Back to two weeks 

She stood daze as the bells in the temple continue to buzz in her head making it uncontrollable for her to bear that pain…all that happened in whole day come back to her making her angry , emotional or hurt..that all emotions rushed through her as she remember his bashing in the morning then her dadima , her shona. .her eyes welled up uncontrollably finally breaking through the waLl of her tolerance..

He looked at her worried to see her so broken and vulnerable. 

Jaan..he cupped her face lovingly but there was no moment from her .she stand still daze at the ongoing happening..it little did scared him but he quickly wipe that thought out of his mind unknown of the big storm coming there way.

Geet stand motionless away from the present world, she gets drown into her past. Her life..the beginning. .

That all she had to suffer all along this her child life without her mother, her father was lost in himself to check on his daughter atleast once.her maa..her whole shiver to remember the tortures she has pushed upon her.

Jaan..he hugged her motionless body tightly to console her but she never reciprocate still lost in her own world of miseries. 

Her brother..he was never one..in fact she had no one..Nor she have now..

SAHEB..her voice from inside heart buzzed loudly in her head ..

Yes she have him . Her own..but…again that word remain still there..

He is the one who bash her..but he is the one who was there for her always , wasn’t he ? Her eyes flicker more tears as she closed them finally feeling tired ..tired of everything. .he head throb vigorously as she wince in pain clutching onto him.

Geet..are you fine jaan..? He asked concerned for her .it scared his strong persona atlast to see her behaviour now..

He looked at her closed eyes..and his all straight went away leaving him stumble a bit holding her fragile body in his arms. 

JAAN… that words of her SAHEB ring inside her dizzy brain and she slowly opened her eyes .

He was there and still here near her..from the beginning. .as he entered in he life ..she touch his cheeks lovingly to make sure she has own him.yes..now she have her own family.her smile brighten her eyes as small dimple appear on her chubby cheeks making maan more worried for her.

JAAANN…he shouted seeing her closing her eyes again and she went into deep unconscious state taking the breath out of Maan.


Dr.how is she ? Came his first question .

Doctor looked at him suspicious seeing geet in this condition .

Mr.Khurana. can you tell me what had happened exactly with her ? 

You are the one who gonna tell me that what happened to my wife exactly. He busted on the stupid doctor testing his frustration ..

He is worried seek for her had ran into hospital at midnight taking his life in his arms who was not ready to opened her eyes.and knowing him no one dare to stop him and had admitted her immediately in the special ward.

Doctor shrunk away a little but she have to do her own duty..and being a women the girls condition had made her suspicious and worried for her seeing her in the wedding attire it’s add more to her worries for the girl inside laying  unconscious still.

Mr.Khurana,  she is still not opening her eyes..we can tell the things only after she opened her eyes and come into conscious state.

It made him more angry that he band the side wall with his fist scaring the doctor..

The wait ..that could never be done by The MAAN SINGH KHURANA.

Relax Mr. KHURANA I had bandage her all injuries still ..and yes she has some old injuries aswell that had to take care of well.

His fist tighten listening that..as he remembered the first time he had seen the brutual marks on her fragile body.

It turn early morning that his phone buzz making him to jerk opened his eyes .he looked at I’d and keep the phone again inside his pocket .Dadima will be more worried if he told her..and what he will tell her.her favourite child is  in hospital right now because of him..Yes because of him only..

He stand up feeling defeated first time in his whole life as he take slow steps towards the door of her room.he saw her still sleeping leaving him restless and starving for her.

That’s not fare jaan..you are sleeping there peacefull taking my sleep away from my eyes..

It’s not fare..

MR. KHURANA he turn to see doctor standing there wanted to speak something. 

Can I have few words with you..we should proceed for my cabin..she asked from him politely and he just nodded dreading to hear something worse.

How is she ? When she will woke up ? He asked from her desperate as soon as they seated inside her cabin. 

Doctor looked at the man before her and really wonder..is this a same MSK who didn’t show any emotions for any girl before using and throwing them as per his wishes..

But yeah she is not some any random girl..she is his wife..MRS.MAAN SINGH KHURANA. 

She still have not gain her consciousness and if she not till evening ..them..she leave deep sigh not knowing how to tell him knows his madness .

Then what..said it clearly .he came to his serious mode .his volcano was ready to burst  first on the doctor seating before him is not ready to spoke up and second his jaan.his wife is not ready to opened her damn eyes..

SPEAK UP FAST ..and he Bursted on her final year standing from the seat.

Mr..KHURANA Relax. .can you.? She may go into coma if she will not regain her consciousness soon and its her brain seems to be still dizzy..that I can’t tell now if she will able to open her eyes…

Dr.he shouted..are you in your senses..mind your words. .she will regain her consciousness soon enough.

Are you listening?  My wife will be back soon to me.

Dr. Stand still on her place as she looked at the MSK storming out of her cabin furiously. 

He angrily pushed opened the door of her ward and rushed inside. 

You have to woke up for your saheb. .are you listening to me..he shake her body vigorously to extent that nurse rushed to him to stop him but he was totally mad to see her in this condition. 

He pushed the nurse hard that she stumble back far away from them and she just rushed outside to called the doctor. 

YOU HAVE TO WAKE UP JAAN FOR YOUR SAHEB..ARE YOU LISTENING ME JAAN. .He hugged her tightly wanting to absorb her into himself .still there was no moment from her side. .she laid unconscious still.

Furiously he smack his lips on her and started to kissed her passionately and that’s how all staff saw them..they turn there back immediately embarrass to the core..

As he pulled out his lips from her .her forehead wrinkle not liking him going away from her and his breath just stop there ..

6 thoughts on “HIS WIFE PART 4

  1. Omg geet did worried a lot about her life and her little brain is not working now…omg seriously how much this poor girl will suffer more she expected only love from people is that so bad to expect from her part waiting to read more ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. She has gone through so much of miseries in her life that her brain became numb.Actually this is the happiest situation of her life that her Saheb married her.but she is not able to enjoy the moment.Hope Geet recovers soon.

    Liked by 1 person

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