Part 5

Past continues. .

He was so shock seeing that cute frown on her forehead. He continued to looked at her to make sure he did saw it and that small wrinkle on her forehead was still there.he turn amazed and happy at the same time .his jaan can never disobey him.he thought smiling with his wet eyes.

Doctor..Doctor. .just check her fast she is getting her conscious back that statement of his turn them shock as they all team rushed inside to check on her and it made them surprise to see her moving slowly in her sleep and soon enough he heard his heart desire words..


he looked at her innocent face continously bowl over on her innocent love for him..she did had taken his breath away for a moment. He can’t able to think his life without his geet.she is his possession. .His Precious Possession.but his happiness was short lived as more truth has to come before him.

Mr khurana..doctors words make him to come out of his thoughts as he went slowly near her bed to see her opening her eyes slowly and she glance at him..and his heart bleed seeing that blankness in her hazels. He turn worried seeing her as he turn towards doctor questioning her.

Mrs.Khurana. .are you alright..how are you feeling now ? Dr.asked her but no words come from her mouth .maan looked anxiously at her to hear her sweet voice again.

Mrs.Khurana. Dr. Called her again but she remain mum..

His frustration and control level break as he called out to her in his high pich tone.

GEET.. to which she shiver a bite cluthing the bedsheet tightly. 

Maan closed his eyes trying to control himself but seeing her in conscafter whole 24 hours his emotions burst out.

Geet are you fine ? Maan again asked softly to which she looked at him confused and the words escape from her mouth made his whole world stumble ..

GEET..WHO IS GEET…? she asked going all confused hearing that unknown name..and where is she ? She looked around herself ..the place looked so wired ..it’s hospital.? Her eyes became scary..as she suddenly started to wriggle on the bed.

Yeh hum kaha aa gaye. .hume yaha nahi rahna ..

Maan stand dead on the spot but hearing her next words he came to his senses and clutch her hard from her shoulders jerking her. 

Jaan..are you fine ..he leave her suddenly seeing her face ready to cry.

Jaan..he cupped her face lovingly wiping her tears.she flinch slightly to see unknown face before her.

Ji..aap kaun hai..hum aapko nahi jante 

(Who are you? I don’t know you.)

Her words made him shock further but he again said out..

Jaan..what happened to you..I Am your SAHEB..

SAHEB…she whisper going numb as that words continue to buzzed in her dizzy brain.

SAHEB. he heard her again taking out his name and his whole filed with peace..

MR. KHURANA. .let us once check on her properly. 

Dr.what happened to her ? Why she is not recognising me ? He asked in his MSK MODE..turning serious at once.

..let us check on her once.but. .we will tell you.can you please.she show him the door. .maan half heartily went outside leaving one glance at her.his heart pain to see her in this condition and moreover why she is not recognising him.? 


What had happened to her ? He asked impatiently. 

Mr.khurana. as I have said before. Her brain had turn dizzy. It’s looked like she had gone through so much trauma and her Previous reports said it all . Her emotional condition is very much weak.her brain was that much numb to not woke up from that unconscious state but she did now..

Maan listen carefully. His fist was tightn in his fury .

Her brain had turn that much weak  that it is not ready to bear more of that which she had bear before. .and what is that ..you can yourself tell me ..Dr.finished glancing at his red face ..she do wanted to know that what happened to his patient in the past that become the reason of her condition today.

Can you ?.

Maan sigh frustrangily ..

No i can not..Dr. he said plainly. .there was no emotions on his face that was just turn stiff.

Dr sigh knowing his answer well before. 

Ok.it’s fine..just have to tell you now.

She had turn more fragile than before take more of that tortures..she said out clearly.

Mr.khurana she has lost her memory somewhat from her childhood.

And that sentence of hers left him terribly shock..Yes he did know that she was recognising him but he thought that maybe for a moment but this..

What..What are you saying ? He stand up from his seat.

Relax .Mr khurana. .she is all fine now .

How ..and When she will recover from this now.

The thought itself was much more miserable for him.

Like I said ..it’s her brain had turn dizzy to recognise the things at quick now .it had gone under too.much tress that it wanted to rest now..that peace which she needed most.and her brain is not ready to woke up yet she had opened her eyes that is good sign for us.

Maan not knowing how to react.he was angry.sad..furious..worried for her.

But she will be fine,won’t she ? He asked like a child.

Yes offcourse but it will take her month or year also or even a week to recognised the persons around.

