AryaNagar is going to call for the war against Ameerkot after we defeat the Satan kingdom.

Do what you want to do with this information now.

Geet gasped in shock, as she realized he just shared the secret of his kingdom with her. She kept watching his back, while his words kept ringing in her mind, just like he would let me go…


Even he told her the secret …the daughter of his enemy, her eyes filled up, she got up at once, rushing to him, she hugged him from behind furiously, Maan… She sobbed.

As he turned around, only to see her painful eyes, flowing out tears on her chubby cheeks. She wanted to say so much to him but all that could come out from her mouth was just his name.


His heart twitched with great pain seeing her tears, he caught her tear drop on his forefinger, only to hear his name being called from her loving mouth.

And next moment he smash his mouth on her.

Their mouths met and fused in explosive passion. His hands touched her breasts, finding their tight peaks and stimulating them to the point where they ached for the hot possession of his mouth.

She felt him walked back to the bed, dropping her on to the mattress, his hands sliding from her breasts to her thighs . . . and he discarded both their cloths in a moment.

She gasped in pleasure as she felt his tongue touch her navel. His hands curved over her hips and then slid under her, moving down to cup the soft roundness of her bottom. He was kneeling between her thighs.

She saw him move . . . felt his mouth on the inside of her thigh, she moaned by the swift surge of pleasure rushing through her. He continued to caress the quivering vulnerability of her inner thighs.

Maan’s tongue slide moistly against her, Oh, God, she wanted him to go on doing what he was doing now more than she had wanted anything in her life.

Her tensed muscles relaxed, sobs of pleasure rising in her throat, her head thrashing frantically from side to side as she felt his mouth against her, demanding that she abandon herself to him Completely, demanding that she give way to the fierce surges of pleasure already exploding inside her.

Her fingers curled into his hair as she tugged him down to her arching breast, tiny whimpers of need exploding in her throat.

‘Geetakshi…’ Her name was a chant he muttered into her skin as he responded to her need, his mouth fastening over her nipple and tugging delicately on it. She bent her head to run her tongue over the hardness of his skin, feeling his body clench and his control splinter, and the pressure of his mouth against her breast became deliciously savage.

Maan moved, rolling on to his back and taking her with him, his hands savoring the fullness of her breasts as his lips caressed the fragile skin of her shoulders. She felt the male hardness of him pressing into her skin.

Her hands clung to his skin, shaping the long muscles of his back, and then suddenly, eagerly, joyously moving over his body.

When her hand closed over the erect maleness of him she felt a tiny thrill of pleasure at his shuddering response. His arms held her hard against his body, his mouth fastening over hers, the guttural sounds of pleasure stifled in his throat.

When his mouth left hers, she started to scatter tiny, feverish kisses over his skin, letting her senses guide her, giving in completely to the desire to submerge herself completely in her love.

When her mouth touched his stomach, he tensed and then arched against her, muttering feverish words of praise into the heavy air, his fingers reaching down to curl into her hair, shudder after shudder of pleasure ripping through his body as passion rode her, making her move blindly against his body until her mouth found the rigid hardness of him.

When he dragged her away to roll her on to her back and enter her with swift fierceness, she welcomed each primitive thrust of his body, matching them with a complementary rhythm of her own. He took her swiftly to a shattering climax, crying out her name as pleasure overwhelmed him.

What words failed to convey they expressed with their body instead.

Geetakshi… He cupped her face lovingly, staring into her eyes, with burning passion and love, huh…?? She kept looking at him awaiting for his words, I will keep you safe close to me, stay here with me..

She just hugged him tightly, I would stay with you.


He took out his horse, and hop onto it, ready to go for the war, Humara intzaar karna Geetakshi!!

She gave him moisten smile that conveyed him the assurance, and he turned his horse, before ridding it away from her.

She kept looking at the way he was gone and that was the last she has seen him.

After that there was the news of him being dead in the war with Satan. Her while shook in terror, she couldn’t believe it..

No…she screamed out in tears, humare Maan zinda hai..Hume yakeen hai..

Satan laughed historically, he is dead, Rajkumari Geetakshi..and now you are mine.

He pulled her harshly on his horse, before ridding away the horse to his kingdom.


Few days passed in the wait for him but seems the wait was never ending. There was marriage preparation going on in the palace of Ameerkot.

Humara intzaar karna Geetakshi,..

His words kept running into her kind, her heart thudded badly with his memories, there was always hope, he would come back.

Aapne wada kiya tha Maan, aap humari hifazat karenge, Hume khud ke kareeb rakh kar

.but now you are breaking your promise.

