Both were lost in each other, devouring each others mouth, his hands snaking on her body like expert seducer, he cupped her breast making her moan in his mouth.

Their trance was broken with the approaching thundering hooves.

Both broke apart turning alert, he quickly pushed her behind the bushes, stay here until I order.

But I.. word, he showed her his forefinger, his eyes turning red in fury for the intruders.

Sardar, look that is his horse,

Yahi Kahi hoga ho..dhundo use.. all scattered around the place, searching for their prey.

Aur ha.. don’t forget to fetch that princess as well, we can’t leave that Beauty , we will feast upon her whole night..and Geet could hear evil laughter booking the place, making her blood boil in rage, she looked Maan who was similarly looking furious ready to kill each one.

Kill them, Maan, she commands furiously.

He looked at her hearing her voice, then her command, didn’t you hear me, I said Kill them all ..she roared taking all bandits attention who were there all ready to hunt both.

But geetakshi walked out having strange confidence on Maan, he looked at her, and both shared a deep eyes lock .

When one of the guy from bandits group attacked him, Geet flinched for a while but Maan not, he cut his hand off which was about to touch Geetakshi.

She smiled proudly at him, to which he smirked and others stood horrified , all bandits got more angry and attacked him at once.

Geet took back steps while he shielded her behind him, and fighting with all with his one sword, which shined with all dirty’s bloods.

You backstabber, I took you in our group, you don’t deserve to live, their boss jumped down from the horse, Maan smirked, walking face to face with him.


He turned back hearing her scream only to find one injured thug dragging her away,

Leave her!! Maan roared.

Ha…ha.. you lost the right to order me,

Maan marched towards him but he was halted on the sight, with Geetakshi’s yelp of pain

Don’t …

Then don’t you dare to step ahead, or else and he presses the knife more strongly…drops of blood flow down her throat..she closed her eyes tightly in pain..

Maan sees the blood flowing and without caring for anything in the world, charges ahead with a loud cry! He strangles the thug by his neck…so strong is his grip that within seconds, the man leaves the knife and geetakshi. He struggles to breathe like a fish without water.

Sardar watching all this was horrified, he ran from behind to attacks him but Geetakshi alert Maan with her scream.

Maan blow him with the sword, he fallen down on the ground with thud, you…he sturggle to breath pointing at Maan..

His sword shined in the sunlight while Lying Sardaar kept watching him with open it recognizing his true identity..

Ma…but before he could he lost his breath.

Geetakshi ran straight in Maan’s arms, who engulfed her securely in his arms, You amazed me Today, he cupped her cheek warmly breathing high, itna Vishwas..?? Hum pe..!??

I somehow know, you won’t let anything happen to me, ! She confessed and kept looking into his brown eyes which were warm and passionate looking down at her, burning her with their one warm glance.

She blushed, her gaze darting down at his lips which had kissed her umpteenth times but she never denied nor she willing to further also.

He caught her gaze, and slowly bend to fulfill her desire.

His lips touched hers gently at first, and then, as she slipped her arms about his neck, his mouth pressed hers fiercely. She parted her lips, responding to his kiss. He kissed her, tightening his arms around her. She closed her mind to thinking. His hands were now on the small of her back, stroking gently, fondling and caressing.

There was a stirring of fire deep inside her. She always felt that stir of flame when she was in his embrace.

His hand was at her waist, then at her hip. His fingers squeezed gently. She felt his hand on her breast.

Geetakshi pulled away from him, afraid of the desire flaming up in her. But Maan smiled at her, and suddenly everything was all right, and she was no longer afraid of her reaction to him. What had happened between them was as natural and as Beautiful like the Forest.

She pulled his head down and kissed him full on the mouth, moving close to him as she wrapped her arms about his body.


He stretched out in the grass, leaning on an elbow, facing her place by the fire. as she continued enjoying her fruits.. juice was dripping down her jaw, as she was noisily sucking the juice from a handful of berries he had found in the forest.

He met Geetakshi’s gaze and deliberately licked the last of the rich red juice from her hand, she pouted, jerking her hand back , next moment he he gathered her hair in his hands pulling her gently in his arms, Geetakshi stopped eating and turned to look into his smiling brown eyes. he softly licked her juicy lips before beginning the kiss, as he sucked all sweet juice from her mouth.

