Mehbooba S2 Chapter 60

Geet stood coyly watching her own reflection in the mirror, she was adorn in only swim suit brought by Maan.

Geet, if you not come out soon…your swimming lesson going to be end before it began.

No…I am coming… She managed to spoke out through her dried throat.

Maan waited patiently for her to appear out, he really want to see her in his desired cloths. His heartbeats fasten hearing the click of the door.

She slowly walked out…he was disappointed seeing her robe. He walked forward reaching near her her, she tried to step back but he grabbed her waist making her blush furiously.


Remove it..or I will do that for you…he whispered huskily in her ear, nibbling her earlobe… while his fingers opening the knot of her robe.

She shivered, scared to meet his intense gaze and shook her head softly. He smirked in victory and step away giving her little space. She let the robe fall away, leaving her clad only in her swimsuit.

Dekha teri mast nigahon mein

Nasha hai ada hai mohabbat hai ho
Aaja tujhe baahon mein le loon main
Roop yeh ghazab hai qayamat hai
Dhadkanein tezz ho jaane do
Pyar mein hosh kho jaane do
Dekha teri mast nigahon mein
Nasha hai ada hai mohabbat hai

He sighed with the beautiful sight of hers,, her fair skin glowing in the night as if leaving moon ashamed as well. His fingers traced over her shoulders, tangling in the strands of dark silken hair. He’d loved the feel of her hair from the first moment he’d touched it. Like silk. Thick and dark. it held all the mysteries of a night.

Yeh husn aur yeh mastiyan
Chhaane lagi hai madhoshiyan
Uff do dilon ke saaz par
Gaane lagi hai khamoshiyan
Apni zulfon ki khushbu uda
Aur mujhko deewana bana
Dekha teri mast nigahon mein

Then he slowly eased the straps of her bra down, baring even more of her fair skin.

The sight and touch of her drew him closer. He nuzzled her neck, kissing and nibbling every inch, while his hands continued to ply through her long hair.

She arched, pressing herself closer. “Maan, let’s go na….”

Ruswaiyon se darta hai man
Achchha nahin deewanapan
Toone mujhe kyon chhu liya
Kaanp utha mera badan

Where jaan….He whispered huskily, kissing the hollow of her neck, going down he kissed the edge of her collarbone, and down to the tops of her rounded breasts. His hand at her hip, roamed upward, pushing the fabric along, tracing a path up reaching towards peak of her nipple.

Maan..she wriggle in his arms, blushing heavily…

He pulled her only close, drawing her mouth to his, He kissed her drowning his needs in her soft sighs. Her lips teased his, opened to his, drew him closer.

“Maan,”she whispered in a throaty moan, “plz…”She struggled and he pulled apart pecking her lips , let’s go… he lifted her in his arms.

Yoon na dekho mujhe o sanam
Dagmagaane lage hain kadam
Dekha teri mast nigahon mein
Shokhi hai ghazab ki shararat hai

Ready…? He asked playfully standing at the edge of the pull holding her in his arms, as soon as she nodded, he threw her in the pool taking her by shock as she wasn’t ready for it.


Ahhh….she gasped for air, he jumped inside, grabbing her in his arms.

They remained inside for an hour, he taught her few more techniques… admiring her playing inside water like a mermaid.

Suddenly he pulled her to him…

Kaise teri baahon mein aaoon main
Rop yeh sharam ki amaanat hai
Pyar yoon na jatao sanam
Sharm aati hai jao sanam
Dekha teri mast nigahon mein
Shokhi hai ghazab ki shararat hai
Dekha teri mast nigahon mein

She reached out and touched his face, her hands grazing over the smoothly shaved ridge of his jaw, going down it ran over the thick muscles in his neck and shoulders. How could he feel so much like iron and yet touch her with such a gentleness…

His eyes were closed as she continued to feel him. She stopped as she came to the top of his …..

She glanced shyly back in his brown eyes,

GHSP 230 HD_3670
GHSP 230 HD_4328

How she wanted to touch him, to love him, but she didn’t know how. Just then Maan pulled her closer, closing his mouth over hers and kissing her furiously.

His fingers found the hardness of her nipple poking through the wet fabric, teasing it , rubbing it between his forefinger and thumb.

He pulled back,and then swiftly lifted her in his arms before taking her inside.


She changed into her saree again, when he walked inside straight at her back. He hooked her blouse , making her blush.

MEHBOOBA | MG FF | THREAD 5 | UPDATED Last Part & Epilogue @ p.n.34 | Geet  - Hui Sabse Parayee

Hume ghar jana hai…she said slowly trembling in his gaze.

