Hum Tumpe Marte Hai..Chapter 23

Dil kyon dhak dhak karta hai

Kyon ye tujhpe marta hai


Her heart was beating so faster, seeing his passionate eyes gazing her, making her go hot under his gaze, it feels different today with him being normal, omg..her eyes were widen suddenly in realization, he has been normal all the while they make out.she thought blushing furiously, while he grasp her wrist caging her between his body and wall.

Dil kyon dhak dhak karta hai

Kyon ye tujhpe marta hai



What please..he whispered huskily biting on her earlobe, his lips rubbing her soft skin sensuously making her crazy, today I not please Jaan but only love..

Um…she moaned feeling his mouth smooching wild kisses on her jaw line, then going down on her neck, further on her cleavage. She held his nape, training her head back on the wall , giving him access to her body.

Dil tujhko hi chaahe baar baar

Arre oye oye oye oye

Hum to deewane huay yaar

Tere deewane huay yaar

Maan, we should stop… Or I won’t able to hold back more, she warned him, remembering dadi’s words who had suggested them to stay apart till the proper wedding happen which was just going to be next day.

They had move back to km in Delhi, and both has been dating each other for a week now, Geet wanted to know real him, he was more than happy to spent some bachelor time with her as her boyfriend before tying into the wedding.

As their half marriage was already happen although in a play of all that drama, dadi wouldn’t wanted to delay the wedding , according to her it’s not good sign to stay in half marriage rituals.

Now at the moment, everyone was out for marriage work leaving the soon to be bride & groom to romance alone.

Ki ab kya karein hum hey hey
Kaise jeeyein hum hey hey
Itna bata de o mere yaar

Who said you to hold back, he hissed back, squeezing her breast , while his mouth fused over hers , kissing her passionately. One thing had learnt in this week about her, that she is most passionate lover, she couldn’t stop expressing her love to him either through her gestures, or not stop from doing PDA.

Hum to deewane huay yaar
Tere deewane huay yaar

And he just loved that craziness about her, “I love you baby.” He muttered in her mouth, as his tongue played with hers, making her weak on knees, he raised her up, making her wrap her legs around his waist, their private parts rubbing into each other, making out just on their cloths.

He caressed her through the soft material of her dress, then impatiently pulled down the top of her dress and seized hold of her warm, exposed skin. His fingertips explored roughly but not painfully, except that the pleasure itself was so intense that it almost hurt, and it left her hungry for more, more.

He played with her nipple until Geet heard the sound of her own voice moaning out loud. He stroked the soft, swollen flesh, teased and tickled. Then his mouth joined in the assault, he bent his dark head and let his tongue trail pleasure across her burning skin, and he kissed and lightly sucked until her entire body threatened to melt under the onslaught.

In one swift movement he swept her off the ground. Then Geet found herself being carried over to the bed.

Her dress was removed with ruthless efficiency, with long, dark kisses to pleased her as his hands explored her body,Β Every inch of her was explored with mind-bending pleasure as his mouth and hands roved over the soft curves of breast and stomach. He turned her over on to her stomach and let his fingers lightly massage the tight muscles of her shoulders until they were loose and relaxed. Then his hands moved slowly, slowly down the long line of her spine, sending long, deep shivers of pleasure right through every nerve-end in her body.

She began to throb inside and she was hot, so hot. He turned her back again, to face him, and this time his kisses were fiercely demanding. His fingers slid between her legs and the heat exploded into pleasure; she heard her own voice say something quite incoherently and knew that she was trying to beg for more.

‘Do you still want to stop?’ Maan demanded hoarsely.

She couldn’t speak; she just shook her head blindly. His fingers continued to caress until her body was sweat-soaked with pleasure and writhing restlessly under his touch. Her lips longed to kiss him again and he knew it; his mouth hovered over hers, tantalizingly close, making her wait and wait for the taste and warmth and fierce pressure.

Bharke mujhe apne aagosh mein
Soja mere kesuon ke taley
Ter siva kuchh nazar aaye na
Aise lagale mujhko galey

Then, when the kiss finally came, blindingly intense, he wouldn’t release her until every last ounce of breath had sighed from her lungs.

His body burned against hers, hot and frustrated. He was still fully clothed, as if he needed to keep a barrier against her to stop himself simply taking her.

He wrenched off his jacket and tie. Then he turned back to her.

‘You do the rest,’ he invited throatily.

Geet didn’t hesitate. Her shaking fingers slid the shirt from his shoulders, and she found herself leaving a butterfly-light trail of kisses across the powerful spread of his chest. Then she bent her head, let her face rest against him so that she could feel the heavy thudding of his heart against her cheek. She turned her head further, and her mouth gently closed over the nearest nipple, her tongue softly caressing its roughened surface.

Maan’s reaction was instant. Every muscle in his body briefly clenched into a rigid spasm and he abruptly pulled away from her.

jaan stop ..he pleaded knowing they will lose their control before marriage, but then he shivered

deeply as she slid her hands around his back, running her fingers over the strong outline of his shoulders.

Suddenly he pushed her down and begun a relentless assault on her body, pushing her further and further down into a darkening, spinning pool of pleasure. Soft trails of kisses spun threads of fire from her breasts to her thighs, and as his dark head pressed lower on her panty line, Geet couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, couldn’t do anything as she ached and burned under his touch.

