I will follow your order darling, but first I want something in return…

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He put forward his demand, with very serious note , as he rest lazily on his chair waiting for her answer.

What do you want?? Geet asked innocently tottaly clueless about his naughty mood.

You!! His answer was quick.

Ji..she asked perplexed.

He got up raising her heartbeats as well, she gulped , seeing him approaching his like a true predator.

You can helped me darling in…he left his words lingering just to tease her.

In what..!?? She stammered as he plastered her to the wall behind, putting his both hands on the wall beside her.

She gulped hard, her breaths quickening, suddenly anticipating his rough kiss.

He smirked seeing her close eyes waiting for his one move and she will melt down in his arms, his gaze moved down on her heaving up and down cleavage, hidden behind thin material of of saree. He control his own urges and parted abruptly, offcourse in my work darling! He completed his sentence leaving her startle, she opened her eyes and looked at smirking him.

Geet, tumhara dhyan kaha hai?? He took back his seat,

She was still trying to comprehend his words, did he really ask that only .

What did you thought?? He smirked devilishly making her pout in anger getting the double meaning of his words now, kuch nahi socha humne!?? She blabber out taking files from his table, tell me , Hume kya kya karna hai??

He hide his smile seeing her antics, but narrated her about the work, she was sincerely listening, but his gaze now and then halted on her cleavage..he still could remember it’s taste, from yesterday night. They were so soft, so full, the nipples hard and pointed. He tasted them, licking her until she cried,

Why was she so special, so lovely?

Maan…Maan…she held his hand trying to pulled him from lost state,

Hu.. he looked at her,

What happened to you?? She was looking worried, Hume lagta hai, you are really tired,

She pressed his hand showing her care, his heart flatter seeing her worry for him, soft smile escape from the corner of his lips,

Aap muskura rahe hai?? She tilted her head noticing his smile, and break into dimple smile, raising his heartbeats further.

Geet, get back to work?? He turned serious, himself confused with his changing of emotions.

Ji.. she removed her hand, he didn’t liked that and grasp her hand , making her astonished,

Geet.. um.. Could you bring me cup of coffee?

She nodded but then realizing it’s too late and maybe isolated outside.

Is waqt..??

Why?? You couldn’t bring me,? Then I myself go ..he got up

Maan, nahi..she stopped him, I will bring you, she turned around and walked outside really getting scare with the silent surrounding, as now no one was in the office, all left for homes. And she is stuck here with her weirdo boss.

Jaise bhi hai humare hai,!? She stopped in her track, how can she claim him, her heart sunk with the pain realizing, she could not do that..never ..


Maan realized what he asked her for, he walked out worried for her, and notice whole office was emptied. His cell beep and he took the call, it’s from his Dadima. He informed her about the work.

What about Geet, beta? Unko bhi aapne Sath mein bitha diya!?

Yes Dadi, she is staying with me to help me.


We will be back soon Dadi, don’t worry about her, I will safely bring your little girl back to you.

Maan..she chided amazed to hear something like that coming from him.

Aur nahi toh kya Dadima, you worry for her like she can’t live alone without you.. jab aap nahi the tab bhi toh, suddenly he realized what he was speaking.

“Why did you stop son, isn’t it true beta?” Dadi.

Ji Dadima!! He suddenly felt sorry for her.

Kunal has left her with us on our responsibility, kyon ki unhe humpe Bharosa hai, ke hum unki wife ka achchi tarah se khayal ralh sakte hai, unki namujudgi mein.

I understood Dadi ma, now can I keep the call.

Ji beta, take care, and don’t stres her so much..

Yes Dadi ma, GN

GN son.


Maan sighed and walked ahead to saw her shivering figure in the dark corner, Geet..

She jerked up and straight ran into his arms, Maan.. I was one is here see na..

God, much you get scare!?? He parted her, cupping her face, don’t know how does Kunal manage you!! Words just slip out of his mouth, since the time he had talk with Dadi, those words roaming around his head.

Geet was startled hearing him, and bringing her husband in middle, she pulled down his hands from her face, making distance.

Geet…he realized what did he blabber out.

She ignored him and turned to coffee machine.

I don’t mean that geet!! He came from behind.

