‘ Maan…she said quietly. ‘What are you trying to hide from me?’

I am hiding nothing…he barked, almost making her step back in disbelief.

Now leave me alone…he shouted yet again

‘But why?’ Geet asked. ‘Why?’

That is what I cannot tell you,’ he replied. ‘Don’t ask me that question,Geet, for I cannot give you the answer.’

‘But I do not understand,’ Geet cried couldn’t able to take his sudden indifferent just after he declared his marriage.

He put his hand over hers as it lay on his arm and she felt the hard strength of his fingers. She looked up to find his eyes blazing with a passion which seemed almost to scorch her.

You don’t understand, that’s the problem Geet, I asked you take decision, you choose your marriage and now…

Geet went very pale. She felt the warm blood drain away from her, felt for one agonizing moment as if she would faint. Desperately her eyes searched Maan’s face and then at last in a very small voice which quivered she asked:

‘Is it because of that… You take the decision?”

Maan made a convulsive movement. For a moment Geet was afraid that he would strike her. But instead his hands reached out and gripped her shoulders, holding her so fiercely and with such violence that she gave an involuntary cry of pain.

‘How dare you ask me such a question? How could you think so…

‘Then, if that is not the reason, then why….?

Her voice softened on the word …as somewhere she knew, definitely he was doing it all against his heart and mind.

Maan took his hands from her shoulders and put them up to his eyes.

‘I cannot tell you,’ he said, and his voice was raw. ‘Don’t torture me, Geet. Go away and leave me.

Geet was still for a moment; then she drew herself up to her full height.

‘And if I will not?’ she asked clearly.

Maan stared at her.

‘What do you mean?’ he asked.

‘I asked you a question,’ Geet said with her upturned chin. ‘I asked you what would happen if I refuse to leave you and indeed why should I go? I believe that there is some strong reason behind your drastic decision.

Maan looked at her and his face hardened.

Bahot soch samaz ke maine yeh faisla Liya hai Geet.. and why are you bent to know my answer, it’s my life, I can marry just as you are married.

Geet looked at him silently, with tears clouding in her eyes, if I couldn’t have you now, ‘then my love would indeed be a weak thing and unworthy of the word. I would love you, maan, whatever you had done, whatever crime you might have committed, it is you I love, always & forever, she thought painfully.

Geet suddenly felt as if she could argue no more with him. There was something so positive in his assurance, so frightening in his determination that unexpectedly she felt the tears coming to her eyes and a closing in her throat so that she was prevented from speaking.

She turned towards the door. For a moment her own fighting qualities were extinguished. She was only a woman who had offered herself to a man and been refused. She walked very slowly across the soft carpet, her head a little bent, her fingers knitted together in a fierce effort to prevent her tears. She did not look back; she had only one idea to find some privacy where she might gain control over herself and her own weakness. Now she wanted to hide both her tears and her humility from the man who had caused them.

She had reached the door when Maan’s voice made her pause. He stood quite still on the hearth watching her go, keeping such a tight hold on himself that his hands were clenched, his jaw set as a man who fights against overwhelming odds.

‘Geet!’ he called, and then he strode across the room towards her…next moment he swept her into his arms, holding her so closely against his chest that she could hardly breathe.

For a long moment he just held her there, and as her eyes, misty with tears, looked up into his and her lips trembled, she was conscious of his rising desire for her and of a passion which swept over him like a tempest.

Don’t you dare to leave me,…don’t…

His voice was hoarse and once again he was kissing her, kissing her wildly, fiercely, possessively. His kiss seemed to drawn her very soul from between her lips, then she felt his mouth on her eyes, on the hollows at the base of her neck and then above her breasts.

For a moment Geet was too exhausted emotionally either to reciprocate his passion or to repulse it; she could only lies submissive beneath the hunger of his kisses, weak beneath a strength such as she had never deemed possible in any man.

‘You are mine,’ she heard him breathing out possessively, ‘mine.


He lifted her off her feet. She lay against his chest, helpless as a baby, and she saw he was transformed, his face alight with triumph and exaltation. At that moment he seemed like a god…a god who has attained his most cherished desire. She felt an inexpressible joy then as if a light had been blown out she saw his expression alter.

Still carrying her, he opened the door of the room and before she could be certain what he was about Geet found herself set down on her feet and left without support. She was left alone in the room.


For a moment she lean against the wall, too weak to move, too shattered to make any sense from the chaos in which her thoughts feelings and passions were entangled. Then slowly, very slowly and unsteadily like someone recovering from a very long illness she began to walk down the corridor towards her cabin.

Teri yaadon ke saaye mein guzregi yeh zindagi
Us khuda ke baad to pooja hogi bas teri

Chaahe jo maang lo sab tumhara hai
Chaahe jo maang lo sab tumhara hai
O.. hum dil de chuke sanam
Tere ho gaye hain hum, teri kasam

Ho.. hum dil de chuke sanam
Tere ho gaye hain hum, teri kasam

Geet steps into KM with heavy heart as she remembered the call she received from Dadi yesterday night, Dadima has asked for her presence in Maan’s engagement, being the Khurana.

Now she cursed her fate even more for even connecting her to the family in this way, she has always wished for only him …for being called as Mrs. Khurana but the relations she got in return of her wish was something she never wished for.

