Mehbooba S2 Chapter 53


Jindagi thi kya kya, imtehan leti hai

Dil ko na tha pata

Do juda sanso ko kyon mila deti hai

Dil ko naa tha pata

Milke bhee ham mil na sake,

jakhm dil ke sil naa sake

Na takrate toh achha tha,

Geet looked at the way he walked out…the same way years back…she smiled painfully with teary eyes watching same 24 years Maan walking away from her.

bhul jo pate toh achha tha

Tu phir se milke jana


She drifts back to that day, when he had walked away from her …same way…she still couldn’t forget the memory.

15 years old Geet with her short curly hairs looked from above balcony, seeing him going away. She was on the verge of breaking down. Her almond eyes flew out the pain of her heart.

Bas ek baar upar dekh lejiye…she mumbled to herself looking down, at him as he walked towards his car, after biding bye to his friend.

She yearned for his own look but getting non she cried furiously, she wiped her eyes and ran inside not able to bear the heartache…

Dil na lagaate to achha tha

Na tadpaate to achha tha

Ab dil ko kya samjhaana

humko deewana kar gaye

Ab dil ko kya samjhaana

humko deewana kar gaye

Geet rolled down on her knees feeling nostalgic for having those painful memories. One year of her crush and nine long year she has been loving him but it surfaced only after his re entry in her life.

Why babaji….? She felt so vulnerable with the thought of her one sided Love…as she buried her face in her palms and weep silently.

That’s how Yashoda found her, she rushed towards her.

Geet madam… She kneels beside her feeling bad for seeing her in that condition.

Geet still couldn’t raised her head to meet her questing eyes, after a moment she compose herself and got up.

Are you okay, madam…? Yashoda asked concerned seeing her wiping her eye.

Geet just nodded, wiping her face worthwhile dupatta that reminds her about him. She sniffed again, and remove that dupatta. get to work..she ordered her in her hoarse voice making her rush away to the kitchen.

While she closed the door of her bedroom to change into saree because she knew if she remain in this dress that only will make her nostalgic and she would do nothing but crying whole day.

She told the dress carefully caressing it lovingly giving it one longing glance she put that inside her cupboard.

Looking at her own reflection in the mirror which mocked her for her failure of her love. She winced then smirked painfully at her own reflection, the wedding chain began torturing her with those memories of her marriage and then his words buzz into her head.

What did he say wrong, Geet!? He is right at his place. It was me and my fate always play with me..

I couldn’t muster the courage years back also not now.. such coward am I..

And he surely deserve better…not the married woman, so weak …who couldn’t take decisions of her own life ….

She made such disgusting face for herself…

You are not right for him, try to forget him… though it will be painful…but As the time passes you will…. surely….

She cried again hugging her own reflection in the mirror for now she has no one to console her.

Behind those close eyes, she could get the glimpse of little her, seating in the corner of her room and crying out for him.

Kabhi hans lete hain, kabhi ro lete hain

Haal kya kar diya…


Gham na uthaate to achha tha

Khud ko sataate to achha tha

Tum apna kehke jaana,

Humko begaana kar gaye

Tum apna kehke jaana,

Humko begaana kar gaye

Maan was getting restless getting just one glimpse in his mind of Geet..she was standing like a doll with her face down.


He slams his palms on the table harshly not getting much needed peace to his burning heart.

Ek Haseena Thi, Season1 | lm1991

How could she play with me… She dared to deny me first of all, wants to keep extra marital affair with me..he hissed painfully with the thought as he close his eyes, getting back those all beautiful happy and sad moment they share together till now.

But did he do right by giving her ultimatum suddenly…his consciousness asked him, as her painful face flashes behind his close eyes.

Maybe yes, or she wouldn’t have understood, it’s for her own good, he was thinking for her…he snaps open his eyes with those thoughts,


April | 2017 | lm1991

Whatever…she have to understand this, she couldn’t play with him,

His thoughts process halted with the ring of his cell phone. The name on the screen flashing from home confused him, but as soon as he picked up the call, his eyes widen , I am coming…just saying so he cut the call and rushed out of his office.


