Italic part is past incident.

Geet was so frighten as her eyes saw that scene again when he was holding her waist, not ready to leave her when she pleaded…

She tried to go but he never let her instead caged her in his arms tightly making her hell scared.

Hume chodiye… she tried to wriggle out of his hold but it’s got tighten on her bare waist, he smirk on her fragile attempts .

yeh aap kya kar rahe hai ? chodiye hume…geet was hell frighten now, she looked at her surrounding ,its secluded in corridor, no one was there. 

She tried to bang on his chest but he grasp it and kissed her knuckles softly sniffing her scent. 

geet .her tears made their way on her cheeks seeing his behavior today. 

hey sleeping beauty, why are you crying…looked…please don’t cry. I can’t bear tears in your beautiful eyes, please don’t cry, he wiped her cheeks softly caressing it more than necessary. 

she flinch with his touch .he continue stared at her innocent face, never ever in his entire life he had saw the beauty like her, coated with innocence and today he got the chance to touch her finally. 

God…she is so soft. he continue to caressed her bare waist and hold her tender hands in his own which was on his hands pushing him. 

Geet already was so upset and his acts added more fuel into her miseries that she burst in her loud cries.

rajeev got frighten suddenly hearing her loud cries that he leave her instantly .

hey.geet..stop..just stop..ok i am sorry baby..geet..

Geet..she heard again but she was nowhere to stop hell scare to face this again…she now very well understand and can connect it that what was Rajeev Saheb tried to did with her…she cried more realizing it .she is no more that much innocent. Yes she is today but not that nave to not to understand this now .she had turn mature enough to knows the happenings around. 

Geet was in her own miseries when she bump into him. Not again BABAJI. .she said last words loudly frightened to the core. When two strong arms again held her pulling her closer before she could act or realized anything she heard his deep husky voice coated with concern.

What happened Jaan? 

Maan …her heart utter as 4 letters finally left her shivering lips to his astonishment and happiness.

Geet looked up to his handsome face only to see beautiful smile adoring his face , his chocolate brown eyes shining in victory. Yes she can read them now .though sometimes she act as budhdhu not to understand her Saheb .but she can.she smiled back in tears but what is the reason behind his this happiness that his Beautiful M shape lips curve in a smile. She wonder unknown of it. She cup his one cheek lovingly before asking him.

Kya hua? 

Don’t you know? Or my Jaan is so innocent? He commented jerking her closer while his eyes turn worried seeing tears in her eyes.

What happened to you? Why are you crying? He frown holding her face in his both palms now as he wipe her tears but few more roll down again. 

Geet..he mutter frustrated to see it. 

Just tell me fast before I lose it…he commanded angrily not ready to listen her denial today. He had turn this stubborn. .no no…more stubborn precisely , geet thought narrating the whole incident with much difficulties as she can’t break both brothers apart because of her nor she hide anything from him now after so much happening leaving him frustrated when he shower only unconditional love and care on her. She don’t wanted both options either but she don’t have choice.

Geet come out of her thoughts seeing his red furious eyes ready to burn the whole world, his grip tighten on her waist printing his finger marks on her. She was about to scream in unbearable pain but muffle it silently seeing his red face. She can bear this much for opening her mouth to break both brothers apart. For giving him pain to not telling him before…she knows he must be hurt and angry on her now that she hided it from long time but she can’t help it.  She was so frighten that time to told anyone anything and what and how she was to tell when she was having no courage to do so that time .


Geet Come out of her thoughts hearing his loud voice almost screaming. She shiver in fear almost started to shake like a dry leaf. She turn to saw him standing few feet away from them.

Before she could think more maan has rushed towards him like a storm and started to beat him…mercilessly forgetting that he was his own brother, own blood. 

How dare you to lay your filthy hands on my innocent jaan?  How DARE YOU RAJEEV? HE screamed on his face holding him from his collars he pushed him hard.

Rajeev was unknown to all this was left clueless as it was so long before all this happen and he was also clueless to whom his big brother was calling as jaan and what he had done to her. His mind turn dizzy with his continuous beating…he was so hurt with getting this type of welcome from his own brother whom he had always respected and loved.

His few tears in eyes , blood in his nose did melted his brotherly heart but the fact that what he had done with his wife , his jaan,  his most precious possession .that couldn’t be forgiven .  Be it any women or girl either. How could his own brother act so low .

MAAN.. geet turned to look angry Sumitra standing behind him on other side with Dadima and annie.

