Geet was frighten to core to see Sumitra in front of her as soon as she turn to face her. She stood rooted with the look on her face that was angry and stern. She fist her small palms on her saree almost crushing it .her whole filled up with sweat. 

Geet..aaiye humare sath. ( Come with me ) 

Saying so sternly she drag her towards her room While geet was all blank now , didn’t know how to react. She try to think what had she done …is she make another or any mistakes today? She tried to think and think but hearing her voice again made her come out of her lost senses.

Geet..take it..and changed your cloths now go..she pushed her into washroom with new sari of hers,  sanite** pa*  and few more things tucking into her palm.

As the washroom door closed shut and with that sound geet realized what just happened. She was so embarrassed looking at the thing in her hand and she just realized. 

Hey Babaji. .hum toh bhul hi gaye the. She pouted to control her tears. Changing hurriedly she come out of washroom all worn out with hairs messy , red tire eyes. 

What were you thinking roaming like this ..sumitra shouted not realizing her condition. She didn’t realized it that time .but her main concern was servants in the mansion though there was no one outside still..

Sumitra stop to see her condition. the girl looked as if glass doll will broke any moment if she utter another word. She closed her eyes tight to control her rage. She can’t shout at her now when she was looking hell tired.

Geet stand still hearing her scolding .she knew she is at fault here.she didn’t realized it herself. She was on the verge of breaking down but stop herself somehow reminding his words which he kept on saying her always.

Go to your room and rest.don’t dare to come out. Understood ?? Sumitra literally warn her to which geet nodded silently with her head down and she slowly made her way out.

It was late night when he entered into there room to find her sleeping cuddling off course with her favorite creature.  He fresh n up fast and come out but still find her sleeping .he find it odd and to check her he kept his hand on her forehead which was wet. He find her all sweaty and cold. He less down the temperature of ac and try to woke her up.

Geet..jaan. .wake up..jaan..he patted her cheeks few times when she stir a bit but again went to sleep feeling extremely tire to opened her dizzy eyes. 

What happened to her ? He wonder and let her sleep for as she wanted .she seems too warn out.he concluded looking at her tire face and the way she was sleeping. He softly comb her sticky curls back and peck her head lovingly when small smile adorn on her face.

Pagli. .he chuckle and tried to take puppy away from her slowly not disturbing her. But softy seems more possessive for her than she is .it snuggle more closer to her not allowing maan to take him away from her.

Look..you..she  is all sweaty..you have to sleep away from her.he stared angrily at him when softy looked innocently with his big eyes at his furious face. Seeing him angry on him.he started to cradle know him climbing on him with his small legs .

Maan was flabbergasted with his move as he had never came face to face with any animal or pet before to know it’s each act.

Softy was trying manofy him by tucking out his small tongue every now and then little scared from his anger.

Maan just went from there leaving him as it as he saw geet stirring a bit .he don’t want to break her beautiful sleep now.

It was new morning again when he opened his eyes only to see her cuddle in his arms and to his joy there was no puppy around.he sigh pulling her more close inhaling her scent.  When she moan slightly in pain but he didn’t get it. 

Jaannn. .wake up..kitna soti ho ? He lovingly caressed her cheeks when she moan again shifting a little.

Kya hua ?? 

Ummm.. hume sona hai ..

You didn’t sleep like this too much late..

Ji..hume ..sona hai..

Ok..sleep I have to wake up..

Nahi..hume aapki baho main sona hai..she whine as if ready to cry.

Maan was amused aswell as confused with her behavior. She didn’t slept like this .she was always early riser. And after his ruthless behavior towards her.still. .

But he concluded. That is his jaan.she can never change. He smile looking at her pouting lips. He couldn’t control but to kissed her breathless against her will.she seems too irk right now.

Aapne phirse Hume bina brush kiya kiss kiya.

(You again kissed me without brushing your teeth ) 

Maan was hell embarrassed and it soon turn in anger as he remember her this same words at the holi time. There first holi together. 

You didn’t brush either ..he counter back non the less.

Wahi toh..humne bhi kaha brush kiya hai.she make an irritated face pushing him she softly climb down the bed and rushed to washroom. 

He couldn’t stop but laugh out seeing her irritated face. 

Aap ..Aap. .dekh lena..she warned him glaring at the closed door from inside. .

Dikhao. .I Am here only..

Kya..Kya Dikhao. She was confused now. 

God..Geet..you are impossible ..he again broke into fits of laughter making her more angry.

Aap..chaddo. .Hum aapse baat hi nahi karenge. .dekh lena..

Haan. .jaan..Dikhao toh..

HEY BABAJI. .wahi toh Main piche rahi hoon na.. chaddo hume unki kuch nahi sunni. She talk to herself but audible enough to be heard by him and he left from there laughing aloud on her innocence. 

My son looks way much happy today. What happened?  Asked amazed sumitra seeing him laughing after a decade seems. She never had seen him laughing like this openly from a long time now.

Woh Geet..but maan stop himself realizing he was angry on his mother .he just left from there not giving her chance even to speak.

Hum jaante hain maan Aap humse naraaz hai for behaving bad with your Geet. But it was blind strip on my eyes that time of so misunderstanding that had now left open by your geet’s innocence only ..

