Mehbooba S2 Chapter 50


Maan was gazing down at her, his eyes glinting amber with reflected flame. Geet’s heart lurched as he thumbed her chin upward, bent toward her and captured her mouth with his own.

His lips were velvet and honey, possessing her from the mouth. As the kiss deepened, Geet went molten in his arms, her blood racing, her body on fire…Her body arched against his. Her hands raked his hair as she kissed him with a ferocity she’d never known she possessed—kissed him with all the dreams and pent-up longing of years.

He shut the door of the hall as he kissed her again with enormous passion nibbling her mouth, her cheeks, her closed eyelids. Geet moaned as heat rippled in the depths of her body, spilling down into her thighs. She twisted toward him, her saree fell from her shoulder.

She wanted to feel his touch again…and again. His arms plastered around her, pulling her close as he deepened the kiss. Her frantic fingers guided his hand toward her breast. A whimper shook her body as he cupped her, his thumb stroking her nipple through the thin material of her blouse.

He answered her with a low growl as her tongue played with his. His hand fumbled with her draped bodice to cradle the sensitive flesh beneath the silk. She moaned at the contact of his fingers. It was as if every cell in her body was opening like a flower. She had always felt more alive or more womanly with his rough and passionate touches.

Her heart was pounding like a drum. She wanted more—his hands on her skin, everywhere, legs tangling, hips pressing close, his splendid body filling hers. He was making her want more, she knew yet couldn’t resist. Maan was an expert seducer who knew exactly what he was doing. He didn’t love her. He’d made her no promises. Yet she couldn’t push him away…

Finally when he found her struggling to breath, he let go of her, she was flushed and dizzy with the passionate kiss he given her that as if sucking out her all energy. She held his arm, he wrapped his arm around her petite form, hugging her close to his heart.

She shivered, feeling his hands moving on her bare back, he covered her properly leaving her shy, she got up and wore her saree again while he sat admiring her.

You must have your lunch sir, there is meeting after lunch, she turned to walk out when he stood up calling her, Geet…

She stopped, later you will scold me only..

He grabbed her wrist making her look at him, he took a deep breath before uttering, still angry on me…?

No…no…it’s not my right, infact it’s your right to get angry on me, she blabbered pouting her lips.

You must get habitual of my anger till now, Geet! He said softly cupping her face.

She raised her face to look into his soft brown eyes, how would I, jab ki Hume aapke pyar ki aadat ho gayi gayi hai.. I have became so habitual of your pampering …

His heart stopped beating, what the hell she is speaking, even she have any senses to recognize the words she is blabbering out.

He completely stood bewildered with her complaints, when another follow from her mouth..

It’s all your fault, ek pal pyar jatate ho, aur dusre pal hi gussa…

God!! This woman is making him crazy..he thought furiously as somewhere her words hammered his heart, affecting him deeply.

Now tell me , if you kept doing it, how am I to get habitual…. Bilkul girgit ki tarah rang badalte hai aap..

Enough!! He shouted hearing her comment..

She back off, pouting angrily to him, while her lips shiver to cry.

Kya kaha tumne muze, girgit?? He glare at her furiously walking near her but she took back steps in fear…nodding her head in no then yes.

Sahi kaha humne… Look now again …she pointed at him but seeing his furious eyes she instantly lower down her hand,

Now why you are staring at me..she pouted going red under his gaze, when he slams her against the wall,

Abhi batata hoon tumhe, saying so he slam his mouth on her complaining one, sucking her lips harshly, he bite it making her gasp and gave entry in her mouth, he kissed her passionately like a hungry lion, sucking out her whole energy as if.

He left her after being satisfied bit leaving her breathless, she cough a bit and gave him angry glares,

Now you got me, honey!! He patted her cheeks teasing her to no end.

But before she could come up fighting again, he stopped her, I am hungry darling, he gave her bedroom eyes making her blush understanding his double meaning.

Tum se milna baatein karna bada acha lagta hai

Tum se milna baatein karna bada acha lagta hai

Kya hai yeh kyon hai yeh

kya khabar hai magar jo bhi hai

Bada acha lagta hai

We shall continue this after lunch..

Not at all, she pushed him on his chest, I am not interested..she blushed and tried to run away.

He grabbed her back in his arms, but I am very much interested darling.. .he whispered huskily in her ear, she hide her face in the crook of his neck, i want to have lunch with you, in my way.he added naughtily pinching her bellybutton.

Maan..she moaned blushing furiously hearing his remark and then his naughtiness.

At the lunch time, Geet opened her lunch box, she had cooked his favorite like everyday…and now he was getting habitual of her handmade food that he found his own mansions servants cooking bland and tasteless.

Teri choti choti baat teri har ek mulaqat

Tadpaye mujhko lamha lamha tera saath

Lamha lamha tera saath

She very lovingly served him when he demanded to feed him and she happily obliged. With a smile on her face, she was feeding him…her fingers tickle with the wet touch of his lips , then in mid he bite her, making her wince, she pouted and he laughed out…cherishing every moment with her.

Geet tum bhi kha lo…he said her seeing her feeding him only but not having her lunch.

Her stomach was already full feeding him and seeing him happy. Although to keep his words, she took the bite from same hand, there by taking his zutta..

