Mehbooba S2 Chapter 51

Geet was highly disappointed after he left her at her house without a word, and move away from there. She pouted and walked inside in anger stamping her foot.

Kya hua madam, Yashoda asked seeing her angry face. do your own work. She spited angrily and walked to her room in same angry strides.

What happened to madam? Every day she would be really in jovial mood, if not then also she wouldn’t leave that smile from her face.

Yashoda talked to herself as she cooked the dinner for her mam, “maybe missing Kunal sir” she concluded shaking her head with smile.


Uhh…unhe toh koi parwah nahi humari, she removed her saree furiously throwing that somewhere in anger, today she was getting so irritated…she snapped open her blouse, removing that half way when her cell buzz, she furiously took that call forgetting to see the caller,

Hello…she snapped at the caller in fury…

The person on the other side was startled with her angry voice, he took the cell away from ear before putting it again to his ear,

Hello….she snapped in anger again getting irritated.

Jaan…soft voice buzzed into her ear making her stop in her track.

Kunal…aap…?? She calmed down and looked at the caller id again before putting back her phone to ear.

Ji ha…hum… Now tell me why are you so angry, aaj kiski shamat aane wali hai…he chuckled at the end.

Geet frowned, I don’t trouble anyone, especially with my anger, and you know its other way around…she complained cutely making him laugh out.

Yes I know dear, who knows you better than me, his voice change the tone, making her feel jittery feeling that possessive tone in his voice.

They talked for a while, when suddenly Geet screamed out feeling two hands embarrassing her from behind.

Geet….?? Kunal became tense on the other side… while Yashoda ran upstairs hearing her scream,

Geet mam…aap thik toh hai… She tap on the door continuously.

But Geet was so shock as she turned behind to find the person glaring her furiously for her stunt.

Geet, are you there…speak something damn it…Kunal shouted from other end.

Yes..yes..I am fine..Kunal…she replied to worried Kunal while now Maan smirked seeing her condition, he removed her blouse completely with naughty smile still intact on his face which made her stutter…

Then why did you scream? Asked Kunal.


It’s…it’s… cockroach…and you know I how much I hate it….she pouted to Maan while he only smirk now cupping her bosom.

Geet Mam..are you fine..asked Yashoda from outside door.

Yes Yashoda… nothing to worry.. I am’s nothing….

Okay madam..she rushed downstairs again to do her work.

Closing the call somehow she threw her cell on the bed now turning to Maan furiously, yeh kya mazak hai…

He tucked his finger in the middle of her br* and pulled her closer making her gasp in horror.

Kitna bechain hoke tumse mila
Kitna bechain hoke tumse mila
Tumko kya thi khabar tha main kitna akela

[Haan.. haan! Haan.. haan!
Haan.. haan! Haan.. haan haan] x 2


You wanted me here, didn’t you?? He whispered huskily in her ear, his fingers trailing down on her b** line…outlining it…

She shuddered humming in answer, while she clutched his shoulders, suddenly he pulled apart to remove his shirt.

Geet’s eyes pop out, he was did you come inside and when?? She asked realizing it.

From main door off course.

You….she was horror stuck…

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Yes me darling, he opened his buttons walking closer to her, making her gulp her saliva. Your maid was so busy in the kitchen humming songs that she fail to notice me.

He threw his shirt away and jerked her in his arms, opening the knot of her skirt, he pushed that down without giving her a moment to realize.

But Geet was lost in the view of his gorgeous bare body, she pressed his shoulder making him shudder in pleasure.

He deep his face in the crook of her neck, inhaling her feminine scent, he began smooching her widely and she gave him more access titling her neck from right to left.

He traveled down on her cleavage, his fingers moving on her back, and he snapped open the hooks of her cloth. She blushed pressing herself on his chest, while he pulled down the straps, before throwing that cloth away.

He tried to pulled apart but she wasn’t ready, she struggled to hide herself while he tried pushed her apart to get the clear view of hers,

Why are you hiding yourself from me? He hissed angrily cupping her bosom.

She moaned feeling him roughly handling her, her eyes moisten and he instantly left her, turning his back to her,

After a moment, he felt her soft body crashing against his rough back.

