wanted ” .

Yes dadima is true. Geet is happy in that . Then he will let her live it the way she wished and desired . He will no more interfere in her matters.

He thought admiring his jaan while he thought something for her.

Geet finished her task and kept her new dish on the dinning table in front of him .

While he take in a breath of  lavishing smell of a food.

It’s amazing jaan. He praised her hard work just by the look and smell of a food.

@dhamidrashti - DrashtiDhami - silsilabadalterishtonka - Nandini

Sachchi. . She jump in excitement smiling

He smiled at her childish behaviour.

Par aapne toh abhi tak kuch nahi taste kiya she made a small face.

Let’s eat it jaan , then . He smiled at her while she set up the dinning table with there dinner.

He taste a bite and was awestruck by its taste. It’s just amazing  she made it perfect .he thought relishing the delicious dishes she made for him. 

While geet looked at him curiously but watching his expressions she was happy. 

Kaisa bana hai ?? She asked desperately wanting heard words of praises from his mouth.

It’s amazing and delicious jaan. He spoke up pulling her from her chair while made her to sat on his lap. 


She blushed furiously holding his neck.

While he peck her lips leaving taste of it on her lips.

She pouted . Yeh hume pasand nahi hai. Hume woh Italian food pasand nahi hai.

Achcha.  ?? He smirk and take out a bite from parathas she had placed for her , and he fed her lovingly.

To which she take it hurriedly showing how much she was hungry. 


He fed her whole three parathas back to back while she ate it all hungrily making him chuckle. 

Jaan eat slowly.  He said out 

Ji..Kya. .ka..ha. . She was engross in her eating didn’t get what he said asked between her full mouth. 

Maan nodded seeing her childish ways. And sigh looking at his food longingly. 

Geet after her tummy fill up realized that her Saheb still didn’t ate anything.  She stated to feel  guilty.  

Aapne toh kuch khaya hi nahi..hum toh bhul hi gaye.  She pouted on the verge of crying. 

Yes You forgot. You had promised me to feed me with your own hands.  He said to her trying to lighten her mood.

Ha. Hum Abhi Aap ko khilate hai.  


She fed him excitingly while he relished all with her hands. 

It was midnight when she woke up again not able to sleep properly. 

Saheb.. Saheb. .. uthiye na ..

She shook him who was sleeping peacefully when he stir a bite and pulled her in his arms and slept again sniffing her scent.

When something wet touch his face . He opened his eyes slowly to looked at her face only to jerk up in seating position to see her crying.

Jaan.. Kya hua ?. 

Hume dadima ke pass jaana hai . She  cry holding on to his shirt. 


It was from the night she was crying continuously to be there in home. She started to felt  alone and strange suddenly at night time. He had also let her called dadima twice a day and she had cry out in a phone . It was taking his all hard time to control her tears which couldn’t bear a bit in her beautiful hazels. 

He suddenly kissed her lips , trying to make her forgot all other things and she did . Being kissed by him it was her most favorite desire which she cherished the most. 

She hold onto him tight kissing him back while he sigh in the kiss getting her back to normal .

He pushed her on the bed while himself hovered on her , leaving her lips he crawl down kissing her chin , neck , below her open cleavage. 

She was moaning continuously with her eyelids closed. 

He pulled out her sari and rub his stubble on her soft skin making her giggle. His heart filled with peace seeing her smile and he shower her with more wet kisses giving her goosebumps. 

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