Mehbooba S2 Chapter 46


Geet walked out of office followed by Maan , as it was late evening, everyone has already left.

Both entered the lift simultaneously , his hand brushing hers, he held her finger, making her look at him, she blushed with his admiring gaze and as soon as the elevator door was close behind them, he pulled her in his arms. She looked up into his naughty gaze and he seal her mouth with his…kissing her slow and passionate.

Romantic scene of Maan and Geet

She cupped his nape, caressing his back responding to his hungry kiss. Both broke apart, to the opening of door and walked out with a sweet smile on their faces.

Walking out, Geet saw kunals car parked there. She stopped immediately, giving him one look,

Maan felt her fingers unclasping from his hand, he looked down then her again, Hume niklna chahiye ab?

He nodded still not leaving her hand,

Maan..chodiye na..she was scared , as she saw Kunal at distant having his back to them busy on the phone.

Maan just pulled her closer and slam his mouth on her shocking her to the core, he left her mouth getting satisfied with the kiss and giving her smirk he left to his own car.

Geet stood dumbstruck on her place still contemplating on what just happened, how could he kiss her when her husband was just few feet away.

Geet …

She startled looked up to see Kunal standing before her, she quickly composed herself still sweaty with the kiss.


Kunal , hum kaha ja rahe hai? Geet asked finding the route different today.

But to add to her restlessness, he just smile, you will know soon..

Kunal.. batayiye na.. she urged.

Not now jaan.

And she turned her face towards window with a pout that clearly shows him about her cute anger.

He shook his head with a smile and concentrated on the road ahead.

After a while they reach near the restaurant, the place looked isolated but decorated beautifully.

Geet got down after him, come..he offered his hand she held his hand before both walked inside.

Kunal speak up now..she demanded as he pulled out one chair for her.

I thought to celebrate with you today.

What?? She looked confused.

You know, the deal we just signed the new big deal, for which contract I was gone for last few days.

Geet smiled congratulating him,

Not like this Jaan, he held her hand, today I want to ask you something , tum mana nahi karogi na..??

Geet shivered with the soft tone he was using, as if to manofy her for something, maybe she knew somewhere what’s coming next.

“Kunal…first you tell me what is it..” she gave him nervous smile pulling away her hand from his clutch. “Then only I can answer you.”

I want to take our relation a step ahead.. you know what I meant…

And that came as big shock for her, she fail to speak anything, bit kept gaping him , thinking about the proper answer to give him.

Jaan.. kya hua..? He was certainly heart broken but doesn’t know how to convince her,

Don’t you yet feel anything for me, Geet? It’s been four five months to our marriage. He was clearly disappointed.


Pyar maanga hai tumhi se na inqaar karo

Paas baitho zara aaj to iqraar karo

Its not like that Kunal, I …

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is subpost-9-drashtidhami.jpg

She don’t have anything to say further, how she supposed to tell him that she loved someone else not him.

Just then waiter came near them to place their order,her eyes widen in amazement seeing all her her favorite food.

Now don’t disturb us . Kunal ordered and he obeyed before leaving them alone, Geet became more frighten, she gulped hard not looking at him.

We will talk after dinner. You look tired, Jaan.

She looked up hearing him and their eyes met for few seconds before she look down again.

He sighed not knowing how to proceed with her, when she wasn’t ready to go operate, it was always him to take first step waiting for her, but she never step ahead to him.

Geet’s appetite was gone hearing his words, she couldn’t swollen the morsel piece thinking about his words, her hand began shaking in fear of what coming next.

She would die before he attempts something to do with her like that. Just only one face came in her mind that was Maan.

She drank the water, I am done. She got up. haven’t eaten anything..

But Hume bhook nahi hai Kunal.. I am feeling tire.

Alright, want to freshen up..

She nodded, waiting for the chance to run away from there, from him.

Here, take this key, he handed her, I have book a room for us.

Another dreadful shock, with shivering hands she took the key and rushed away from there.

She freshen up, and sat on the bed just near the pack put on the bed. Curiously she opened it and her eyes shined seeing the glistening black saree inside, with that small note attached.

For my wife,

From Kunal.

She frowned and got up to change herself into new cloths hardheartedly because she doesn’t want to disappoint him more nor remain in sticky cloths.


Kunal was pouring himself drink thinking about his wife’s weird behavior more recently. Just then he heard her anklets sound and turned behind to look.