Kitni bechain hoke tumse mili
Kitni bechain hoke tumse mili

He clutched her both wrist slowly turning towards her, he pushed her on the bed, hovering on her slowly, still gazing into her eyes passionately.

She closed her eyes submitting herself to him as his fingertips gently stroked along her bare skin.

Tumko kya thi khabar thi main kitni akeli
[Haan.. haan! Haan.. haan!
Haan.. haan! Haan.. haan haan] x 2

Geet’s hands clenched in his thick, warm hair, a terrible excitement pulsing in her body. She couldn’t think of anything while he was touching her like that; she felt as if she were trapped in a dream, a hot, sensual dream.

Maan caressed her long, pale throat with one hand, while the other slid downwards, touching her bare her breasts. He cupped one, his palm beneath the full weight of her warm flesh, his fingers softly stroking upward, his thumb rubbing her hard, round nipple.

She gave a low, deep moan, trembling violently. She hadn’t known that anything could give so much pleasure. The wildness of her own response took her by surprise and made her helpless to stop him or even to want to resist.

Ke kitni mohabbat hai tumse?
Zara paas aake to dekho
Kya aag hai dhadkanon mein?
Gale se laga ke to dekho
Bataai na jaaye zubaan se yeh haalat
Mere jism-o-jaan ko tumhaari hai chahat

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She would have to fight her own desire as well as his if she tried to stop him, because she wanted him fiercely. She put her arms around his body and touched him with passion, twisting restlessly on the bed, making high, excited sounds in her throat.

He moved to claim her lips, gently playful at first, then lightly parting her lips.

Then the kiss turned ferocious, making her gasp at his never ending passion.

Their legs entangled and she knew, of his male desire. She felt a craving to please, to give of herself whatever he wanted.

Geet responded unreservedly and with passion, giving kiss for kiss, telling him with her lips, but not with words, just how much he had come to mean to her.

With his caressing hand lingering on the full swell of her breast, Maan looked deeply into her eyes. She wondered…hazily, linking her arms around his neck, it might…it could just mean that a deeper feeling for her was forming within him. And oh, the joy if that were so!

Kitna bechain hoke tumse mila
Kitna bechain hoke

MEHBOOBA PART 15 – Mugdha Love Diaries

He slid his mouth from her lips to her throat, then downwards, very slowly, an inch at a time, over the warm, smooth skin of her breasts until he closed his mouth around one of her nipples, startling a cry of wild desire from her.

He sensuously licked and sucked on her cleavage…making her wriggle, demanding for more…She clutched him more tightly against her, as he lapped and nibbled like a man possessed…as his hands moved even lower to her hips, her thighs. The heat inside her was burning her up, she forgot everything but her need for him.

Just then there was a knock on her door by yashoda calling out to her, Geet madam dinner is ready.

That was when Maan suddenly lifted his head, and knelt up, staring down at her flushed face and half-naked, visibly aroused body.

Geet took a few seconds to realize that he had stopped what he was doing. She blushed furiously and trying to pushed him but he pressed firmly on her, making her moan, why didn’t you sent her to her home, he groaned, frustration clearly visible in his eyes and voice.

I didn’t know you will be there tonight with me… she blushed at the end then pouted again.

Geet madam… again yashoda called, now feeling strange with her weird behavior today,  because she had never find her anytime behind closed doors more than necessary time…even she had heard it from her mouth that how much she hated to remain so alone.

Yes yashoda, I am coming…wait for a while…Geet somehow managed to yell from below him while he let go of her, getting up slightly.

When he let her go, there was a gleam in his eyes she had never seen. His full lips curved into a smile and it was as though a sun like warmth had melted the ice which had had his emotions in its grip.

His changed attitude puzzled her…but she let go it for a while getting up, I will freshen up,, saying so she hurriedly rushed inside washroom in fear that he might again grab her.

Maan laughed out from behind shaking his head on her childlike behavior.


Once she reached downstairs, yashoda gave her shock by informing her that she was going back to her home as her little child was crying for her.

Both had silent dinner lost in each other’s eyes. He helped to wrapped up the work in kitchen and both walked upstairs to her room.