He relax a bite listening to it.

But let it be slow and in small pace Mr khurana ..it will be good.

He just nodded totally pissed off now.

He turn to go out but Dr stop him before he can.

Mr.khurana let her rest now you can see her but don’t disturb her now.

Yet again he just hmm in response.


Jaan. .she heard that word again as soon as she opened her eyes and he hazels met up with his chocolate brown eyes.

And words escape from her shivering lips.

SAHEB..she looked confused at him that what word he had said before as his name , didn’t he ?

He for a moment was happy but her confusion and look said it all.

How are you feeling now Jaan..he never forget to add this four magical words for his life but she was all unknown. 

Part 6

Past continue..

He carrased her face lovingly to which she flinch a bit making him sad for a moment but soon enough his heart filled with joy seeing her next gesture. 

Geet saw felt his warmth that seems not unknown to her.her mind was all blank and confused. .misty. but she could still connect with the person near her.

As she felt his big palm on her cheeks she for a moment flinch at start but soon finding that most comfortable she stick on his hands making him amused with joy filling his injure heart.

He felt his eyes moisten,  he Blink a couple of minutes thinking that his jaan can never go away from him , his touch.

Aap kyon ro rahe ho ? She asked out of blue not liking that tears in his eyes..it saddened her aswell. 

Maan was taken a back with her question. .he didn’t felt that will come his way knowing her condition right now but that was his jaan.how can she neglect him.

It’s nothing jaan..are you feeling fine now ? He asked continued to hold her face in his hands .

She didn’t said anything instead turn her face on his palm and closed her eyes but didn’t leave his hand holding it as it is below her head.

Maan sigh knowing well her condition,  she must be tired and her brain must be still fuzzy to make reason to her behaviour but what he gain in this few minutes with his jaan that is enough for him to take a breath of relief knowing his jaan will not leave him .it’s just her health nothing more or less.


When I can take my wife back to home?  He asked being calm.

You can Mr.Khurana today itself. She is normal now.it’s just you have to..but before she proceed further the nurse come running there .

Dr.Mrs.Khurana is turning hyper .

And both rushed towards her ward at once. 


Geet woke up feeling so much weakness in her body that she felt it’s difficult to stand up from the bed.

In her own frustration she mistakenly saw her wedding chain on the side table which doctor had taken out if her neck along with her bangles. 

Her messy brain did got that glimpse of him wearing her that chain bit his face was not clear..she turn restless not reminding husband face and then this chain .this chain..she knows this chain can only wear by married women. 

This was hers  ? Again new question pop inside her mind.

She turn hyper at once..her body shiver with realization. .sweat beads appeared on her forehead. She don’t know about her own identity and this..? She clutch it in her shivering palms still trying to remember his face..and when did it happened ? 

As she walk few steps further from the bed , she stumble but didn’t stop and nurse rushed towards her to hold her but she turn more vulnerable and started to wriggle in her hold.

Nurse somehow made her sat on the bed and rushed outside to called the doctor. 


He rushed inside only to see her stumbling on her steps. .she is already so weak and what gotten onto her to walk up in this state. 

Humari shadi ho chuki hai ? Hume toh kuch bhi yaad nahi aa raha hai ? 

She try to remember how and when this all happened bit she didn’t able to and in that her efforts her head started to burst with uncontrollable stress that she hold it with both her palms .

Aahhh. .he heard her weeping and rushed to her at once to see her falling down on the floor but before she could hit that hard floor he was there like always to hold her in his arms. 

JAAANN. .he shouted hell scared to see her going unconscious again..it’s been so long that she have opened her eyes before and now ..?


She will woke up , won’t she ? He asked fearing like child first time in his life.

She will Mr khurana. I said before also she is normal now..you have to just take care of her well enough that she would not go in that condition again.

He just nodded silently listening to her words carefully.

One more thing Mr.Khurana. .when she will try to remember anything it’s going be stress her brain only..just for a moment or little more you can leave her to remember but no more than that..make sure she will not pushed it too much to make her own condition worsen. .take it easy..and slowly..she sometimes may demanded or will stubborn or will be vulnerable. .will behave like a child..

And that words of her make him shock further.his expressions make doctor to say further .

Yes it is Mr.khurana. .she has forgotten her memory from her childhood. So it will be obvious. 

She had turn more vulnerable. .more we can say as the time will pass..you can take her now but yeah she have to be here in a week for her checkup. .saying so she prescribed some medicines for geet and instructed the nurse for further arrangements. .

