Her heart felt as if it had stopped beating. She frantically told herself again that she had to back away, but her feet seemed glued to the floor, those brilliant brown eyes had hypnotized her, the soft rhythms of his voice had turned her limbs to jelly. 

MEHBOOBA PART 92 – Mugdha Love Diaries

She watched with dreadful fascination as Maans’s mouth moved nearer…, He took her in his arms and kissed her tenderly. He stroked her thighs gently. She shivered and whispered,“Maan I…but she stopped herself, They looked into each other’s eyes, each peering to the bottom of the other’s loneliness,  and his mouth descended on hers in a kiss of such incredible tenderness she had to cling to him for fear of falling.

MEHBOOBA PART 92 – Mugdha Love Diaries

 A long, gentle kiss which went on and on until she felt dizzy and disorientated, but she didn’t want it to stop, she didn’t ever want it to stop. Her eyes held a languorous sparkle, her skin aglow from the effects of his kisses. Then his hand touched just the very tip of her breast, and her entire body immediately jumped, as if she had received a sudden electric shock.

His hand tangled in her hair, pulling out the rubber which held her silky gorgeous hairs intact, She made no protest. loving his each gesture and play with her body as if he owned her. Soon, he was gliding his kiss down from her lips, over the cliff of her chin, and down into the sensitive valley of her throat.


His hand reached for the buttons of her gowns, he had already unfastened them all without her notice,  He brushed the cloth aside And then his nibbling tongue arrived at the tip of her breast, and fires broke out all over her nervous system. She moaned as he flattened her on the cold floor, holding her down by sheer weight. He attacked both of her high-peaked breasts with hand and tongue of fire. She welcomed the attack wordlessly. 

She felt sudden touch of cold air, but it wasn’t the air that made her shiver. One of his hands came back to toy with her breast, adding flame to the fire. The other touched at her waist, and for one stupid moment she could not see why until he tugged at her briefs, suddenly, he stopped realizing what he was doing , geet was breathing fast, with her eyes closed, suddenly his body shuddered with the touch of her innocence, he got up briskly angry on himself, as her words from the night bang into his ears. 


Geet jerked open her eyes feeling deprived of his presence, she got up shying away with  his gaze her hands crossed over her chest, he fetch her gown and wrapped that around her body, wear that fast and get the hell out of here.. he blasted in his own agony while his eyes roamed around the place, it was good that his pool was isolated away from the other mansion because he loved his privacy. 

Geet was so hurt with his behavior, sniffed and wore her gown before running away from the sight, it was his fault, not her, she blamed him silently but couldn’t open her mouth before her, having no courage to do so at the moment, she was so broken.. vulnerable. 


Firm, rotund breasts that he had caressed, narrowing down to a tiny waist that he could almost encircle between his two hands; the wild swelling of her hips, where he had rested his weight.

And everything will always remind me of him, she told herself fiercely as more tears rolled down her cheeks. 

she cried whole night and next day her body was aching badly. she felt slight burn in her body. deciding to ignored his thoughts, she flew into washroom taking warm bath and was soon ready for the day. 

Geet walked down wearing beautiful yellow sari, unconsciously aware about his fav color on her.

she joined dadima in puja room and was soon doing aarti in front of the god making the atmosphere pleasurable in the mansion. 

maan walked out , descending down the stairs, and his steps halted hearing musical prayers from her mouth. He smiled with her thoughts lingering in his mind but soon that smile vanished realizing how he shouted on her last night, it wasn’t her fault dammit.. he thought frustrated on himself for his rude behavior and walked down reaching the puja ghar. 

His breath halted in his throat, seeing the gorgeous sight of her before his nake eyes, if she was looking alluring yesterday in night, then now she was looking extraordinary beautiful and gorgeous, he simply found no more words to praised her pure beauty. She was looking just divine. 