She walked away with the mug, then what do you mean?? She turned around facing him and he could see layer of tears in her hazel eyes.

Copy of tumblr_lt14m2ZKop1qjcp4mo1_500

Aapka matlab hai, hum khudka khayal nahi rakh sakte?? Streams of tears falls down on her cheeks, she pouted trying to stop her cries.

Oh darling. I didn’t really mean that, he engulfed her in his arms, she struggle for a while but he held her tight.

You are strong woman, Geet! I really didn’t meant that, it’s just slip of my tongue, believe me, now even you are taking care of me, aren’t you!?? He wiped her tears, she wasn’t yet convinced but he somehow managed to console her.

She handed him his coffee mug, still with sad face .

Aise nahi…

Hu..? She looked questioningly ,

I want to drink it from your mouth, sweetheart!! His husky voice left her to shiver in anticipation hearing his demand,

But I don’t drink it..

But today you will ..for me, he added grasping her waist holding mug before her, can’t able to deny him she took a sip and next moment, he slam his mouth on her, sucking out the liquids from her mouth making her shock.

Leaving her mouth, he smirked devilishly seeing her still dazed look, that’s so sweet Jaan .now you know, darling?

She looked bewildered, her cheeks heating up, she make a turn to run out but he quickly grabbed her hand, where you running now without completing the task.

Maan, plz.. let me go.


Plz I can’t do that, she was dying out of shyness.

Bahot kuch Kiya hai maine tumhare saath, and even more has happened between us, now why are you denying me this Geet??

She stood dumbfounded hearing his shameless words, he was true but how she tell him, it is wrong they have to stop somewhere or things won’t remain in their hands to control the outcome.

One coffee doesn’t harm you!? He whispered sensuously rolling his tongue in her earlobe, leaving her paralyzed, she couldn’t move , he slowly raised her and out her on the table, offering her the mug.

Geet was still unsure but, his one loving gaze and she melted, as he waited for her desperately playing with her waist chain, his fingers moving up doing havoc with her senses.

She took few sips and he instantly slam his mouth on her making her moan with the urgency, she closed her eyes enjoying his naughtiness as his hands squeeze her breast, pinching her hard nipples while he continuing enjoying his coffee from her mouth.

She didn’t know what to do with her own hands other than to hold on to his hair, because she really didn’t want him to stop kissing her. The trouble was, she didn’t know what she wanted, but she wanted it now.


Geet was still blushing furiously working on those files., he had went to fresh up in his washroom, and she found the time for herself to relax a little.

but she was getting tired now; her back aching, her eyes weary from staring at the screen for so long.She was dying to have a bath, slip into a bed and relax. 

Just then Maan walked out , making her jerked open her eyes, she watched him walking towards her now just in his shirt and trouser, with few buttons open, his chest was looking so inevitable, she darted her eyes away feeling ashamed for doing that. 

she straighten in the chair as he reached her and bent on her, making her her breaths sharpen.


hmm.. he continued to gawk he beautiful face making her avert her eyes, she looked down, it’s done. she looked up again and found him nodding his head.he walked back to his chair, show me and hen we can leave the office. 

she composed herself and walked up to him, he was waiting for her, they discussed for a while, and she got up for the washroom ,s o that exit the office.

coming back she notice him resting on the head post, with tense lines on his forehead. inhe kya hua. she walked near him, maan, putting her hand on his shoulder, are you fine? 

yes, he nodded when she held his shoulder, “rukiye”,he waited confused why did she stop him, 

next moment her soft fingers were running through his thick hairs, he close his eyes feeling relief, she pressed his head for a while, he grasp her wrist pulling her on his lap, she gasped looking at him wide eyes, don’t trouble yourself standing, he softly murmured making her smiled shyly, her eyes flashing with all the passion pent up inside her. Maan nearly forgot to breath then, for she was something to behold, her brown hazel eyes, breasts heaving, her long braid flung over her shoulder, the braid end touching her hip.   

His hand tilted her chin and he looked down into her wide, hazel eyes.

‘You’re so beautiful,’ he muttered. His mouth parted on a strange low sigh. She stared at the parted, sensual line of his mouth. It came closer. Before it touched her,her lips were opening to his kiss. He deepened the exploration of her mouth and her hands crept up his chest to fold around his neck. 

