The  outhouse where his jaan was laying unconscious was feeling dead with silence all around without her chirpiness. He neared her bed and sat beside her sleeping form .she was deep in slumber looking relaxed as if big burden was lifted from her.unknown of it was his mother’s warmth and love in which she was cocooned right now sleeping peacefully without no worries as If she got the most precious thing in this world from which she was longing from the beginning. 

He layed down beside her on the bed while she stir a little feeling him and opened her dizzy eyes only to find him looking intently at her with his elbow rested on the bed supporting his face. 


Small smile adorn her face looking at her Saheb who was so closed to her. His whole cooled down with much needed peace seeing her one smile. 

How are you feeling ? He asked kissing her forehead while his hands cupped her face. She nodded silently coming into his arms , he engulf her protectively. 


It was next morning when she woke up with startle taking her shona’s  name. Maan groan in a sleep feeling extremely frustrated with the thought of her creature. 

Saheb. .Humara shona !! She exclaim feeling bad for forgetting him . Oh he must be hungry ! She didn’t thought of him. But she looked at her Saheb sleeping soundly when he was lazily laying not wanting to bring that back between them both.

Geet thought to fetch him herself thinking so she crawl down from the bed feeling still dizzy with lack of energy from her yesterday stunt and she landed on him making him startle he opened his sleepy eyes.

Jaan..why do you come out from bed.come here.you are already weak.he cautions her making her sleep on himself like a baby.

She wriggle weakly trying to get his attention who was laying with closed eyes. 

Saheb..Saheb..she called out to him really getting worried for her shona.she can’t go alone there also when she was not prepared to face whole khurana family. She shiver with the thought which he felt but didn’t opened his eyes. Not today , she is just with a thought of something shivering .she needed to keep his words in mind .

Saheb..she again called and that’s it .he switch her below him making her gasp as his stern look scared her.

First called me with my name..no more this Saheb. His voice stern and demanded .she looked flabbergasted with his demand that too all of a sudden .

Ji..hum..she fumble with words as her eyes wander everywhere than his face. 

Look at me !! He demanded clutching her wrists in a soft manner not to hurt her.

She looked innocently pleading him with her baby face.for a moment he melted but regain his stern demeanor again glaring her back.

Geet..I am waiting..

Kya ? 

Said my name..take it fast..

Nahi..Hum. .kaise she stutter. 

You can..jaldi. I have to go to office as well ,you don’t wanted to me to missed my office , do you ?

Nahi..Yeh aap kya bol rahe hai.she wriggle a little but he didn’t leaved her instead press his body onto herself that she gasp 

His desires woke up as her chest started to heave up and down rubbing onto his body.

Jaan..he groan with his dark eyes making her weak.

Ummm..Aap toh..humse. .bade hai na ! She managed to whisper out in his close proximity while his face went into her neck he exhale her scent sharply rubbing his lips on her soft skin.

Saheb. .she moan out feeling butterflies roaming on her tummy.


Umm..take my name ..fast he order not ready to budge today.

Nahi..her hands went on his neck pulling his face more into herself. 

Nahi..Achcha. .! He pulled out her sari pallu from her body making her gasp as her face burn red in shyness and before she knew he opened her hooks of blouse making her squirm under him. 

She can’t wriggle more feeling fatigue she tire fall back on the bed .

Jaan..he looked at her tire face seems pale with her fever.he wrap his arms around her engulfing her in his arms when her stomach grumble giving indication that she is hungry.

Bhook lagi hai ?? He asked lovingly holding her cheek while she pouted her lips nodding her head in yes. When her stomach grumble more that she hided her embarrassed face in his chest clutching his shirt. 

BABAJI. .!! 

OH. .Geet…he broke into fits of laughter hearing her tummy making sounds ..

She pulled out her face admiring his sweet laugh .when he looked at her passionately again pulling her face so closed to him  that his lips touch her soft own. 

