Mehbooba S2 Chapter 58

I love you Maan…I really love you…she whispered in his arms. Maan was dumbstruck hearing her confession, he was lost for a while, drowned in her innocent confession when her warm hand cupped his face dearly, with that he was pulled back to reality.


He looked at her, she was half conscious making him rethink on her words, she seems not in her proper senses… although her words left him in shiver but seeing her current condition he shrugged it off for a while.

Maan rubbed her back to sooth her…he softly removed her saree, she shivered looking at him with her teary innocent eyes.

Geet… Did you take the medicines… ? He laid her back, she was not ready to leave him…just hmm in response. He combed back her hairs, pinning them behind her head somehow. She looked pale yet beautiful, he kept looking at her, until he felt her shivering. She snuggled in him more feeling cold suddenly.

Geet..he became worried for her, he got up somehow making call to the doctor who said it’s normal…as medicine began showing its sign of recovering, she would be better till morning.

He sat beside her…watching her snoring softly, she went into deep slumber having her love beside her.


tu hi meri shab hai subha hai tu hi din hai mera

tu hi mera rab hai jahaan hai tu hi meri duniya

tu waqt mere liye main hoon tera lamha

kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse judaa

oooo ho ho

ooooo o …

Maan was feeling somehow peace at heart after his engagement broken… confronting with dad he felt better but still there are numerous questions popping inside his head…his heart was yet restless to find one answer to all those questions.

Why she gets so affected by him, was the question troubling him for a while now, she Love him, is that why she’s in this condition right now.?

He thought, he needs some time to think upon it because he would no more see her in trouble…it hurts him..her tears pained him. For that he has to do something..only then he would feel better and happy… because she became the center of his life now.


Geet got up with heavy head, and straight went to washroom, when she looked herself in the mirror, her reflection mocked her.

All memories from last night hits her badly, reality dawn upon her, as she touched her swollen cheek where her mother’s fingertips still looking prominent.

It was her punishment for the sin of loving Maan..?!


She thought with a bitter smile. Her mother wasn’t like that before…she became so cruel after that incident in their life.

Her face became pale…as she thought about it…

She flashes some water on her face trying to forget the painful period of her past life.


How are you feeling now, dear…? Dadi patted her cheek affectionately as Geet sat down to have breakfast.

Feeling better, dadima..her voice was hoarse, she gave her warm smile despite her heartache and then looked at her mother who got up to leave, dadi tried to convince her to stay one day with her daughter but she couldn’t agree.

Geet blinked her eyelashes trying to stop her tears, she wouldn’t cry anymore or even feel those emotions, she thought gulping down the lump in her throat.

Hume bhi ab chalna chahiye Dadi ma. But before that I would like to talk to you about something.

Yeh aap kya kah rahi hai.. I am not going to let you go, you are not well.

Ek din toh Hume wapas Jaana hi hai…toh aaj kyon nahi…she looked at Maan who stood really furious hearing her words. He gave her his famous glare but she diverted her gaze back to Dadima.

Lekin beta….

Suniye toh Dadima, Geet held her hands, because of me Maan’s engagement broken yesterday.

Bas ek aur shabd nahi bologi tum…he roared not able to stay quite after hearing her.

thik kaha humne Maan… Yahi sach hai aur ise koi badal nahi sakta. Geet looked blank , for a moment he was taken a back but her look pained him. He looks at her with disbelief and hurt in his heart.

Ek aur bhi sach hai Geet aur woh yeh hai ki aap is ghar ki bahu hai…is ghar ki sadasya hai’s not because of you…woh toh hona hi tha,

But I became the reason (cause) Dadima.. which I don’t approve..agar aap chahe toh hum abhi Sam se…

Enough….he rushed towards them furiously. she doesn’t realize but her each word was injuring him more..its like a knife being twisted in his heart!

GHSP 366 HD_4561

It’s my own matter, my engagement is broken…so let me look into this, don’t you dare to meddle in between. He pointed finger at her.


Geet was taken a back , she kept gaping at him painfully, unable to believe him….what he just said…

Maan…it’s not the way to talk to your bhabhi…Dadi admonished him.

Both shared a agonized look…he realized what he just blurted in a fit of his anger after hearing her.

It’s okay Dadima, woh naraaz hai humse shayad, humare wajah se unki sagai….

Before she could complete the sentence, he rushed out from the mansion.

Maan…. Dadima tried calling him but he was already walking out.

Unki baaton ko dil pe mat lijiye bete…dadi looked really worried.

Dadima plz, aap pareshan mat hoyiye…I am fine. He is angry now, he will be fine soon… She looked at the way he was gone. Her heart became heavy again with the thought of losing him. But it’s her destiny now, she have to accept it..aur agar woh humare hai…toh Hume aur unhe ek hone se koi nahi rok sakta… Shayad hum bhi nahi.



He looked at her through the partition between their cabin… totally lost in her work…he got up walking towards the blinds, he could see the frown on her face…really wished to know what’s bothering her this much that she is keeping away from him from the day she had left KM. A week has been passed…she was clearly ignoring him, keeping it only professional between them.

He had tried to get close but found her always resisting unlike her. Her confession was altogether forgotten by him…to add his miseries, Sam was behaving weirdly, her behavior had changed drastically.. making him irritated.

