And he have excuse of saying, I would have fallen sick, toh kya hua mar jaane diya hota Hume but .. Her words halted with his harsh pull on her arms, he jerked her in his arms suddenly, not bearing to hear her saying about her death, he did right, Suna tumne..he blasted leaving her dead shock, because you was wet Geet, kuch bhi ho sakta that tumhe, sirf tumhe bachane ke liye usne tumhare kapde change kiye,.woh bhi tumhe bina dekhe, he said, he just changed you in dark.

Aap…how can you say like that..she took back steps totally numb, you don’t understand me, my pain.. because.. you don’t..she suddenly stopped herself from saying, “love me”

You know kya beeti humpar, when next day I wake up in different cloths..she cried.

Geet.. I didn’t meant that..he took step forward but she stopped him, said nothing wrong, it’s his right,

He tighten his fist, his jaw tightened,

Hum hi galat hai bas.. only I am wrong,

With that she rushed out from there running straight upstairs.

Maan stood dumbfounded, revealing her words then his, no.he didn’t approved that as well, someone touching his possession, never but just to make her calm and hearing that awful word from her mouth he blurted out like that.

She needed to change, or would have fallen sick, aur koi aur tha bhi nahi , as a husband he took that step, he tried make his restless heart understand but couldn’t, his fist tightened in rage.

Shitt..he bang his hand hard to the wall.



Geet woke up suddenly feeling restless ,she got up and walked into washroom, after checking herself, her guess was confirmed but now she was damn worried, from whom to fetch help.

Thinking for a while, she decided and slowly walked out of their room straight to dadi’s room.

Hesitatingly, she knock on her door but there was no response from inside, so she slowly opened the door which was unlocked, she peep in to see Dadi getting up , must be because of her.

Geet aap…is waqt..

Dadima I am extremely sorry, her voice chocked, she was feeling so vulnerable for her stupidity for forgetting the initial thing.

Baat kya hai beta, aap itne raat gaye, she got up walking towards her.

Kuch chahiye aapko, Dadi offered seeing her not opening her mouth, and Geet whimpered, woh dadi..

Geet, first stop crying.. and tell me what do you want.she offers her glass of water, after taking few sips, Geet calm down and told dadi her problem.

Bas itni se baat, ismein rone wali kya baat hai, dadi patted her cheek, come with me, we should ask Annie, she have stored with her.

Annie must be sleeping na.. geet pouted as both ladies rushed to Annie’s room having no other option.

What are you doing in my room at this hour, Annie yawned giving her glare .

Annie, don’t behave like that, she is in need today, that’s brought her here at this hour. And Dadi explain her problem.

Once hearing Annie instantly got up, opening her cupboard, she took out one packet and come back to geet, here take this.

Geet couldn’t thank her enough, thank you so much Annie, ap nahi jante aapki madat Hume kitni Mayne lagti hai..

It’s okay, Annie just said simply and Geet smiled before exiting the room with dadi.

After Dadi departed to her room again , Geet walked into the corridor to reach her own room when suddenly she felt a pull on her arm, before she could scream out in fear, she was shut by the person’s palm on her mouth and he bang her on the wall there,


Her eyes widen in shock, as she whispered his name behind his palm, he slowly remove his hand, rubbing his thumb on her shivering lips making her shudder,

She turned her face away, still angry on him.

Jaane do baba.. I am sorry. He sweetly apologized, she melted at instant but still his words from few hours back, hammered in her head.

Jaan..he coaxed cupping her cheek lovingly, turning her face towards him. She looked down, not ready to meet his eyes which would bewitch her again making her forget her surrounding.

Suddenly his hands going running down on her arms, and before he reach her hand, she realized something and jerked her hand behind hiding it from him there by.

Maan looked on amazed stopping in what he was doing, kya chupa rahi ho..he caught that she is hiding something from him behind her back.

Kuch nahi…she stammered, giving him nervous let looks.