Yeh bhi toh tumhara hi ghar hai…words left from his mouth making her looked up instantly.

He was sincere…that could be seen in his eyes, seeing her silence, he kissed her again, this time deeper and with a rush of need. When he pulled back for air, he felt insatiable in his need for her. He needed to kiss her everywhere, taste her, feel her.

He took her to bed, she was lost in his words what he said before, while his eyes locks her to him.

Sun yeh sama kehta hai kya
Ruswaiyon ka dar bhool ja

He sure was not gonna let her go … He thought putting her down on the bed, his hands moved lightly, caressing over her body with deliberate slowness, fondling her breasts… he dropped light, teasing kisses in the hollow of her throat, her earlobe, until finally his mouth brushed her lips, his tongue seeking out the softness within.

while his hands roamed gently over the curve of her hips and buttocks. He could feel her body quivering beneath his touch, a warmth spreading beneath her skin, and watched her eyes closing…taking her deep breaths of pleasure.

Marry me….

Words left his mouth on it’s own accord, even he didn’t realize when it happened, but he felt no regret in doing so.

Geet became numb…she looked at him bewildered thinking did she heard it wrong.

Reading her look, he repeated again, marry me.. I want you for lifetime Geet…forever.. be mine.

She thought she is hallucinating…or it was one of those young long lost dreams.

Geet…he nuzzled his nose with hers, bringing her back to reality.. par hum pahle se hi shadishuda hai…she gulped the saliva, trying hard to stop her tears, but her heart ached so badly…the dream she was having from years, now coming true but it became forbidden for her.

“You can’t belong to him or anyone else but me, or you’d not be in my bed….”

She looked down hearing him, somewhere guilty and sad.

He cupped her chin, urging her look up into his eyes… She was hypnotized by the eyes that locked with hers.

He unbuttoned his shirt throwing that away All the while he kept his eyes fastened on hers.

Her heart began a hammering beat, but still she couldn’t move. Watching him undress himself, and then he sat down next to her to remove her saree.

She suddenly got up, her breathing fastened anticipating, what’s coming next..but she couldn’t let that happen anymore.

Dil ko sanam samjha zara
Yoon na mere nazdeek aa

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 1d826-tumblr_m8ip1czwk41rrvwjjo3_250.gif

Geet…he walked behind her, holding her shoulder.she stopped and looked at him, it cannot happen Maan.. I can’t leave Kunal nor break this marriage.

It infuriated him no end, he harshly jerked her around, she came crashing to his chest.

A finger touched her cheek, making her tremble.She couldn’t muster the courage to move..

Aankh jhukne lagi hai meri
Sunke baatein yeh jaadoo bhari

Why?? Just tell me why can’t you be mine…He tilted her chin up, forcing her eyes to meet his.

“I can’t!” she gasped. She tried to slip past him,but he wouldn’t let her. “Please, Maan.”

“Perhaps you’d better tell me jaan,” he argued.

“I’m not leaving him.”

“You have to do that.”

“You can’t force me”

“Oh, I’m not doing that, honey,” he replied huskily. “I just need a better reason for you to stick with that namesake marriage.

You don’t know anything about us…

I would like to know everything about you, honey..

His hand slipped behind her neck, exerting a gentle pressure that drew her forward. “No,” she whispered. “No. Please.” She could hardly breathe.

His mouth closed over hers, hot and demanding.Fear shivered down her backbone. A knee parted her legs and pressed against her core, and she couldn’t move. An ardent shock followed that reverberated through her system, and she moaned despite herself.

She managed to push him away. “No!”

He stepped back. Hard passion smoldered in his glittering brown eyes. Her saree had fallen, and he couldn’t stop wandering his eyes on her whole…

His hand shot out, his fingers sliding along the curve of her neck, then down the deep V of her blouse. His fingers were warm, making her knees ridiculously weak. The look in his eyes that sent sparks through her belly.

She held her breath.

Please Maan…Her voice was barely a whisper.

He smiled, his voice so very husky. “Please what honey…?

She gave him helpless look…and tried to walk away but he grabbed her again, just then her cell rang,

Kunal…she whispered making him clinch his jaw.

Hume jane dijiye, it must be Kunal..

“You won’t get away with this…he rasped out furiously clinching her wrist tight, her phone kept ringing for a while, he pulled her harshly to face want to go back to him…?

Her eyes widen, and she was silent, then go.. call him..he jerked her away.. asked him to take you away,, she kept staring at him..

