Geet woke up with her aching body, but there was different glow on her face and sweet smile on her lips.

She blushed covering herself and slowly got down to have a bath.

When she was in bathtub he walked in without permission and straight way step inside her bath tub from behind.


She briskly turned around facing him, aap..?? Plz go out, let me have bath, she pouted but he smirked in return, approaching her slowly, her body deep in the rose petals and milk mix water, till her curves.

You are beautiful!! He cupped her chin, gazing her pink shivering lips, so sexy..he added rubbing her lips making her blushed as she watched into his eyes with her brown Hazel.

He removed his lower cloth making her eyes widen, before she could put palm on her eyes, he grabbed her to his chest, taking her lips in his to kiss her deep and long.

His arm went around her neck, cradling her head against his shoulder, as his lips moved possessively over hers. Her hand came up to cup his cheek and returned his kiss wholeheartedly. When his tongue slipped into her mouth, her fingers moved up into his hair, gripping the soft locks as if she were afraid he was going to stop. He was so intoxicating!  Her breasts pressed hard against his chest. His groan was sweet music to her ears.

He did stop, but only to change direction as his lips slashed across her cheek and down her neck. She gasped. Shivers raced across her flesh as he sucked on that sensitive area. She felt pressure on her breasts at the same time and realized he was touching her there…

Such scorching heat, his mouth locked on hers, his tongue ravishing inside it, and her arms went around his neck. He’d slipped his other hand between them to tightly squeeze her breast, knead it.

And she could feel him below, between her legs, thickly filling her, but unmoving, cautiously waiting. Yet the knowledge of what was there, what felt so good inside her, sent out a wave of pleasure, that uncontrollable flood of sensation deep in her belly that he so often stirred.

She pressed up against him, pulling him in deeper. That felt so nice. The explosion of pleasure was beyond anything she could have imagined and it continued blissfully as he did some thrusting of his own, then, incredulously, built and exploded around her again just as he reached his own climax.

It wasn’t long before he stood up, lifting her in his arms, and carried her to his bed. Without pausing once, he seemed not to even think about their wetness.

Nothing prevented him from laying her on his bed while she was too busy watching him with bated anticipation as he joined her on the bed naked.

She was lost in the view of his tall, splendid body in all its glory. He was so lean and muscular. There was no part of him that didn’t ripple with muscle as he moved, from his wide chest that tapered to those lean flanks, to his strong arms.

It took her breath away, how handsome he was. She cupped his face, he smiled as he brought her hand to his mouth and kissed the back of her fingers. “Geetakshi when I was with you…after meeting you, there is always peace in my heart.

you are so beautiful,” as he gazed down at her breasts, and leaned over to catch her exposed nipple between his lips. Her breast rose to meet him as he gently suckled. All her muscles screamed to attention. One of her hands went up and tangled in his hair.  He toyed with it while his tongue teased gently where it was. She moaned feeling him nuzzling at their sensitive tips, kneading their softness. She writhed, trying madly to pull him closer, but he had his own ideas as he turned her over to kiss the small of her back and ran his hands slowly up the back of her thighs.

She shivered deliciously. His touch was so gentle, his mouth so hot, such an extraordinary contrast. What they were doing was even more beautiful. The wonder of his touch dazzled her as he caressed her arms, her neck, her cheek; even her toes didn’t escape his notice. he finally gathered her close and kissed her deeply, as his hand slipped inside, the muscles of her belly quivered. Those gentle fingers glided on their downward path, and then his finger plunged inside her, and she cried out, “oh Maan!”

Her Hands moved slowly up to clasp his neck, Maan paused to look down at her. The fire in his eyes mesmerized her. He kept his gaze on her face as his hand caressed the hard nipple of her mound. She gasped, blushing furiously when she saw he was watching her.

He kissed her, once, twice, and his eyes smoldered as they locked with hers.

she forgot her shyness as she watched him.

He immediately moved her legs apart and stretched his long body over hers until she could feel the tip of his manhood at her portal. And then he groaned, and his lips crushed hers. He plunged inside her, absorbing her cry of pain & pleasure with his mouth, and the spasms of her body with his.

All through it, he was kissing her thrillingly, his tongue teasing a response from her. He held her so tenderly, his hands cupping her face, caressing her, his chest grazing her breasts.

