Mehbooba S2 Chapter 49


Kunal sat in his office, thinking about last night, he tried to remember what happened after he took that drink but nothing he could remember and that thing was making him frustrated.

Now he has to start from the beginning again, he thought and decided to spend some time with her… to make her friendly again with him.

With those thoughts, he went to Home, Kunal pushed open the door, and rushed to kitchen directly to find the Maid there instead of his wife.

Memsahib is in room, resting..unki tabiyat theek nahi hai…she said out before he could ask, and he worriedly rushed towards their room.

He stepped inside slowly not to break her sleep, but she woke up as it’s been long she was sleeping.

Soft smile lingering at the corner of her lips with small blush with the blur image of his, she thought it’s Maan and just going to blurt out his name when suddenly Kunal sat near her on the bed making her startle.

She instantly got up,

Geet, don’t hurry.. he cautioned her.

But she back away, getting scare with his nearness.

His expression told, he was badly hurt with her distance but she couldn’t help it…

Aap..? Aap kab aaye?

Bas abhi.. Yashoda told me you are not well,

Ji.. just little weakness. not much, I am fine. She looked down.

Why didn’t you tell me, I would have come early.

I said, it’s nothing, hum aapko pareshan nahi karna chahte the..

It’s not about trouble Jaan, he held her hand which he could feel shivering, his grip tighten, haq hai tumhara..muzpar…

Geet raised her eyes to see his eyes burning with passion and love, she immediately downcast her gaze, as she saw something more creeping there, what was that emotion, …she felt shiver down her spine, maybe her own imagination.

Now kaisa feel ho Raha hai..

I am fine now.. her voice was low.

Okay then, we would have dinner in room, I must freshen up first…he got up not before pecking her head which made her shiver again, and he went to washroom.

Geet kept looking at the close door of it, he behaving like nothing happened, he is not at all ashamed of what he tried to do with her. This made her angry but his care was melting her again, making her guilty for accusing him silently.

“He is trying to comfort you geet,” her heart.

No.. he will again melt you and then eventually accomplished what he started last night.” Mind

The thought made her terrified she tried to block it but her mind was no where listening her.

He will again try to close with you,” mind.

Then what, it’s his right, being husband wife, there is nothing wrong,” mind.

That’s wrong… For her Maan is everything”, heart.

But for him, it’s same? The closeness you share with him is right? Mind. ” What if he would leave you again going back to his Casanova life.”

No..he had change, I have seen, he only needs me now , no other woman, heart, she smiled with the thought , her heart jumping in joy.

“Till when..? Until when this will go on..” mind.

Now her heart has no answer, because her heart know somewhere it’s wrong but still it can’t stop beating for that man. It couldn’t accept anyone in his place. And she doesn’t have anything in her hand, or any magic stick to get her love back. The thought was painful it made her sobbed silently.

Geet, he put his hand on her shoulder, making her look up at him, “tum ro rahi ho ..?” He became concerned, cupping her face he wiped her tears,

hqdefault (2)

Geet cried more, thinking about Maan, why can’t she have what she wanted, what she loved. It’s fair to her.. just one wish and can’t God fulfill it. pulled her against his chest and she hugged him out of her overflowing emotions.

He silently patted her head, combing her hairs to sooth her pain, still unaware about what is bothering her this much that she broke down today , she didn’t even realize that she was hugging him..

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Few days passed, Kunals plan to spend quality time with his wife to Know her better and win her heart went in vain once he got the call next morning.

There was strike on one of the sight, he doesn’t know the reason but now he has to travel again for two days. It was out of City, as well his presence was must.

You sure, tum akele rah logi, Jaan..he was concerned as he cupped her face, again asking her same question which was making her irritated but still she compose herself because she never wanted to hurt him when he loved her.

Kunal, you are worrying too much, I will be really fine, aur phir it’s question of only night, dinbhar toh hum busy rahte hai na office mein. Aur phir Yashoda bhi hai na.

Kunal has told their maid to stay two nights with his wife at their house.

Geet was little apprehensive but she didn’t want to bother him either, she even decline his offer to go to KM again. That’s not look nice, and she couldn’t either wanted to get habitual again for K family , she wouldn’t able the come back again then.

After lots of assurance and instructions Kunal finally move out with heavy heart.

Take care & Love you! He peck her head warming her heart, she blushed seeing Yashoda giving her naughty smile. Least she knew the truth of their relationship.



Maan smirked hearing what other person just told him from other side of call. It’s just the starting Kunal, wait and watch what more trouble you will face ahead for giving pain to my Jaan.

He didn’t even realize when his heart accepted her as his. As he was lost in his evil plans to destroy kunal’s business bit by bit still he began for mercy as he knew the business means his second breath, he could do anything…just anything to keep his business alive and growing.

With satisfied smile he got ready for the office, and rushed downstairs to join everyone for breakfast,

He had few business talks with his s dad, when both were suddenly interrupted with Dadi’s voice,

“I am really missing Geet, Kitne din ho Gaye unhe dekhe huye..