Geet… That was my jhutta.. he was bewildered.

It’s okay, I don’t mind..she replied nonchalantly continue licking her fingers, he just gaped her then suddenly held her hand, why…? Why don’t you mind, he asked leaving her flustered but she replied next moment not keeping any hesitation, aap toh humare hai na…

Her simple sweet words left him perplexed and he left her hand suddenly.

She saw it and felt bad for a moment, her heart cried but she didn’t show it on her face, and gave him small smile.

Remaining lunch, both kept silent with geet continued feeding him with heavy heart she ate her lunch.

Maan on the other hand, was completely bowled by her confession, he continued watching her silently observing her each expression but there was none, only soft smile playing across her lips, he could see how much she looked happy at the moment that he didn’t go further with his queries which was bugging him now a days.

Why was you so upset in the morning? Suddenly Geet asked bringing him back from his thoughts.

Uh..?? He composed himself.

Yes, why was you so angry… Geet continued getting up to wash her hands.

He followed behind, she came out and dash onto his chest, then smiles but seeing his gaze she blushed.

Leave my way.. Hume bahar jane dijiye…



Why do you want to run away from me..

Humne aise kab kaha…she grabbed his bicep, let’s go now..

She dragged him out to the couch, now answer my question.

He took a deep breath remaining about his quarrel with dadi…

Dadima is behind me for marriage, I told her umpteenth time, I am not ready yet, I don’t want that responsibility but she is one stubborn lady. She couldn’t leave the topic and I ended up fighting with her.

Nothing goes into her mind after hearing about his marriage, she sat perplex, numb… Everything breaking inside, her heart broke without any sound just hearing that word.


He shook her shoulder, when she jerk back to her senses.

What happened??

Kuch nahi… Dadima must be upset then, she blink her lashes to stop her tears.

Yeah she was, he sighed,

Then you must have talked nicely to her, instead of fighting..that’s your grandma Maan, she thought about your future, she pressed his hand.. although her heart pained but she couldn’t let him hurt his grandmother.

Geet, I am big enough to take decisions for my life and future.he said frustrated.

She bound to think about you, old people have nothing to worry rather than their families happiness. And you must ask forgiveness from her for your behavior.

Yes I will you leave this topic here , I am already irritated.. he lashes out standing to go.

Maan …she grabbed his wrist, just keep one thing in mind, she loves you… atleast respect that if you couldn’t do anything. She softly said and he tilted his head and kept gaping her silently trying to read her eyes, which were slightly wet but she stole her gaze away.



When everyone left, Geet looked at his cabin to see him still working, she wrapped up her work and went to his cabin. She helped him in his work and then both got down to the parking.

All the way, Geet was getting restless to tell him about Kunal. But she didn’t know how to…and moreover, she was clueless about how would he react. He might thought her desperate, comparing to his other bed mates,

But he wouldn’t understand her craving for him…the fear that was deep down in her heart,..always surfing…and now hearing about his marriage thing, that added to her fear.

Maan who has been waiting for her to speak something, looked at her to see her unusually silent. He expected her to tell him about Kunal but nothing came from her mouth.

Geet…he called softly.

Hun..!?? She turned to face him.

Are you alright? You looked tense…he caressed her cheek , making her smile with his care.

Hmm..woh…it’s….she stammered struggling to tell him…

Geet, tell me…he held her hand , pressing it.

She looked down, ” Kunal is away for two days, because of some business problem, I just feel alone and scared at home, although our maid is there staying with me tonight..but don’t know I don’t feel it right.

She confessed and he smirked waiting to hear that only from her mouth, now he is ready to take his desired step…

to be continued….

Precap :-  same

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24 thoughts on “Mehbooba S2 Chapter 50

  1. Was waiting for 2 days finally you update… Looks like have to wait more for twist…. This part was gd… Geet was upset after listening maan marriage…. Let’s see now what will both do in absence of kunal…..

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    1. Awesome awesome update… their romance in full swing along with some reality check.. he spoke abt his marriage & geet is hurt hearing this. They have never spoken anything directly till now, everything has been only overflowing passion.. maan sent Kunal away with some plan my god I can’t believe he took this step.. I think finally they will both do the deed 🙈🙈 but I’m also afraid of what could follow .. so so eager for the next update

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      1. Thank you 🤗
        Yeah…both have never spoke clearly any time…
        Let’s see…what happens now…😈


  2. Woww superb so maan is now emotionaly attached to geet but he ignores it…the way geet shows her care is changing him…so finallly geet told about kunals absence waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  3. Awesome update dear.I always wait for update of this story eagerly bcoz its something different from other stories. Geet is falling for him but will he understand her love towards him as when she says “aap to hamare hain na”.he didnt answer for that.What is in his mind is not understandable. Waiting eagerly for the twist.update soon dear.

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  4. Nice update
    Geet ka to we no from starting ki she loves maan bt ne maan is also emotionally attached to geet
    Geet any to spend time with maan coz Kunal in my here
    Nd maan bhi kb se iss mauke ki talash mai tha hope is baar to sb ho jayega dono k beech 😜😜😜

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  5. Nice update n geet knows that she loves maan n he is very possessive for her n he wants her to be with him n he told her about his marriage n she gets upset n thnxx for pm me

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