After almost full day of ridding,one day in the forest and many miles away,

we go on foot from here, Princess Geetakshi.

Let him get some rest, he patted his horse,

We’re almost at your camp? She inquired as both started walking with his horse at side.

Na na na na, na na na na
Na na na na, na na na na

It’s just up ahead. He said grasping her in his arms, seeing her rubbing her arms feeling cold, she blushed looking into his eyes, “I have never been this far from my palace before.”

“It’s pretty, isn’t it..” said Maan glancing around the beautiful place, as looked back again at Geetakshi who nodded in yes with a soft smile lingering on her lips , for being in his protective arms like that, in between the beautiful paradise.

O o re raja
Veeron ke veer aa
O o re raja
Veeron ke veer aa
Naino se tu na
Door ho na
Main to hoon teri
Phir kaisi deri
Leja jahan tera thikaana
Hath se yeh hath jod lo na

She given up trying to prob as his answer will same, aap Ko jald hi pata chal jayega..

But according to her lessons, she could guess a little this new region now.

We are almost here, he declared, not soon her jaw dropped seeing the magnificent Palace stood before her eyes, it’s Arya Nagar, her eyes widen in recognizance as she recognizes the sign of the Kingdom.

Aap…her eyes turned to him in disbelief, words forgot to come out, as she continued to gap him.

He rides his horse inside the huge gates of his palace, soon the place buzzed with only one name.

Maharaja Maanveer ki…Jay ho…

Long live King Maanveer…

And so the place got the information about their kings arrival.

Aap?? Aap Maharaja Maanveer hai?? The great warrior king of AryaNagar.. the Demon..

He was astonished hearing her giving him names , but smirked at her.

Agar Hume pata hota ke aap Kaun hai toh I would have rather die in the hands of bandits than coming with you, anger began surging her veins knowing his identity now. She pulled out her hidden knife to smash him but he caught it in his bare palm, already knowing about her keeping that thing hidden.

You demon, she glared him furiously.

Yes, demon, and if you do that again , I will show you how demonic I am..he jerked her in his arms furiously not approving her sudden hatred for him.

No.. she struggled hard in his arms, chodiye hume..

sochna bhi mat.. he hissed angrily.


Geetakshi was escorted inside his royal chamber with all the respect she deserved. but she was fuming uncontrollably to think about the betrayal she get from him. he make a fool of her, he hide this big fact from her, and she lost to his bewitching eyes.

her thoughts process came to halt with his sudden entry, maids ran out with his one look and closed the door behind.

she got up facing him angrily, PicsArt_03-18-11.24.21

Why didn’t you tell me who you were earlier.

Why should I? I am a King, your highness.


he spoke with so much of attitude oozing out his posture as he looked at her again with those bewitching eyes,

don’t say that.. she composed herself, I am not worthy of the respect coming from the great King, Maanveer, there was taunt in her voice, she turned and sat on the bed sulking. she had heard stories about him, he is very brutal and blood thirsty worrier not much different from satan.

Maan sighed and walked near her, he sat before her o the bed, Geetakshi, look at me. he held her chin making her look up and meet his eyes.

those group of bandits were troubling Aryanagar’s people from long while, woh bas ek hi rasta hume dekha, that to joined that tribe, soon that boss of him made me one groups boss and then everything you know, that follows…he stopped seeing her wet eyes.

yeh jaan lo, however brutal or cruel I am on the battlefield, that is not me.. he was soft.

but she jerked his hand away angrily, it’s not with this two hands that you have taken all those lives?

nahi Geetakshi, it’s my birthright, he too became furious seeing her not understanding, the wight of thousands of people on my shoulder , it is my duty .. that move me forward.

don’t forget even King Indravardhan, king of Ameerkot, your father has blood of thousands on his hands,  as well as the satan king who have built his empire.

that’s the thing.. you are no different than satan, she hissed on his face. his jaw tighten, he controlled his rage, his eyes truing red furiously, but he got up turning his back to her, within the week i will do arrangement to escort you back safely to your Kingdom.  and he rushed out leaving her alone to ponder over his words.

he fight alongside his men in the battle. he must be a respected a lot by his kingdom.

agar hum unki jagah hote.. phir bhi hum itna khoon nahi bahate.. she cried  but then the beautiful moments they share in the forest, couldn’t be ignorant. her heartbeat raised, how he took care of her, loved her. she blushed, the way his intense eyes held her captive all the while he shower his love on her or at the time he fight for her, killing all bandits who dared to lay their dirty eyes on her.

flashes of all happened from last two days swam in her mind, she closed her eyes, didn’t realize when sleep engulf her tired mind.