“Yes ma, even I want to see her,” Rajveer too agreed.

Maan’s heart skip a beat hearing their talk, while Annie burned in jealousy hearing their talks.

Maan, how is she doing? Tum toh use roz milte honge, office mein.

To this Maan stopped eating and look at her, his gaze went to his dad who was looking at him curiously,

Why would I?? You know I didn’t even get the time from my work, and you know there she is just employee like others,

Enough , I know my workaholic son, but do you trouble her at office, keep in mind Maan, she is family, your sister in law.

Now that was wrong word she used, he put his fork down, so what, You know I don’t mix professional with personal, and she is being treated like any other employees of my office.

fine, I understand why are you getting frustrated, dadi glared making him shut instantly.

But sach kahe Rajveer, she turned to her son now, I missed her company at home, she was the one whom I would always complaint about you two .

Both gaped at her with wide eyes and mouth, then share a look with each other at their mother & grandma’s drama once again respectively.

Maan beta, I think , why don’t you get married now..muze bahu bhi mil jayegi, to do gossips about you.

Maan spills out the juice he was drinking, Annie patted his back, bhai you okay.

What’s wrong I said, you to react like that.. dadi scolded him,

But ma, he is not ready yet to take the responsibility.

You don’t talk in mid Rajveer, she became serious now.

He has taken the responsibility of his business and see how well he is managing then why can’t he…

Dadima, I don’t want to marry now. Maan replied clearly.

Then when you will do, after getting 50, look at your age, you are already crossed 30,

Dadi..he gritted his teeth.

Maan try to understand, any human being can’t stay alone for more, kabhi na kabhi Hume Sathi ki jarurat padti hai, it’s rule of nature son..not any responsibility, and if you once get married toh some aap use nibhana bhi aa jata hai…


Plz Dadi stop it!! He got up angrily , somewhere those talks hurting him, connecting to Geet’s memories. He still doesn’t know the reason.

Maan, behave…she is your grandma. Rajveer scold him,

I am sorry Dadima, saying so Maan rushed out of mansion,

He left his breakfast unfinished because of me, dadi became upset.

Don’t worry ma, he held her hand, it’s not your fault , he has to understand we are talking for his own good, and you did good thing for talking with him this. Meri toh woh sunta hi nahi.

Annie was already scared with her brothers anger , she just kept mum listening their talks for her soon to be bhabhi.


Maan was so irritated, he kept snapping at each and everyone for silly mistakes. Geet was confused as well as scared seeing him angry today.

In between, she forgot to mention him about the upcoming meeting, it was adi who covered her loss as always, informing him about the schedule meeting.

Geet gulped hard receiving his furious glare and she pouted cutely to him, but he clearly ignore her and rushed away to the conference room follow by scared Geet.

All through the meeting he kept ignoring her in anger. When everyone left the hall, she collected the papers silently and move to him.

I am sorry…I… she tried to speak further but he grabbed her wrist painfully in anger,

Maan…she moaned in pain, her eyes filled up.

He instantly left her turning his back to her, pahle galati karo and then you have your sorry story, ha Geet!?

She was not prepared for his anger and sudden outburst, being habitual of his pampering in those days now his sudden anger made her vulnerable, her lips shiver to stop the cries.


I was … scared… .seeing you..angry… She stammered , gulping hard but when he turned back, tears spilled out of her eyes, making him close his eyes in frustration.

God!!! Not now Geet!! I am already frustrated!! He whispered in dangerous low voice seeing her crying.

She wiped her tears angrily and turned back to walk out when briskly he held her hand, did I ask you to go??

She nodded in no, looking down.

Then why you dared to disobey me!??

She kept mum, looking down adding to his frustration and anger.

He jerked her close, pressing her wrist in on hand while other holding her waist possessively.

His fingers entangling into her waist band, making her moan. Her breathing began increasing, she clutched his shirt, and looked into his eyes with her teary hazels.

He breathed onto her mouth, don’t cry, he wiped her tears, but more flew out hearing his soft tone.

He sucked them harshly, making her sighed in pleasure but she couldn’t stop crying remembering how he scolded her.

I said, don’t cry..he raise his voice, wiping her tears harshly now, feeling restless seeing her crying that too because of him., she pouted and bang on his chest, with her fist.

I hate you…hate you… Pahle khud rulate ho..aur phir, kahte ho ke rona nahi ..she blabbered out making him chuckled, he pulled her closer again.

Their lips touching each other, he cupped her nape strongly, his fingers playing with her jaw to cheek….you couldn’t say that. can’t hate me..he said possessively making her shiver, she looked down.

Look up..look into my eyes, he demanded strongly, she met his gaze, and he put his lips on her.

to be continued….


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  1. He starts creating troubles for Kunal,and on other hand Kunal is unaware of what is happening at the moment,
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