But today I may bless your geet with enormous happiness for making my son’s life beautiful and happy .that first time ever after his father’s death I saw him too much happy that his eyes were shining bright in happiness and that mischievous glint.

Her eyes moisten reminding about her husband’s death. She wiped it silently blessing geet all over again.

Part 27

It was afternoon when she started to felt immense pain in her tummy. She clutch it tightly in an attempt to reduce it down but it didn’t lessen. Her tears made their way finally on her cheeks .her body shook with her hard sobs.

Saheb..she cried out furiously turning into ball on the bed .dadima so was gone out leaving her alone to fetch her own relief. 

Crying almost fifteen minutes her eye lids droop down to painful sleep when she felt sudden warmth surrounding her.

Dadima. .she moan in her half sleep with a small smile come on her dried lips but when she opened her eyes fully she was shock to find her mother in law there. She flinch a little though not having a strength in her body to move out. 

Geet..what happened dear ?? Sumitra caressed her forehead affectionately while worry was written all over her face. She had her head on her lap.

Hume..dard ho Raha Hai. ..geet murmur with her dried lips trying to control her tears but few rolled down from a corner of her eyes seeing first time ever her this caring side.

Where ?? Yaha pe ?? She asked seeing her hand holding her stomach. She concluded it because of her per****. 


Rest here.i will just come in a minute. Saying so she stands up hurriedly but geet hold her wrist stopping her.

Please mat jaiye. .she pouted ready to burst again. 

Stay here dear..just a minute .sumitra assure her patting her head while waiting no more she rushed out .

After a while she came back with medicines and warm oil for her. She made her sat with a support of cushion behind and gave her medicines to eat.

Geet made a faces few times but with one stern look of sumitra she drank it all pouting cutely at her. Sumitra laugh out seeing her antics. While she knew with her face she was still in pain.

Lay down geet.she spoke out calmly while geet just obeyed her orders she herself was tire with this pain. 

Memsaab. Geet gasp feeling her warm hand massaging her tummy. Her voice quiver .while she try to get up feeling uncomfortable but sumitra made her lay down again forcefully . 

Memsaab nahi..geet maa kaho ..her insides scream out but no word come from her mouth.she was herself not sure from where this came from.  She watch her innocent face sleeping like some princess in fairy.  She wrap her with a blanket and left from there. 

… .

Geet woke up at late evening feeling some moments around when she opened her dizzy eyes she find her Saheb looking at her intently. He was seating in front of her wondering about her sleeping habits. 


Kya hua tumhe..? Tumhari tabiyat toh thik hai ?? He asked from her checking her forehead .

Geet looked confused but then she remember afternoon incident and her face glow up again reminding sumitra’s care for her and she instantly sat up throwing the blanket aside feeling no pain now in her tummy.she press it to check it and giggle while maan looked at her weirdly though half bare condition caught his naughty eyes as her saree lay flew apart from her body leaving her only in her skirt and blouse.his trance broke hearing her next words that shock him leaving him worried also.


Aapko bata hai , memsaab aaye he humare paas,  unhone hume massage kiya , dawaiya bhi di take humara dard kam ho . She reveal the truth and he caught her memsaab word. 

What..mom has come here to give you medicines. .what happened to you. ? Jaan tell me , where are feeling pain ? He asked impatiently worried for her as from last day she was looking not well but he ignore it thinking it’s her regular health problem which will be gone soon with her medicines .

Woh..woh..hume..ha..my stomach was aching.she managed to said out this though turning red making him more confused. 

Are you telling truth?  He asked glaring at her. 

Ha ji..hum sach hi toh kah rahe hai..humare pet Main dard ho raha tha .she tried to convince him.

Let’s go to doctor . His statement shock her as he stand to go .

Kya..hum Abhi thik.hume koi dard nahi hai ab..dekhiye . She show him her bare tummy pressing it to prove her point while his gaze followed to her belly and his breath halted in his throat seeing her innocent moves which are seducing him .

He takes steady steps towards her and jerk her closer in his arms when she realized her condition and her face turn tomato red adding to her beauty. 

Hey Babaji ..hume chodiye..despite her words she made no attempts to come out of his arms which encourage him and he kissed her lips softly feeling her with pleasure while his hands roam on her almost bare back , he opened her dori and pulled out her blouse making her gasp in the kiss taking the opportunity he slowly entered his tongue inside her mouth seeking sweetness from it. While geet hold him closed trying to kissed him back with equal fervor. He cup her blossom with on her cloth itself making him moan out in his mouth .

Maan leave her finding her breathless while his mouth cascade down on her neck .showering wet kisses there he come down on her open cleavage and bite there softly making her wriggle under him. Her nipples tighten against her cloth giving him clear view of condition.

He showered her tummy with uncountable kisses making her go jelly and she melted in his arms. He unhooked her bra slowly to know her reaction but she was still lost in his touch with her eyes closed breathing hard. 

You are no less than a beautiful mermaid! ! He whisper on her cleavage feeling her blossoms heaving up and down with her hard breathing..

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  1. Superb update so sumitra I
    Has accepted geet seeing maan laughing whole heartedly and she took care of geet too lovely maaneet passionate scenes 🔥🔥🔥 waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. So Nice update.Sumitra has changed and looking after Geet so well.Geet is slowly adjusting in the house and winning their hearts with her innocence.

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