Both kissed each other feverishly, showing the longing through the kiss.

as usual, she forgot everything except his presence. He crushed her to him, kissing her over and over until she was breathless.

“Sweetheart, I am sorry!”

he murmured against her hair, his tongue darting into her ear and then between her lips. She felt the snaking heat of it and found herself surrendering involuntarily to his caresses.

They kissed once more, deep and long.

It seemed ages since she had seen Maan’s face, yet it was barely few hours. How she had endured these past hours she did not know. But now they were over, and she would be with him in a few moments.

Her skin tingled deliciously at the prospect of his  kisses.


He crushed her against him, kissing her cheeks and forehead and then her lips, trying to forgot what happened in the morning or what he decided in the hospital, nothing matters at the moment, the only thing matters to him now was her closeness, her shining eyes which conveys the happiness of seeing him, only she matters to him now.

She could not speak, no sound would come, it seemed to her that the waves were flowing inside her head, backward, forward, until she became dizzy and Maan had to support her or she would have fallen. and they sank down together on a couch placed in the corridor but she barely noticed it.

“Maan….,I…. I’ve missed you! Never leave me again like that. If we part again, I shall die. I shall have nothing to live for if you go….!” Geet found her voice, but her throat was dry.

Her sweetest confession yet again left Maan speechless, he didn’t know what he would do…

But he should have known it before, where their relation was going…

“Geet, jaan, do not speak of death. Are we not together now? I missed you, too.and I am sorry about the morning. He pecked her head, cradling her against his chest.

She pulled slightly away to look at him properly, adoringly. He pulled her to him again, kissing her face and neck, then lower, and she gasped, color rushing into her cheeks.

Maan…you didn’t tell, where were you whole day?? She cupped his cheek,

Suddenly she felt him going stiff, she slowly withdraw her hand, only to get caught again by him, I will tell you, for now don’t ask anything

Okay…she tried to pull apart..

Please…he jerked her back in his arms, not now…

It’s okay Maan, she caressed his back, silently conveying her assurance, he sighed…feeling her stroking back his silky  hair and she kissed his damp forehead. She could not understand what had happened, but could see that he was not yet in a fit state to explain. She cradled him in her arms, yet longing for him to speak, to explain her what was bothering him so much, that suddenly he looked so stress out.

“Let’s go out for dinner…” He spoke against her cheek, then his mouth was on her forehead, her eyes, her chin, and finally on her lips. His kisses were silky, soft yet demanding, she wanted them to cover all of her, to kiss her everywhere, to whisper that he loved her, that she was his because of love, and not through some attraction or lust only.

He had dropped the sari pallu. She did not notice. The feelings sweeping through her obliterated everything else, who she was, where she had come from, shiver ran through her as his mouth brushed past hers, to her neck, where it planted soft kisses, and then lower, and lower still. She gave a tiny moan, he stopped abruptly and draped back her saree, pulling her up in his arms like she was some fragile doll, indeed she was for him, and he wanted to taken care of her.


After dinner both drove back to her home, when her cell beep with a msg, reading which, the shine from her face vanished,

Kya hua….asked Maan seeing her sad face.

Umm…Kunal ka msg hai…

His fist tightened on the steering wheel..he looked at her awaiting her to complete…

He is coming back tonight…she finished looking up at him teary eyed.

He looked ahead, ignoring her completely, reminding about their morning fight again,

Silence spread inside the car, as no one speak after that, suddenly he switched on the FM …to reduce the burning pain inside his chest…

Tere bina zindagi se koi shikwa to nahin

Shikwa nahin, shikwa to nahin, shikwa to nahin

Tere bina zindagi bhi lekin zindagi to nahin

Zindagi nahin, zindagi nahin, zindagi nahin


As the song began playing , she was drifted back to her past memories, how was she, how he entered her life and captured her whole completely. She looked at him teary eyed, and suddenly grabbed his arm, putting her head on his shoulder as tears cascaded down from her eyes on his arm, making him groan in anger and pain.

Jee mein aata hai tere daaman mein

Sar chhupa ke hum rote rahein, rote rahein

Jee mein aata hai tere daaman mein

Sar chhupa ke hum rote rahein, rote rahein

She buried her face in his chest, and weep silently, he stopped the car with a jerked and pulled her apart harshly.


Stop crying…he blasted making her hiccuped..

He closed his eyes to calm his anger then open them again to see her innocent eyes gaping at him.

How many times I have to tell you, don’t cry ever…he softly wiped her eyes,

I told you in the morning as well, it’s in your hand geet, you have to take decision.

I can’t…she spoke after a moment…making him startled then angry.

Alright, tum jaisa chaho…he started the engine furiously while she sat back again numb like a doll..his words ringing in her mind…she had tried many times to get the solution to her problem but got only failure, still she would try again for him now. She wiped her eyes giving him one loving look.


No….this couldn’t be, Geet thought as her legs shakes badly…hearing the news being telecast. She stumbled upon her feet, only to held by Kunal in a moment.

Jaan…are you okay?

But she wasn’t in her senses anymore, only his words buzzed in her head.

“Yes, it’s true…I am getting married.”

How…why…she thought.

Kunal made her sit on the chair, and brought glass of water for her still unaware about the thing bothering her this much.


Hum…thik hai ….she assured him with faint smile after taking few sips of water.

Kya hua tumhe achanak se…he touched her forehead, tabiyat toh thik hai na tumhari..he was getting agitated with her behavior.

Kuch nahi…I don’t know…she stammered badly, as he wiped her sweaty forehead. But her eyes were filling up remembering the news again.

Reporters were asking him questions about his marriage, and he said could he…reporters even talking about his engagement which was just the day after tomorrow.

Then the thought crossed her mind, why couldn’t he?? When she couldn’t bound him to her, he is free to do whatever he wants. Even Marriage.

Suddenly that night flashes in her mind, the day they both had argument, “tum jaisa chaho…” His words rang in her mind.

From that day, she was trying to find the way out but she couldn’t, she forgot about her fate, how could she find one solution now when in those past months she couldn’t…


As soon as she stepped into the office, she was so restless to meet him. But it seems god couldn’t grant her this small wish to atleast have him for a little moment.

He was hell busy in his meetings. That it turned almost evening when she got him alone.

As everyone emptied the hall, she walked near him, who was ready to walk out ignoring her.

Hume aapse baat karni hai…

Hmm…Kaho geet…he replied nonchalantly breaking her heart yet again.

Humare taraf dekhiye..she tilted her head seeing him avoiding her gaze, he turned his back, jo kahna hai jaldise kaho…I have other important works.

Shayad humse bhi Jada jaruri…hai na Maan? She walked before him, he still avoided to look at her.

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    1. Thank you ๐Ÿค—
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