Mehbooba S2 Chapter 57

She began sweating out of tension and forgot to breath, now seeing him holding sam’s hand, her vision became dizzy and she wished to die at the moment.

Maan who has been not feeling right through the entire engagement drama, finally looked up to the only source his heart and mind was occupied at the moment.

He forgot to breath, his heart stop beating seeing her pale face, she stood like a statue and next moment he saw her falling back.


Everyone gasped in shock hearing him shout out, and saw him running down the stage towards her.

Sam saw unbelievably towards her empty ring finger, the ring Maan supposed to made her wear was lying on the floor like a shit and then she saw him holding her unconscious body in his arms.

Geet felt the world around her twirling, she finally gave up on her tired body and fell on kunals shoulder who has been standing near her.

Jaan..Kunal gasped seeing her like that, when Maan came rushing to them and without thinking much he took her in his arms leaving baffled audience behind, he walked straight to her room upstairs.

Kunal was dumbstruck non the less he ran behind Maan without giving much attention to what happened.


Sam was beyond furious, seeing her engagement breaking like this, the function was cancelled , just because of Geet, she had taken Geet lightly but now she knew she needs to do something to get her away from Maan’s life because now she couldn’t let go him…nor she could forget the insult she and her parents faced now because of her.

Here in Geet’s room, everyone gathered around her bed, Maan wasn’t ready to leave her side while Kunal sat at another side, himself concerned to notice his behavior.

Doctor checked her while everyone waited outside expect from her mother. He prescribed some medicine and walked out to worried people.

Kya hua hai use, ab woh thik hai?? Came Maan’s question.

Now she is sleeping, she was stressed out so much that she fainted, even because of exhaustion it happens.

As soon as she get up, make her eat something, and make sure she have her medicines on time.


Geet slowly opened her eyes to not so pleasant touch of someone. Her breath halted seeing him so close to her.

Kaisi ho tum sister…? Rajeev smirked devilishly seeing her fearful face. He just enjoyed it to the core.

Aap yaha….

she stammered crawling back to head post taking blanket to her neck…seeing his gaze wandering lustfully on her.

Don’t worry for now I have come here just to warn you, ..

Her eyes widen hearing him, she looked around herself to find her only in the room with this evil spirit.

He went near to her, cupping her jaw… Don’t dare to tell anyone about that night..I don’t need to make you remember which night, he smirked seeing her whimpering silently,

You spill out my name and you will face my wrath, understood?? He patted her cheek , she laid numb…

Understood?? He repeated angrily, pressing her cheeks inside, and soon find her shaking her head vigorously.

That’s like my sweet sister…he got up with an evil smirk still plastered upon his face just when Kunal walked in,

Kunal…she instantly got up while he sat down beside her concern to see her scared face,she crawled in his arms, hugging him tight out of fear.

It’s okay…it’s okay….Jaan….relax…he rubbed her back, combing her hairs, until she was again sleeping because of affect of medicine.

How is she now?? Maan asked, looking at her pale face ,

Don’t know… She went to sleep again. Maybe after taking ample of rest, she would feel better.

Maan nodded giving her one longing look he exited their room. He called Sam’s parents and apologized to them,

It’s okay son, we can postpone the engagement,but she is your family. Take care of her, Mr. Malhotra was well understanding and kind hearten, unlike his wife and daughter.

Sam burned in extreme jealousy, she can’t share what’s hers, now Maan has became her, although the engagement has broken, that too because of that chit of girl, she couldn’t leave Maan now. She thought determined with an evil smirk.


What kind of behavior was that, son?? Now I want answers!! Rajveer blasted at Maan, he had called him to his study to have a clear talk seeing his behavior in the engagement function which he couldn’t tolerate at all.

What answers, Dad? Maan tried to steal his gaze from him.

Don’t hide anything, spill it out…


Where is Maan? Probably with Sam.. their engagement happened? How could he?? He didn’t once come here to see me..her heart cried with umpteenth thoughts wandering in her already tired mind.

Kya soch rahi ho? Asked Kunal, seeing her lost,

Woh Maan…she blurted out to get a look from her husband.

I mean, Geet gulped hard, crushing herself in mind, his engagement…

Don’t ask, he was so worried for you Jaan..for a moment I got jealous seeing his concern for my wife..

Geet became red , she lowered her gaze as she listened him further with her thudding heart,

You fainted in the party, and he rushed to you leaving his own fiance, he chuckled..looking at her , that’s when she noticed him carrying the bowl of soup.

Humara mood nahi hai, Kunal..she turned her face.

Don’t do tantrums Geet, have it!! Came Madhu’s stern voice and Geet looked up at her mother, she again looked down seeing her angry gaze on her.

