There is flashback included in this part which is in Italian letters..

Shona. .aap humare piche kuyn aa rahe hai..hum toh bahot kaam hai aur hum aapko bahar nahi le ja sakte Abhi. .


she saw his small face feeling sad for him. 

You don’t worry shona..hum aapko bad main humara kam khatam kar ke le jaenge..ok…shona. .she peck his small forehead softly before keeping him on the carpet again .


Aww. .shona..aapko apke basket main baithna hai..she pick the puppy in her hands making him to face her and puppy turn happy seeing her after long time that he started lick her face making her shock first with his act as she wasn’t aware of this but soon it’s started to tickle her ,his little tongue, she started to giggle uncontrollably. 

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Aww. .stop..shona.Hume gudgudi ho rahe hai, she try to take her face away from him but he was coming forward in her hands and was pushing his head on her face playing with her.

As he storm towards them and literally snatch that puppy from her hands.
Saheb..geet gasp in fear and anger cursing through her to see that he was hurting her shona.
Use chodiye..aap Use hurt kar rahe hai..she finally said out loud to him seeing his cruelty.
But Maan his senses overpower with his anger and jealousy for that little creature who was sometime before was in her arms ..now hearing her words it fuel his anger more and he just throw that puppy angrily like it was just the random thing.
Shona..geet scream in fear.

SHONAAA. ..geet woke up screaming in fear.she was drench in her own sweat.her head buzz up loudly remembering all her past.she clutch it tightly wanting to pull out her hairs so that the throbbing pain inside her head would be reduce but its not decrease instead it throb more as if taking her life away .

Shona..tears rolled down on her cheeks remembering him as few more memories wash over in her head .

How could he ? Her Saheb. .?

How could he throw her shona like this.she knows its her fault entirely.she began all this but we could he turn so rude to throw that little live like this. She became furious remembering his inhuman behavior.

Geet..he ran inside and hug her at once. .he only knows how he had pass this time waiting for her to open her damn eyes. 

Doctors who had come rushing along with him , he signal them all to leave both alone.

Geet felt his warmth engulfing her and she forgot everything. Her anger just wash in thin air.

Saheb..she cried out in his secure arms.

Ha..Jaan. you are all fine.he cup her face and kiss her forehead lovingly feeling her heart with all warmth .she throw herself again in his arms hanging on his neck.but as soon as she close her eyes that memories seems to haunt her again. .

She is just mere maid..ONLY MAID..nothing more or less.

Nahi dadima. Waha kisiko humari jarurat nahi hai ab.

Aap Aise kyon kah rahi hai bete. It’s not like that.we need you..aur maan.

Aap yeh kaise bhool gaye .humne aapko unike liye hi hire kiya tha.

Maan felt her body going stiff.he looked at her face it has become pale.

Jaan. what happened ? Is there any where you feeling pain. 

But geet didn’t move just stared at his concern fill face.

Hum..sirf ..aapki. .MAID. .ha…her lips quiver as she try to wriggle out of his hold.

WIFE. .YOU ARE MY WIFE JAAN..do you forget it? He asked , his expressions stern. He wonder how can she forget this new when she had remember that in the temple .and that word just trigger his all anger.

 She bewildered looked at him..Yes she is married. Married to her Saheb. 

He take the sindoor box from the thali  in priest hand and filled her partition at once shocking her to the core as she stumble back only to be hold by him..

Geet..he hold her protectively in his arms. The priest gave him wedding chain to made her wear that and he did.he take the seven rounds around the holy fire before God and priest ,taking her in his arms whereas priest did there marriage chanting the mantras of wedding…

Her happiness was knew no bounds as she touch her partition and looked at her finger tips fill with sindoor. She smile at him with wet eyes of hers.

Here..let me..he show her the wedding chain in his hands which was remove at the time of her treatment in the hospital.

His fingers made her wear it ever so sensuously grinding it on her slender neck making her shiver with his touch.red hue spread across her cheeks feeling newly wed. And he felt that he had won the whole world seeing that blush and happiness on her otherwise pale face.

But he saw her suddenly becoming sad almost in tears.

What happened Jaan?  He take her in his arms combing her hairs.