His breath stuck , he stood dumbfounded seeing the vibrating beauty of his wife. That’s all for him, only his, he thought possessively drinking whole glass in one go.

That’s when he realized what he did, he was just going to have few sips not whole but seeing her like that before him, he lost his senses.

Pehle Bhi Tumhe Dekha Pehle Bhi Tumhe Chaaha

Itna Haseen Paaya Saath Haseen Hone Do


Geet although walked out but now feeling his gaze not leaving her, she became uncomfortable.

Mujhe Pyaar Karo

Pyar Manga Hai Tumhi Se Na Inqaar Karo…

May I have the pleasure to dance with my beautiful wife? He offered his hand, and she hesitatingly gave him her hand, unaware about his state.

He jerked her closer, plastering to his chest, as the music spread around the place making the atmosphere romantic.

Kitna Madhur Safar Hai

Tu Mera Humsafar Hai

Beete Hue Woh Din Zara Yaad Karo

Mujhe Pyaar Karo

Pyar Manga Hai Tumhi Se Na Inqaar Karo…


You looked breathtaking tonight, Jaan.. you know what I feel.. he whispered huskily in her ear, rubbing his lips on her cheek, making her shivered, she scrunched her nose getting awful smell from his mouth.

It didn’t took her long to realized he was drunk. She had experience of her father drinking, even worse as she reminded about Rajeev.


She shuddered furiously, aapne sharab pee hai..? She asked terrified , pulling away from him.

He smiled foolishly, you know thoda sa..

Why..she cried. You know na I don’t like it.

Jaan.. bas thoda sa. He pulled her closer again this time without warning kissed her lips, making her pulled back harshly.

Before she run away he caught her wrist, Jaan, don’t go leaving me alone. He said with drowsy voice.

Leave me Kunal. You are not in your senses. She bang his chest, but his hold only tighten on her.

Kyon humesha muzse dur bhagti ho.. he pouted.

She stopped her struggle and tried to say him calmly, plz Kunal Hume chodiye..

Never , chodne ke liye thode hi pakda hai.. he let out a small laughter , burying his face in her neck, she struggle wildly and pushed him away.


But Geet ran away to the garden and cried her heart out, already she wasn’t feeling good with all this and now with his behavior it broke the last string of her control.


After half an hour, Geet walked back to place , to find no Kunal. Just then one of the waiter walked to her, informing about Kunal going to his room and was asking about her.

She silently walked up to the room he had booked and open the door which was unlocked.

She peeked in to see, he was flat on the bed. She took sigh of relief taking step inside, she locked the door.

She bend to take the cushion beside him, so that she can sleep on the couch but suddenly he grabbed her wrist pulling her on him.


Maan was waiting for her restlessly but she hasn’t yet come to the office. He left a frustrated sigh and call her but she didn’t pick up the call. He didn’t get the time to ponder over on that more as he was informed about the clients arrival for his next meeting.

He furiously marched out if his cabin, thinking about her unprofessionalism.

It was after meeting, he was walking to his cabin he saw her walking inside office, both stood facing each other, Mrs. Khurana, in my cabin right now..he furiously barked his order and walked inside, slamming the door behind him.

Geet slowly walked inside, having no strength in her, once she was inside, he locked the door with remote and turned his furious gaze on her.

GHSP 364 HD_7218

Why are you late today?

She stood motionless, just looking down, not having any strength to answer his question.

Geet, I am asking you something, speak up!! He blasted losing his patience,

But when she looked up, he was taken a back to see her face, it was pale, her condition was worse, she wasn’t looking well at all.

He rushed forward holding her shoulders, Geet..


that’s when realized her wearing full sleeves blouse, even her neck had collars.

Are you alright, he asked concerned cupping her cheek, her red eyes flew out the tears , which rolled on her pale cheeks.

Now he became more worried, and took her to his private room , Geet was still numb , only tears wet her cheeks.

Geet, he sat beside her, cupping her face he made her turn to him, and wiped her cheeks nodding her not cry as it was hurting him.

Next moment, Geet flung into his chest, crying hysterically, making him wrapped his arm around her, he cocooned her patting her head, still unaware about the reason behind her tears.

to be continued….

Precap :-

He slowly opened her blouse hearing her wince, and his eyes widen….


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    1. Stunning update. Did Kunal do something in his drunken state .already geet is upset that kunal changed her clothes and now this.what happened.what will the reaction of maan.eager for next update.

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