Bhai..Rajeev..annie ran towards them.to stop it but maan was nowhere to stop he continue beat the soul out of him .he almost push annie away that she stumble few steps .only after dadima’s hard voice and meddling he did stop but not before warning him with his red furious eyes and without listening to anyone he just storm from there angrily.

All family rushed towards him to support him and with the servants help all take him to his room…Though all were hell confused and angry with Maan’s act.

Geet stand dead with all the happening. This is the reason she was fearing too much to open her mouth infront of her Saheb.  Why ? Why did she told him ? Why ? Her eyes and body turn numb with so much shock and fear, she try to walk but left with no strength in her that she slide down on her knees.  

Maan was so furious beyond limits just to think on this. He hit the wall furiously, broke all things in his room, how dare he ? he fail , he fail to protect her  from his own brother. Though nothing that big happened. .it’s just his little force but he knows though nave and innocent geet is today also and that time. He doesn’t wanted to think more. He just wanted to crush her in his arms so tightly that world cannot able to see her. He will hide her in his arms forever. 

Thinking of her , a sudden urge to hold her awoken in him .he looked around in there room but she was nowhere , then he remember that she was outside only thinking of her condition he ran outside to be hell scare to see her seating on the floor motionless. As he near her he stop shock to see her pale face without no emotions on it. He called her but there was no response,  as he touch her arms and turn more shock on finding it so cold , he just scoop her in his arms hurriedly making his way towards there room.

She was laying lifeless in his arms even with her eyes widen opened. He felt so scared…its only her who can able to bring that stupid emotion in him. 

Jaan..Geet…look at me.. please jaan he patted her cheeks continuously but she didn’t budge. 

Finally turning furious he grab her cold dry lips in his own and started to kiss her furiously still she cough out with a need of breaths.

He left her lips softly and looked at her face now to see she is back to normal now.

Jaan.. he touch her cheeks lovingly to which she flinch back .

Aapko…Rajeev. .Saheb..ko…marna nahi…chahiye tha.  She utter with great difficulties in between her hard sobs as she stated to cry loudly coming out of her shock state.

And his anger come back again…he screamed furiously. 

Why not? Why are you taking his side..? 

Geet continue to cry more hearing him .he is again getting mad just not able to understand. Bas pakad rakha tha jabarsti aur kuch  nahi kiya ..she said out again clearly but he pulled her harshly again scaring the hell out of her with his anger.

Unhone. .kuch nahi…kiya…woh…sirf…she try to clarify .it’s small thing though she was scared and his intentions may big or more than that but the thing is here nothing that sort of happened then why there brotherly relation have to break because of her when he didn’t do anything that sort of.

GEEET. .HOW Did NOTHING HAPPENED ?  When You Have Yourself Told To Me Outside .and you are too innocent jaan…dont try to save him .He Was Furious At Her For Taking His Brother Side Now When He Is Culprit Or She WAS LYING TO HIM Before. 

Nahi. .Unhone Bas . .Hume..

He did touch you, he did hold you forcefully without your will damn it.! and he might have dome more than that if you have not ran away from his sight.he gritted his teeth furiously trying to make her nave mind understand .geet shiver hearing from his mouth .yes she did know but Rsjeev saheb..she was herself shock…how can he  being her saheb’s brother…though her saheb had acted same but she herself gave him place , she didnt found it wrong neither her love for him.lost in her thoughts she didn’t get when her eyelids droop hearing her name from his mouth she drifted to sleep out of tiredness and all stress.

maan though turn horrified but get to know soon that she was just sleeping out of tiredness. He placed her on the bed very neatly tucking her inside the blanket. She is hell scare and stress out today he knows. Only he can able to control his rage for her but it comes out only for her…for her concern. he sighed still feeling rage rushing through his veins reminding it .he thought to calm his anger now .if she witness it again after waking up she might again have to face so much stress which is not good for her health .thinking so he left for washroom to take cold shower and asked nakul to clean there room.

Part 20

Annie was so furious to bear it anymore. She left from there angrily leaving broken dadima alone. She didn’t get what she had to do now.it’s all her fault to let geet stay here and let her suffer from her family .no one left her not even Maan.

She has to watch her suffered everyday under her gaze but didn’t do much caged with her family rules.Yeh din toh dekhna nahi padta Hume. .she mumble to herself before going towards her room to rest.Back to outhouse Maan stood up to face them both.His insides all burning up to see both in front of his eyes.  He love and respect his mom to core but that didn’t lessen her deeds as what she had done with his jaan today though he forgot in his anger that she is the one to let him know her whereabouts. Atleast she told him where is geet. If not then he has been not found geet beside him.