Show me, what are you hiding behind, he tried to catch her hand, which she was waving here and there, saving the thing from being catch by him.

Geet.. he gave her stern look, but she wasn’t ready, her cheeks redden in shyness , she felt weak before his hot gaze and taking the chance he turned her briskly towards the wall, pinning her hands behind and she threw the thing on the floor dying in shyness.

His eyes widen in shock, seeing its sanitary pads, that means..she was having her monthly.. Oh god, he was embarrassed himself but compose himself quickly.


She stick more to the wall out of shyness, hearing his soft voice, breathing heavily.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is xaHSp.jpg

Jaan..he put his hand on her Shoulder, with a small smile on his face seeing her so shy and now she shook her head in no really angry on him for doing this with her, aap bahot bure ho..she murmured ready to cry any moment.

Geet, take this..and go.. you need to change..

His words added to her shyness, and she slowly turned around all the while looking down, and saw him holding it, she literally snatch it from his hands was ready to go but next moment he lifted her in his arms shocking her further.

Maan..I will go..put me down.. she was scared , embarrassed .

Shh… Nothing will happen, I will just drop you at your room. You looked tire.

She melted and held his neck, while he cocooned her in his strong arms walking towards her room.

Once both reach, he slowly put her down, take care, he pecked her head, warming up her heart. She would miss his care, nights will be long for her now without him there beside her, her eyes fill up, and she tip toe holding his shoulder.

Maan looked on surprised with her gesture, and next moment she kissed his jaw just hear his lips making his lips widen in grin.

She blushed and rushed inside her room leaving grinning Maan behind.


Geet packed her bag with moistened eyes, she stole her eyes from Kunal who just barge in talking on the call.

Once he finished the call , chale Kunal…

Just a minute Jaan..he was still busy

Kunal.. she gave him a look making him cut the call, he pressed her shoulder, what happened.?

Hume bas yaha se jaldi se nikalna know too much work back at home, then office bhi toh jaana hai na… She sounded so desperate, just wanted to flied out as soon as possible because if she will stay a minute more, she knew she won’t able to control her emotions and would end up doing something that she would regret.


Before he could speak anything, she was walking out of the room.

She met with everyone, even Lisa too who jump on her making Kunal step back.

Annie, she walked up to her, again thank you for your help yesterday, hum yeh kabhi nahi bhulenge, aap ne Jo kal hunari madad ki hai..

It’s okay, Annie made a face, why are you again talking about this today.

Because you don’t know what you have done helping me yesterday. That matters me a lot.

Annie just nodded her head before Geet turned to go, she gave him one glance. He was ready with his office attire, hugged Kunal , all the while his eyes looking at her only.

Kahin na ja aaj kahin mat ja

Phir mile na mile

Yeh pal yeh samaa

Baahon mein aaja

How she wished to just fly into his arms, never to let go..but does he wish the same..

Yeh jo bas mein kadam nahin tere

Main sanvaaroongi tu aa sang mere

Tere dil ki manzil hai yahaan



She hurriedly got out from the lift at her floor maintaining her composure , but her heart was doing somersault. She met up with pinky then rushed to her own cabin.

After a while Maan walked in, and her heart thudded badly hearing the intercom buzzing. She looked up to his cabin , found restless him just like her. Just his face told her the condition of his heart which was same as hers.

Small smile covered her face before she dash out to go to his cabin.

Maan locked the door and closed the blinds. Sasha burned in jealousy seeing Geet walking into his cabin, she knew it’s only work yet she couldn’t stop her thoughts wandering elsewhere knowing their Casanova boss.


Jaan-e-wafaa sach hai kisko pataa

Phir mile na mile

Yeh pal yeh samaa

Baahon mein aaja

He pulled her in his arms harshly that she wince in pain but held him close, leaving a small sob of happiness.

Now why are you crying, he asked her frustrated to see her tears.

