Geet… He was about to tell her something when suddenly the cabin door opened making both pull apart.

What are you doing here? Maan was furious to find sam there in his office.

I want to talk to him alone, she spoke to geet instead of answering Maan.


Geet looked at her, then Maan who grabbed her wrist instantly, Geet Kahi nahi ja rahi.. jo kahna hai…say it before her.

Sam was infuriated now, she gave Geet furious glare, who wriggled in his grip, chodiye Hume… She pleaded and he left her only to see her running out of his cabin.

You are my fiance, so keep it in mind, now you are mine. Sam warned him with rage.

He turned furiously to her, our engagement has been broken Sam, so you are not related to me in anyway now.

What do you mean!? You can’t do that to me…she held his collar. Our engagement has been only postpone not broken.

But now I am not interested in you…he removed her hands, jerking her back.

GHSP 366 HD_4561

How dare you… Sam felt insulted and raised her hand slap him when he held her hand stopping her…You are not Geet…he pushed her away.

Yes I am not The innocent Geet who would forgive you..she pointed finger at him, you keep in mind MK that you are mine.. if not before then henceforth now.

Stop your rubbish..Sam. I thought you are mature and sensible enough to understand that I am not interested in you for marriage or anything at all.

So in whom you are interested then…that sister in law of yours??

His jaw tighten, he curled his fist… next set of words from her mouth set him on fire.

Who warms your bed…

Sameera…he thundered as his hand raised in air to hit her …she was startled seeing his anger that took her steps back in fear.

Get lost!! He blasted.

Seeing her still not making any move, he roared again, Get lost..before I do something which you will regret..

Sam rushed towards door but she wasn’t yet finished, I told you the truth Maan… you can’t deny it…

And she shut the door behind furiously walking away.

Maan slammed the wall furiously…bruising his hand but he cared a damn…all he cared about only one woman now, Geet.

Sams words buzzed in his mind, making him think on her words. How dared she…



He had forcefully dragged her with him out of the office. 


Geet looked out of window …soon she was lost in the darkness, totally forgotten was that pain & anguish, her tears were already dried.

Maan looked at her, her hairs were blowing with soft wind, coming on her face.

He tucked them behind her ear, his palm caressed her cheek resting it there. She snuggled in his palm feeling exhausted, and then opened her eyes slowly to meet his dark gaze. She caught very strong emotion there in his eyes.

He stopped at the side of road. She looked at him as he kept rubbing her cheek, his touch became sensuous as he decreased the distance between both. His lips touched her, she resisted being angry with him…he forced to open her mouth, she wriggled, he had to bite her lips…she winced and gasped when he entered into her mouth.

She struggled to push him away but he gripped her waist tight. His other hand held her by her head while his lips dominated her efforts. He slowly pulled her on his lap. Her struggles continued but nothing helped as couldn’t push him off or break the kiss.

His hand traced patterns on her bare parts of her body while his lips traced her lower lip sensually.

Leave me…She muffled against his lips making him break the kiss, he looked at her… wiping the layer of tears from the corner of her eyes.

Jaisa tum soch rahi ho…waisa kuch nahi hua kal raat…na hoga…she was confused at first but then he saw her expression changing into realization, pulling back she gaped at him in shock.


Means…you…last night…she stammered with pouting lips.

I badly wanted to forget you..but I couldn’t..

She cried hearing him…giving him accusing looks.

I couldn’t even touch another woman now, however I tried but fail miserably last night. The media just made a hype…they caught me outside with that girl.

She hugged him out of happiness hearing his words. He held her tight, burying his face in the crook of her neck.

Kya Ho Gaya hai muze…I don’t know…don’t know…he whispered, kissing the crook of her neck.

She caressed his back, lost in his sweet confession… she was so helpless now, she couldn’t tell him…she was confirmed now, he feels something for her atleast not love but something..that thing made her beam with happiness. She pulled back and kissed his whole face like crazy, whispering “I Love you” in mind with each kiss.

He groaned feeling aroused with her soft lips. He cupped her nape, crashing his lips against hers,

She felt herself swaying, and his arms caught her and pulled her close against him. Shocked, she felt his manhood hard below her.

She tried frantically to pull free, as if reaching out desperately to hold onto some semblance of herself. But it was futile. The arms and mouth tightened inexorably, crushing her in his embrace. Pure emotion, pure desire pulling her irresistibly closer against that hardness as if she couldn’t get close enough.

Suddenly she felt herself being laid back onto the chair, as he pushed it completely down along with her, Maan was lying next to her, looking down at her, while his hand delicately, lightly roamed over her body, between her thighs, bringing her exquisite pain, overpowering delight.

