Mehbooba S2 Chapter 56

Her eyes began drooping with passion she was feeling now with his sexy touches. His lips followed the path from her ear to her neckline, making her clutched his nape, she got closer to him , he only smirked devilishly seeing his effect on her, although he was aware about how girls get affected by his mere look but seeing geet, it’s always different and beautiful.

Maan…jaane dijiye na….she moaned rubbing her face to his cheek, making him aroused.

Tum aise karogi toh kaise jaane du….he replied in his husky whispered almost making her blush, she hugged him tightly, pressing her whole length to his… his hands already wandering on her nude back, and now he touched his lips to her jaw, kissing her whole face madly, then coming to her lips he captured them in a furious kiss.she moaned completely submitting to his urges and responses back.

His ******* pressed down on her tummy, disturbing her, she tried to wriggle away from the touch but it was again poking.

She broke the kiss and frowned cutely at him, “yeh niche kya hai…jo hume chub raha hai…she very innocently asked making him confuse as well.

He frowned, giving her question mark look when she almost touched it, yahi toh…

It was a moment, both their eyes widen in shock and realization, she quickly parted turning her back to him, she hides her face with her both palms.

Maan was not in better condition as well, Gosh!! She making him crazy!! He thought, embarrassed with her innocent act… Then seeing her shying away, he smirked and came closer from behind, hugging her, his hardness again poke her, making her breathing hard, she didn’t know anything about it yet it was making her condition worse.

You don’t know this or pretending innocent, Darling!? He asked directly teasing her to the core.

Aap…yeh… kya ..bate kar rage hai…she stammered badly, turning to him, and hugged him tightly, Hume bahot baicheni si ho rahi hai..she confessed, making his hold tighten on her.

Shh…it’s okay…he patted her head, realizing she is really innocent and pure, he cupped her nape clutching her nape, suddenly thinking something, he would definitely not let anyone harm her anymore not until he is alive, he vowed.


Geet looked at the pills in her hand, she was going to have them after a long while now , she didn’t need them in this span of time, with Maan beside her, she chuckled painfully but now she have to get use of them again for he is going far away from her reach now.

She wouldn’t able to sleep today, so better than tossing and turning on the bed before Ng tense, she just take the dose and go to sleep… And would never wake up to the morning to see dreadful sight of her life, that her love getting engage to someone else before her own eyes.

She became so obsessed with him, and the love she have for him for years that she won’t able to see him now loving someone else or owning someone else but not her.

Yeh kya kar rahi ho tum..? His sharp voice startled her and tablets slipped from her hand.

Maan…she was sweating now as her gaze fell on the lying pills. He followed her gaze and grabbed her wrist, pulling her closer, kya kar rahi thi tum? He repeated the question, glaring her,

GHSP 366 HD_5701

Hume chodiye…she tried wriggling out but he couldn’t leave her without getting his answers.

First answer me, what was that??

Non of your concern…she snapped back angrily, then looking away from him.

I need to every damn thing related to you, samzi tum?? He shook her,

Kyon…?? Why you need to know what’s happening in my life …she snapped again.

Because…he stopped suddenly having no answer, while she waited with batted breath to hear him but was left disappointed seeing him mum.

I don’t know…I don’t know anything, but you are mine, he grabbed her again, she cried in helplessness, he cupped her face, plz don’t cry…

Then why are you getting married.. she asked like small child.

Because I can’t have you, can I?? He whispered huskily, she looked up to see his eyes blazing again, she lower her gaze, then closed er eyes, putting her head in his chest, he engulfed her in his arms, what pills they are??

She kept mum, he took the bottle and check it, his eyes widen in new realization reading the name of tablets. It was antidepressants. He put box on the table, and looked at her, she was snuggling in his chest, he lifted her and brought her to the bed.

Laying her there he got up to go, when she grabbed his wrist, he looked at her, she pouted making baby face..

What about Kunal??

He is coming late these days, plz stay with me for few hours atleast, she pleaded and he doesn’t have a heart to deny her that he snuggle closer to her, she rolled on his chest like baby, hugging him tight.

He smiled, patting her head affectionately, don’t you think, you are doing two timing..

His words hurts her deeply, she looked up with her teary eyes, and he cursed himself inwardly for having hurt her again with her words.

You think so….?? She pouted, her lips shivering, and got up tossing on the side, she slept showing him her back.

