He lifts her in his arms suddenly making her startled thereby pulling her from her lost state, Maan..what are you doing??

Abhi batata hoon…he smirked devilishly taking her to bed while his eyes lingering down on her bosom, she blushed furiously as he put her down, she back up cradling backwards but he held her feet, hovering on her, he pinned her struggling hands above her head to the bed, and hovered down on her beautiful breasts, her breath hitch in her throat, soon she forgot to breath feeling his mouth on her nipple, he sucked that harshly, giving it live bites, while other played below his large palms.

Maan….she held his nape, clutching his hairs tight, feeling her core tingling with need unaware about what need..

She switched to other one sucking and biting the nipple till it tuned sore.

You torture me whole day… He blamed rolling down on her tummy, and his teeth removed her belly chain, throwing that angrily somewhere in the room.

She gasped, feeling his tongue rolling inside her belly button..not in senses anymore to get the meaning of his words.

Hume..jaane dijiye…she pleaded, but he shake up on bosom again,

He cupped her breasts in his palm and his forefinger pinching her pink brownish hard buds between his fingers…he buried his face in her bosom inhaling her sweet aroma, his hands on his way, he starts massaging her breast and pinching her nipples making her moan in pleasure….. he is making hard for her…. “maan” she moaned continually while his hand reached on her thigh and went to her inner thigh while she writhe under him like a fish without water.

His mouth hungrily sucks in her nipple to feel the roundness and weight of her breast as he flick the tip of her nipple, again watching, feeling and exploring her body…as the scent of sensual pleasure is all round drifting in.

she bit her lip In pleasure while her nails scratching his bare back skin, her scratching making him insane but giving heavenly pleasure also, evoking more desire to feel her more and more like he never explore anyone before..

She held his head and pressed more on her breast making him hungry more for her body…..

The buzzing of the intercom broke their making out and he left her to take the call, it was from Dadi calling him for dinner.


He joined his family at the dinner, she blushed furiously feeling his hot gaze on her, as she served his plate, her breath halted in her throat, and she stopped for a while what was she doing, feeling his fingers trailing down on her tummy playing with her belly button. She felt weakening on her feet , and dizzy with those feelings he was provoking inside her.

Kya hua beta, Dadi asked and she compose herself, nothing Dadi ,she gaze her soft smile and took her seat beside him. She could see his smirk from the corner of his eyes, and pouted, making him chuckle inward.

In whole dinner, he kept playing with her belly and waist, enjoying her red cheeks, restlessness and her soft skin against his fingers.

She tried to pilled off his hands in mid but he stopped her with his silent glares, and she clutched her sari on his hand.

After dinner,

She was enjoying her choco ice cream deliciously letting him enjoy her sight, when suddenly she caught his gaze and blushed deeply, he eyes her lips which were smeared with ice cream, and her whole burned seeing those passionate eyes moving between her eyes and lips . She hurriedly finished her cup, cursing him inwardly, humara fav ice cream bhi thik se nahi khane dete babaji…she complained cutely to her god, giving him frowning gazes and his smirk only deepened.

Everyone retired to their rooms while Annie took the remote to switched to her fav channel where her fav, dogs show was being telecast.

Geet who was about to move, sat back seeing cute dogs on the screen.

Maan shook his head on seeing both girls craziness for the dogs, as both got lost soon in the show soon. He got up giving her one quick kiss on her cheek as there was little dark with Annie being lost in the TV.

Her eyes pop up, she was horror stuck with his daring and looked up to see him walking upstairs mouthing her GN.

She ignored him as her attention was again pulled back to the screen hearing cute voices of pets.

Omg..Annie..that’s so cute..hai na .she laughed out..

Annie nodded with a smile switching her gaze from tv to her, but then she realized what she did, she doesn’t like her, you shouldn’t laughed on poor them, he falls down and you laughing..she taunted turning back to screen again making Geet shut, she was so scared from Annie and her ride behavior. Her looks were like anytime she would murder her.

After a while, Geet couldn’t stopped again she opened her mouth, awee…so cute..I feel like pulling him out of TV and cuddle it, too..Annie said giving her smile, soon both girls wee again so lost in the screen watching different pet like their fav candy , in middle commenting on it, poor lisa tried to attract their attention, cuddling between both.

Looks, he’s just like lisa..hai na..