SHONA..her words broke into tears leaving him shock and somewhat furious.

That little creature. Because of him all that happened and his jaan landed in this situation. But as the reality sunk in him.she remember. .does she remember now every. .her memory comes back.his happiness multiple on finding this.

Her sobbing silently brought him back and his expressions become soft at once. He engulfs her tightly wanting to sooth her pain.

We don’t know where he is jaan..he goes missing.I think.his words made her sob hard.

Yeh humari hi galati hai. Her words left him astonish. How is that when he himself had throw him in his anger.

Humne unhe sambhal ke nahi rakha. .hum..she can’t say more in her hiccups. Realizing she was at fault not her sahib. 

Shhh. .Jaan. .it’s alright.wherever he maybe. He will be safe.he try to console her.

Sachchi na ?she looked at him hopefully like child. 

He couldn’t stop but to adore his innocent jaan.

Sachchi ..he peck her lips softly bit she was still lost in her shona .

He sigh looking at her sad face but he can’t do anything now.

Soon she drifted to sleep in his arms and he tuck her securely inside the duvet finally relief with her memory back.

Mr.Khurana. she is fine now.just take care of her one month carefully not to make her angry or upset and yes she is still moody I guess. .Doctor added with a smile making him smile as well remembering her pout.

It’s been 2 days that she was back to home. Her home.there home. Dadima was all happy with the news while sumitra and annie were happy but for other reason that Rajeev is coming back from out of country where he had gone with his friends.

Geet was all gloomy though missing her shona badly.they were at the mansion right now on geet insistence. She wanted to be with whole family not wanted to make a rift between the family because of her. dadima had always try her best to keep the family unite. She will not make her efforts lose. 

Though annie and sumitra never leave a chance to taunt her when they find her alone but geet had changed a lot to cry over that every now and then. Though in beginning it’s all beyond her suffering but later on she had get habitual of it.just that heart wrenching pain and little tears she felt in her eyes but she never told him anything .but he also didn’t need her to tell him directly when he himself had witness that and knows by her each actions.he just wanted to throw them out but he was bounded by the relationship and moreover his jaan. She can’t let that happened with her family that what she told him making him more fall in love with her.

Part 14

Geet was busy in the kitchen trying to prepare pasta for her Saheb as it’s his favorite , when she heard the door bell. She got excited to think that it might be her Saheb. As Dadima has gone for her friends house in afternoon returning after two days only and annie as usual out for the night whereas sumitra was for her own work was out.so geet was all alone in the haunting house with just few servants doing there work .she was hell scare specifically as it’s nearing dark with no sign of her any family members there but she try to managed herself sins she is growing to be better now .

Her face was brighten with dimples on her chubby cheeks as she ran to open the door herself to welcome her Saheb. 

Geet opened the door with so much enthusiasm but it vanish in thin air on not finding her source of happiness on the door , infact there was no one on the door then who rang the bell.she got confuse aswell as hell scared to think on this line and was ready to shut the door but some movements caught her attention .

What she saw made her eyes widen in big shock.she stop dumbfounded on her place holding the door with shivering hand .her lips quiver trying to control herself but soon tears rolled down on her cheeks as if finding her lost treasure. She bend infront of the object of her happiness that brought tears on her eyes. 

There was her little shona looking at her with his most innocent eyes asking her to take him as it’s very much cold outside because of rainy season.

She take that soft puppy in her palms slowly not to hurt him , it’s wriggle some time before engulfing in her warm embrace. 

Geet , her heart flutter in rejoice as her hands caressed it’s small head lovingly and she peck it.

SHONA..she mumble in between her sobs and get up to go inside without thinking even that how did her shona come here on he doorstep .who left his basket.


Geet was in her own little world with her shona adoring him sleeping cutely on her bed in the fluffy basket .she didn’t even thought that how come he us still small when he have to grow much more in this few moths of there separation. It’s her memory loss and love for her little baby that she forgot all other rational things.

Maan step inside steadily without disturbing his jaan who seems too much engross in that irritating creature. Offcourse , irritating one who had snatch his wife from him.he groan in anger silently regretting to brought that for her.