From her body language he could guess, she was crying , he was concerned now, Jaan…he engulfed her from behind, she tried to snap his hands away, but he held her strongly. .. don’t move.. I am not gonna leave you…he whispered in her ear, biting her earlobe, she moaned, and complained, you are going to leave me soon…she cried, and waited to hear “Never” from his mouth which didn’t come, she tilted to see him sleeping.

She sighed painfully and turned in his arms, just admiring his face, ” you are so beautiful” she whispered caressing his cheek, softly, so he wouldn’t wake up.

As she put her lips softly on his in a intention to just give him a peck, suddenly her eyes widen, finding him responding to her kiss, he grabbed her close, and began kissing her passionately.

She moaned and led on her back, taking him on her, he pushed her body on the mattress below pressing her whole length , she moaned feeling his hands on her bare waist, he pinched her belly button, making her open her mouth for him, her waist chain, slipped down from her body, him more access to her marble skin.

He fondled her waist and tummy while enjoying her lips. She struggled to breath when he left her, giving her wide smirk.


Aap jag rahe the ..she slapped on his chest, then grabbed his shoulder to hide her face in his neck.

Now sleep, …he laid down taking her on his chest,

Hume neend nahi aa rahi…she pouted.

Next moment he grabbed her lips for soul searing kiss again, she melted instantly, her hands roaming in his bare chest, her finger running inside his vest, he groaned, and bite her lips softly, sticking his tongue inside he enjoyed her mouth.

He removed her saree, taking her on his body, she blushed.. and deep her face in his neck while his hands began roaming on her back, abhi bhi nahi…

Na…as soon as words left from her mouth, he snapped open her blouse, making her gasp, she wriggle in his arms with hidden blush, he smirked playfully and remove her blouse throwing that somewhere.


He buried his face, in her cleavage as she hugged him, moaning his name, his fingers playing with the hooks of her bra, she arched herself snuggling in his arms, he snapped open the hooks, removing last cloth from her torso.

She became red but craved for his touch, soon his hands cupped her hanging globes, and she moaned with pleasure. He lower himself and grabbed one in his mouth to cherish while other was being played in his big palm.

She laid back taking him on her, while he sucked and nibbles her nipples till they became red.

Maann…she squirmed under him, with close eyes, holding his head against her bosom.

He left her being satisfied but went down now tasting her tummy, his tongue rolled inside her belly button making her almost shout out.

He grabbed her mouth instantly stopping her thereby, “now sleep..” he whispered after breaking the kiss and she dozed off in no time being tired emotionally and physically as well.

Maan laid for a while thinking about her, he never thought she would be having this type of disease, he remembered the times, he had seen her different behavior, her vulnerability… She would behave like a child sometimes.

What happened to you geet,and why?? He cupped her cheek, gazing her painfully. If you can’t tell me anything then I will definitely find out Jaan…he pecked her head lovingly and got up to fetch her nighty to make her wear it.


Khurana Mansion shined brightly with the event going to take place inside, it was going to be small family affair, since Maan wanted to keep it personal, so only few family members were invited by Khuranas.

Geet walked down wearing beautiful black saree taking the center of attention of the guest, mostly taking his breath away with her glowing beauty.

Kunal walked upto her, offering his hand, she smiled and held it. Maan looked away not able to bear the sight of her with someone else.

Sam was jealous a bit seeing her but she shrugged off the thought, and greet her warmly.


She looked up to see her mum standing few feet away with a smile, seeing her she couldn’t control her emotions and rushed straight in her arms, mom, I missed you.

Behave Geet…her mother scolded her instead Geet was craving to hear from her that, “missed you too” words.

So hurt she was parted with broken heart and wiped her tears, her whole excitement seeing her mother was gone now.

Kunal walked up to them and took her blessing, humesha khush raho beta, she patted his cheek affectionately, something Geet was so jealous of now, why can’t she get that loving pat from her own mom.

Her thoughts were broken with the announcement for engagement. Her blood turned cold, she looked at the stage, as everyone began gather there for the ceremony. Her foot denied her to walk, Kunal looked at her confused seeing her pale face, what happened you okay? He cupped her cheek, which was cold, are too cold..kya hua..


Hm.. she startled looked at him, nothing… I am fine, let’s go.. and both walked ahead.

Sam asked for the ring from her father and he handed her, she happily put it on Maan’s ring finger.