Ha..ekdam copy..

Aww baby…both cuddle her between both, making her happy and she licks both their faces.

Like this all three have a gala time.


Geet walked out washroom washing her face, when her eyes pop out seeing him laying on the bed.

Kahi hum sapna toh nahi dekh rahe hai, she blabbered loudly making him smile with close eyes, and she gaped at him like a fool walking closer to the bed , next moment he grabbed her , pulling her on his chest .

Aap…sach mein..

Ha..I thought you won’t able to sleep without me,


he teased her and she nodded in yes hiding her face in his chest making him surprise with her acceptance.

Without wasting a moment, he pushed her below him and took her lips for a passionate kiss. She moaned in his mouth feeling his hands removing her saree, he squeezed her breasts, then there was suddenly urge to feel her bare under him.

He got up pulling out his vest, making her eyes wide, Maan.. she gasped as he began removing her blouse hurriedly, yeh aap..

I wanted to feel you.


She blushed with his blunt reply and felt his hands removing her bra,

his eyes delighted in lust seeing those huge bosom in front of his eyes…. He was drinking the heavenly beauty from his naked eyes… she blushed and she closed her eyes…. But he was drinking the beauty of her breasts and nipple… He touched her left breasts , holding that huge mound in his hand looks like perfect for his palm… he rubbed that massaged that slowly with his hand while she laid still enjoying his sensuous touches. she clutched his shoulder more digging her nail in his… his bites making her insane… He starts nibbling and sucking her nipples badly while his other hand massaging her breasts, his fore finger and thumb kneading her nipple pinching them, rubbing them between his fingers… He took her buds between his teeth and bit it harshly….. “aaahhh” she screamed in pain.. he left her this breasts and move to other while he held this one in his hand… he did the same with this breast… bit it harshly making her scream in pain…

He again marched on her lips while his hands were playing with her tits…

He left her breathless, while she dipped her face in his chest, trying to hide herself from his hot gaze.

He chuckled and got up, opening her cupboard he fetch her night gown.

Geet shyly took that from his hand, and wore it all the while his passionate gaze not leaving her.

He got up but she held his wrist stopping him, he looked at her only to see her close eyes, face turned away, cheeks burning in deep shed of red making leaving him mesmerized.

He laid beside her, and she cradled on his chest silently, he pulled her chin up , capturing her beautiful lips yet again for a GN kiss.

She willingly gave in and moaned in his mouth feeling his palms squeezing her bosom on her cloths.

Maan so desired to removed that again and take her virginity but he stopped himself , don’t know why…her innocence and purity stopped him from breaking her virginity although most of times he found her giving in.

That wedding chain of hers, kum kum in head always pulled him back.

He got up after making sure , she was in deep sleep and rushed out to go to his pool, to cool down his desires.


Geet woke up in the middle of night, she frowned feeling alone in the dark room. She got up and drank whole glass of water stealing gazes around.

She got down and walked towards the window , the cool wind soothed her but the sight below at the pool made her burned again in her feelings for him.

Wide smile plastered on her face, her sleep went away like a fish of wind and she ran downstairs to meet him.

He waved, and swam another length before he pulled himself up and walked out. His long, hard body glistened with droplets of water. His black hair had rumpled into curls.

She kept gaping him until he reach near her, with surprise eyes finding her there, you waking up late??

Geet ignored his question, aap bahot acchca swimming karte hai, will you teach me too??

That make him astonished, then evil smirk came on his lips, why not darling? He grabbed her waist, pulling her in his arms.

Aap..phirse hume gila kar rahe hai.. she pouted struggling in his arms.


You have to remove it only, he whispered sexily in her ear, biting on the earlobe, making her shudder in response, that’s when she realized what just she blurted , Hume koi swimming nahi sikhna, she blushed trying to free herself from his clutch but he jerked her harshly against his chest, stay with your words, saying so he began opening her buttons,

Maan.she blushed holding his hand,

You trying to hide yourself from me? He was still husky boring her with his passionate gaze.

Nahi ..hum.. she stammered looking around,

I have seen everything darling..just leaving that..his gaze travels down on her body , she put her palm on his mouth shutting him with her face burning red in shyness.

I mean, yaha koi dekh lega..she said again looking down.

You think I let something like that happen..