She didn’t answer just hugged him tightly, he reciprocate the hug , then held her head, pulling her apart his mouth fastened on hers with sweet domination. Eagerly. honestly, she returned his kiss, and Maan groaned softly with pleasure.

His lips were hot and hard against hers, his tongue probing her mouth. Geet felt as if he were trying to stamp his possession on her with his kiss.

Painfully he dug his hand into the soft, thick mass of her hair, holding her head still with an iron grip. His other arm went around her waist, molding her to him,

He tore his lips from hers and began to kiss her face and ears and neck; his soft exploring lips sent tingling waves of pleasure through her. Pressing his body into her. he trailed fiery kisses down her neck to the soft swell of her breasts above the neck of her blouse.

“Oh, Maan,” she murmured, her voice warm with passion, and maan recoiled inside at her loving use of his name.

He stopped her words with a kiss,. and his hands moved over her body, cupping and caressing her breasts, sliding down her stomach and around her back.

He lifted her and carried her to the couch, making her sat on his lap,

She blushed furiously hugging him, and closed her eyes, feeling him opening the hooks of her blouse, to reveal her naked breasts. Gently he squeezed her breast and teased the nipple to hardness with his fingers.

A low moan escaped her throat at his intimate touch. Maan looked at her, her face was flushed, her eyes closed in pleasure, the soft throb of her racing pulse in her throat, her full, rose-tipped breasts

Just the sight of her made him throb with desire.

I have done nothing but dream of you last night and think of you…your sweet mouth. your tender breasts. …I have ached for you, yearned for you.

, his voice thick with passion. He studied her, his eyes roaming the delicious swells and curves of her figure.

Geet opened her eyes and looked at him, luminous and proud, making no attempt to cover her naked breasts. She knew she should feel shame at the way he looked at her, his hot black eyes devouring her body, his mouth heavy with desire, but she did not. She was conscious only of pride in her body and its ability to stir him. She loved him and wanted him.

His mouth came down upon her nipple and he sucked at her breast as though he was a baby.

His lips nibbled at her breasts, with a gentle caressing that aroused the warmth inside her. The pleasurable tingle ran down . She stirred, moving her head from side to side, hating her own desire.

Her breasts welcomed his kisses, her thighs and her body the caressing hands, the soft slide of his fingertips over the smooth skin.

Maan’s face was buried between Geet’s breasts. He was so lustily occupied in tormenting her, rubbing his beard across her breast.

Maan…stop…plz… She moaned out feeling suddenly she would die out if this pleasure, her breast became so sensitive in those days.

He left her to looked at her tear stricken face, what happened he cupped her face, did I hurt you he was so worried,

No..she blushed as he wiped her tears, she tried to cover herself with her sari. It’s just.. stammered not knowing how to make him understand.

It’s paining..

What.. kaha Dard ho Raha hai.. he was seriously concerned but she blushed and pointed at her breast innocently before hugging him tight.

Jaan..he groaned with the contact, as his shirt was also open in their passion.

He now realized the meaning of her words, why didn’t you stop me before.. he whispered kissing her head.

She just shivered in his hold like a new bride. She had dreams about this moment god knows from when, but she has…with Maan.. so weakly she clung to him as his arms encircled her, pressing her breasts into his chest. His mouth ravaged hers again, his tongue possessively roaming her mouth. Geet felt as though she were falling, slipping down into the wild, dark vortex of her love for him. Frantically, she clawed to stay above it…what power he held over her! She felt possessed by him, held in thrill by her passion.

Do I need to do anything to reduce your pain..he softly whispered in her ear, cupping her breast gently in way not hurt her.

Maan..she whined, clutching his shoulder, she nuzzled her nose into neck.

He slowly molded her breast, like this.. feeling better now..

Aap..bahot..bure ho.. she moaned feeling his fingers teasing her nipples, she heard him laughed and pulled back to capture the beautiful moment in her eyes.

to be continued….

Precap :- Date

Something unexpected

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