He wistfully gazed down at the enchanting goddess who lay slumbering on the bed.

He bent down beside her, just at her tiny waist. His senses ignited and flamed with acute desire; his groin tightened and pleaded for release, and his lips curled up in an appreciative curve. She possessed the exquisite face of an angel, the seductive body of a goddess.


Reaching near her bed, he gingerly positioned himself beside her, propping his head upon his hand. He stretched out an anxious hand to gently fondle the satiny flesh upon her stunning face, slender neck, and inviting shoulder. He ever so lightly traced his forefinger over her neck, down the hollow between her breasts, over her abdomen, and down her leg for as far as he could reach without moving at her side. She shifted and sighed. His touch was as light and warm as a summer breeze at mid-afternoon.

He lowered his head to allow his mouth to confiscate hers in a pervasive, delicious kiss. He then trailed feathery kisses over her closed lids with their thick lashes and across her velvety cheeks, savoring their smoothness against his lips. He nibbled at her earlobes and parted lips. His hands deftly and boldly encroached upon her enticing body, very provocatively, so as to titillate her rather than to startle her. His assault was deliberate and sensuous. When he pushed down her saree and shower wet kisses on her cleavage, a drowsy moan of rising passion escaped her lips.

GHSP 230 HD_9149
GHSP 230 HD_3670

Geet sighed contentedly in blissful relaxation. Her lids fluttered, then opened to reveal his chocolate eyes. They slowly roved the handsome face which loomed above them. A natural, innocent smile greeted him, bewitching him beyond reason. She sleepily gazed up into eyes of molten steel upon the face of Maan. He sent her a beguiling smile in return, enrapturing her heart and inflaming her dream blurred senses. His skillful fingers wandered into her amber silks, feeling the vitality and glossiness of them. He tenderly caressed her cheek with the back of his strong hand, admiring the soft perfection of her golden flesh. In her half-wakeful state, Geet snuggled her cheek against the hand which had halted its pleasing action. His head leaned forward, his mouth covered hers once more in a thorough and engulfing kiss. A tingling glow suffused her.

As he kissed the tip of her nose, Amber pools were captured by chocolate brown eyes, expertly drawing her deeper and deeper into their seemingly bottomless depths, imprisoning her senses in an all-consuming abyss. Captivated by this beautiful moment, her arms went up to encircle his neck. Dreamily entrapped, she greedily held his mouth against hers for several more devastating kisses.

Her skin prickled and flamed. His hands freely roamed her luscious figure, bringing her uncontrollable tremors of molten desire. He gently forced her lips to part and accept his assault. His tongue probed the warm and tasty recess of her mouth, and he savored the sweetness he discovered there. Even the weight of his virile body failed to release her dazed senses from their perilous enthrallment. He gently ravished her entreating mouth and tantalized her body until she was mindless of all reality except the godlike, her love who was driving her into a bittersweet frenzy.


She uttered feverish moans as he nibbled at her ear, his warm and erratic breathing sending tremors over her pliant body.

Are you okay? He asked with a small smile on his face now seeing her blushing cheeks, he kissed them again while she nodded hiding her face in his chest, “aap office nahi Gaye??”

“Kaise jaata tumhe aise halat mein chodke…”

Her heart skip a beat as she pulled out and looked at his face, he composed himself seeing her innocent hazels staring him,

“I mean, yeh sab meri wajah se hua .. na main Tumpe kal gussa karta na tum bimar padti… seriously Geet, you are just fragile doll…” his voice turned husky again teasing her, “Bahot kamjor ho tum…”

Now she became angry and harshly pulled herself back, “hum kamzor hai…” she pointed to herself cutely pouting in anger.

“Then what!? You can’t stand my slight anger..mera kya kisika chotasa gussa tum sah nahi Sakti…” he went on taunting her making her red in anger.

“Woh chota sa tha..??”

He looked at her hearing her painful voice, and realized he teased her so much, ‘I…’  “leave it… tum aaram karo.. and eat something first.”

“Humne aapse kuch pucha, that wasn’t little thing to ignored,”  she tilted her face to have clear look at his face as he move his face away not meeting her eyes but now hearing her he turned briskly towards her, jerking her closer by holding her both arms.

“Then what ha..?? What did you expect me to do… touch you… Kiss you.. and bed you..??” He asked with each words decreasing the distance between both, at the end he was sucking her mouth hungrily.