Kripa kar ke aa jaiye maan, or else I myself will come to you. She wiped her tears furiously deciding, now if he wouldn’t come back, she will die but won’t become someone else’s. At least their souls are connected and they will meet in the heaven.



She was again adorn in bridal attired, as she walked out slowly, hiding the knife beneath her dupatta, on her waist.

Geetakshi, her father called out with sad tone but she didn’t once glance his way nor her brothers who couldn’t able to save her now from the clutches of Satan for they were all tied around to watched the wedding.

They struggle to be free to save their princess but it was futile while Satan only laughed out manically with his lustily gaze on Geetakshi.

Let’s move fast, he dragged her to the mandap where priest was waiting to married them.

Hume Shakti dena ma durga, she prayed and next moment pulled out the knife before slashing his arm which dare to touch her, NEVER.. she shouted

You devil…Stay away from me, she screamed out pointing knife at his way.


Satan held his bleeding shoulder and marched to her furiously screaming like hell.

He stopped his soldiers who going to hold Geetakshi, and pinned her wrist behind there by making her dropped the knife down,

Ahh..she screamed in pain, with his harsh hold while his other hand clutched hairs harshly with the dupatta.

Aap bahot hi Komal hai, Rajkumari. Toh behtar hoga, aap humare gusse Ko na jagaye.. it will harm you in the end.

He rubbed her lips harshly, making her sobbed in pain..leave me..

You should have think that before, he spit out, jerking her closer to kiss her,

Leave her you bastard.. King Indravardhan shouted wriggling furiously.

Geetakshi closed her eyes tightly while tears steaming down from her corner of eyes, feeling humiliation.

He was about to claim her lips when there was thundering of hooves, that stop him and he looked at the entrance to see his one of soldeirs running into the palace, Maharaja, Maharaja Maanveer ne aakraman kiya hai Satan par.

They are huge in number, humari Sena Kam pad Rahi hai..they even killed almost half of our army.

Satan furiously clasp Geetakshi’s wrist dragging her out, leave me… she was struggling in his harsh clutch.

Maan… She called out in overwhelming happiness seeing him standing before her alive.

You are alive..Satan hissed furiously to which Maan only gave him his evil smirk which turned into anger soon seeing his hold on his Princess,

Leave her.. he ordered.

Satan just let out a hysterical laughter before his guards attacked Maan once from behind.

But he was already prepared, he dodge their attacks slashing them to death. He marched to Satan now, who pulled out his sword ready for the battle.

Both walked around like a true predator waiting for right moment to attacks, all the while Satan was holding Geetakshi with one hand.

Maan.. she once called out to him, urging him to save her and next moment the hand which was holding Geetakshi was falling down on the ground.

Satan screamed in extreme pain while Geetakshi ran into his arms, aap thik toh hai.. ?? He wrapped his strong arms around her petite form pecking her head, she nodded snuggling closer in his arms.

Both stood in the middle of battlefield, hugging each other tightly, while his army was fighting with their enemy.

Maanveer..Satan screamed from behind holding sword in another hand, hum aapko jeetne nahi denge..and he launch an attack on Geetakshi, but before his sword could touch Geetakshi Maan held it in the middle with his palms curling upon the blade.

His eyes were furiously red, jaw tighten as he pushed Geetakshi behind him, and slashed him to death.

Geetakshi was about to faint now witnessing so much blood , just when Maan caught her, Geetakshi..

He lifted her in his arms walking inside the palace while her maids guided him towards her chamber.


Ameerkot shined again like a new bride for their Princess Geetakshi wedding which was happening now with King Maanveer.

Both were really happy and satisfied to have each other now. They stared into each other’s eyes all the while marriage procedure happened.

King Indravardhan again asked for forgiveness from his daughter who forgave him because she got her love and Dream man because of her father.

And so King Maanveer & his new bride, Queen Geetakshi lived happily ever after.

thank you to all my readers for your awesome response to this historical saga of maneet :)) will start bodyguard now after that will begin Aashiq. : )


  1. Beautiful update
    Maan kill satan king
    Tht satan king wants to marry geet nd he almost got successful bt bt bt maan aa gya shi time pr nd geet so tries to safe herself from him

    Finally maan kill the king nd maaneet got married

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Journey of captive bride was really dreamy… Maan showed his trust on his love was really remarkable…not once he degraded geet and her dignity….loved the entire Journey… thanks for such a beautiful story…wish it could have continued more…

    Liked by 1 person

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