Part 9

Back to present..

He felt her body shivering in his arms and that’s when he realized that they were stuck here on the boundary of some village. His car has stop working. God knows what had happened to it beside he have called his driver but that stupid creature is not ready to shown up.

He looked at his wife again who seems again gone into her deep slumber…he sighed frustratingly looking at the dark clouds forming up in the sky…he hates Rain…that mud.
Sahib. .SAHEB. .and she woke up startle along with shocking him.
What happened Jaan?  He asked worried sick for her…she was all fine before.
Wo…wo..hum..she sobbed clutching onto his shirt.
Relax Jaan…He cupped her face lovingly wiping her wet face.
Wo humne sapna dekha  (I saw a nightmare )
Aap Hume chodke toh nahi jaoge na?  Her next question made him shock…what made her to think like that…it’s just her nightmare.
Nahi Jaan. I will not leave you…he hugged her tight feeling overwhelmed with her innocent question. He himself was scared for her forgetting him but she never ever forgot him then how can he think of even staying apart from her…she is his JAAN…HIS LIFE.HIS PRECIOUS POSSESSION.
Hum..Hum. .koshish. ..kar. ..rahe. …hai…He heard her murmuring in between her sobs.it was not hard for him to know the meaning behind her words.
He rub her back relaxing her further he pulled her apart from him.
You don’t need to Jaan. I Love my Jaan the way she is…and don’t worry Jaan you will be fine soon. He made her understand holding her face in his hands but she was nowhere to stop as if she had turn hyper.
At last he take her lips slowly in his own not scaring her further. She gasp feeling his move as their lips touch to each other both of them just stop feeling the others touch.it send that much needed peace in them.
Geet sighed in his lips and move further in his arms almost hugging him again .he was amused at her gesture turn happy hugging her back.
His hands cupped her jaw as he began the kiss while she felt current run down her whole body feeling his lips molding on her own. Her hands started to roam on his back trying to feel him.
Maan was too shock with her moves today…she was not shy as before but he knows he have to go slowly looking at her health.
He slowly suck her honey sweet lips feeling her softness how where he wanted to be hard but he control himself for her.
Geet tried to kiss him back but she was not able to and frustratingly she bite on his lips. Maan was so shock as he wince back pulling his lips back from her…he looked at her amused. She pound her already swollen lips making him hard with her gestures.
Hum aapko kiss nahi kar pa rahe hai…she replied innocently to his silent question.
Maan don’t know what to do on her innocent demand. He remember there holi which as blissful as never before. She was not knowing that word .he as well not knowing her CHUMMA. .
He chuckle remembering that.
Geet turn angry on him seeing him laughing on her weakness.
Hum aapse baat nahi karenge jaeye ! Saying so she rushed outside the car making him come out of his thoughts.
Geet .but she was already outside on the empty road.
Geet ran outside on the road and soon enough she started to felt rain drops falling on her body.
She looked up at the dark sky and soon it’s started to Rain heavily.
She wince a little before opening her arms to the falling rain and started to swirl in the Rain happily. .
It’s like after so long she felt the happiness of the nature.
Maan looked outside horrified for her safety and rushed outside but his steps halted to see his JAAN looking so happy in the Rain…dancing her all worries away on the rain. She was looking like as pure angle from the heaven.
Soon his gaze turn dark as his eyes roam on her wet body…her saree was soaking to her body like a second skin making her body looked as a carve statue.
His steps turn towards her reducing the gap between them and as he reach near her he pulled her suddenly in his arms.
She turn startle and stared at him continuously. Her cheeks turn pink seeing his gaze. Soon enough the sky thunder and she was at instant in his arms trying to hide herself. He hugged her back feeling her body in with his palm as it roam of her bare waist.
Geet shiver half in the Rain and half with her dear hubby’s touch. His hands started to roam freely alongside her breast.
SAHEB. .she moaned out hiding her face in his neck sniffing him.

Barsaat ka mausam, yahan hum yahan tum
Sajni ko mil gaye sajan sajan sajan

(It’s the monsoon season with you and me here)

A beautiful girl has found her beloved. Both were lost in one another with rain pouring down on them that’s when they heard the sound of giggling. Both pulled apart but he didn’t leave her holding her protectively in his arms.

He looked at the group of ladies standing there and giggling .off course seeing them in this condition.
Geet was too shy even to looked up towards there direction she clutch onto him again getting nervous.