Jhuk Gai Aankhen Teri Rahon Mein

Ruk Gai Sanshen Teri Hoton Pe

She pushed him away, with tears stinging her eyes, I didn’t say that…she hissed… somewhere hurt that he never uttered the word “love” . Leaving that he speak all other nonsense.

Phir Bhi Na Jaana Piya Anjaana

Meri Dil Ki Baaten

Then what you mean, say to me clearly.. he groaned, this woman making him crazy , if she wouldn’t speak clearly how he had to understand her…he can’t read mind, dammit..he got up harshly making her flinched in response and without giving her another look he just dash out of her room leaving her broken and crying again.

Ohh Juk Gai Aankhen

Teri Rahon Mein


If there was one thing Maan could too easily accomplish, it was to have any woman he desired. He considered women as weak, frivolous, sexually ravenous, and dull-witted creatures. He had grown weary and bored with their clingy, possessive, irritating ways. He despised the flagrant flaunting, the crocodile tears, the voracious appetites, and the whole, sticky process of never being satisfied with the only parts of himself which he was willing to share, his sensual body and his lusty appetite. Never would he share his heart, his mind, his freedom, his soul!

He walked restlessly in his office, looking at the clock, it’s lunch time and he was pondering over what she must be doing at the time, uske bina toh office suna suna lag raha tha..and now having lunch without her is impossible task.

He quickly took his cellphone to dial her number, not wasting another moment in thinking,

Hello, she groggily replied making him realized that he broken her sleep.

Was you sleeping?? He asked softly.

She just hmm in response, as their little fight again became fresh in her mind,

He sighed knowing her cute little anger, kuch khaya tumne..

Nahi..she blink her lashes as her heart was warming up with his care again, why was he doing that to her…

thoda sa bhola bhala hona achchha hota hai

aisa kya jage huye bhi too jaise sota hai

thoda sa bhola bhala hona achchha hota hai

aisa kya jage huye bhi too jaise sota hai

Why didn’t you eat, kyon aisa karti ho tum?? His voice laced with pain made her smile painfully, how can I eat without you, hum toh har roj sath mein khana khate hai na..

He remembered from last few days it’s became habit, both eat their lunch together in his cabin.

Ask Nakul to bring your lunch to your room

But hum aapke bina nahi khayenge..humara mood bhi nahi hai aaj.

MEHBOOBA | MG FF | THREAD 5 | UPDATED Last Part & Epilogue @ p.n.34 | Geet  - Hui Sabse Parayee

Woman..he groaned, first do as I say, pick up the intercom.. jaldi..

She huffed and did as he said and he makes a video call to her phone making her smile big.

He chuckled seeing her hazel eyes shining again, and both had their tunch together there by watching each one having meal.

Geet couldn’t stop blabbering, she was feeling better now, and he just listened to her sweetly.

Now take your medicine, he reminded her and she nodded leaving him surprised as he would have seen everyone throwing tantrums on bitter tablets. He was pull back from his thoughts with her sweet voice, ismein se konsi leni hai, hume toh kuch bhi nahi pata, she made a face, and he directed her, telling her the names the doctor prescribed for the afternoon.


Whole day passed only thinking about each other, Geet took an ample rest knowing she needs to do it or else her health won’t improve…but there was again his dreams making her restless and sad now, babaji kyon aise sapne dikhate ho Jo ki kabhi sach nahi ho payenge…

din tere bite aise jaise rate, ru ru ru

jhuk gayi ankhe teri raho pe, ruk gayi sanse tere hontho pe

phir bhi na jana piya anjana, mere dil ki bate ho o

Na hum unhe pa sakte ke woh Hume samaz sakte hai…she put her chin on her shoulders pulling them close to her chest, woh toh bas hume..she left her thoughts wandering thinking about his Casanova image and he must be thinking of her like his other women. The thought was painful yet she ignored it and got down from the bed to get ready for the evening, awaiting his arrival.


What are you doing here, beta..?? Dadi asked sternly seeing her in kitchen.

Ji Dadima humne socha ke kuch help kar de Nakul kaka ki..

Kya tumne rest karne ki socha, dadi taunted, tumne dawayiya li.. ji dadi, humneeli sachchi..she pinch her throat making her chuckle.

As she walked near her, Geet pulled her hand to her neck, check kariye, hum an bilkul thik hai..bhukhar bhi nahi hai.

Alright dear, if you say so..but don’t tire yourself much okay??

GHSP 222_6825

Dadima patted her cheek lovingly to which Geet smiled in delight nodding in yes.