Kunal followed her gaze and Madhu smiled at him warmly…sahi kaha mom Apne , she is denying to have it because of the medicine she have to take after the meal? He narrowed his eyes on her, she pouted…”I don’t fear to take any tablets, “

Is it? Then have it, he challenged her and began feeding her.

Madhu smiled affectionately at their bond and sat beside Geet, patting her head, Geet smiled, resting her head on her shoulder, not now Geet, she pushed her, seat straight and finish this.

Geet make faces when his cell rang, Kunal got up to attend the call and Madhu fed her remaining.

Now feeling better!? She caressed her head, Geet nodded fearing from the upcoming scolding from her mom which halted though with kunals interval.

I am sorry mom, I have to leave right now for some office matters, Geet I will be back by tomorrow,. And he rushed away soon leaving mother daughter duo alone.


Rajveer looked at his son bewildered, after hearing from him,

I don’t know dad, but I can’t see her in pain..I don’t know what is this, but seeing her like that, I can’t bear.

I know son, what’s it! I know what happened to you but right now I myself couldn’t tell you! He thought with sadden heart, seeing his sons condition. He don’t know he should feel happy or sad for him.

I understand!! He walked up to him patting his back, Maan hugged him tightly while Rajveer engulfed his son affectionately praying to God to show him the right path.

Just keep calm and think wisely, were his last words before he parted.


Tell me now, what’s worrying you so much ? Asked Madhu softly holding her daughters hand.

Nothing mon, I was just exhausted..Geet tried to make excused.

Don’t lie to me Geet, I am your mother.

Geet looked down, fighting her tears… I don’t know mom but it’s getting difficult for me ..

What is getting difficult Geet? Or you are making it difficult. Her sharp voice made her shut instantly. She gulped down the lump and blink her eyelashes,

Now plz don’t cry, crying wouldn’t get anything instead you have to accept your marriage and most of all Kunal which you aren’t doing,am I right!?

Geet’s head shoot up , as she looked up bewildered at her mother,

I am noticing you both from time to time Geet, I see, Kunal has already accepted you but you are stopping yourself Geet, and why?


For Maan….? She tilted her head to get clear look at her face.

It was another shock for Geet, she was tongue tied, she began getting restless now , when she tried to get up , Madhu grabbed her wrist firmly, don’t move… I haven’t yet finished…

Geet sat back, scared to face her mother when her truth was out before her which she never wanted.

You are taking it seriously Geet?? I can’t believe this…Madhu hissed angrily.

I ..I loved him… Geet stammered.

No…it can’t be… You and he had no destiny together..

Geet sniffed hearing her mother’s harsh words, why couldn’t she talk positive and boost her courage to have Maan, she couldn’t support her..why??

I really Loved him..

Now Madhu became furious, she got up and hit across her face strongly that geet landed back to the bed, her head hit to the head post, making her yelp in pain.

You can’t love anyone but your husband, don’t you dare to betray your husband and this sacred relation of Marriage, Madhu hissed furiously… pointing finger at her.

Geet held her cheek, while her head throbs badly with the harsh hit from her mother, she was so scared to look at her, she looked no more her mother but s if someone possessed.

I never thought you will become crazy like this just for your mere crush,..

Geet nodded in no hearing her mother, I love him..she mumbled with her cut lips.

You don’t Geet, get it clear in your mind, it’s only attraction.

I love him. Geet too repeated angry on her mom for giving her love those shallow names.

Madhu closed her eyes trying to calm her anger, she opened it to see her daughter whimpering in pain, she never wanted to be this rude to her but her daughter needs to understand her.

She walked up to her with the aid box, and applied ointment to her cut lips and swollen cheek, now shut your mouth, and go to sleep. She hissed angrily, while aiding her wound also harshly.

Madhu got up and took the glass of water forcing that in her hand, she demanded her to drink which Geet obliged with fear.

Get my words clear in your mind Geet, work on your marriage and move on , if you can’t then you are no more my daughter.

Mom…Geet gasped looking at her in shock.” You don’t understand me.. she complained.

That question not arise here, the thing is, you are married and you can’t think of anyone but your husband. This is just disgusting, she scoffed. I am feeling ashamed even to call you my daughter now.

It’s not…like that…mom… Geet tried to explain but her mother stopped her with a hand.

No more discussion, forget him, it’s all our fault, we take your this craziness back then lightly never thought you would stoop this low later.

You even know you break his engagement today because of your foolishness..? She blasted yet again…making Geet feel guilty now.

Let him move on , he is not for you, did you even see how old he is from you..?