Tumsa koi pyaara koi masoom nahi hai
Kya cheez ho tum khud tumhe maloom nahi hai

There’s no one as adorable and innocent like you
You yourself don’t know what you are

He smiles seeing her red face and slowly rubbed his lips on her jaw hiding from them. He saw them going away and something struck into his mind. He glance at his car that not seems to be working.it was too late for them to stop here on the lonely road .it’s not safe for Geet.
Ruko. He called out stopping them in there track as they stop and turn towards him.
Kya Hume ek raat ke liye rahne ko jagah mil sakti hai ? He asked directly to which the ladies giggle first making him irritated with their constant teasing.
Ji kuyn nahi.. yahan pass main hi humara gao hai..chaliye. .
(Why not .our village is here near only)
Geet snap out her head and stared at the ladies being anxious. She clutched onto his shirt and he looked down at her.
Woh. .
Dekho Jaan…it’s not safe here for you…we have stay somewhere first the night…we can’t seat all night in the car , can we ? 
He tried to make her understand seeing her scare face.
Ha. .hum car main rah lenge subah tak. .Aap toh sath honge na ? She was so nervous on this idea of him…she don’t know what to do . She was ready to go to the village. She loved that but her insides all fearing to step inside some unknown place face unknown people. .she was not fully ready for that new change…after going through so much tortures in her whole life.
Maan felt her fears and tortures she has gone through in her voice .her face looked disturb but she has to understand that she needs to be out of her fears and has to face the world and he will surely helped her to take first steps and so on further. He will not pulled her back but pushed her further for her own grooming.
Jaan..I will be there with you…he cupped her face and felt her coldness.
Suno Jaan. .
But geet turn hyper suddenly not ready to face this.
Thik hai. Then stay here..I will go..agar Anna hai toh aao mere sath..
Saying so he unclasp her fingers from his shirt and rushed forward towards the direction where the ladies were standing.
Geet stand shock for a moment before reality hit her hard.she stumble trying to blink her lashes as they fill up with tears and mix in the Rain.
He just went leaving her alone…how could he. Her SAHEB can’t do this. She glanced at him and saw him turning sideways looking at her with the hope that she will come to him.
Maan looked at her hurt face and his heart felt heavy to do this but he have to for his JAAN. As he look sideways he saw her crying like a baby as if her father was going away from her. He could able to see her tears in that Rain also. He hope. .nothing can he do other than it at that time and soon enough there was loud thunder and she came running into his arms almost stumble on him.
Sambhal ke Jaan. .he looked concern hold her in his arms and ladies giggle again much to his annoyance.
He glared at them at last making them shut .the ladies made a face and turn to go followed by maan with his JAAN clutching onto him hell scare to go to an unknown place with all dark around. It was half way to the village. They are now walking from past 10 minutes.it was getting difficult for him to walk with geet sticking to him and with her baby steps it’s made worse.
Geet was feeling difficult to walk with her wet saree. On that it was dark around, it made her hell scare that she was not ready to leave him.
Suddenly he take her in his arms making her gasp .the ladies were moving forward that they didn’t saw back.

lakho hai magar tumsa yaha kaun hasi hai
tum jan ho meri tumhe malum nahi hai

there are millions , what who’s then you? 

you don’t know that you’re my life

SAHEB. .she looked at him going nervous.
Maan glance at her scared face and come to know her condition. He started to walk again taking her in his arms. She was nothing weight but just as fragile flower blooming in his arms.
Geet once roam her big hazels around her way and hided her face in his neck making him groan as her shivering lips touch his bare skin.
As they reach in the village area there was it was all lighted up.
He move further where the ladies directed him and he stop little away seeing them talking with one old age man.