Dadima, he called out painfully to the old lady laying on the hospital bed lifeless, and rushed to her ,he held her hand, making her open her eyes.

She smiled , Hume maaf kar dijiye bete, …

Dadima plz, muze aur sharminda mat kijiye, I am sorry…yeh Sab mere wajah se hua hai

Nahi bete..

No Dadima, it’s my fault,

Rajveer has told him, it happened because she was so tense and worried for him after their little argument and then she got that mild stroke.

But it was huge thing for Maan, he couldn’t see his family in pain, and here it happened because of him.

Just then doctor walked inside with his father , Annie was kept at home knowing her, she wouldn’t had stop crying seeing her Dadi in this condition.

Now, she is fine , Mr. Khurana. Doctor said after checking her up again.

But take care, this should not happen in future again.

Both father and son nodded feeling guilty for her condition.

You can take her home in evening..and he walked out gesturing Maan to follow him in his cabin.

Sab thik hai na doctor, what about her reports..asked restless Maan.

Mr.khurana, I won’t lie to you, but she really needs to taken care of now, Try to keep her as much as happy, don’t bring up the things which would stress her this much to bring her back to hospital.

No…we would take care…Maan replied instantly clearly getting his point.

Taking her reports and medicines from doctor, he walked out determine to do whatever his dadi says now to him, he that marriage…

His steps suddenly halted with the thought, as her words buzzed into his mind,

Atleast, respect the love that she has for you..

His heart was restless, the thought was almost suffocating to marry someone else but not her.

But why her…?? Why suddenly his heart wished to marry only Geet…

Their morning fight ran through his mind, making he closed his eyes painfully, in his anger, he left her crying without giving her a moment to decide what she wants…why did he force his decision on her…if she wanted to choose her husband then what wrong she did…

Although the thought was most painful and making him angry but to satisfy his male ego and cool down his anger he couldn’t give her pain..

He opened his eyes, which was moisten without his own notice, he blink his eyelids, not realizing his own heart was crying for her…

Maan….His father’s voice pulled him back from his thoughts,

Ji dad…he walked upto him.

What happened son, everything fine, Rajveer asked putting his hand on shoulder.

Dad.. he hugged his father, trying to fecth much needed warmth from his father at the moment.

Rajveer was taken a back with this sudden hug from his son, he had always seen him strong, nothing could shook the Maan Singh Khurana,who always stood like a pillar .

Maan…what’s the matter, ma ke report..sab thik hai na ..he patted his back, before pulling him away.

Everything is fine dad..but that happened because of me, hai na…

No son..

Yes dad, don’t try to sooth me…I know it’s my fault, aaj meri wajah se Dadima hospitalized hai.. before this it never happened dad.

Maan, it’s her old-age bound to happen, not because of you.

Nahi dad, but she was so strong dad, pahle toh kabhi aisa nahi hua..

She was thinking so much of you aur phir, thinking that she hurt you raising that topic, she got so stress son..

Yes dad, and now I know what to do to rectify my mistake.

Maan, what are you talking about son…

I have taken decision dad, now I will do as she says, I am ready to take responsibility now.

Maan..Rajveer was worried now, he couldn’t let his son risk his own happiness for the thing he hadn’t done.

Don’t decide anything hastily, I am again repeating, it didn’t happen because of you.

Phir bhi dad, Maan raise his voice, let me do now something for her, she had always loved me unconditionally without any demands, Andi can atleast fulfill her one long time desire.. he turned his back to him ,trying to hide his pain from his father as Geet’s words only buzzed in his mind, making him determine in his decision.

But who can hide the pain from his own father, who knew his son inside out…

Maan..plz bete, he put his hand on his shoulder, pressing it, tell me what’s bothering you, I know it’s not the only thing.

I will dad, …he stop for a moment gulping his sorrow, just give me some time.

I will wait son..he patted his back, and have my full faith on my son, he wouldn’t shake in any circumstances, but always will be strong and take wise decision…and I know you will fulfill your responsibility nicely.