She looked up surprised hearing that tone of possessiveness … He was aware about his family, no one dared to break his rules, or step into his vicinity, this was his private pool, yet he was concerned about her.

If you would have told me before, I would have arrange the pool at outhouse, where no one will even dare to look at you.

His voice held so much possessions that passed a chill down her spine, and she was so overwhelmed with his care that she just hugged him tight, feeling her eyes wailing up.

Geet..he was taken a back with her sudden hug, wrapped his arms around her petite back, if you don’t want..then it’s okay..I won’t forget you..just stop crying , he heard her weeping silently again his bare chest.

No…I want to learn swimming..she cutely stated pulling back, wiping her eyes, you know, from childhood I want to learn that..par kabhi mauka hi nahi mila.


He cupped her face tenderly, listening her, his heart ached and desire to fulfill her wish raised in his heart so wildly, that he said out, I will teach you, darling .

Her face broke into huge smile, making his heart fall for her,

Sachchi… You know, humne kal bhi aapko dekha, you are a great swimmer..she praised almost raising on her toes, holding his shoulder , like a little girl, she began blabbering , telling him about her childhood and her thirsty desires, which remain unfulfilled..

I loved to be inside water, aur Hume woh machliya bhi dekhni hai..

He make a face, while she continued, you know na.. colorful fishes.she widen her eyes in excitement narrating him so.

Yes darling, I know everything..he teased her but she couldn’t get it, and you mean to say scuba diving..

She stopped confuses, and then suddenly squeal out, ha Wahi… you want everyone to get up and discover our night adventure.

She nodded in no with cute pout on her face.

He took those pouting lips in his mouth to quench his hunger, Geet just held him closer while he kissed her furiously making her response to him also.

Okay, let’s go to sleep now, we will start our swimming session from tomorrow. He said after leaving her mouth.

Her face turned sad as he lifted her in his arms, Hume abhi swimming karni hai..she demanded like a stubborn kid.

Do you want anyone to watch you half nude, he shamelessly asked making her shut, she nodded in no hiding her face in his chest.

Don’t be sad sweetheart, I promised to teach you means I will fulfill my promise.

Hmm..she nodded still with her face buried in his chest.

Afterwards he helped her in changing into another nighty, all the while playing with her body, making her tired and both slept cuddle up to each other.


Next day,

At night, Geet had light dinner, as per Maan’s advice ,after hour or so, he is gonna take her to the pool he had said her.

She waited restlessly, feeling bore waiting for him then excited for the new task and nervous and little apprehensive.

Hum achche se sikh toh payenge na..??


She blabbered to herself tense for the failure, he is investing his time and energy in teaching her then she has to learn well.. she decided she will tried her best.

Chale darling??

His deep baritone pulled her back from her thoughts and she looked up to find him standing on her doorstep.

She nodded with a nervous smile, he walked her downstairs, every was retired to sleep and both walked together towards the outhouse.

Kya hua..?? He asked seeing her nervous, yesterday only you was ready to jump inside water..he smirked.

She pouted not liking his teasing..

Suddenly he inched closer, she gulped hard, seen his gaze on her chest, he move near her, and started opening her buttons, she gasp for air , but could only inhaled his masculine scent inside, making her go crazy, she closed her eyes and didn’t even realize when he pushed gown down, which fell right at her feet.

She suddenly blushed and turned back, crossing her arms on her chest, while he stood bewitching, his hungry eyes roaming all over her back ,she felt hot feeling his gaze.

Aapko yakeen hai, yaha koi nahi dekhega..her question pulled him back to reality.

He jerked her around harshly not liking her hiding herself from him, you doubting me?? You think, I will allow anyone even to see you like this, his voice husky, dangerously low that sent chill down her spine..


I would never allow anyone, she looked up, and felt as if he were touching her with his eyes, as if his hands rather than the serious chocolate eyes were lingering on her flesh.

Not even your husband!! He spit out leaving her shock, she was suddenly scare from his demeanor, tried to step back but he clutched her tight, then his hands went under her bra to her breasts, and his face moved down, and she felt tire stroke of his tongue, and her nipples trembled and hardened and rose.

Moment later, Geet found herself in his arms, she gasped in shock seeing his devilish smirk, and next moment he threw her inside pool..



to be continued….

Precap :-

Romance in the pool…


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