Part 10

He looked at her to see her sleeping again forgetting all her worries. He just shook his head on her sleeping habits and called her slowly.
Geet..Geet…she stir a little before opening her hazels to see his face so close to her own.
Ji..kya hua ? She cupped his one cheek lovingly forgetting her surroundings.
Maan for a moment got lost in her but both come back to senses hearing the voices.
Geet was so shock on finding herself in his arms and finding the place .all people were staring at them with weird look. She started to wriggle in his arms.
Hume niche toh utariye. .Sab dekh rahe hai.
He glared at her before making her stand on her place.
Aap kuyn gussa ho rahe ho? Gussa toh Hume aappe Hona chahiye. .Aap aise hi Hume chodke Chale aaye  ? She turn her face away from him before he reply to her each accusations the ladies come there along with that old man.
Beta ji chaliye hum andar chalte hai. .humari bitiya ki shadi hai kal toh sab rasm ho rahe hai.
The old man said pointed towards one of the house.
Maan was reluctant to go so he asked to take them to some other any available cottage.
Ji..Yeh toh chotasa gao hai .yahan aapko woh kaha milega. .the old man replied.
Maan once looked at her to see her so lost in looking all around her new place. He was glad that she didn’t get scared.
Fine. .chaliye. He said. As both step inside little small house there was all arrangements were going on for the marriage. Geet stop for a moment to see the decorated house. Something stir in her heart and her eyes become moist unknown to her .she was still unknown that there was wedding going to happen.
All heads turn towards the direction and all admire the couple.
The ladies advise them to change their cloths sins they were all wet.
That’s when maan realized that it’s not good for her sins she was already facing her health problems and he remember her last time going sick in the holi.
Maan quickly glanced at her to see her shivering in cold.
Once they were inside the small room he lock the door.
SAHEB Aap waha mud jaeye Hume Yeh changed karna hai.
(You turn around. I have to change in this dress)
Geet said out simply gesturing towards her ghagra choli which the lady has given her.
Maan his eyes widen in shock hearing her. He turned his head towards washroom to which geet got his unsaid question and replied innocently.
Woh bahot chota hai..hum waha people saree change nahi kar sakte. .please Aap waha mud jaiye na..
It’s OK Jaan. .you changed first. I will be outside. Saying so he started to go but soon found her hand holding on his wrist. He turn too looked at her red face because of anger .ANGER that is so rare with his lotus…but he remembered doctor’s words and that is possible.
Aap Hume Aur gussa mat dilaiye. .Aap phirse Hume akele chodke jana chahte hai? Her eyes angry eyes turned wet making him worried.
Aisa nahi hai Jaan. .main bas babar hi hoo…you changed f…he said cupping her face but she didn’t let him complete.
Nahi Aap kahi nahi ja rahe ho.hum aise hi baithenge. .chodiye, Hume Yeh kapde nahi changed karna. She stubbornly sat on the bed holding onto his hand making him shock. He remembered there previous incidents where she was he’ll scared with dark asking him to not go out of room While she was changing. Her stomach was burn with hot coffee…he clutch his eyes tight remembering all the sufferings she had.
Jaan I will seat here you changed fast…he finally said to her looking at her sad face .he don’t wanted her to fallen sick when her condition is already not fine. It’s already so late from the time they were in the Rain.
She chirp up taking her dress she went to other side of the bed on the backside of where he was seating.
Her bangles made a sound giving him all hints of what she was doing. Her anklets chimed in the silent room making him groan in his raw desires.
Once she was done she try to bind her knots on her choli but she wasn’t able to finally giving up she called him.
SAHEB. .Yeh bandh dijiye na.
He stand at once and as he turn the sight in front of him mesmerized him.

sau phul khile jab ye khila rup sunhara

sau chand bane jab ye bana chand sa chehra

this beauty is as good as 100 flowers fully blossomed
this beautiful face was created from 100 moons

She was looking more beautiful than ever in that fitting cloths.

Geet smile brightly seeing the admiration for her in his eyes and turn around towards mirror making him shock at once.
Her back was nude with just knots hanging on either sides.
He furiously Rush towards her making her turn furiously towards him he blasted on her.
Yeh kya pahan rakha hai tumne?  
SAHEB. .Hume chodiye ..dard ho rahe hai . She cried out making him calm his anger at instant.
Jaan..tum thik ho ? He asked concern taking her in his arms as his cold hands touch her bare skin his hands burn and he jerk back.
Geet…he saw her face turn all gloomy. .he check her forehead that had started to burn. Her hairs were wet…she didn’t wiped them also.
He quickly grasp the towel and started to wipe her hairs.
Yeh Aap kya kar rahe hai..Hume babar bhi jana hai..she try to looked through the towel.
What..you are not going anywhere. .you have already started burning in fever.why didn’t you told me geet ? 
Aap jara dheere bolenge. Hume aapke itne angrezi nahi aati. .
He stop looked at her amazed.
I said. .tum kahi nahi ja rahi ho .. tumne muze bataya kyon nahi. 
Bas isi wajah se..she pouted her lips turning her face away making him smirk.

itna bhi koi pyar ki raho me na gum ho

bas hosh hai itna ke mere sath me tum ho

mere sath me tum ho mere sath me tum ho

nobody should get lost in love much”
“I”ve only this much sense that you’re with me
you’re with me you’re with me

Aacha sometime before you were not ready to come here…he taunted wanting to know the reason behind her eagerness.
Woh Hume bahar jake mehendi lagana hai. .Hume bahot pasand hai .uski khushboo ..geet said out her looks were lost. maan admired her while she added further.
Aur agar hum jaldi nahi gaye toh mehendi ki rasm khatam ho jaegi .
But Jaan. .you are not well.
Par hum bas mehendi lagake Aa jaenge na jaldi room main wapas. She urged him innocently.
Nahi geet ..you are not well..and you are not going outside this room.
Aap aisa kuyn kar rahe hai..hum bilkul thik hai . Humara bahot man kar raha hai mehendi lagane ka..toh Aap aisa kyon Hume Rok rahe ho ? Few tears rolled down from her eyes making him weak.
And at once he pulled her in his arms patting her head.
Let me…he turned her around making her face the mirror.
And his eyes turn dark with desires once they landed on her white bare skin of her back.