Aaiye bete… Dadima welcomed her with a warm hug, how I am happy to see you here dear…

Hume bhi bahot khushi hui Dadima, I missed you. geet wiped her corner of eyes before tears could spill, seeing the love of Dadima for her.

We missed you too beta, suddenly the voice came from behind them, as both turned around to see, It was Rajveer Singh Khurana…he stood with a warm smile on his face welcoming Geet as well.

She went and touch his feet but instead he took her in a fatherly hug, stay happy always.

Lisa…stop…Annie screamed from behind, next moment, that lovely creature jump upon Geet, making her stumble on her feet,

Her eyes widen in fear for the upcoming fall but which never happened, as two strong arms held her captive before she could hit the floor.

Annie took hold of Lisa, while watching, how her brother was holding Geet. She made a disgusting face, cursing Geet, she walked inside pulling Lisa along with her, that poor creature was not ready to go, he made sad sounds of winning and went along with her.

Geet, Maan called softly to the frightened Geet who has been hiding her face in his chest now out of fear.

She slowly parted and then jerked away realizing what she was doing, hum bilkul thik hai..she assured three worried people around giving fake smile but avoided to look at one person who was desperately awaiting her one gaze which didn’t come , so in anger he blurted to his family, Dadi, dad, I am going to Office!!

Dadima shakes her head,” I am giving you permission only on condition son, remember?

Ji Dadima, I will come early.

Make sure..

He nodded and walked out furiously without a second glance to Geet which pinched her but she compose herself.

Where is Kunal bete, aap akele aaye?? Asked dadi as they settled on the couch.

Nahi dadi, he dropped me and went for office.

After a little talk, Geet came to know from dadi about her health issue and all the happenings from two days. Even she got know from Dadi that he is going to engage with Sam…

That means, he went to hospital yesterday…he was already so tense, aur humne kya kiya, unki pareshani ko aur badhaya, asking him questions, just to calm my own restlessness.

She felt guilty now for troubling him so much in the name of her Love of which he was unaware still…

Humara koi bharosa nahi beta, aur hum humare Maan ki khushiya chahte hai… Unki puri family dekhna chahte hai …

Geet was pulled back from her thoughts hearing her, plz Dadima aisi baate mat kijiye… Geet held her hands, her eyes filled up..aapko kuch nahi hoga..

I won’t talk…but first you stop crying, badi rotlu hai aap.

I am not..Geet pouted making dadi laughed on her, pulling her cheeks adoringly.


As soon as he step into the Mansion, he was left mesmerized by the sight that greeted him. There stood his gorgeous woman clad in beautiful green sari, looking ever so beautiful.

Geet who has been totally lost in the arrangements for the engagement next day, forgot her surrounding,

She climbed on the ladder to hook the decoration piece… Maan kept gaping her motionless when suddenly Dadi caught his sight, Maan..aap aa gaye..

Maan…Geet turned to the direction and suddenly lost her balance, she gasped in horror but soon enough she landed straight in his arms.

Maan watched her losing her balance and rushed forward to catch her.

Geet…. Dadima rushed towards them whereas Maan cocooned her in his arms and walked upto the couch, he put her softly on it, all the while nuzzling her face which turns red because of his proximity.

Geet beta, are you okay?? Asked worried dadi.

Ji Dadima,I am fine… she tried to get up but suddenly she falls back, because her feet twisted.


Geet…Maan rushed to her side, kya jarurat thi waha upar chadne ki…servants are there to do this work..Maan scolds her, kneeling before her, he held her feet, but she held his shoulder,

Maan…no..yeh kya kare rahe hai aap..she protested.

Chup..ek dum chup..keep quiet for a while…he glared at her, pushing up her saree, she burned in his gaze and with his touch.

Maan softly pulled her each fingers, then twisted her ankle all the while looking at her face closely, which was having cute frown on her face, her eyes shut tightly and she held his hand.

Now try to stand up…he said softly, when she opened her eyes to gaze into warm gaze, her whole melted, she slowly got up and her face brighten with huge smile,

Feeling better, he smiled as well seeing her happy.

Now go to your room beta, take rest, I will send something for you to eat, subah se kaam karna rahe hai aap.

Dadi’s words brought both back to reality, Geet nodded silently walking away from there while maan looked at her retreating back hearing Dadima’s words.

His fist tightened and he also rushed to his own room.


Maan watched her roaming from one corner to another instructing servants about arrangements, his blood was boiling seeing her so calm and not affected with his engagement but why even he thinking so…he doesn’t know but something inside aching badly seeing her.

His eyes became red in anger, when he saw her almost bare back with just one knot holding her blouse, he rushed towards her, caught her without anyone notice,

Maan…yeh kya kar rahe hai aap, chodiye Hume…she wriggled but he pulled her harshly in the corridor, pinning her against the pillar.

She blinked her wet lashes, giving him accusing gaze,

Why are you wearing this? He asked huskily, opening her bun, and soon her silky hairs cascaded down on her hip, covering her back, Jasmine’s flowers entangled in her hairs.

Geet moaned sweetly as he buried his face in her hairs, inhaling her sweet aroma. Hm…Geet..jawab do..he grabbed her bare waist, entangling his finger in her waist band, making her shiver in pleasure, her eyes began drooping with the Passion she was feeling now with his sexy touches.

To be continued…

Have to stop here little cousin behind me to play….

Precap : Engagement..

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