His eyes had fume red witnessing her love for that creature when he had left that basket of same puppy as her so called SHONA on the doorstep to make her surprise with happiness as he can’t just saw her sad face every now and then missing her softy. So atlast he thought to keep his jealousy or anger whatever that feeling aside for the time being .as what matter him most that any other things in this world is her happiness and that is what he is witnessing right now also .so he just kept a sigh of frustration before heading inside there room .

As he come into her notice she literally pounce on him in happiness. 

Saheb..look.who has come.MY SHONA.if previous incidents or feelings were no less that his jaan is now hell bent on pouring that salt of his wounds by calling that creature as her.

He frustratingly pulled her towards himself almost banging her hard on his chest he clasp her waist tightly. Geet gasp with her eyes and mouth wide opened. 

He looked at her giving him opene invitation that he just grab that opportunity and kiss her hard sucking her lips angrily as If claiming his right on her.

Umm..she moan as her hands went on his nape brushing his back hairs .she loved it.always wanted to be kissed by her sahib from the time she had started to learn how to kiss.she blush red with the thought unknown of her sahib anger.his hands went inside her saree rubbing her soft flesh on her tummy.she gasp in the kiss and he entered his tongue inside her sweet mouth to devour her sweetness. It’s felt heavenly to both of them as the kiss turn more passionate. Geet respond him back with same passion as she was so happy today getting get shona back.

He left her after cooling down his anger with the passionate kiss leaving her short of breath. She gasp with her whole face flush .she just hide herself in his neck feeling shy to face him after there passionate kiss. 

He adored her innocence but soon their lovely moments broke with something soft coming inbetween both of there feet.

Maan groan in frustration finding that object and geet at once turn tense reminding the incident when maan had throw her softy in hatred for the creature.

Her innocent eyes well up in fear for her new shona according to her old one only.she quickly grab the little thing in her hands asking meek sorry from him.

Maan look shock at her behavior. .before sometime only she was so happy but now and he understood the reason of her tears.he can digest anything even that dirty creature but not her tears that prick his heart and slit his soul. 

He pulled her softly towards him again and wipe off her tears making her looked at him innocently. She looked at him with red eyes .

Jaan..I Am sorry for the pain I have given you and to it..he added nonchalantly last two words for her cupping her face.

You can keep it with you for that only i have brought it for you.as this words left from his mouth geet gasp in sweet shock not able to believe on his words.how is that possible when he hated it and even threw him in the past .

You..you have brought my shona to me..she innocently asked from him not able to believe. He looked mesmerized by her innocence caressed her soft cheeks with his fingers , he  just nodded seeing a twinkle in her hazel eyes.

For me ? She again asked couldn’t able to fathom the happiness .her Saheb did that was most precious thing for her.but he was always the one who had look after her every Little wish.

Her eyes moistened with the thought and she just keep her wet lips on his subtle cheeks to show her happiness and innocent love for him.

Maan stood sweetly shock with her gesture ..full size touch his lips making him look gorgeous but that sight was only for his jaan.his wife. 

Soon enough his smile was gone as he look confuse feeling something wet on his other cheek. When Geet was kissing on his one cheek only then why his other cheek was feeling wet.

His eyes widen with horror,  great fury it became red with the realization that what might be the reason.

Geet step back seeing his rage but soon whole room fill with her soft laughter seeing  her shona licking her saheb’s cheek lovingly showing his gratitude and love for him.

GEEETTT. .he shouted furiously after coming back from his trance as he was so lost in her sweet musical laughter .after long span of time he was watching her so happy and he knows the reason being that small creature. He come out of his trance feeling him now going allover his face.

He jerk him away from his face sticking him in her hands as she stop her laughing seeing his anger.

Keep it away from me.understood ? He gritted his teeth glaring at her and her shona.

She nodded hurriedly not wanting to make him more angry. He barge inside the washroom to wash his face first and she again burst in her sweet laughter playing with her shona.

He once looked at her gorgeous smile before closing the door shut.he knows now his jaan is fully back to her old self to him..

That was all he wanted…

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  1. Nice part. Geet remembered her past and slowly mingling with the family.Maan started to fulfil her wishes to make her happy thats why he brought the puppy her shona for her even though he disliked it.

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