ye hoth ye palke ye nigahe ye adaye

mil jaye khuda mujhko to mai lelu balaye

” this lips, these eyelids, this sight and this style”
“if i can obtain this i’ll keep it away form evil eyes

dunia ka koi gum bhi mere pas na hoga

tum sath me chaloge to ye ahsas na hoga

I won’t have sorrows of the world with me
I’ll never experience it in your company

Geet shiver once his cold hands touch on her back. She placed her hands tight on the mirror .her eyes get closed feeling his palm rubbing on her skin. He felt it warm. She was not well and she was not ready to listen to him.
He tied her each knots carefully and once it was done he left a wet kiss on her bare skin.
SAHEB. .she moan out softly sticking to the mirror as his hands roam on her waist.

dhadkan hai kahi dil hai kahi jan kahi hai

tum jan ho meri tumhe malum nahi hai

beating is somewhere heart is somewhere else…
hand life is somewhere else”

ye chandani in ankho ka saya to nahi hai

kya chiz ho khud tumhe malum nahi hai

” I doubet this moon might not be a shadow of these eyes.
You also don’t know what you’re

He turn her slowly towards him and her dizzy eyes opened slowly gazing into his chocolate ones.
I will come changing my cloths…you wait here OK. Saying so he kissed on her forehead lovingly and take his dress while Geet just turned away quickly realizing the fact.


He looked at her shy happy face as she was surrounded by all women and girls.
That was what he wanted from the long time to see her this happy and free..
Once her hands fill up with mehendi she gesture him towards herself.
And he was there standing in front of her.
Jaan..ho gaya?  
Ji..she replied shyly hearing him calling her with that name in between all the ladies.

akash hai pairo me humare ke jami hai
tum jan ho meri tumhe malum nahi hai

whather the earth or sky is under our feet ?
you don’t know that you’re my life” 

All ladies giggle on the couple whereas geet turn beetroot red hearing there giggles .they made her stand and Maan guided her towards the room .the dinner was already inside there room which was common village food. Maan glanced at the plate and made a face.
Kya hua aapko Yeh khana pasand nahi hai ? Geet saw his face and asked him.
Nahi Jaan. Woh I was not used of it.i doesn’t  eat it.
Toh phir hum bhi nahi khaenge. 
Geet tum already beemar ho..yumhe bhooke pet nahi sona chahiye. He try to make her understand.
Ji nahi.agar humare SAHEB bhooke rahenge toh hum kaise kuch kha sakte hai. She stubbornly sat on the bed but her words touch his heart.
He take the food plate in his hands and sat in front of her.
She turn her face away while he offered her one bite but she was not ready to budge.
Aachcha thik hai. .I will also eat for my Jaan. He said out making her jump on her seat.
Pakka. .she asked for the confirmation and he nodded.

aisa koi mahbub jamane me nahi hai

kya chiz ho tum khud tumhe malum nahi hai

there’s no such lover in the world
you also don’t know what you’re

Her face brighten up making him mesmerized with her smile. She happily take the bite from his hand and asked him to eat next one.
As he made her drank the water till then she was already dozing on his shoulder.
He check her forehead again to feel her burning still…seems it has increased a little bite.it made him hell worried  for her.
Jaan..Jaan…he patted her cheeks and she slowly opener her dizzy eyes which were red slightly.
Are you feeling pain? He asked concern adjusting her on the bed.

Ji thodasa .Hume bahot thand lag rahi hai. (Yes…little bite. I am feeling cold)
He wrap her with one blanket which was there.
He don’t know what to do. He has tried to call the doctor already numerous times but it was not ready to connect. There was problem with network connection here…on that there was not any hospital near one. He had been informed by the villagers.
SAHEB…he heard her and turn to see her shivering inside the blanket.

lakho hai magar tumsa yaha kaun hasi hai
tum jan ho meri tumhe malum nahi hai

14 thoughts on “HIS WIFE PART 9 & 10

  1. Wow wwoww loved the update geet is turning more bold and passionate and more over she is getting angry also
    Wow I m loving to see this geet ..maan is completely taking care of his wife waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. Parts 9 & 10

    Fabulous and Feisty

    Maan and Geet still in the car when he kisses her

    and her innocent demand makes him chuckle only to make

    Geet annoyed and she leaves the car walking on the road alone

    rain came and Geet enjoyed herself while Maan admired his beautiful innocent wife

    knowing it could be dangerous Maan ask the villagers for a place for the night

    and this scares Geet but Maan also wants her to come out of her fears

    she now gets angry something that is new for him but I like her it

    when she gets angry

    Geet wanting to put mendhi and Maan finally allows her only to see her happy

    but later at night she was having a fever worrying Maan

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