Hum Tumpe Marte Hai Chapter 22

Geet was crying furiously with her head down on the threshold of the temple, when suddenly..


She stopped her crying, raising her head, she wiped her tears, when again heard her name being called by him.


she turned back and scanned the whole place with her eyes but there was no one, when suddenly he walked out from behind one of the pillar, Geet..

She was confused seeing him in that way, he stood like a normal person , there was no traits of madness in him,

I am proud of you, Geet!! Really proud of you!! He spoke with proud smile on his face really meant that.

Geet sat dumbstruck, still not able to get anything, why he was suddenly speaking like this, what happened to him.

You are great!! You are simply great!! You have proved , you are great! He praise her further, she blinked her eyes in confusion.

Congratulations!! He said with a smile, 

You haven’t loss Geet, you have won, you have really won!

Geet was dumbstruck now, means maan you…

Yes Jaan , your Maan, Maan Singh Khurnaa! Anwesha’s elder brother! Seeing you at first time, I fell in love with you and that’s why I did all this act, Her eyes widen in shock, she only gaped him with her eyes wide open and jaw dropping to the floor,

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It was all a act, he laughed out, couldn’t able to control himself seeing her face, I am sorry.. he spoke between his hearty laughter, forgive me.. he laughed out seeing her face.

She held one finger in mouth really not knowing what she should do with him at the moment, feeling happy , angry, like crying all at one time.

While he continued to laugh seeing her condition, turning his face away he laughed so much still his eyes turned teary.


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she screamed gritting her teeth with a hidden smile on her face, she turned back to the Shiva pind, trying to find something to hit him with, when she only found marigold flowers placed before the god, she took bunch of flowers in her both palms and threw them all on him, he couldn’t stop laughing yet.

She ran to him pushing him back till his back hit the pillar, MSK.. ha..

jaan.. jaan.. stop..

badmash kahi ke.. you liar,

you plz.. but she didn’t let him speak more, as she began whacking him,

charso bees, you lied to me,, she pouted whined while he hold her both hands, are baba.. all this is just for you.. for you.. he tried stopping her, but she struggled against him, you and annie.. she blushed with the thought of how they make fool of her, while she didn’t get a slight clue.

You both lied to me.. this much.. she shied hiding her face behind her both palms, I won able to show my face to anyone now..

she whine while he laughed out seeing her antics.

but jaan.. but she jerked his hand, my god. I can’t believe it.. what not I did to cure you!! I took you to the temple, taken your studies, even taken out your shoes, you idiot, she blabbered like a crazy still hitting him, and pinning his ear, while he couldn’t stop laughing imaging all this she did while he acted,

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“I have accepted this mental Maan.” he mimicked her making her red again and she hide her face behind her palms blushing, I Hate you!! She whacked him again, while he ran away to save himself from her. she chased him out running down the stairs,

Listen to me jaan.. First listen to me. He caught her wrist pulling her in his arms.

why did you lied to me, she whined, why did you do sarcasm of me like that, she still hit his chest with her both fist, now I am really feeling shy to face everyone.

he chuckled and pulled her in his arms, she blushed furiously hiding her face in his chest, maan wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close to his heart,

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he was really happy today, beyond this world for having her I his arms, winning her love, he knew she loved him, she definitely do, her each gesture, each small confession have made him realized the depth of her selfless love for him.

Just then her parents with annie and dadima walked up, reaching in the middle of stairs , her parents gasp in shock with wide eyed, seeing both in a hug and shared a look, while annie jumped in joy seeing the scene, she realized what must have happened,

I hate you, geet again hit him parting from him, maan saw their family standing little away from them watching them and nudged her, now geet don’t have anywhere to hide her face from everyone, Oh no.. she hides her face behind her both palms, while maan hugged her sideways, still smiling on her.

Geet.. we are watching all this.. annie teased her friend, an d we are in the temple.

