He opened her hook of br* and looked at her face to see her reaction but she was completely lost in his spell .he adored her innocence snapping away that thin material of cloth from her body and before she could react his hands caressed on her blossoms. Geet shiver feeling his big palm tracing each lines of her curves. She snap opened her hazels feeling unknown sensation running down her whole.

She was going to pull away from him but the look on his face stop her to do anything liked that which will hurt him.

There was admiration in his eyes as he continue to play with her body teasing her senses. He was satisfied having her closed after long time as he buried his face completely in her blossoms making her moan out in utmost pleasure and she completely lost it , her all inhibitions was gone feeling it first time ever. She pulled him more closer almost crushing him,  her current state add more fuel to it as her body turn vulnerable to his touch.

Maan was so satisfied seeing her surrender. He slowly take her one mount in his mouth while he press other one softly not to scared her and geet moan innocently feeling him doing some magic on her that she can’t able to control herself.

Her moan drive him mad fueling his desires that he bit on her ni***e hard making her moan in pain.

Aahh. .

He instantly licked it soothing her pain making her moan continuously.

He was craving to have her from long time but didn’t get courage owning to her health and fear.

And now when she herself surrender to him, his every cell started to buzz to quench his thirst. He took her another br***t and lick it hungrily biting it earning another moan from her sweet petals. He took her soft lips in his rough one and suck it passionately. He opened her lips with his own lick it harshly driving her crazy. 

Ummm. .she moan continuously in his mouth rubbing her body unconsciously with him. He pulled out from the kiss despite her whining and chuckle seeing her so desperate for the kiss. 

He throw out his shirt from his body making himself bare and her eyes widen in shock.

Hey Babaji. She closed her face with her hands making him laugh out on her innocence.  

Geet you are also bare jaan . He reminded her making her gasp in shock and she hide herself crossing her hands on her chest turning whole red. 

Aaj nahi Jaan.  He warn her forcefully pulling away her hands from his desire sight .he shower her whole body with his wet kisses making her crazy again and she again pulled him closer while he lick her neck hungrily biting it harshly to control his desires. He wanted to be slow and steady with her owning her nature. But her innocent beauty making him go wild with her. 

Saheb..she moaned again turning him on , her innocent moans feel his heart with divine feelings. Her touch make him feel pure and divine as her soft palm roam on his bare back trying to feel him just the way he was feeling her. He lick his love bite harshly intend to sooth her pain. 

His heart still pain to think of the time she has suffered, suffered so much even he himself was so rude to her and given her pain. 

He looked at her face which was glowing red blushing furiously in his arms. Content smile played on his lips seeing his jaan was happy with their closeness. He wanted to shower his love on her but due to her own health and innocence he stopped himself till now.

His hands roam all over her body feeling her softness and he threw aside her sari and slide down her skirt only to get shock as he saw something white poking from her n*****. It didn’t take him too long to realize what It is?  

GEET .he gasp in realization,  as he pulled himself away from her .he was utterly frustrated on himself on situation. 

Oh God. What I was going to do ? He buried his face inside his palm trying to control his fury. 

Geet who felt cold suddenly wrap herself in a blanket and looked at him confused. 

You didn’t told me , geet . He simply asked her but she was still confuse and all shy to face him she turn he face away blushing furiously. 

Ji..Aap kya ..kah rahe hai ?? She asked in between her blushing session. 

His eyes again pop out hearing her. This girl is crazy and going to make me also one day. He thought but watching her innocently blushing he smile warmly at her .she looks truly happy today. He peck her forehead tenderly while she was not ready to meet his eyes.

Wear your cloths, I will just come . Saying so he went inside washroom to freshn up .

Hey Babaji! ! Humara dil kyon itna dhadak Raha Hai? ? She smile half blushing while hide her face in a blanket again.  

After a while he came back she was seating on the bed with two plates of dinner. 

He looked confused as he sat infront of her on the bed. 

Why you brought it here , jaan ?? 

Woh ..everyone have their dinner already and it’s only us..so…dadima Said to take it to…room.  geet softly whisper all words audible to him . She was hell shy still her face was downcast. 

He smiled naughtily seeing her blushing so much. When geet was about to take her bite serving him he in a fast move take it quickly in his mouth sucking her fingers hungrily. 

Saheb. .geet gasp but soon she pouted angrily. 

Aapne humara bite kuyn liya .

I like it from your hands. He whisper huskily pulling her closer while she gasp with his answer.

When she take another bite and take it to his mouth while gesturing him to open his mouth she fed him lovingly. 

Maan was flabbergasted with her move.his heart swell in happiness as he admired his innocent wifey.

Now happy..she giggle innocently feeling his tounge licking her fingers.

More than happy. He whisper teasing her. 

Agar aapko humare hath se khana pasand hai toh hum hi aapko khilayenge. Thik hai ?? She innocently asked again feeding him next bite. 

Thik hai meri jaan ..he lick her lips naughtily making her moan. 

And he feed her next bite when she try to stop him.

Hum khud kha lenge.Saheb. .Aap pahle kha lijiye. Here take it .

But he continue to feed her while she fed him back lovingly.

6 thoughts on “HIS WIFE PART 28

  1. Awww that was passionate update geet is still too innocent to know about their relationship…but maan is happy seeing his geet smiling and blushing and seems happy…loved the update

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