Geet sat silently defeated before her mother’s venomous words.

You are spoiling his life as well with yourself, I am saying for your own good Geet, don’t behave childish.

Madhu stopped herself with the ring of her phone, she gave one disappointed look to Geet and left from there leaving Geet to ponder over what her mother said.


Maan walked into her room at midnight, to check upon her, his heart was in restlessness from the time he saw her fainting in the party…

He slowly steps near her bed to see her twisting & turning on the bed, she was moaning in pain.

Geet…he called out softly, taking sit beside her on the bed, she turned to him slowly opening her eyes and seeing him there she just smiled resisting the pain in her whole body. He touched her forehead and jolted back to feel it burning furiously.

Geet…he pulled down the blanket from her body and she jerked up to be crush into his arms, Maan was startled with her sudden hug . He cocooned her instantly hearing small muffles from her mouth.

I love you… I really love you Maan..

He sat dumbstruck hearing her words.

To be continued…

Sorry for late guys..however I didn’t want to…but there is lots of hustle bustle in my house with guests at our home..


in between I have scheduled interviews and exam but I am not studying instead my all cousins & siblings pulled me to play with them if not then they get angry.

So you see..I am badly stuck in this lock down..


Coming back to the it will take pace with more revelations and much awaiting Geet’s past.

So stay tune…

Guess…it will also cross 100. Let’s see…


24 thoughts on “Mehbooba S2 Chapter 57

  1. Lovely part ,geet’s mother’s behaviour is very harsh , feeling sad for geet . Rajveer know something but what ?🥺 Story become more interesting 🙂
    Eagerly waiting for next part🥰💞all the best for interview and enjoy with cousin because many people are their alon without family & Friends.😃☺️

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Geet’s mother has some reasons for her harsh behaviour towards her daughter…you will know that soon in future updates..
      Updating soon..

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  2. Wow Maan left his engagement just for geet. I hate her mom how can she behave with ill geet rudely. Geet confessed now what will happen. When Maan will realize that he loves geet. And what’s wrong with that kunal is he really in love with geet means one side Maan who left his engagement and other side he is not ready to leave that work for once just for geet. Now I doubt he really is going for work. Maan is more successful than him still he has time for his love but kunal always busy in work. rajveer is so cheap and Sam now she will start her ploting. Story has moved very fastly in this update. Wonderful dear. Thanks for the update

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Her mother behaviour has reasons which will reveal in next few updates…
      Because of you guys u changed the plot..
      Or else I had planned Sam Maan engagement…😈


  3. Woww so maan was restless and seeing geet he left the ring and ran to hold geet that too in front of kunal👏👏 yeah….this proves he cares a damn about anyone when geet needs him…so geet’s mother knew everything and gave a strict warning ⚠️ omg now Sameera is on rage to get maan….maans concern and geet’s proposal simply superb waiting to read more ❤️😘

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yeah.. because of you guys I changed the plot of this update..
      Or else engagement was really going to happen…😉


  4. Wonderful update. Maan cares for geet so much that he ran to her dropping the engagement ring to stop her from falling.Maans father understood his sons feeling thats why he didn’t advice but said “keep calm and think wisely”.Gerts mother is so harsh towards her.Is she her real mother becoz no mother can see her child in pain rather she hurted her so much.At last Geet revealed what she felt for Maan before him.what will be his reaction. So many twists in this chapter. Update soon dear.

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Rajveer realised that Maan is in love with geet but now he can’t do anything because Geet is married and he also doesn’t really know Geet’s feelings for his son. So he is helpless, he couldn’t even reveal it to maan…
      Yes she is her real mother, her behaviour has reasons which will reveal in the past.
      Let’s see…😈


  5. Don’t know what you say it was just awesome like aare itni jaldi khatam ho gya 😄😄😄….. Everyone thinking geet mother was harsh but she was also not wrong in her place her daughter is married woman kunal is such a nice man till now…… Sam+rajveer+mom vs geet+maan+maan father❤❤ let’s see…. Waiting waiting

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Itni jaldi….🤔 update wasn’t short…?
      Thank you 🤗
      Yeah, her way of handling is only the past will reveal, you will know the reasons.


  6. Her parents was aware of her liking towards maan,The pain she goes through and she don’t know what to do, looking forward to further…

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  7. Nice update n maan engagement postponed bcoz geet faint n maan told everything to his father n he asked him to think wisely before taking any decision n geet mother scold her for her behaviour n told to move on with kunal n forget maan n thnxx for pm me

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  8. Great part
    Finally Geet told maan her feelings
    Also maan expressed his feelings to his father
    Will he be able to do something for maaneet
    Cont soon

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