He pulled out his cell walking back to his desk, dialing to his private detective.


Geet steps inside his cabin at the evening for some work when he cornered her suddenly.

Sir…she tried to wriggle out but it was futile. She never thought after her cold behavior to him he would ever try something like that again.

He gives her furious glare hearing that word from her mouth, call me again..

She frowned unable to get him, sir….

And next moment he smash his mouth on her, forcing a kiss on her. She struggled wildly after getting her senses, but his effect was so strong that made her to open her mouth for him.

Both kissed each other furiously with wild passion, the distance between them for week took toll upon them. Geet now realized how much she craved for him…his single touch..this passion from him.

Seeing her struggling for breath , he left her for a while before taking her mouth again. He couldn’t get enough of her, does she know? He looked into her eyes to found them dizzy with passion and some strong emotion.he wasn’t able to pinpoint.

aankhen teri shabnamii chehra tera aaina
tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen dastaan
ho aankhen teri shabnami chehra tera aaina
tu hai udaasi bhari koi haseen dastaan

He caressed her scalp , his hands wandering around her bare waist, then went up to the hooks of her blouse. He snapped open them making her pulled back to the harsh reality.

She struggled wildly, and pushed him, her face flushed, tears sting down her cheeks, Maan was taken a back with her behavior, he tried to hold her but she stopped him showing her hand, plz.

Geet turned around and tried to hook her blouse but was unable to do so with the emotional turmoil she was going through.

Maan saw her struggling, and walked forward to help her. He held her hands, making her to let go of the struggle, while he slowly hooked her blouse.

She took step to go…he grasped her from shoulder firmly, kyon muzse dur jaane ki koshish kar rahi ho…? He whispered painfully in her ear, she shivered, clutching her saree pallu tight trying to control her emotions.


Kya pareshani hai tumhe…muze batao Geet, kyon inti chup ho..muzse share karo…he urged but received only silent from her.

dil mein hai kya kuchh toh bata
kyon hai bhala khud se khafa
o o o o ho ho
o o o o o o(2)


She melted hearing his plead, but couldn’t turned around to face him, her heart cried furiously but she was stubborn to not let her tears to flow down before him.

Let me go…

Never….he grabbed her closer, first answer me.

She became furious and turned to face him, kya Janna chahte hai aap, ..she blasted, aap shadi karne ka rahe hai..aur humse puch rage ho ki hum kyon dur ja rahe hai aapse..?

Kyon ki hum aapke karib nahi rah sakte.. so stay away from me. Aap hi hai humari pareshani. Samze aap?

He kept gaping at her after her outburst. His eyes slowly burning with fury. As she turned around to walk out, he grabbed her wrist pulling her in his arms, she came turning in his arms…banging to his chest.

Muzse dur rahna chahti hoon tum…hm? He furiously grabbed her hairs, making her wince in pain, tears rolled down which she was holding. He kept looking at her eyes which told the story of her bruise heart , he instantly let her go.

Fine ..go…

She stood looking at him ,

Jaisa tum chaho Geet…with those words he rushed out of his cabin..banging the door close with loud voice.


Jaisa tum chaho ….

His words roamed around her mind, making her restless. Last time also he has uttered those words, and….

Now, watching his picture with this girl in the newspaper was nothing but like putting salt on her wounded heart.

He would never do something like that…her heart said, as she watched his pics, there were again talks about his Casanova image. That was the news about his new fling… She blinked her eyelashes to stop those tears as she was fed of her own crying now…her bruise heart hurts badly.


He waited for her to speak something, but she was standing still from the time she walked into his cabin with that forlorn look.

Geet…speak up, he lost his patience and raised his voice. He saw her shivering and then she walked closer to him.


He frowned…

Kyon Kiya aapne aisa, She asked with her heavy voice.

What are you speaking about? What did I do? He was utterly confused.

You don’t know..? Kal raat aap kaha the?

Maan went silent now, and looked away.

Yeh toh yaad hoga na aapko..? She mocked painfully… getting his silence in the answer.

Kyon Kiya aapne aisa…she held his collar, why did you go back to women again…she blasted making him shock hearing her words.

He kept gaping her unbelievable, she was behaving like possessive lover or wife…demanding answers from him…that time something click inside his heart.

Humne aapko woh sare haq de diye..jab ki humne khudke pati ko hume chune nahi diya..

And you….you betrayed me….she hit across his cheek, pushing him back.

Maan furiously grabbed her hand pulling her in his arms, she was crying badly now.

Why…why?? She hit his chest, he engulfed her in his arms, feeling overwhelmed hearing her confession. His heart flip-flop inside. She failed to noticed in her own heartbreak.

To be continued…

Precap :

You are not Geet…he warned her holding her hand.

Yes I am not The innocent Geet who would forgive you..she pointed finger at him, ypu keep in mind MK that you are mine.

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  4. Nice update. Geet is struggling hard with her feelings for Maan.Though he heard her confession what she feels for him he just neglected thinking that she was not in her senses. She is not able to control herself thats why accusing herself for the breaking of his engagement which Maan is not able to tolerate her words.Both their feelings are well narrated.Though she is avoiding him then why she blurted on himfor going to other women.She can neither leave him nor own him.Ajeeb kashmakash hai.Waiting for next update. Update soon dear

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