For a long time only Maan’s mouth and hands moved, and then when at last his hips began to move as well, Geetakshi moaned her disappointment. She loved the feel of him inside her, and she thought it was over. She soon learned otherwise. He glided in and out, forcefully, yet with exquisite care.

“Ah, yes, Darling, tell me,” he groaned against her mouth as she purred with the exquisite pleasure of it. She did. She couldn’t help it. Her arms closed tightly around him and her hips rose to meet him. She discovered that if she raised her legs she could take more of him into her, and the higher she raised them, the deeper he could plunge.

She raised them higher and higher, exploding with the sudden burst of unbelievable, pulsating ecstasy that tore his name from her.


The alliance between Satan and princess Geetakshi has been intentionally formed.

If we not surrender to him, he has called for the war.they will kill entire people of our kingdom. Until none are left alive.

The informer told Maan everything he got know further,

Is that what this is all about?

Maan became so furious realizing something. He marched into his chamber where Geetakshi was waiting for him wearing the new cloths he had given her.

She blushed with his sight, Maan..

He looked at her beautiful face then at her bare neck, as she wasn’t wearing dupatta showing her cleavage in her small blouse.

Let me ask you princess Geetakshi, were you schooled in seduction? He grabbed her jaw, making her shock, she gasped.

Were you sent here to take my life? He gritted his teeth in anger, fury clearly visible in those brown eyes for the betrayal he felt from his lady love.

Hum Aisa kuch nahi kar sakte..she was hurt , angry.

Aur jaisa aap soch rahe hai, waisa kuch nahi hai..

Kuch nahi hai? He pressed her cheeks inside, giving her pain but she didn’t wince, just close her eyes, her heart pained with the thought of his mistrust on her.

Why did I found you at the same route I was taking back to my palace?

I would have thought it as coincidence, but not anymore. Not after knowing all this!

Ameerkot kingdom

So all that was your plan?

Yes we have planned this to make a war between Satan and AryaNagar, both are strong and massive army kingdom, both are vicious kings , dono ek dusre Ko takkar denge and end up dying with each other’s hands. King Indravardhan explained his plan to his son.

How could you send her on such a dangerous mission. His son asked , himself surprised, although he disliked his younger sister for her clumsiness but never thought his father could take such a step.

You sent her like that without a second thought.

King Maanveer have no weakness. He has hot blood, spent years on the battlefield.

Sending a maiden like Princess Geetakshi to him, when he was always surrounded by hardened men blood and death.

He would never be able to resist.

And now Satan also became furious and called for the war with AryaNagar which he had never did in years.

But Maharaja, Beautiful women like princess Geetakshi are very common in king Maanveer court. But he touches no one..His son said.

It isn’t beauty that just captivate him…

And I have trained Princess Geetakshi, how to face those situations when something like that arises.


Even if it was a cunning plan of someone, Hume kuch bhi nahi pata iske bare main.

Woh rasta bhi humare rajasee sallagar ne hi bataya tha…,

And then..the bandits … You appeared from nowhere. She corrected.

Seeing his still furious eyes, she parted and looked down, agar aapko hum pe vishwas nahi hai.toh thik hai.. Hume ummed bhi nahi hai…

If you know anything about the royal family of Ameerkot. Then you must know about the third princess Geetakshi. Her eyes moistened seeing him stood yet like a rock without listening her.

Hume karagruh mein band kar dijiye, ya phir humari Jaan le lijiye..

He wince inwardly hearing her words, but didn’t show her.

His fist tightening with anger pain running through his veins.

Because you thought I have betrayed you!! She chocked but control her tears.

Maan walked near, somehow he wants to believe her,

MEHBOOBA PART 82 – Mugdha Love Diaries

he slowly held her chin , lifting her face to gaze into her hazel eyes. He could read her innocence.

Aap ek Rajkumari hai.. my brave Princess, toh kabhi bhi kisi ke samne jhukna nahi.. not even me.. humare samne toh kadapi nahi.

Geetakshi melted hearing his words, but before she could react, he released her, turned his back to her.

aapka yaha rukna think nahi hai, it’s dangerous. Aapka yaha se chale jaana hi uchit hai.

Geetakshi stood silently hearing him,

I’ll prepare guards and a carriage to take you back.

And she rolled on her knees, sobbing hard, with the thought of going away from him.


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