Kiss me and go. He demanded  making her confused  but to his utter shock he found her soft lips on his and she was licking his lips as if enjoying her sweet candy .


He smiled in the kiss before kissing her passionately almost taking her breath out.

It is your most favorite Hobby,  isn’t it JAAN? He teased her while she hided herself again in his arms. 

He looked at the sight feeling disgusted to watch it. But to his frustration that dirty creature had made whole mess of his room spreading his milk all over the room. 

don’t worry , Saheb. Hum saaf kar denge! !

( I will clean it ! ) 

His eyes widen in horror thinking that she is already not well.

NO! ! Dare you come out of bed today .I will send Nakul to clean up this mess. He spitted out before going out.

She huff with his anger and make a baby face looking at her shona .

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Itna kyun gussa karte hai ..!!

Part 22

It was after two days he called her to his study for something very important according to him the way he seems serious at that point.

Geet was nervous thinking that what is that ?? With her nervousness she went to his study room where he was busy with his laptop engross so much that fail to notice her.she pouted seeing that and knock hard on the door making him snap up his head from his work. He was ready to burst on a person who dared to disturb him and knocking hard on a door. But as he looked up only to see his jaan pouting at his way angrily and now was taken a back by his angry glares.  

Maan immediately soften seeing her , he stood up from his chair and take steps towards her. She watch him turning soft and smile nervously. 

He reached her and pulled her inside holding her both hands, once she was closed enough to him , he whispered sensuously in her ear.

You don’t need to knock or take my permission,  YOU ARE MY WIFE !!  His few words of authority send chill down her spine .she was happy to heard that from him , her Saheb. 

She smile nodding in affirmative silently to his words still didn’t utter any words.

He looked amused taking her in his arms he led her inside closing the door behind them.once they sat comfortable on sofa he asked her holding her chin.

Why are you so silent?  

Aap kuch important baat kehna chahte the ? 

Oh ha..geet I have something to asked you ? He remember why he had called her and let her slip on the bed while he fetch some papers from his study table.Geet looked at him curiously when he approached her with papers in hands.

Mrs.Singh has already informed him about her studies completion.she had complete her work of making geet ready for what she had asked from MSK.

He can’t thank enough to that old lady who had help his jaan to mold her into a educated person which she is now. He knows now no one had never did it apart from Mrs Singh. 

What would you like to do geet ..now for your future ? He asked her seating beside her facing her.

Ji ? Hum kuch samze nahi , saheb ?? Geet looked confused.

He sigh ,thinking  how to make her understand.  He take her soft palm in his hands and press it starting his conversation. 

Look geet. You didn’t get to do studies when you needed it, in your childhood. He stop to see her reaction.as per his knowing there she is again I tears  but to his surprise they didn’t come out but she stop them blinking her eyes .

That’s my lady !! He exclaim giving her his admiration he peck her forehead lovingly .

Geet smile brightly like a child getting appreciate from her Saheb. 

You are now capable enough more than those students in graduation., don’t you ? He asked her in hope she will say yes confidently. 

Geet was all confused but she just nodded silently not wanted to make his hope crash with her stupidity. She herself don’t know about it but Maan and Mrs Singh was sure of it that’s why he take a decision now.

Mrs.Singh has taught you everything and so did you had studied  , don’t you ? He again asked trying to make her understand and she just nodded again reminding of the days of her studies. 

So you have to take next step now , towards your career.you have to become something in your life jaan.you can not waste it..his voice became stern with this line.he don’t want to remind her child life. .or her past because of this she was illiterate before but not now.

But he can’t forget even , because of this past of hers only landed her in khurana mansion and he met her.

Coming out of his thoughts he looked at her , she was lost still not able to get it clearly.

Career ? Par hume kuch bhi nahi chahiye..hum aapki bas patni Banke rahna chahte hai..she spoke up childishly not able to think anything more.

