Mehbooba S2 Chapter 47

Geet, he called out lovingly only to hear her loud cries, shh… Jaan.. calm down.. and tell me what happened, he asked keeping patience although his restlessness was growing each passion second seeing her crying like that.

Geet shook her head in no,still sobbing furiously.

His hands running down from her head to back and she winced, Maan became alert. He parted her furiously, slowly opened the hooks of her blouse, she jerked up her head, nodding in no, asking him to stop but he became more determine to see it now.

He slipped down her blouse hearing her wince, and his eyes widen to see the sight of her body.

There was few bruises here and there on her cleavage, neck…he check her back to see her skin had turn little blue.

His anger shoot up seeing it, then her shaking body didn’t help either.

Who did it?? He asked in low dangerous voice, gritting his teeth somewhere knowing the answer.

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Geet looked up wiping her eyes, she could see him burning in pure rage, for a moment she was paralyzed to see his anger but he jerked her holding her both arms, I asked you something Geet, speak up before I lost it….he whispered huskily, giving her warning.

Kunal …she let out everything that follows in their so called date last night.


Geet was startled with his sudden pull, as he rolled her below him, Kunal..she gasped..plz leave me , she struggled but he held her tightly turning furious, why are you running away from me.he blabber out, kaha Chali gayi thi tum.?

Geet turned her face away breathing heavily, she couldn’t tolerate the smell…

He became angrier seeing her behavior, and then his eyes landed on her womanly assets, he bend opening her blouse, Geet became numb with his move, her mind couldn’t think anything rather than the fear creeping in her mind of what he is gonna do with her now.

Ahh…she hissed with the bite he has given her , her eyes widen in terror and she pushed him back suddenly collecting her left over strength.

Geet…Ruk can’t run away from me anymore, he spitted turning angry on her, and grabbed her shoulder..his fingertips printed on her soft skin,

Plz ..hume jaane dijiye…she pleaded crying furiously now.

Geet,. Why are you crying baby?? He pulled her closer, cupping her cheek,

She looked up with teary eyes but the sight of his red eyes was horrifying to see, that she downcast her gaze.

Just give me one kiss… He bend to touch her lips, but she jerked him away at instant and ran into washroom closing the door behind with a thud.

Geet….he got up but stumbled back next second and then blank out.



Geet couldn’t sleep whole night, with her red eyes pouring out tears of pain and anguish. Whenever she felt her eyes closing because of sleep she jerk them open in fear of he would just barge inside and do the remaining what he had started.

Early hours of morning, she fell into lap of sleep being extremely tired and exhausted.

After few hours Kunal got up to sever headache, he held his head closing his eyes tight, as suddenly it dawn upon him, that he had drink at night, he has been drunk. He quickly made a call to room service and orders for a glass of lemon water.

Damn….this headache..he held his eyes, with close eyes trying to remember what happened after he was drunk, he vaguely remembered , first seeing geet in that black saree..then their dance a little.. and then everything was blank., He couldn’t remember further.

God..Geet…he jump down from the bed, thinking he might have hurt her last night.. or not but only she could answer him now.

Geet..Jaan..he tried to search for her, still with his heavy head.

Geet jerked open her eyes hearing her name being call, after brief of moment she was again shivering in terror realizing it’s her husband who has been searching for her.


Suddenly Kunal noticed the door of washroom closed. He tap on the door, Geet..are you there inside..

Geet..he again call but she couldn’t answer in fear, and seeing him not stopping loud sob erupt from her mouth making him alert.

Geet..?? He was shock to hear her cry.

Hum pyaar hain tumhare
Dildar hain tumhaare
Humse mila karo, humse mila karo
Koi shikwa agar ho
Aur shikaayat agar ho
Humse gila karo par tum mila karo


Jaan…tell me what happened. Why are you crying and first open this damn door, he bang on the door making her more scare.

Just then his order was arrived, he signed and closed the door after taking the glass, and drank it in one go..after a while he felt better.