Her body arched upward, reaching frantically for him, her legs entwining around him. Her arms lifted and held tightly around him, pulling his mouth ever closer, her own lips opening, her tongue mingling with his. Waves of pleasure washed over her body so that she felt as if she couldn’t breathe, much less think, only feel, as if there were no skin between his stroking hands and caressing lips and the raw nerve ends of her body.

Then abruptly, so suddenly that she gasped, he pulled away from her. She gazed up at him, brown eyes…glazed with desire. Her body aching with sensations she had never known or felt before.

His hands left her neck, drifted downward, pulling aside the thin material of her blouse to touch and stroke the rounded silken softness of her breast.

Maan..she called him realizing, they needs to stop here..

He touched her tips, she shuddered, trying to pulled apart..plz..we are in the middle of the road.

He sucked her breast harshly trying to fetch his thirst, she shuddered and whispered out, I am scared.

He stopped and looked at her, you don’t have to fear anything… anything at all… He cupped nape passionately looking at in her eyes, I am here with you …his words made her overwhelmed and she hugged him tight.

I know…aapke hote hue Hume kuch nahi ho sakta…

His hands rubbing on her back, she took deep breaths, hiding her face in his chest.

Let’s go na…


Hume ghar jana hai…



Humare means…

Maan…she whined pulling apart…she wore her saree. He helped her making her blush, we are going our home…she nodded not understanding his duel meaning.

He started the engine and she smiled.

After an half an hour both reached KM outhouse.

Maan .she freaked out…watching him walking out so casually…she got down walking behind him.

Why did you bring me here? She was terrified to think about Kunal. He would be at home anytime and if he wouldn’t find her at home then what she would do…

Maan ….she held his hand stopping him, he turned to look at her angrily, kyon laye hai aap hume yaha…

To finish some unfinished task…he simply answered, wrapping his arm around her back.

Yaha outhouse mein..?

Yes…you only said that you want to go to our house.

She looked wide eyed, I don’t meant it, drop me at my home.

He continued to walk ahead ignoring her plead,

Maan…she ran behind him…aap aisa kyon kar rahe ho…Kunal would be at home anytime..

He stopped and said out, he won’t soon….

How do you know…? She asked perplexed.

Now he was tongue-tied…he looked away…that made her doubt on him… You are so did something..?

He remained silent, his jaw pressing tighter that confirmed her doubt, aapne kuch Kiya hai unke business ke sath…?

I am not answerable to you…he replied curtly… walking back inside.

She stood still for a while thinking on his words, that was unbelievable…why would he tried to trouble her Husband.

Still lost with her thoughts, she walked inside and he locked the door behind.

Go and freshen up… I will have coffee till then..

He pecked her forehead….she looked at him snapping out of her thoughts, aap kyon banayenge… I will do that…first let me get fresh..saying so she rushed upstairs leaving Maan smiling behind.


Geet walked downstairs straight to the kitchen to make his coffee first. When suddenly she felt his arms wrapping behind. She was startled … Maan..she tilted her head..


Chodiye na..


I have to cook.

Hm..he still didn’t leave her.

Aapke liye…

And she found his hold loosening on her. She smiled… muze Veggies pass kijiye…he obliged happily.


That bowl…

Aur kuch…? He walked behind her again.

Ji ha… Now you go and sit there, she shows him the dining table.

He nodded in no engulfing her from behind again. She shuddered, feeling his palms covering her bosom, he pressed it on her cloths, making her breathing heavy.

Maan…she moaned turning her face to side giving him more access to his naughtiness, as he buried his face in the crook of her neck, smooching and nipping her velvety skin softly.

Umm…I want to eat you…he shamelessly whispered, his hands moving inside her blouse, cupping her again…

Maan chodo na …she whined…feeling his fingers on her nipples…he pinched them making her moan again.

She closed her eyes, holding his hands, plz na..she pouted looking at him.

First give me a kiss..he whispered in low dangerous voice, nipping her jaw…she shivered looking into his dark intense eyes.

GHSP 364 HD_2576

She pouted nodding in no…He smirked devilishly… gesturing her to do her work while he enjoyed playing with her.

Maan…how can I…she blushed as he toyed with her hard nipples.

You have to baby…or else, I am going to help you like this…he held her hand which was holding the knife.

She couldn’t do anything but got lost in his touch…the way his beard rubbing her soft check, his lips moving on her jaw…making her dizzy.

His lips moved towards her shivering one but he kept lingering making her thirsty for his kiss.


He smirked seeing her gulping down looking at his lips hungrily, Powerless to resist him, her hands moved over his shoulders, around his neck, into his hair. Her eyes glowed, darkly. He waited with batted breath…seeing her making first move.

She slowly put her lips on him and for a long, long moment they were locked together.

Her lips moved beneath his, warm and alive, igniting a fire in him. He groaned.

Geet sighed, resting her head on his shoulder, quite unaware of what she was doing to him.


Precap:-  Marry me….

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