Maan huff in frustration , her denial to everything he asked made him frustrated,  he can’t be angry on her also.

Geet. Aisa nahi hota hai , jaan ? You have to be independent. Your own identity should be must..!! He hold her face with his both palm trying to make her understand but it’s all like a big big things to her innocent mind. She can’t able to get his words.  from a childhood being in 4 walls didn’t let her to think in this way.

Aap kya kah rahe hai , Hume kuch bhi samza nahi aati Raha? ? She pouted on the verge of tears.

His jaw tighten in anger.he gritted his teeth , his eyes red in fury at her behavior. He left her and closed his tight to control it not to burst on her. 

Geet..you can leave.his words were mere whisper, he hissed in anger turning his back towards her. But she heard it along that a chill ran down her spine sensing his anger but what is her fault if she didn’t understand anything. .she is trying. .but..before she could think more he busted on her finally loosing it.

I SAID LEAVE.!! He shouted that she almost jump on her place with a soft muffle.

Oh God…!! He curse himself for loosing it. He turn towards her to watch her questioning eyes. One look at her face he calm down but next moment hearing her words his anger came back again.

Hum aap jaisa kahenge,  waisa karenge !! Bas Aap. .but before she could talk more he furiously grasp  her from her arms .

It’s not for me dammit !! It’s for YOU..ONLY YOU.!! Why don’t you understand?  

Saheb..!! She cry out with his harsh tone and hold. It’s almost redden her pinkish skin.

But he was too much furious today.first of all his workload in office taking toll in him..but in mid of this he had thought about her. Her further education but she is not ready Co operate.if she is  ready then not for herself but for him.Why.? 

And this tears ?? How many times I have to said you geet .don’t spill it..at least not in front of me ..I hate it !!  And every time,  I will be not there to wipe it off !! He shouted frustrated on her weakness.

He wanted her to be strong that no one can able to hurt her behind his back. Today he is realizing she is nothing without his or dadima’s support. 

Aap aisa …kuyn. .kah rahe…ho..she sobbed hard listening his words.she can’t think of a life without him. She will simply die !! 

Ha..Yahi Sach hai..!! Aisa hi tumhe samaz aata hai !! Hai na geet ?? If I will not there any longer ..then..before he spoke more she pushed him harshly with rage started to burn inside her whole. 

Stop it !! STOP IT !!  How could you ..talk..even…like this. .ha..?? She hold his collar tightly in her small fist .her eyes burning with tears and rage. 

This is the reality Jaan !! You have to understand! ! You have to be independent that no one can able to raise there finger on you !! He tried again with his voice raising to new level of insanity .

Nahi…bas..kijiye..hume..bas Aap chahiye! ! Please..she hug him tightly making him weak in his resolve .but he had to be rude and strict..he have to for her own benefit..if not then she will not understand.  Thinking so he pushed her hard angrily controlling his all other emotions that signifies his love.

NO !! YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF MY LOVE NOR MY STATUS !! I made a mistake to marry with you when you are not worth of it !! His eyes blank not giving her any hint of his love or truth.

Geet stop dead shock not able to understand his words. 

Aap yeh kya bol..rahe ho..Aap toh humse pyar karte ho na..?She asked innocently. 

Ha..it’s my mistake to love you!! Saying so he rushed from there not able to bear more her sad face which reflecting her innocence,  her inner turmoil her pain and confusion.

Geet , she felt her knees goes weak.her legs wobble not able to bare the pain she slide down on the floor and broke into loud sons. Shona who was all the while sleeping peacefully but hearing his loud voice he hide behind and when he heard her cries he ran towards her licking her wet cheeks trying to console her but she seeing his care for her started to cry more cuddling into him. 

Part 23

Dadima looked at her dear child with so much worries written on her face. Geet was crying continuously non stop not listening to her or telling her the reason behind her cries. Softy has finally let go of her and had went to sleep but she was no where to stop too hurt with her saheb’s words .he thought it’s a mistake to love her and even married her. She broke into more painful sobs making that old ladies heart pained.