Geet..plz Jaan open the door, I am scared. He pushed back his hairs in frustration, now was sure that he hurt her last night in some way.

Geet, open the door.we have to leave for home, then you have office as well, hai na?? He tried to coax her like a kid and that really work, not his soft tone but the word “office” reminded about only one person that is Maan.

Kaise main bhula doon woh beete huye pal
Har lamha sataaye woh gujaraa hua kal
Kaise main bataun yeh mushkil raaz hai
Kal aaye na kabhi jo hai woh aaj hai

She got up slowly wiping her tears, she got the straight reminding about her love and open the door with lower head.

As soon as she walked out, Kunal pulled her in his arms, without giving her moment of realization, he showered her face with soft kisses making her shiver.


Meri jaan paas aa ke bol do Muskura ke

chup na raha karo Chup na raha karo

You scared me… He murmured pecking her forehead,

And you scared me yesterday!! She pushed him angrily shocking him, because she never get angry that easily, he knew that much about her.

Just then he saw her condition…Geet too realized about her torn cloths and turned back immediately hiding herself from his eyes.

Geet..yeh…he was clueless about the marks on her back, she pulled her saree up covering herself completely in it and turned around furiously to face him.

You did this… Humne aapko pahle hi kaha tha..but you didn’t listen to me and got drunk.

He deep his head in shame, which only infuriated her further, aap kaise bhul Gaye.. her voice lower down, showing her hurt.

He looked up to see her accusing eyes, having nothing to say.

Kunal, Hume koi aitraaz nahi hai aapke pine se, if you drink it outside at any party, or with your friends. But I told you , not before me…her voice quivered , she blink her lashes…

Geet..I don’t know how this happened, I don’t remember anything from last night, I am really sorry about that…I was just so happy to get the deal, wanted to celebrate with you…he kept blabbering.

Jaan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai

Β Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai

She listened silently, her throat chocked, couldn’t able to speak further.

Whom I have without you, only you..he held shivering hand, she lower her head hearing him, her heart twitch somewhere hearing his painful words. She realized suddenly it was his right, only she couldn’t accept him because she loved someone else.

Jaan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai

Β Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai

But what he did last night, although in his drunken state, couldn’t be digestible for her.

I want to leave from here soon as possible..she added with her hoarse voice.

He sighed, okay, but before that let me apply some ointment on your wounds.

NO!!! Came her instant shout, she gulped hard, her eyes filled with fear again which hurt Kunal deeply, he realized what he had gain in their relation till now, scattered again to pieces.. because of his foolish act, just one drink spoiled everything..most of all he lost her trust.

But Jaan…he still tried..

Nahi..plz..hum dekh lenge.. she almost pleaded him making him guilty.


He kept looking at her for a while trying to believe what she just said, that much happened to her last night, and what he was doing… sleeping peacefully in his room.

Hum yaar hain tumhare
Dildar hain tumhaare
Humse mila karo, humse mila karo
Koi shikwa agar ho
Aur shikaayat agar ho
Humse gila karo par tum mila karo

Next moment he flung her in his arms, cocooning her completely that she cried out again feeling overwhelmed with his gesture.

Shh… everything is alright now…calm you have me beside you…he patted her head and back, trying to sooth her like father does to his little girl.

But inside he was burning like a lava ready to erupt any moment, and his target was fix, Kunal.

His eyes burning red, jaw tighten in fury, he would have him slow death now for hurting his Darling Jaan. Devilish smirk plastered upon his face , already formulating the plan in his mind.

After a while he could hear her hiccups, he patted her and made her drink some water, feeling better now..

She nodded, and put her head on his chest, aap..aap…she stammered fearing from his outburst which not happen after hearing her story.

Speak up Jaan.. don’t be scare..he caressed her head, trying to keep calm for he never wanted her to hey scare from him, already she has suffered a lot.

Aap gussa nahi hai..humse..??

