They sat on the decorated bed, very close to each other, staring into each other eyes.

“Why am I so nervous?” Geet whispered, staring into his eyes. She had wanted this, dreamed of it, and desired it.

“There is no need, Geet.” He brushed the tips of his fingers over her brow. “It’s Love…and I am going to show you the heaven” he said with the husky voice.


She breathed, as his fingers slid down the side of her face to her neck, and the laces that bound her blouse. She kept her gaze locked with his, taking her strength now from him. “I have imagined, dreamed, of this moment,” he whispered, pulling on the laces until the top of the blouse dropped down her arms. He gently removed the blouse and placed it on the bed beside them. Then he began undoing her undergarment, whispering, “Beautiful, beautiful …as more of her was revealed.

She drew in her breath as his hands gently touched her breasts, as though paying them honor with his reverent touch. Although it wasn’t new but the night was new, it was their wedding night, they have become husband wife.

Gazing into her eyes, he said, “Thank you for trusting me.”

She pulled him to her, feeling his shirt against her breasts. “Thank you for loving me” she answered, burying her face against his neck and inhaling him. I … I’ve never felt like this before.”

tumblr_mvw1vhb43U1rk5tb2o2_250 (1)

He brought his head down and lightly ran his cheek against hers, creating an intimacy that inflamed every nerve ending in her body. “Nothing exists, Geet, but this moment … Stay here with me.” “Always, Maan … I’ll always stay with you, anywhere, anytime.”

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Their mouths came together, as though starved for each other, and Maan nearly ripped his kurta from his chest. Geet helped, and when his bare skin touched her breasts, she moaned with the searing contact and her head fell back as he placed kisses along her neck and shoulder. He took his time, savoring each inch of skin, extracting for them both such pleasure, all that was heard was their ragged breathing. Kissing, licking, nipping, his mouth devoured her. Her breasts ached for his touch again, and as though knowing everything about her, he bent his head

The rosy nipples hardened instantly, and he grazed one with his knuckles before cupping the ripe, creamy globe in his palm, plumping it up so he could brush his lips reverently over the high, rounded upper curve. Then, with a harsh, guttural groan, he latched on to the swollen, aching tip, drawing it into the heated cavern of his mouth, suckling at her fiercely.

Geet arched under his wild passion. The feel of his hot, wet mouth on her breast, of his tongue lashing and loving the distended peak, was almost more than she could bear. Letting out a wavering cry, she tangled her fingers in the hair at the nape of his neck and held him to her as her head fell back and her eyes drifted shut . . .

Everywhere he touched, her blood rushed to that spot, leaving her feverish for more. His hands caressed her back and waist, tugging at her skirt until it pooled at her feet.

Without words, they quickly removed all remaining barriers of clothing. Underwear dropped on the floor along with his trousers. She laid naked to his hungry eyes.

“You are so incredibly beautiful.” His voice was low and husky with desire.

She blushed suddenly and crossed her arms on her chest, He captured her hand and kissed her palm, running the tip of his tongue up to her wrist and planting a kiss at her pulse. “I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. tumhe pata chal jayega jaan, tum kitni khubsurt ho…”

She sighed as she stroked his chest, feeling the beat of his heart under her hand. “I love you, Maan,” she whispered as emotion crept up her throat.

Love you too jaan. He lowered his head and kissed her lips, her eyes, her nose, her chin. He began a course down her body, lingering at her breasts, and when he left them to go lower, Geet moaned and reached up to cling to the iron bars of the bed.

He adored her, using his tongue to caress her tender flesh. Over and over he graced her with his attention, creating such exquisite pleasure that she moaned his name as his hand came up and captured her breast.

Waves of intense sensations permeated her body, and when she thought she couldn’t take any more, he slowly, deliberately, slid up her electrified torso and stared into her eyes. “You were made for me.” “Yes'” she breathed back heavily, trying to make her brain work again as his hands began lingering now inside thigh making her shudder in pleasure.

His fingers teased the soft skin of her inner thigh, and from there it took only a bit of subtle maneuvering to find the slit in her under drawers that led to the fleecy nest of curls at the apex of her thighs. Hot, moist velvet. It was the first thought that came into his mind as his index finger parted her gently and entered the liquid core of her. At the intimate touch, she gave a start and clutched at his wrist, but he shushed her with another languid, soul-stirring kiss.

“It’s all right,” he coaxed, leaving his finger nestled just inside the slick entrance to her feminine channel. He would never force her, but he had caused her so much trouble by doing that drama of mental, and all he wanted to do was make it better. He wanted to give her nothing but pleasure. “You’re so beautiful here, sweetheart. So warm and wet and welcoming. I just want to taste you all day and night.

oh maan.. She moaned and after a brief hesitation, she released him and placed her dainty hand against his chest in a gesture of such trust that his heart lurched.