His expression, what she saw in his eyes, told her what he was going to do. And dear Lord, she wanted him to do it. His eyes were moving over her face, caressing each feature. His gaze settled on her lips, and then his mouth descended to claim hers. The taste and smell of him was intoxicating, filling her. Time stood still. There was only his mouth, working magic. The pins fell from her hair, releasing it to a glorious fall and she felt his fingers running through it.

Her hands moved up to encircle his neck, letting him know it was all right. His tongue slipped between her teeth, and she welcomed it, teased it, hesitantly following with her own tongue.

He groaned, his lips moving along her face to her breasts. She clasped him tighter. He was beginning to undress her, and soon her blouse was open, then her skirt.

He lifted her up in his arms and laid her there before joining her on the bed removing his own shirt.

Jo hai darmiyaan ek parda
Ise jaan-e-man ab hata dein
Yehi faasle keh rahe hain
Chalo dooriyon ko mita dein
Na koi tamanna hai, na koi hasrat
Mujhe to sanam hai tumhaari zarurat

His eyes raked her, burning with a passion that mesmerized her.  No words came. There was only the glorious feeling of him, the hard, masculine body. She reached up to draw him closer, and he hesitated for just a moment, then let himself be drawn by her until his weight covered her. His mouth captured hers in a heated kiss, after a while he parted much to her displeasure, “you are tired, sleep…” he caressed her cheek, tucking back the soft tendrils of her hairs behind her ears. She smiled and put her head against his chest, feeling him patting her head, and that was so soothing just like fathers warm patting…

Next morning, she woke up slowly, as she sat up, her bra fell away, she blushed furiously, for Maan must have done it. He had watched her while she was sleeping. How embarrassing!

“Good morning, beautiful.”

She gasped, and whirled around to face him, clutching the blanket to her. “Maan?”

He came to her and knelt down beside her. Swiftly he stole a kiss. But just as her heart picked up its beat, he sat back, fingering a lock of her hair. He watched it float through his fingers until it fell back down to her waist. His eyes met hers. She remembered all of last night.

I am just wondering, how beautiful your hair are? He whispered sexily inhaling her aroma by hiding his face in her hairs, making her shudder and she blushed again.

MEHBOOBA PART 34 – Mugdha Love Diaries

Kitna bechain hoke tumse mila
Kitna bechain hoke tumse mila
Tumko kya thi khabar tha main kitna akela
[Haan.. haan! Haan.. haan!
Haan.. haan! Haan.. haan haan] x 2


Geet was ready in her new dress he has just brought for her, when she walked down , he forgot to breath seeing the innocent yet sexy beauty walking up to him,

She blushed seeing his gaze not moving at all from her face, I am sorry , because of me, you also got late for office.

Never mind, honey…he grabbed her in his arms, before stealing quick kiss from her mouth, I am the boss.

Leave me… I have to make breakfast for you… she struggled.

Let’s make it together… he offered not wanted to leave any chance to leave her alone when she was looking breathtakingly beautiful today.

No…her reply was instant for she knew how he will help her.

Why? He turned angry.

she have no answer now, at the end he followed her inside, she was giving orders and he was at her service, she smiled sweetly at his behavior,

Why are you smiling?

I am just wondering, people won’t believe if I say, the great MSK helped me in the kitchen. She giggled.

You won’t dare to…he warned with angry eyes.

Why would I… I will never Maan, she walked closer cupping his cheek lovingly, and It’s all for me… you’re another side is all for me… and I would never try to disgrace you… because…

Kitni bechain hoke tumse mili
Kitni bechain hoke tumse mili
Tumko kya thi khabar thi main kitni akeli
[Haan.. haan! Haan.. haan!
Haan.. haan! Haan.. haan haan] x 2

Because… he was desperate to hear her still unware why her answer matters so much…

To be continue….

Again this chappy goes long, surely next update gonna bring twist, hope you enjoyed this update, don’t complained about the upcoming twist that this never happened yet, but enjoyed current romance of maneet because you never know what’s going to happen next, what twist will bring in the story and where it will take the story.

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