Maan’s fist tightened, he slowly released it taking a high breath, he parted her, cupping her face, why would I get angry on you, you have no fault in this..she lower her lashes,

Jo kuch bhi hua, that was his fault…his eyes became red in fury.. “and you don’t worry, use uski galati ki saza jarur milegi.”he muttered in his mind.

Geet kept gaping at him, what she had thought about him, that he would get angry but here he is so calm, kya inhe koi pharak nahi padta, doesn’t he feel a bit about me.. nothing…?? So many questions running in her dizzy mind.

Jaan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai

Β Haan maine bhi pyaar kiya hai

Just then, she saw him pulling out his cell from pocket and dialing someone, don’t disturb me for half an hour.

She gasped opening her mouth wide in shock, he turned to look at her she twists her lips, yeh kya kar diya aapne..


Now everyone will talk about me out, as everyone know I am also with you inside. She pouted and he pulled tense Geet on his lap, don’t worry darling, he kissed her lips softly, making her breathed into his mouth, she relished his lips …licking him while he appreciates her response pulling her more closer, his hands pressing on her bare back, she winced again making him pull apart, no one will say anything to you..he said tucking soft tendrils of her hairs behind her ear, and then got up to fetch first aid kit.

But they will think bad about me, she argued like a little girl.

He chuckled, toh sochne do unhe jo sochna.. and do you think, people have more time gossip about you or us than doing their own works.

He sat before her, she realized about her condition, her cheeks burned and she crossed her hands on her chest,

Don’t hide yourself from me,….he warned her pulling her hands down, she closed her eyes in shyness, he pulled her on his lap, and began applying the ointment on her wounds, with her every wince, his anger increased tenfold, he became more determined to pursue his previous plan.

Maann. her soft voice of moaning pulled his attention back to her. He bend down kissing her chest, making her moan continuously, he pulled back continuing his left over work then made her turn around, Geet held his hand right which was wrapped around her belly, as she felt his lips on her bruise mark , he shower wet and soft kisses on her back, making her quivered in pleasure.

Maan…she moaned feeling goosebumps all over her body. Then felt his fingers softly rubbing the ointment on her wound.

She hissed, and rest her head on his chest, he engulfed her in his arms, nuzzling into her neck, now stay here for a while, don’t need to go back to cabin just now.


Don’t disobey me Geet, he warned her in his dangerous low voice biting her earlobe.

She hissed, hmm…

That’s like my Sweetheart..he licked her jaw, going up to her cheek, nipping her skin..


Hmm… He laid her down on the bed, she covered herself instantly with the blanket making him smirk, she turned away her face in shyness with close eyes.

He bend down to kiss her lips again before rushing out to his cabin.

Precap :-

Maan & Geet in Hospital….

Some revelations…

Geet’s past gonna reveal soon. I guess few more chapters to go. Then everything will be clear to some extent. I guess..her behavior..and why isn’t she confessing to Kunal yet…

I will try to give next update soon if you guys like and comment fast to this chapter…

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  1. Maan se pehle mai hi isss Kunal ka gala daba k maar dungi how could he ?😑😑😠
    Husband h to kya hua aise behave karega

    Poor geet πŸ˜’πŸ˜” feeling bad for her
    Bt maan h na

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  2. Thank God geet did save her modesty from kunal and maan already plotted to ruin him…geet is surprised seeing maan is not angry and wondering whether he has any feeling for her but his pov is different he cares for her and is worried for her and he is burning inside because of this incident waiting to read more ❀️😘

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  3. Kunal did a mistake but it was a genuine mistake coz he is really feeling bad. I still have a feeling he is a gentleman. Now what is Maan going to do to him? He is showing a lot of affection on Geet. Precap looks interesting. Waiting

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  4. Nice update.eager to know the reason why she is not accepting kunal.when she lives maan why did she marry kunal.story is going to be interesting.Maan is so caring towards her and he wants to punish kunal for his act.eager for next update.

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