He began to stroke her again, teasing, shallow strokes that ventured just a little farther into her clinging dampness each time. Before long, her breath was coming in quick pants, and her hips began to rock against his hand, the motion increasing with each penetration of his fingers, each brush of his thumb over the swollen, sensitive bud. Maintaining the rhythm, he delved even deeper—

The throbbing between her legs didn’t ease and she wrapped them around him to again make contact. “Not yet, my beloved,” he whispered, and then glided down to kiss each breast, the tender skin beneath, her belly, and again he adored her. “I want this night to be burned in our memories.” His hot breath against her inflamed body sent a current of heat laced with pleasure rushing through every inch of her. Every tiny nerve ending was alive, awakened, and demanding release from this magnificent torture. “Oh God . . .” Geet gasped, not knowing how much more she could stand. Over and over he repeated the same thing, bringing her to the brink of orgasm and then stopping. She had never been loved with such total abandon, and a part of her knew she was being altered, for she felt herself expanding to him, opening her mind, her heart, her soul, even more. “Please, Maan,” she pleaded, wanting to unite with him. “Please come to me.. :’

For the last time he kissed her throbbing flesh. “My pleasure, jaan,” he whispered, coming to lie above her. “You are mine.” “I am,” she murmured thickly. “Forever…’

She wound her arms around his back and pulled him to her, gasping and pressing her head into the pillow at the exquisite, breathtaking sensation of him slowly, gently, sliding into her. The warmth, the fullness, the rightness, overwhelmed her as he kissed her chin and whispered in a raspy voice, “Thank you, my precious Jaan, for loving me. I … I didn’t think you will love me back

“I’m here’ ” she cried. “And I do love you . . .”

He thrust into her and she moved in response, wrapping her legs around him to pull him closer. Again he began a rhythmic motion, this time with his body, and Geet followed easily, for they had danced before and she trusted him with her life. He brought her back to the edge again, urging her onward with words of love, encouraging her to leap, to fly, and it built and built until she burst beyond and she was flying, as wave after wave of divine energy seemed to race to every atom of her being and seep out through her pores, sending her into the universe to dance amid the stars.

It was magnificent. “Geet … Geet … Jaan. . . ” He called her name as his body stiffened with release and he joined her in the heavens, granting her the honor of leading him home. They clung together through the aftershocks, gasping as the dance crested on and on in an unnameable timelessness.

Everything they each desired was fulfilled in one exquisite, glorious, eternal moment. “Oh . . .” Geet gasped, settling back into her body with such sweetness that she wanted to cry.

He lifted his head from her shoulder and gazed with love into her eyes. “We are united now, you and I” he whispered with a smile as he brushed her hair off her face. “We are forever together, geet.

“I Love you, Maan’ ” she whispered, sniffling and cradling his face with her palms. I don’t know what would I had done without you, if you had not pull that mental drama. She was really glad, he did.

“I feel so peaceful, as though I have finally come home and my seeking is done. Whatever happens after this, I promise you. . . I will always be grateful that you changed my life.” “As will I,

Geet. He slid off her and pulled her into his arms. She lay on her side and casually, as if they had been married for years, drew her leg over his body and her arms around his chest. “That was exquisite, Maan,” she murmured, running her hands over his skin and reveling in the sensation.

He stroked her back and sighed contentedly. She clung to his as if never wanted to leave his arms. It was as if she had been on this long, arduous journey to reach him her entire life. And now she felt safe, secure, loved.


  1. Hi…just read the entire story in a go..
    When I read first few chapters I thought… is Aniee really a sweetheart or a devil in disguise.. I mean she herself could have helped curing her bhai so the sudden bet…
    I loved the carefree character of geet.. reminded me of someone really dear to me…
    entire Journey of geet helping maan with her conflicting emotions was commendable…..
    She once told that she doesn’t want to help maan for the bet but for maan himself… it showed how deeply she changed… a good change must say…
    Aniee’s character kept me doubtful throughout the story.. for once she becomes good friend and sister…. on other times felt like plotting something…
    Maan portrayed Really well his part of being innocent… loved his child like behavior
    I admire geet for being stuck to the decision of marrying maan… and the way she handled Everyone and accepting maan the way he was
    Last part where maan reveals his true form was surprising… thought you would make him go under some accident of sorts and then make him normal… but yeh tuo … kya kahe….
    Entire journey Was beautifully potrayed … thanks for writing such a story… loved and enjoyed reading it dear….
    And yes last part was really hot and passionate…
    Do keep writing….

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