Sign this discharge papers pls ..

Filling her name and status as Mrs.khurana. .his wife .he felt all options running through his body. He felt proud..he felt happy. .She Belong To Him Only . .His Precious Possession 


Stop there itself..where you are..Mr.Khurana

He heard his dadima’s loud voice that he stop suddenly in his steps and soon felt her stirring in his arms .

Shh. .Jaan..he murmur softly and saw her going in deep slumber again as she buried her face in his chest.

And that’s when dadima notice her .she at once rushed towards them and going to speak but maan gesture her fast to stop.

Dadima can able to see her condition well and her eyes turn teary to see her so worn out and there was all over little marks on her revealing body parts.

What happened to my child ? Asked dadima seating beside her .her condition looks so miserable that few tears rolled down on her old cheeks.

Let her rest dadima. .we should talk in study. He said wrapping her with blanket. 


As he finished all what happened after he went to get her..dadima sat down on the sofa feeling so weak after hearing all this.

Dadima did I do something wrong ? Do I take a wrong step by marrying her ? Asked maan honestly feeling silent from his dadima. He hold her both hands in his own and sat beside her waiting for her outburst. 

She looked at him as tears rolled down on her cheeks hearing what all had happened with her favourite child.

Dadima. .maan called out seeing her so breaking down.

No beta. .you did nothing wrong nor she.but why God had given her so much pain that she didn’t reserved. .she broke down in his arms.

Dadima pls. We have to take care of her and for that you need to be strong. .already she had gone through so much.he said agreed with his dadima’s words.his jaan needed that whole happiness of this world..and he will make sure he will give her.Maan silently promised himself consoling dadima. 


How are you bete ? Dadima carrased her forehead seeing her opening her eyes.

I am fine dadima ..come a quick reply from her making both dadima and maan astonished. 

Aapne Hume pahchan liya?  Asked dadima not hiding her curiousity. 

Ji..nahi dadima but it’s felt as if I know you.geet reply honestly holding her wrinkle hands in own.

Dadima’s eyes tear up feeling overwhelm while maan so amused and joyous feeling there bonding.

Maan looked my daughter is recognising me..

Geet looked confused hearing her..as she proceed further.

Hum aapki. .? 

Ji haa bete ..dadima carrased her cheeks lovingly. 

Toh phir yeh..geet gesture towards him asking dadima. 

Till now both dadima and maan understand that she knows well that she is facing now memory loss.

Yeh..before dadima proceeds she again asked her.

Aur humare ..humari family. .aur..tears rolled down on her chubby cheeks feeling so lonely..she cant able to remember her own family and where they are.

Jaan..he at once rushed forward and take her shivering body in his arms. She sobbed in his arms feeling vulnerable .he continued to rubbed her arms making her relax. 

Bete..woh..dadima was going to reveal about her family but maan gesture her to stop .he dont want to risk her life for just little information. 

Geet..her eyes landed again on her wedding chain laying beside her on the bed.

Yeh..yeh humara hai na ? She asked getting that in her hands .

Both looked at her confused as where did she get it and how does she know.this time before maan said anything dadima said fast.

Ji bete yeh aapka hi hai..he is your husband. .maan glared at her for revealing it so soon.

Geet looked confused at him ..her mind was was misty not able to decide on anything clearly..she nodded silently feeling some emotions in her listning to her.

Dadima was so amazed at her..she didn’t react extreame to her marriage revealition. .just accepted silently. 

Maan smiled at her face seeing her shock.he knows his jaan can never neglect him.

You believe it geet ? Dadima asked uncertain. 

Hume vishwas hai dadima. .humari saheb se his shadi ho chuki hai..

Her sentence made both of them too much shock .


8 thoughts on “HIS WIFE PART 5 & 6

  1. This update was a big bang so geet lost her memory one way I feel happy that she totally forgot her horrible past and I m sad that she forgot her saheb too but thankfully she can recognise him and dadi and feel connected with them… waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  2. So Geet has lost her memory🙄!! But it’s true that she has gone through too much of physical and emotional disturbance😔, she has blurry vision of her past, hope she doesn’t remember her family and forget them forever as it is for her own good. She will get well with love and care of Maan and dadima.
    Beautiful update Di. 😊

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  3. Nice update.She has lost her memory but is able to recognize her saheb and dadima.Hope she recovers soon so thet the story takes a new turn.

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