He was desperate to hear her still unaware why her answer matters so much…

I….her words left in abruptly with the sound of his cell ringing.

She gulped hard realizing what she was going to blurt out in the flow of her emotions. She instantly turned around… wiping the corner of her eyes while he attended his call..From his talks she guessed it might be from office.

She turned around and took the breakfast out towards dinning hall. He followed her behind after finishing his call.

She served him while he took his seat giving her warm smile, he has just raised the spoon to his mouth when he heard her,

My wedding chain…How I forgot to wear it..she blabbered to herself, touching her neck frantically but failed to see his reaction.

He doesn’t know but when began to get affected by her marriage status, he burned in extreme jealousy and anger , throwing the fork down he grabbed her wrist when saw her rushing away from him.

Geet was startle with that harsh pull from him, she landed straight on his lap clutching his neck. maan…she looked at him with her wide eyes, kaha ja rahi ho..? you need to feed me… his husky voice shivered her, and what was that in his eyes… when he spoke it was in a very different tone of voice.

He seemed to become unexpectedly tense for an instant.

I ….hum bas woh pahnke….but her words left in her mouth as all at once, his mouth rushed passionately against hers in a long and savage kiss. She fell limp under the overwhelming power of his arms,



His lips had been hot against hers yet gentle too, hardening with passion only when she had responded, as both of them had given in to the strong tide of sensuousness which had swept through them, hurling them onward towards the culmination of ecstasy.

and then his lips found their way to her cheek, her ear lobe, her neck and the hollow of her throat.

She was powerless in his grip, and she tried to say him the let her go. Ignoring her remonstrates, his mouth again descended slowly upon hers and held her lips in a searing kiss until her senses began to reel from lack of breath.

Geet was clueless why he was behaving so suddenly, as she looked into his eyes, calming her breath down, and there was a very purposeful look in his eyes now. That, and a hot brightness which didn’t scare her, as perhaps it should have, but instead sent a pleasant tingling sensation skittering over her skin.

As her eyes opened even wider, he slid one hand down to her breast and fixed her with his fierce brown gaze.

Besides, his hands felt warm and soothing as they moved lightly over her. She was very aware of his male warmth and strength, and she desperately needed something like that right now; someone totally reliable she could lean on.

His fingers sidled inside her top, slid under the soft silk of her bra, and then gently pinched the already highly sensitive tip of her breast.

Maan …she moaned when he suddenly buried his face in the crook of her neck biting her harshly there as if claiming her. She hissed in pain and he immediately soothed her by the tip of his wet tongue.

I am waiting darling…

How can I….pahle Hume chodiye…she mumbled stealing her eyes from him as his fingers continued to play with her nipples.

He removed his hands for a while, when she began feeding him, simultaneously eating from his hands, like this both finished their breakfast.

It was time to leave for office, when Geet abruptly ran towards her room fetching her wedding chain..she was feeling restless with her bare neck, unaware about what all this…when she couldn’t connect to her husband then why this feeling.

She tried to hook the chain, when his reflection appear in front her in the mirror. She smiled delightfully as she saw him walking closer to her,

She shivered in pleasure feeling his cold fingers playing on her bare neck, he was going mad from inside, his eyes slowly turning red in fury which she felt to notice as she has her eyes close…feeling his touch.

Why do you need to wear it….his harsh words ran through her ears as she snapped open her eyes to meet his furious one.


Answer me Geet…why do you need to wear it…he blasted making her step back.

Yeh aap kaise baat kar rahe hai….I am married…she defended herself.

You very well know what I am talking..he rasped out angrily..making her flinch in fear.

She looked at him confused on the verge of crying as she tried to understand his words.

Or you are trying play innocent…or playing with me..

Maan….she gasped looking horrified with his accusation.

Yes Geet…he grabbed her, her chain fell on her cleavage, she grabbed it before it slip down.

Jab ki tumhare liye yeh shadi koi mayne nahi lagti..then why do you need to do this..he shook her, she stood dumbstruck with his outburst or could say reality check.

He was so furious , getting insecure seeing her restlessness to wear her marriage symbol of which owner was someone else not him and that thing pinched him hard.

This….he held her chain in his hands, somehow her fingers couldn’t let go of it.. choose this or me… He gave her ultimate in the fit of his rage.

Aap…what happened to you…she cried out, cupping his one cheek, aap ne pahle kabhi aisa nahi kaha…

I don’t know about before but now I want you to do as I said, Suna tumne…


he jerked her closer, piercing his nails on her soft skin.

She winced not able to believe his strange behavior today…I can’t..she mumbled in between her tears.

Maan left her jerking her back to hit the wall, fine..then forget about me…


Maann…she gasped in shock, next moment held his collar in fist, jerking him closer, how can you say that, by now she was crying furiously… You couldn’t say that.. you don’t mean it, hai na?? She pleaded like a baby but Maan was serious this time, he clasped her wrist with hands, not knowing what got into him today but he felt he couldn’t able to share her with anyone but him. He will not able to see anymore of her s someone else’s wife.

He jerked her away, I meant it Geet..I am serious…he glared her.

Geet stood dumbstruck just gaping at him senseless. How could he say something like that to her, where will she go..what she would do when her relation with Maan was just about attractions and lust, atleast from his side bit then why he is behaving so today…


If it was in her hand, she would have broken her marriage with Kunal long ago or wouldn’t have married with him on the first place when she loved someone else not him.

She was bounded, almost caged in the shackles…no one would able to see those shackles apart from her… She was badly caged but couldn’t voice out to anyone…

In her own emotional turmoil and kashmkash she failed to ask him the soul reason behind his behavior.

Maan was hurt, don’t know why…he was furious, moreover his ego was badly hurt seeing her silence, his heart crushed badly seeing her stood like doll… looking down… without any move or any word.

He threw her wedding chain on her face , which landed straight on her head making her startle…


She looked up painfully, seeing him walking away from her without giving her second look.

It’s only the beginning 😉 , If it’s short then I am updating next fast, i was stuck with this twist, then I am getting so lazy and bore sitting at home…then I have assignment and exam next month…so in that havoc I couldn’t concentrate on update…


Although I have concept and twists in my mind, feel it difficult at times to scribe it down step by step perfectly… And moreover next day I forgot the structure I planned in my mind to write an update..


And one more thing, your guys comments stop after two days…I felt so bad… Plz motivate me to write next chappy fast, because I can’t stay back from writing an mg ff update but seeing lack of response… my mood of typing next chapter goes in drain..

so plz never stop from showering your love through lovely comments and likes..

I have this treasure with me that is you guys..

love you and take care



28 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 52

  1. Good update so it was reality check for geet…though maan cannot think anyone owning his geet he is turning possessive for her…well we have to wait to see the next lots of love to you ❤️❤️

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  2. Maan has turned so possessive of her which is nice but he has become so authoritative on her. It would have been nice n different if Geet questioned him back on why she shd take it off and what she means to him? Wonder what he’d say then. Very nice update but also feeling very unsatisfied .. so so eager to read more, i hope u’ll update tomorrow

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  3. Wonderful update and a stunning twist.Maan has become possessive bit he is not accepting his love.Geet is in such a position that she can neither leave maan nor break her marriage. Eager to know geet’s reaction.update soon.

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  5. First of all everyone please take care yourself……….Short but meaningful update… It’s indicating about future….. Maan’s possessiveness justified he can’t share her with someone…. Geet’s nervousness towards her chain there is something 🤔🤔 waiting for next update,,, be quick

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