Sweet lord, someone can be so pure and divine living on the earth!? His thoughts halted with her sweet innocent voice, aarti lijiye.. geet muttered softly, ignoring to look at his face, for so upset with the night happenings. She wasn’t in a mood to meet him or see his face today, the way he hurt her last night but she was bounded by her duty. 

maan was bewitched by her divine beauty, he stood still for a while, making her feel conscious as everyone was present there and his this behavior make everyone suspicious. 

maan, plz .. she softly called him, pleading him with her puppy look that instantly melted him pulling him back from his lost state, he smiled, his charming smile that stolen her heart yet again as she gaped him , other moved out to have breakfast, leaving both alone thereby.

maan, she again called.

I need something before that.. he put forward his demand making her confuse.


your forgiveness!


yes geet.. plz forgive me for last night.

Geet was silent, not ready for this, she had never thought he would asked her sorry just next day, suddenly her eyes widen in horror as she saw him putting his hand on the fire of diya in the plate she was holding, 

yeh kya kar rahe hai, aap.. leave it… she tried to pulled back but he gripped other end, giving her stern look, first maafi..

yeh kaise jabardasti hai.. 

tum kuch bhi kaho jaan.. but first forgive me then only..

his words halted as she blurted,” I forgive you” plz leave that now. She was crying now…seeing his stubbornness which pained him, jaan.. he forwarded his hand to wipe her tears, she instantly took step back, no.. yeh sahi nahi hai.. she shook her head..

geet.. darling.. he called her but she ran away from there. 

maan kept looking at her back still vanished from his sight. 



Maan looked at her gloomy face as she fiddle with her food, losing the appetite, her tongue lost it taste while she still felt uneasiness in her body, 

Arey wah, kya baat hai , aaj indian breakfast hai. Said dadi chirpily, 

That pulled both of their attention towards dadi, who looked like a kid for getting to eat her favorite candy, Geet smiled softly seeing her childlike excitement.

Ji Dadima it’s for Geet bitiya, aur aapke liye aapka mampasand continental bf hai. 

Arey kis kambakht Ko ho bland food khana hai ab when I have my fav Indian dishes. Saying so she pounced on the food literally. 

Annie made a face , rolling her eyes, while Rajveer asked curiously, what so special today, why suddenly Indian dishes on the table. ?? 

Ji, woh Maan sir asked us so.

Now that came as shocker for everyone, Dadi almost chock on the food, because she knew her grandson preferred only bland food not this tasty one. 

Aaram se Dadima, Geet held glass for her, while she herself gulped hard, inhone toh Hume bhi phasa diya…she thought making faces, 

Everyone looked at him for answers now, he just shrugged his shoulders, what? It’s for Geet, asked her…he transferred the question cleverly to geet.

She was dumbstruck but quickly composed herself, ji woh.. humne hi..

It’s okay, why this fuss over the table for this thing..

Dadi stopped her, I am glad son you are taking good care of your bhabhi.. 

Now, both their eyes pop up, and both shared a look, bhabhi?? He looked at her blankly, something happening inside, he didn’t liked the word at all, but he shrugged the thought, 

Geet beta , I am thankful to you, 

Ji Dadima, she looked confused, 

Yes, because of you I got to eat this tasty BF.

Everyone rolled their eyes at her nautanki, and soon atmosphere again change from heavy to lighted one.

But why aren’t you eating anything, Dadi noticed her playing with her food. 

Ji Dadima, humara ho gaya, hume bas aur nahi khana,

MEHBOOBA PART 92 – Mugdha Love Diaries

she was trying to control her emotions, her heart was filed up, how can she eat more, 

But Dadi grasp her hand, bete aise… My God, Geet, you are burning.. 

Aapki tabiyat thik nahi hai beta, batana chihye tha na aapko..?? Dadi scolded her, while now everyone looked at her.

Drama queen, murmured Annie looking at Geet, she couldn’t digest her family giving attention to this woman. 

Nahi Dadi ma bas thoda sa bukhar hai shayad, I will be fine!!? 

Maan watched her silently, his heart leaped listening Dadi ma, she isn’t well, kahi mere wajah se toh nahi…

He remembered few times before also she was unwell, after the mishappening with her.

Kaise thik hogi tum, kuch dawayiya li hai tumne,!?? This time Rajveer Khurana blasted on her, not liking her carelessness.