Once she exited, Geet turned to Nakul, dijiye Nakul kaka, I will take to maan sir’s room. She offered politely making him smile, as he was always fearful about his Maan’s sir’s anger.

Sure bitiya ji, par dhayn rakhiye ga unke gussa bada khatrnaak hai.. he made wide eyes, scaring from him.

Geet smiled, “sure kaka, I am also aware about his anger.”


Geet carried the tray up to his room, pausing to knock on the door outside. When there was no reply, she turned the handle and walked in.

Subpost 1 - @dhamidrashti baby _heart_decoration__heart_decoration_ - DrashtiDhami - SilsilaBadallteRishtonKa

She was just putting the tray down on the bedside table when the bathroom door opened. She turned automatically, color seeping up under her skin as Maan wandered into the bedroom, toweling his hair, the rest of his body completely nude part from the towel wrapped around his hips.

Head bent, it was several seconds before he saw her. Seconds during which she could do nothing to alert him to her presence, seconds during which she simply stood and greedily and shyly drank in the physical perfection of his body.

MEHBOOBA PART 92 – Mugdha Love Diaries

When he saw her, he didn’t react at all as she had expected. Calmly he walked towards her and asked huskily, are you well now?

He was standing so close to her now that she could hardly breathe. He had showered and she could smell the fresh lemony scent of his soap on his skin, see the tiny beads of moisture slicking down the hair on his chest. Fine dark hair which, as she knew, and then . . . But no . . . her body trembled as she tried to shut away the memory of how his naked body had looked.

Amazingly, suddenly he smiled at her, his eyes brown and amused as he said teasingly, ‘I’m the one who should be embarrassed, you know, not you. After all, I am the one standing half nude here..

When he smiled at her, really smiled properly, the creases alongside his mouth held just a suggestion of a dimple, and the look in his eyes seemed to bathe her in a golden heat.


Suddenly it all overwhelmed her, and she was embarrassed. Not by what she had seen, but that she had looked and gone on looking, and was even now feeling the thunderous reactions to the sight of him thudding through her veins. She turned to flee, an automatic, unthinking reaction, but he reacted just as automatically and far faster, blocking her exit, gripping her wrist and pulling her towards him, laughter glinting in his eyes as he shook his head.

‘Running away?’ He shook his head. ‘You should never do that, you know.’


‘kyon nahi?’ Geet asked the question without thinking, using the words to hold at bay her tumultuous reaction at being so close to him. She felt almost too weak to stand up, and had to fight to stop herself from swaying into his body.

‘Because running away makes a man want to chase, and then do this.’

His voice had dropped to a throaty whisper, soothing and hypnotic and he was most dangerous when he seemed to be most gentle, and Geet gasped her shock, as her daydreams were suddenly transformed into reality, and his grip on her tightened, his head bending so that his mouth could taste hers.

Maan kissed her using his tongue to tease and pries apart the softness of her lips, in a way that made all her insides melt and then burn liquid pleasure so that she wanted the kiss to go on and on.

He bent over her, his lips at her throat and then at her breasts. His hands went down the length of her back, fingers spread wide and clutching her flesh.

He just got rid of her blouse rather quickly so he could fasten his mouth to her breasts, which drove her insane.

A few times he gasped, “you are so beautiful,” as he gazed down at her breasts, and again when he turned her over to kiss the small of her back and ran his hands slowly up the back of her thighs. She shivered deliciously. His touch was so gentle, his mouth so hot…

The wonder of his touch dazzled her as he caressed her arms, her neck, her cheek, and the passion was there, just under the surface, barely contained.

It all happened so fast, she had no time to think about anything other than the pleasure that she knew was only moments away.

When, his, mouth, left hers, Geet could only stare up at him in bemused delight, her mouth slightly parted, innocently begging for more, but the humor had gone from his eyes, and now they glowed dark amber.

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  1. Passionate update…..She wants to listen the word love from him which is far away from him.but he is controlling himself and caring for her as he made her eat her lunch by video calling as it became a habit to eat with her.feelings were so well narrated and story is becoming very interesting. Anxious to read the next update.

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    1. Yes, I used first time those new words, because I am learning took me whole two days to type this one part, as I am learning this language..thought to narrate differently..but I guess you guys we used of my simple writing..
      Yes, he cared for her. ❤️


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    They had lunch together
    Maan is soo caring bt he is thought tht it’s all lust bt he don’t know tht he already in love with her
    Aur shayad geet bhi

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    1. Thankhank you 🤗
      Yeah, I understood , I used first time those new words and narration..but it took me whole two days type one please no joke on that..
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