She was sweet, so sweet, Maan thought as his kiss deepened and the velvet rough tip of his tongue moved to teach her another pleasure. She was warm and softly delicious,her trembling mouth more enticing than any lips he had ever kissed. He felt he could devour her, inhale her until her every essence became part of him. 

She was so sweet, a sweet and innocent wanton whose honeyed delights were for him alone.

she could hear the heavy thud of his heart as he kissed her deeply while his hands caressing  her, shifting over her breasts, fingers scrabbling at the fastenings on her blouse, pulling it undone. When the tips of his fingers touched her breast she felt currents of pleasure running down her body. 

His eyes glittered, their black pupils dilated with sexual excitement as he stared at her smooth-skinned, bare shoulders and her half naked breasts. 

he buried his face in the deep cleft between her breasts and breathed deeply of her scent. In that moment he knew it was a smell he would never forget or ever get enough of.

Geet cried out when he caught the tip of one breast in his lips. Too many sensations were happening all at once.  She held his head there, groaning, as his hands moved even lower to her hips, her thighs. The heat inside her was burning her up, she forgot everything but her need for him.

his hand curled round her other breast, tugging down her blouse and baring her nipple. His long finger stroked dexterously, and she gave a stifled gasp, shaken by the pleasure the movement sent through her. The hardening of her nipple under his caress told him too much. she fell back, trembling, as she felt the warm moistness of his mouth taking possession.

Maan, please,’ she almost whimpered, but although she made the protest her eyes had closed and she was quivering as his head moved against her.

The intensity of her own reaction took her entirely by surprise. Quick, piercing stabs of sexual excitement were shooting through her body.

It was the sound of grumbling of stomach which halted his moves and geet was highly embarrassed, she hide her face behind her palms, he chuckled, hungry? he whispered in her ear making her shudder, she nodded her head as he began putting on her cloths properly, she hugged him tight, hiding her face in his chest making him laughed out on her antics.

knowing her uneasiness for restaurant he drop the idea to have date with her, and brought her favorite eatables for her in the car itself, she relished it with childlike innocent smile on her face which made his day.


Mid night,

Geet suddenly woke up, her sleep was broken and she drank full glass of water realizing she just dreamnt about maan, both were bare on the bed.

she closed her eyes blushing furiously and then looked down from her window to see someone inside the pool, her breath halted in her throat getting the clear view of him,. it’s him, maan.


her heartbeat raised insanely just with his sight, he looked gorgeous while swimming inside the pool. she smiled .. blushed and couldn’t help but ran downstairs towards the pool.

waise bhi. humari neend toh kab ki chali gayi.. she reasoned herself with a shy smile.



what are you doing here at this late hours? he moved towards her through the water, stopping at the edge of the pool, she couldn’t blink her lashes getting into his gorgeous view.

he smirked noticing her gaze, like what you see, darling,

Geet blushed furiously, while he walked out of water making her jaw dropped, hey babaji..she turned around hiding her face behind her palm.

Maan smiled and walked near her, grasping her closer, she was about to yell but he quickly clasp her mouth with his palm, shh… aawaz nahi Geet, you will wake up everyone, he whispered in her ear, she struggle behind his palm then nodded her head seeing his stern eyes. he slowly turned her around, Her skin was like cool fire. his lips brushed along the flower-petal softness of her brow and cheeks as He slowly left her mouth, rubbing her lips in the process, you drenched me..she whined with cute pout on her lips,

So who’s fault it is??

She confused, then said, yours.

Mine.. he smirked, you are the one standing in my vicinity, he said huskily holding her nape, she shuddered with his closeness, her eyes roaming down at his perfect carve body. His skin burned with the contact of her soft palms… he jerked her closer, pressing her body length to her.

She could feel her breasts responding to the hardness of the muscled chest pressed against them, her nipples tingling, aching with an intensity she had never known as a naive bride, but which she easily recognized now as the onset of overwhelming desire. She could not want him … not this man … It was … it was sick, she told herself,

To be continued…

Precap : swimming..

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    1. Thank you 🤗
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