Geet was paralyzed by the new sensations that flooded through her, drowning out absolutely everything except the sudden and frantic desire to press closer, still closer; she wanted this to end right now because she wasn’t sure that she could stand it any longer.

She clung to him like a child who was lost, in desperate need of help. His own breathing was completely out of control now, but before they could move further, she stopped him and he left breath hiding his face in her bosom, I can’t wait any longer to make you mine.

me too. she chuckled along with him and both dressed up somehow composing their desires, as both needed to go for their own marriage shopping.


Marriage day,

Maan took whole chance to to Romance with his would be wife, in the haldi and mehandi ceremony.

Are you not angry on me Jaan?? Suddenly man had asked her, pinning her against his chest, pulling off her dupatta.

For what?? Geet frowned eyeing him confusingly,

For that mental act, but you know I did that al for you.. I knew somehow from Annie, that you wouldn’t fall for me easily..he was really tense now.

Geet chuckled seeing his pouting face, yes I was angry and really upset, but know..??


I love you!! I love you so much, she kissed him passionately hanging on his neck, he groaned in her mouth, holding her bare waist tight, ” I love you that everything else doesn’t matter anymore, she confessed cupping his jaw, her lips moving on his lips, making them wet.

Teri wafaon pe bharosa karoon
Tujhse kabhi na dhokha karoon
Tune kiya hai aitbaar
Aitbaar aitbaar aitbaar
Arre oye oye oye oye

He squeezed her breasts making he moan, Maan stopped it, or else.. girls will come running in searching for me.she hides her face in the crook of his neck, while he enjoyed teasing her nipples, flickering his fingers on them, he slowly remove her blouse, Maan..she tried to stop him but couldn’t since her hands were full of mehendi, and he only smirked on her, attacking her breasts one by one.

Maan…ahh..she moaned feeling his teeth nipping her soft nipples, he rolled his tongue over it making her crazy, she clutched his hairs tightly making him go wild on her.

If you keep doing that now then what will you doing on our suhagraat, she innocently asked making him stop and look at her, she smirked while he jerked her pressing her soft mounts on his chest, i have plenty of things on my mind, you never know honey.. he smirked back.

Hum to deewane huay yaar
Tere deewane huay yaar

Acchca…she blushed,hugging him,he groaned with the contact, then I am waiting Jana..I can’t wait more, she moaned at the end, feeling his palms cupping her bare bosom.

And it’s not fare, I can’t feel are weapon those cloths, baring me..she pouted,

Is it!! Next moment he tore his shirt away making her widen her eyes, and she pressed her lips on his chest, torturing him now.


GHSP 214_2815

The marriage happened on the grand scale, in mid of teasing of her friends and Annie,, Both were announced as husband wife to the world, her parents and Dadi blessed the newly married couple.

All rituals were done, and now it was game time, although Geet was tired but she was so excited to play this Apple game discovered by Annie, Dadi left to her room leaving the youngsters to play.

Maan chuckled seeing her childlike excitement play this game with him and to make him lose, but she forget he is MSK who made her lose her own bet.

Seeing his smirk Geet really fumed madly and the game began soon, with both chasing the hanging apple to take first bite, while their both hands were bound behind their back, who will take first bite, he/ she would rule their marriage.

In the whole Tashan, Both collides each other’s , sometimes almost touching each other lips, the apple cake crashing again this time sticking to his cheek, and without wasting a moment she took the bite , giving him winning smirk.



Maan step inside his room with batted breath, he was anxious, excited with his first night. He was really happy today to have got her as his wife and wanted to show her how happy he is through the love making .

But as he step inside, only to found the room empty, there was no Geet waiting for him on their decorated bed like a true bride.

He frowned locking the door behind , Geet..he called her walking inside, and she suddenly appeared from the balcony.


Both stood rooted just gaping each other, still trying to believe it’s not dream but reality, that both are finally married, and are husband wife now.

Rakhloon nazar mein chehra tera
Din raat uspe marta rahoon
Jab tak ye saansein chalti rahein
Tujhse mohabbat karta rahoon

His one hungry look, and she ran into his arms, oh Jaan… I was scare for a while not finding you on the bed.

Hm… I was just so anxious and nervous, not feeling good without you!! She confessed, hugging him passionately, he started smooching her jaw line, her whole face,

Itna jo chahoge meri kasam
Sab kuchh luta doongi tujhpe sanam
Tumne kiya hai bekaraar
Bekaraar bekaraar bekaraar
Arre oye oye oye oye I am feeling my breath come back, she whispered cupping his jaw, eyeing his tenderly, with all the love she held for this man povering out through her almond eyes.

Hum to deewane huay yaar
Tere deewane huay yaar

Oh Jaan..I love you so much.. he held her head, taking her lips in his mouth, her nose ring come in between, he removed that softly throwing that aside he again claim her mouth, kissing her passionately, she moaned in his mouth going weak on her knees,

He lifted her in his arms, walking towards their decorated bed.

to be continued….

Precap :- Last Part & Epilogue

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  1. Wowww so maaneet enjoying the loving period completely hot and passionate moment both cannot resist from each other… maaneet got married too…wohooo so reached last part will sure miss this beautiful ❀️ ff

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