Your deeds are not forgiven mom. Maan murmur in regret for having talk with his mother like that.You are talking with your mother son. sumitra exclaim being enrage. Whatever it maybe both dadima and herself can’t take it , being Royal and Respected Persona.Yes .I am talking with my mother .who did try to separate my Jaan from me.He mutter angrily completely ignoring the presence of Rajeev there who was really upsate see the fight between his mother and brother.Saheb..she called out not bearing there fight  or precisely one more fight and reason being her again. 

GEET ..he stop her so as Sumitra showing her one glare which didn’t get unnoticed by him only to boil his anger more.Please ..leave mom before I utter something that may worsen the situation.You can son..it’s your right after all. Whom you are going to said beside your mother..her heart did flutter a little with pain seeing his rudeness first time ever with her.Saheb..Aap please..yaise bate mat kijiye. .unhe kitna bura Lag Raha Hai. Unki koi galati nahi hai .geet said out one breath ignoring there both of glares. But behind that glare sumitra’s eyes adore the little innocent Girl in front of her. Woh toh humne pahle hi decide kiya tha, when his furious eyes glared at her she fumble braking into few tears as she continue with the lump in her throat.

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Woh..hum pahle hi Jane wale the humare khud ke maraise se..she said out pouting her lips trying to control her sobs as she can’t again make him upstate with her cries.And his hands turn into fist before he storm from there angrily not believing that she thought to leave him how could she.? Is his love not enough for her to give her strength or he is failing .or her love is not that strong to make her own self strong enough to fight with all her fears and odds. She is nave..to nave to understand the depth of his feelings or her own .But he forgot to understand that her love maybe innocent like her own but has more powers than his


Here geet broke into painful sob breaking sumitra speak heart finally as she clutch her hands tight almost digging her nails into her palm to control her emotions. She is still confuse and not sure if she can believe the girl in front of her but one thing is sure that she love her son dearly and ore than her own life. Hume maaf kar dijiye. Memsaab. .humne kuch nahi kiya.woh..woh..Saheb. .


she can’t talk more as she broke into hard sobs joining her hands in front of her.Rajeev couldn’t see the scene so rush from there angrily. Angry on own self beige the reason for all this.Sumitra melted with all her might and rushed to her take that broken girl in her motherly warmth but before she could the knock on the door disturb both of them.Sumitra calm herself receiving the doctor inside while she saw how childishly and hurriedly geet was wiping her face not to show her tears and state. Doctor first greeted sumitra before going to geet. 

How are you feeling now, Mrs.khurana ?? Doctor greet her making sumitra surprise with her recognizing greeting.Geet nodded silently not uttering any word. As she finished her check up she  stand up giving her injection which she bore with slight muffling. As geet does off , doctor come out in a intention to talk with sumitra. Mrs.Khurana..she had high fever now which will I guess recover in 2 days. Beside I had prescribe her regular medicines to her which Mr.Khurana might be knew. 

Sumitra just nodded silently but she can’t stop asking from her.Which regular medicines , Doctor ?don’t you know..? You DIL was suffering from amnesia. She was all stress up and broken . I don’t know how Mr.Khurana had managed to bring her memory back. But i have told him to take care of her as she Should be away from any stress to her brain which might be still dizzy that she always fainted .today also she is having high fever. It’s not good for her health.it maybe deteriorate with her constant stress.

Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani - Episode 14 Watch Full Episode Online (HD) for Free

Sumitra was all stun listening her .she now got the full story. Maan must have married her in this phase that’s why he hurried and didn’t even told them . Her calling annie by her name .she has forgotten that time , she was maid here..Doctor taking her leave left from there only to meet maan on the gate. She told him all again what has to be care of .her fever and about medicines. He get to know that ..it’s again her shyness which is not good for her when she has just recovered.  

Shit..he muttered angrily to himself for he also got angry on her sometime before.  Sumitra sat there for sometime beside unconscious geet as she was all alone to look after her. She sat thinking about all things from the beginning when  geet entered thee mansion. She can’t forget her first glimpse. Looking totally little scare kitten forgot his way in this world . With some old cloths .precisely saree.

Non the less looking ever so innocently and beautiful even in her poor cloths.She smile remembering her scaring away from her even. She slowly , very softly kept her palm on her forehead in fear if she broke her sweet sleep. You had bear enough girl , now no more !! She exclaim patting her head with her motherly love for this angel.


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