Mohabbat ka jo gum hai

Mile utna kam hai

Yeh to zamana

Nahin jaan payega

Mera jo sanam hai

Zara beraham hai

Deko mujhe woh

Dard muskariyaga

Dil ko aise dilbar

Pe bhi naaz hota hai

Her heart break millions times, which sound was covered in the claps of the guest. She kept looking at his face for any reaction but found nothing, there was only blankness. And then he smiled at dadi and his father who was looking at him affectionately. Rajveer was trying to judge his sons face for any sign of discomfort but he found nothing.

Mubaraq sama hai

Khushi ka jahan hai

Yeh to naya koi

Gul khilayega

Nazar se bayan hai

Yeh woh dastan hai

Chahat ko kaise koi

Bhi chuppayega

Aashiq koi aankho mein

Yeh raaz hota hai

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Her eyes filled up, she tried to blink many times, but lone tear escaped from her eye, she quickly wiped that before anyone noticed it.

When it’s the time for his ring, how she wished that the reason my may never be found but to her dismay, something like that didn’t happen.

Her heartbeats raise manically, she was so scared to face it now, she had hundreds of times manofy her heart and mind but now facing it became difficult for her.

Kisi se tum pyaar karo

To phir izhar karo

Kahin na fhir der ho jaye

Kahin na fhir der do jaye

She began sweating out of tension and forgot to breath, now seeing him holding sam’s hand, her vision became dizzy and she wished to die at the moment.

to be continued…


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31 thoughts on “Mehbooba S2 Chapter 56

  1. Wonderful. Now maan and geet both are in a fix . They dont know how to express their feeling. He is almost getting engaged now. How will he geets maan is a question. Waiting for next

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    1. Thank you πŸ€— both couldn’t have each other, but very soon it will happen..let’s see how the story proceeds further now ..😈
      Also part is coming in next chappy..


      1. Superb update n geet is so depressed seeing her love getting engaged so she decide to end her life n maan came there n maan didn’t want to leave her n thnxx for pm me

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Thank you πŸ€—
        She wasn’t trying to end her life, it was only depression pills she was taking as per her doses.


  2. Awesome part , it’s hurt when her own mother behave like this.but why? hope engagement na hoπŸ₯ΊπŸ™„Maan could find out the reason behind geet’s behaviour.
    Thank you for lovelyβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸ’– story πŸ’ž

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  3. Thanks for the update so maaneet both are in same situation where geet cannot break her relationship with kunal and can’t seen maan getting engaged…she took a drastic step to kill her life too..thankgod maan came…what will happen when maan comes to know geet loved him since ages…why her own mother is behaving rudely to geet .. hope she breaks all the tie and reach maan soon waiting to read more ❀️😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      She wasn’t attempting was de*re**ion pills she was taking,
      Because of Maan she didn’t need them but she was on doses before…like that …
      There are reasons behind everyone will know soon when past will be reveal in the story.

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  4. Wonderful update. Geet is not in a position to digest Maan’s engagement. She is craving for his love but couldn’t break her marriage also.Is she Geet’s own mother?as she can’t welcome her daughter lovingly instead she scolded her.Totally Geet is craving for the word Love even it may be from her kother or Maan.Heart breakable situation of Geet.Eager to know what happened next. Update soon dear.

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      Yeah, she is craving for love….specially from him…
      Let’s see….past gonna reveal next update.


  5. Ohh that was so heartbreaking Seeing your love going with someone else living you in front of your eyes. Geet oh my God is she going to get a bit love from anyone. She so much unlucky. Her mom also don’t have any soft feelings for her. I heart is crying for geet. Hope she gets some happiness. Maan started everything with her and now he left her for his family. Wonderful emotional update dear. Please update as soon as possible can’t wait to read next part

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      Will try to update soon…
      Offcourse Kunal is there to love her..but she doesn’t love him..πŸ˜‰
      Let’s see now what happens….😈


  6. Kunal se pyar aur apni khud ki beti si nafrat how could a mother do something like this to her own daughter

    Mujhe to har baat mai iss kunal ka hi haath hi lg rha h

    Maan ki engagement ho gyi poor maaneet πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Engagement not yet happened…
      Read the update carefully…
      And her mother doesnt hate her , she only scolded her…
      You will know more as the story proceeds further…


  7. Thanks for early update and reveling ke geet has depression problem……… Maan is solution of her problem like always…. Engagement drama is start lets see what will happen. Geet is already cold kahi faint he na ho jaye or engagement stop 😁😁

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    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      Maan got to know about it …
      The reason behind her mother’s behaviour will reveal in future updates.


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