Dadima,  he ..he…he …don’t love …me . Nor he… did ..wanted to ..married me . She sobbed hard telling her pain out to her only dadima .who didn’t understand at first but later got it all but was shock hearing her. 

Beta.kya hua hai ? Dadima asked lovingly whipping her tears .geet flung herself in her arms and well out again to her dismay as she told her everything that what had happened.  

After an hour dadima was thinking of what geet had told her. She was amazed at what had happened between them.it was not bound to happen when her grandson had to take another easy ways to make her understand and take the situation in right way but it went on wrong way.she sigh thinking of geet’s non stop crying. 

She made her way towards his gym knew well of her dear grandson where he must be now. As she assume he was giving himself pain letting out his frustration on ownself. 

As he was about to broke another ice cube she barge inside stopping from doing do but he did broke that with high scream. 

MAAN.. Aap kabhi nahi sudhrenge.  She said out taking his hand in her own to see blood dripping from his injuries.

If you want to change anyone then change her.your lovable child ! His voice was harsh but coated with concern .

And you take the wrong way , son ! Dadima aid his hand bandaging it.

I did the right thing , she is not going to understand.  He stubbornly reply with his high head.

That what I am saying , she will not understand or understanding because she is not capable or too innocent to do so . right now .she added assuring him , she will .

Seeing him silent she continue. 

Maan , have you thought,  it’s  all easy for her they way we think or faced everything. His browse arched in confusion. 

Have you not seen her sufferings day and night even at her own home.  His expressions change into realisation to anger .

Leave that aside. Have you not thought about her life being there in just four walls named home. She illiterate on that never came out from that four walls of her unless and untill her mother found it necessary. Then coming into khurana mansion it was also not less than her own home. 

Maan his fist tighten which was noticed by dadima who unclasp  it slightly not letting him to hurt it again.

No..don’t repeat the same mistake,  son. 

Don’t forget the first thing that all her 20 years she was caged in that four walls , where she didn’t get education to know more about the outer world.she wasn’t aware of the word career . If you have given her education now .so don’t think you have achieved that desirable thing.

He looked at her confused asking explanation to which she gave him.

Son , you forgot she get the education here inside mansion not in some school or college to get to the root. It’s all different maan ,you have to understand .the things we learn in outer world , school or college that can not be learn in specific 4 walls. She was alone here just with her teacher .are you understanding , son what I am saying ? 

Maan nodded getting to know the things. As the realisation dawn on him , he asked her.

Dadima,  now what should we have to do ?

If she is not understanding then make her understand in her own way , son. Let her decide her future , what she wants,  what she desire .don’t force her .dadima said thinking about all this. 

But how dadima .she is not ready to do herself. She is not ready to think about her ownself. Her future.her desires.it’s only about me , all that matters to her is only me . He poke his index finger on his chest getting hyper telling dadima his problem.

Then let her , son .she said simply. 

What ? What are you saying?  He was shock. 

Let her maan . Let her live her life like she wished , she wanted , she desire you , let her live for you .why are you forcing her ? It’s her life she have all the rights to live it like the way she wanted. She had rights to take her own decision  for her life  .when time will come she herself will understand. All things will happen at the right time. dadima spoke calmly. 

Dadima. You are talking like some myth and that future things now. He scoff .I don’t believe on all this things..I will do something myself. He said determine with his mind clear now that what he had to do ? 

Dadima sighed biding him goodnight she left to her room leaving him to think on her words.

7 thoughts on “HIS WIFE PART 21 – 23

  1. Nice updates.Geet loves her saheb so much that she doesnt want to think of any other thing than her saheb.Maan qants her to be independent but she doesn’t understand him.eager for next update.

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yeah..she is so nave..
      And the circumstances in which she raised up couldn’t help iether to make her understand.


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