Geet looked at maan with a soft giggled she ran towards her friend, now targeting her, annie ki bacchchi.. I am gonna hit you more.. she whacked her so this was all your plan, ? she asked her in meek voice, with a pout,

annie giggled, while everyone just watched the duo with a soft smile,

Why did you taken this dreadful exam of me!?

I wanted to pulled you out of that craziness for bet, she turned nostalgic, then composing herself she added, in that bhai saw your pic, and fell in love with you!!

Hearing this Geet looked at Maan who give her his charming smile nodded in yes,

That’s why we played all this game, in which all participated, Annie filled her with the info, even Dadima also..

Now that came as a second shock for her, her head jerked up, she looked at Dadima who nodded in yes with a smile.

geet was silent, still embarrassed to the core, while she heard her friend further, but you suffered a lot, annie turned nostalgic, geet looked at her,

she sniffed, you know, while torturing you, I was tormented more than you, but to change you I didn’t have any other way, she smiled seeing geet smiling, she was really touched with her words, her eyes filled up.

Will you forgive me, geet!!

annie … and she hugged her dearly, feeling still shy to face everyone., how couldn’t she forgive her, when she did all this for her own good, and most of all she got her love, MAAN..

You did good act of crazy, maan, dadima come forward teasing her grandson, that’s you are safe bete, nahi toh geet apko kabhi nahi chodti..

daidma plz, he whined while everyone laughed..

Know, Mr handa, I am really happy to get grand DIL like geet, my geet is truly zansi ki rani..

Geet blushed hugging her.

Now you accept madhu, my daughter is real tigress, rudra said proudly.

Yes I accepted, she joined her hands, but our good fate that ma ji has now tamed your lovely tigress in the wedding trap.

Dadi and everyone smiled, while Geet pouted, just then her friends rushed in the scene joining the fun to tease Geet as everyone not get this golden opportunity.

Precap : Last Chapter

So , almost everyone guess this twist, and I called it connection between us


I didn’t revealed that your ideas were matching with mine because i did not wanted to break the suspense of the story


I know you guys must be upset with ending of this ff, but i cant dragged it further guys, i have twists in my mind but for not this one, for other ffs, this one, i want to keep like the way it is, simple and happy :)) i will surely add mg passionate and hot romance in next two updates ,  thank you so much for the love you showered on this one, and encourage me to continued it, because this story was on hold for a while, I didn’t have started it if not for you guys who asked me to continue it. 

thank you


22 thoughts on “Hum Tumpe Marte Hai Chapter 22

    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yes, he is in love with her that’s why all this drama also to stop her betting habit..😉
      Will try to update soon


  1. Wow ok … first while reading I’m like hein !? But logic is there.. Maan wanted to win her unconditional love so it makes
    Sense.. my god the things he did on her while he was normal 🙈🙈🙈🙈 I want more romance in the next, of Maan Singh Khurana and not mental Maan 🙈☺️

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  2. Superb finally Maan and geet are together and we get to see are very own Maan sing khurana. Annie’s plan was so good .she is true friend. Thank u for lovely and happy happy update. But sad that its ending.

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yes, Annie is true friend…she couldn’t see geet wasting her life in betting that’s why they all plan this to tame her.
      Yeah, it’s to be end some day, and now it’s time , can’t drag it further..or it will lose its essence..


  3. Nice twist.Maan is not mental.He is already in love at first sight with geet and wanted her to love him.Dadima was also involved in this. Its a happy ending.loved the story.

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  4. Wow 😍😍 enjoyed reading this part
    Maan is all fine and acted was a really surprise part
    Cant wait for maaneet to talk more now
    Cont soon

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  5. Omg this all plan
    Geet ko popat bnya maan nd family ne 🤣🤣🤣
    Annie geet ko bet lagane ki aadat se nikl na chahti thi
    Aur maan to geet pr lattu ho gya tha uska photo hi dek kr
    Ye sab plan kiya sab ne mil kar


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