Geet shook her head, nodding in no, with tears filling up in her eyes with his harsh tone. 

Maan glared at his dad, seeing her pouting shivering lips he could see her crying.

Rajveer rula diya tumne bachchi Ko, Dadi gave him stern look caressing Geet’s head , 

But ma, I just asked her in worry.. 

Next moment Geet clashed into her chest, hugging her, crying out, she was so overwhelmed with their love and care, it’s been ages she experience the family love for herself. 

Maan was being restless on his chair, he almost raise his hand to touch her but instantly stopped himself, his fist tightened feeling helpless for not able to sooth her while she sniffed on his dadi’s chest.

Geet.. Rajveer and Dadi was shocked, 

Dekha you scared her, Dadi scolded her son, rubbing her back, it’s okay beta.

She is just doing drama Dadi, why would dad scared her.. Annie poked her nose in between getting glare from everyone, 

I hate you guys!! She blasted before rushing away from there, come lisa, you don’t have to be here inbetween those people they are not our family..she pulled her dog also with herself, who was by now licking Geet’s feet seeing her crying.

Ugh.. Lisa..she jerked the poor baby and that making sound went along with her.

The voice of Lisa made Geet to pulled back but now she was embarrassed facing everyone. 

I am sorry, she wiped her tears, not looking at anyone.

You don’t have to be dear, Dadi made her drink some water and instructed Maan to called their family doctor right now.

Ji Dadima, he obliged , himself worried for her, 

Beta kuch kha lijiye,you will feel good.

No Dadi, hum sach mein nahi kha payenge..she whined pouting her lips.

Okay darling, then let’s go to your room and take rest, doctor will soon arrive. She got up helping Geet.

Dadima please , you have your breakfast, I will go..I am sorry because of me you all have trouble..

Shut up, Dadi scolded her making her pout, dare you say that again, it’s not trouble to take care of our own child. 

Dadima, she have no words, feeling their love for her, her throat chock, 

Please Dadi, but you sit and finish you bf , I will go to room. Please, or I won’t feel good. 

Okay, dadi sighed , take rest, she patted her cheek while Geet nodded with a smile and turned to go.

She only have take few steps away when her head spines suddenly making her stop in her place, she stumble and not soon lost her balance, feeling dizzy…

Geet…?? Dadi looked at her widen eyes.

While Maan was already lifting her in his arms, he was watching her silently from long while and now when he notice her wobbling on the place, without any delay he got up and rushed to catch her in a moment. 

Maan…I.. she tried to keep her eyes open, but her head was so heavy, she looked at her concern face and unknowingly smile left from her lips.

Shh..not a word, his jaw tighten, not liking to see her in that condition, he was upset on her for not taking care of herself, upset on himself for being reason behind it somewhere.

She put her head on his chest, snuggling closer, was really tired fighting with herself, her contrasting emotions.


Maan held her closer, he realized she had bad temperature feeling the hotness of her body.

He put her down softly while his worried family follow them inside.


Doctor checked her, prescribing medicine, unhe pahle kuch khilayiye, then make her eat this.. 

Maan watched silently standing away from her bed, he felt helpless for not able to be close to her when she needed him the most, her silent cries slit his heart, as he saw her sniffing with the injection d. given to her. His fist tightened, as if feeling her pain.

Now doctor also has advised, kuch kha lijiye beta, Dadi urged her.

Dadima plz, I will definitely eat after sometime, Geet convinced her. 

Dadi too didn’t force her , okay beta, take rest, she pecked her forehead and exit the room.

Maan halted on his place seeing his father approaching him, going to office!?

Yes dad, just need some file , will fetch that and go.. saying so he rushed to his room. 

After few minutes, everyone disperse for their own work, dadi went to her room, she cancelled her NGO program for today’s, knowing Geet may need her help anytime.

Seeking the chance, Maan rushed to her room.

to be continued….


Why didn’t you eat, kyon aisa karti ho tum?? His voice laced with pain made her smile painfully, how can I eat without you, hum toh har roj sath mein khana khate hai na..

He remembered from last few days it’s became habit, both eat their lunch together in his cabin.

will add swimming part in next chappy : )


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