I’ll fight him for you if that’s what it takes.” When she didn’t answer, he smirked, “You won’t call him? you don’t want him after all.”

She was getting close to hysteria…lost of mind..

He leaned forward, but Geet brought both hands up hard against his chest. Aisa mat kijiye..sab kuch bikhar jayega…Your family…Kunal.. everyone will hate you…

That doesn’t matter to me Geet, but is that bother you Geet?

She stupefied looked at him..

I know Geet, how do you feel about me.. you want me as much I do.. then Why are you fighting it?

“Stop it!” she cried.

Hum shadishuda hai…I can’t supposed to leave him.

If you are not happy Geet, then you have all rights to choose your own happiness.

I can’t leave him…he will be heartbroken..

Then what will happen if he will come to know about us..

No…she gasped seeing him smirked devilishly.

You won’t tell him or anyone..will you..she began sweating.

He turned without a word and walked back to the bed. She kept her eyes glued to him, aware of how wobbly her legs were.

Her cell rang again breaking the dead silence in the room. she took her cell with her shivering hand,
Jaan…are you alright…? you are not receiving my call..I am calling you from long ..kunals worried voice came from the other end, making her looked down in guilt.
where are you?? she asked with her eyes shut tightly in fear.

I am stuck at office, Jaan. have to finish some work, muze late ho jayega.. you ask Yashoda to stay with you for the night.

she left a sigh of breath hearing him and biding him gn she cut the call..she looked up at him, to see his furious eyes glaring her. he got up and she became numb.. he approached steadily towards her, she tremble on her feet.
he went passed her towards the couch and laid down..leaving her startle.
Hume ghar jaana hai..she approached him.
he kept ignoring her, until she bend down, and held his biceps, listen Maan. I want to my home.
he looked at her hand then her, his gaze roaming on her half revealing curves.
she instantly straighten up, her cheeks warming up…she turned and caught the sight of her saree on the floor, she rushed to take it.
when suddenly he jerk up and rushed behind her aswell, holding the saree from other end leaving her baffle.
chodiye ise..
he shook his head..
Maan..she whined.
next moment, he jerked her along with her saree, she fell straight in his arms, her soft mounds pressing against his hard torso making both their breaths heavy. she looked up to him, to see him staring at her intently, it made her blushed still she couldn’t break the eye contact.

Dekha teri mast nigahon mein
Nasha hai ada hai mohabbat hai
Ho dekha teri mast nigahon mein
Shokhi hai ghazab ki shararat hai

his fingers tug the tendrils of her hairs, behind each, his fingers coming down roaming in her neck, she moaned and close her eyes feeling goosebumps all of over her body with his mere touch and closeness. his hands moved behind her back, and he unhooked her blouse. she was tired of struggling held him closer. he lifted her in his arms, while she snuggle up closer holding his neck.
he laid her down, and hover on her,

I can’t stop thinking about you,” he whispered breathlessly into her ear. “You are unlike any woman I have ever known. I want you, Geet.
I want you now and, always. I want to have you next to my side for whole our life.

His words pushed away all her doubts about his feelings …she knew she should be happiest person on the earth right now hearing his proposal yet she can’t cherish the feeling.

Always. I want you always.

Precap : Geet hurt…

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  1. Wonderful updateMaan decided to make her his.As he feels he can’t be without her. Thats why he asked her to marry him.Geet is confused in her own world.she can neither leave kunal nor marry Maan
    Hard situation for Geet.Eager for next update.

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  2. Wow beautiful update …
    Finally maan realize what he want..
    But why geet is ready to leave Kunal?
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  3. Oh its wonderful superb update. Maan confessed finally but now geet is not ready to choose. It’s difficult for her but she can’t live her life like this she has to decide something. I don’t want that kunal in between them he is useless don’t know what happening with his wife what she is doing nothing only business matters to him. Hope geet get her happiness

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  4. Wow awesome update
    Maan wants to marry her. But why was she refusing? Kunala’s heart break is the only reason or there was something in her past?update soon dear. Take care 🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗

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  5. Superb finally maan did propose her for marriage and geet is super happy seeing her long last dream coming true…but feels shattered knowing her reality why can’t she leave kunal ..when she is not happy with marriage…their passionate moments were super hot…. waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  6. Wonderful update finally maan decided what he wants… But geet not ready to accept it may be something related to past.. love their cute fight cute romance…. Geet hurt who hurt her maan/kunal…waiting waiting waiting🤔

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  7. Nice update n maan finally realised his feelings for her n he proposed her n see get happy knowing his loves her n ready to marry her but she cannot leave kunal n thnxx for pm me

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