tum hi batao suraj, kya hum galat the.. maan stood before his horse, talking with him, sharing hie heart, which pained deep with her accusing eyes, the horse made voice,  answering him.

achcha theek hai. .. i should have told her, unhe humare bare mein kuch bhi nahi pata tha par hum unke bare mein sab kuch jaan chuke the.. with every gaze, every smile,, every touch.. his heart fluttered with the memories of those sweet and beautiful moments both shared in the forest.

but when did i got the chance, suraj.. he sighed, i was so lost in her, woh khubsurat ehsaas, jo unhone humare dil mein jagaye hai, shayad hum kabhi nahi bhool payenge unhe.. he pained with the thought her shattering belief on him, she would surely leave me and go, suraj.. phir hum akele ho jayenge.


Royal Court

“Our spies have given the information about princess Geetakshi, Maharaja. She didn’t reach for her wedding ceremony and seems went missing.”  one courtier said.

there are rumors Maharaja, that the woman you have brought is non other than Princess Geetakshi, if it’s that the case, the you must not send her back.. other courtier advised him making him furious.  there were all unaware about the woman, and their kings growing feelings for the princess.

next moment, that one was screaming in pain who dared to talk against Geetakshi, as Maan put his sword edge straight on his hand, making him writhe in pain.

watch out your words counsel, king is in bad mood recently, his commander stood at left side warned the men.

mercy, Maharaja.. forgive us..both joined the hands , on crying in pain.

don’t tell me what to do or not..understood?  get the hell out of here. he roared making both run out for their life and he dismissed the meeting, thinking something deeply.


Maan stepped inside the chamber only to see his beloved was lost in admiring the new cloths he had brought for her.

it’s beautiful, so pretty.. she exclaimed as soon as she find him in her sight, He smiled painfully walking towards her, that’s of my mother, gifted by my father to his queen.

she just kept watching him in awe, he was so soft and tender while talked about it, she held his hand and found it sticky, she gasped once she sees it’s blood.

she clasp his wrist dragging him towards the bed, sit down, let me tend it for you,

It’s nothing..

please, Maan.. she pleaded and he couldn’t deny further, sat quietly while she bandaged his hand. her heart pained with the thought what she did in fit of anger, slowly raised her hand to her lips kissing it softly making him admired her silently, ‘maybe just for now i can forgot about all that..’ she gazed into his warm captivating eyes, while he held her waist pulling her on is lap, ‘because in the embrace of his,’ ‘by the light of the fire,’

Bahein teri ye
Jiyoon maroon
Yahin rahoon
Main umr bar
Main bi na jiyun
Jiyun nahi tuje bhool kar….

his lips soon captured her as he was driven on by the desire to feel the touch of her mouth against his and maan found her mouth opening involuntarily under his, allowing him to explore more deeply, his tongue sending unexpected shivers right through her, ‘the problem of the worlds and every memory all seems so far away…’

Hai kwaab jaisa pyar tera
Ho ho..
Tute na kabhi yeh khwab yaara

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  1. Wohooo that was great twist dear never expected to be like him being demon her sudden hatred for him makes him feel lost and pains him more will geet really leave him waiting to read more ❤️😘

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    1. What a twist!
      Maan is king. But geet said he js demon.
      But his behavior was so soft towards her. In anger geet said to much to him.
      She realised her mistake.
      Doni fir se pass aaye. Kya maan ke family me koi nahi hai. Isliye maan bahot alone mehsus karta hai.
      Jo bate apnose karni chahiye wahi baten wo apne horse ke sath kar raha hai.
      Update soon dear

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      1. Yeah, both are together again now..❤️
        Yeah he don’t have anyone in his family..he is alone.. if he have anyone then you will know it soon in next update..


    2. Thank you 🤗
      He is ruthless only to his enemies and on the battlefield..and that rumor was spread which Geet knew about she disliked this fact, as she despise the sight of blood.
      Let’s see…


  2. Nice update.what I thought was right.Maan is a king.but she is confused of his behavior towards her and what she heard about him.even though she hated him as a king she could not stop herself to be loved by him when he came close to her.eager for next update.

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  3. Ooohhhh so he is a king….he has a image of blood thirsty king… But she forgot that every king does that some more n some less…. I thought he is the same to whom geet was going to marry… But will he send her back… Her attitude towards him will force him to do so i think… Well at last geet showed love n care… Hope they remain together…

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  4. Oh so maan is king 👑👑
    Bt geet hate him because he is demon king
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    Maan is sooooo possessive for geet any single word against her he will kill tht person

    Beautiful update

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