I can’t…dad… Maan thought in his mind painfully hearing his father’s last sentence, somehow he knew, he won’t able to…. As only Geet’s face flashes in his mind.

Tum jo na aate to achha tha

Aa ke na jaate to achha tha

Tum jo na aate to achha tha

Aa ke na jaate to achha tha

Tum jaate jaate jaana humko deewana kar gaye

Tum jaate jaate jaana humko deewana kar gaye



Geet walked into the office almost in the afternoon only to receive taunts from Sasha which she ignored like always.

Her eyes wandered towards his cabin only to see it’s empty. She frowned and checked his today’s schedule, there is not meeting at this hour, then where did he go..

She waited restlessly for few minutes, which turn to an hour but there was no sign of him. Finally giving up the wait, she rushed out towards Pinky.

Geet, what happened? You look not well….asked pinky as soon as she saw her worn out state.

Woh sab chodo, pinky…did you see Maan sir…has he gone out??

Yes, he had went out an hours back …he was in so hurry..

Why…?? What happened??

I don’t know that geet… But sir looked worried for something…he was on the call talking to someone..

Now this made Geet tense, thanking pinky she again made her way to the office, and made him call, the ring was going on but he didn’t receive her call.

After few more trials, she became teary, plz receive the call, Maan. She again tried and this time the call was received…

Aap thik toh hai??

She found her own words booming from other side.

Maan who has been busy all the time, when check his cell, saw umpteen miss calls from her. He became worried and just when he was about to dial her , his cell ran again , and without wasting a moment, he received the call,

Tum thik to ho na??

Tears rolled down on her cheeks, she sniffed making him worried,


I..was..worried for you, you didn’t either … receive my call…she sobbed

Geet.. stop crying, his heart melted hearing her sweet complaint, after all that fiasco in the morning, how could she care for him this much.

Aur main bilkul thik hu… I guess it will take me few more hours to reach office.

But..where are you…

Nowhere couldn’t disclose her this, she might freak out hearing about dadi.

Umm..geet.. I have some work, bye..and he cut the call. Without getting flow in the emotions more, he got up to fetch one black coffee for him.

It turned to evenings now, she was so tired now, her emotions were at its peek, as everyone started leaving the office, she sat back looking at his cabin waiting for him to appear there… Her life became meaningless without him …it’s been only few hours, and she was talking about her whole life, she wouldn’t able live without him now. Why did he step back again in her life, why did he came near her when now she couldn’t have him.

Tum milte milte jaana humko deewana kar gaye

She got up assembling her work, ajd tried his number again which was coming switch off now, she sighed thinking she couldn’t stay back however she want, it’s not safe for her.

Geet chal na…kitna wait karwati hai…pinky pouted cutely making her chuckle.

So Sorry dear….Geet pulled her cheek, let’s go.

Both walked out, when suddenly Geet could feel him walking inside, she stopped suddenly, looked at her right to see him walking in…

Her heart beat raised manically, she asked pinky to go as she forgot her cell in.

Go fast…and come …I will wait

Nahi pinky, you go, you already got late because of me.


Not but or anything, plz you go..

Okay, bye..

Maan watched from few steps away, she was convincing pinky to go, as she turns to him, his steps halted.

When she began moving to him, he too took steps forward, only to see her running into his arms, without his own notice he spread his arms for her.

Maan…Geet called out longingly crushing him in er petite forms, as she engulfed him tightly in her small delicate arms.

Both hold onto each other tightly, living the moment, when Maan parted,cupping her face, he wiped her tears, Geet could see different emotions in his eyes today, she was hypnosis by his loving gaze, and put her lips on his.

humko deewana deewana kar gaye

humko deewana – 3 deewana kar gaye

so now I have given tiny glimpse of past here.. it will reveal in next few updates..

Take care friends.. : )

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    Aur yd sab kunal ne kiya ho usse dek kr to waise bhi muje villan wali feeling aati h 😡

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