Both broke apart to catch the breath, her eyes never leaving his. She continued to stare at him, relieved, It was his eyes, she decided at last, the way he had looked at her, making love to her with those dark, compelling eyes.

are you okay? his fingers move to her throat where he had put paste of leaves to stop her bleeding, it’s still hurting?

nahi.. hum ab sukun mahsoos kar rahe hai.. she softly said , he pecked her forehead affectionately. his hands caressing her back smoothly, soon it found her way down.

Geetakshi felt his hand on her breast. His arms closed around her as she snuggled close to him, pressing the length of her warm body against his. He released her and she lay back, looking up at him. he leaned over her, She smiled and ran her fingers through his hair. He caught her hand and kissed the palm, then bent and kissed her heaving breast. Her arms went around his shoulders. Then his hand cupped her breast, and a tremor passed through her.

He kept his hand on the breast, squeezing it gently as they kissed. She parted her lips in response to the probing tip of his tongue,

The way he held her, the intensity of his kisses, overpowered her. She closed her mind completely to everything but the touch of his hand on her breast, the warmth of his tongue between her lips.

His fingers fumbled with the knots of her blouse and she lay quietly unresistant as he slipped the blouse from her shoulders and she felt herself go limp in his arms, permitting him to free her breasts from the confining blouse. She put her arms about his neck and pressed closer to him.

They held each other tightly, and Maan kissed her closed eyes and her cheeks and the hollow of her throat.

He slid his mouth from her throat to the downwards, very slowly, an inch at a time, over the warm, smooth skin of her breasts until he closed his mouth around one of her nipples,  She moaned and began to caress him, they lay side by side, spent and relaxed. 


It was midnight, Geetakshi opened her eyes dizzily hearing some rustling sound , she woke up finding the voice getting closer, she got up putting on her blouse just covering her front , she looked at sleeping Maan, Maan get up..he was fast asleep, she tried shaking him but no use.

Sighing she walked from behind the bush , her eyes widen in terror seeing huge wild creature standing before her, she lost her voice for a while but soon screamed in horror as it jumped on her, she led below it, screaming out for Maan.

Help me….

Maan was horrified himself with the sight, he mustered the courage and ran to attacked on the animal, who was ready to sucked his beloved’s blood.

He pushed that off with his whole straight, slashing him with the sword, soon the wolf was lying dead on the ground.

Maan..she cried clinging to his chest, as he patted her head tenderly, engulfing her dearly against his chest, are you okay?

She nodded still with her her face buried in his chest, he took her back to the fire place, she was still crying shaking with fear, you are a brave Princess, but it’s okay to be scared. he murmured huskily she looked up and his mouth moved against hers.

He trying to sooth her as he engulfed her in his arms dearly, He pulled the blouse from her shoulders, and his fingertips gently stroked along her bare skin.

She felt his hands removing her blouse slowly as he squeezed her breasts, his thumb rubbing her hard, round nipple. She gave a low, deep moan, forgetting her tears. 

Soon she felt her eyes grow heavy ..the delicious warmth of sleep soon crept over her.


The birds begin chirping at dawn, and as the sun grows brighter, sing more and more enthusiastically.

Geetakshi heard the birds faintly as sleep began to release her. A light breeze was soothing… She felt the warmth of the light on her eyelids and heard the singing of the birds more clearly now. She opened her eyes, blinked up at the vast sky.

She was lying on her back. Turning her head to look at Maan, she found that he was awake also. He smiled.

She liked the way he smiled in the morning. It was good to wake up with Maan lying there, smiling at her, his eyes searching her face appreciatively. 

She was the prettiest thing he’d ever seen.

Lord, she was beautiful, a goddess kissed by the sun. his eyes darted down appreciating the view his eyes gazing upon, Her breasts were much fuller than he remembered, unencumbered by a blouse. They stood high and proud above her tiny waist . Maan was mesmerized. Why was she so special, so lovely?

He slid his hands up to her breasts. They were so soft, so full, the nipples hard and pointed. He tasted them, licking her until she cried, before hearing his deep husky voice, “If a man touches your breasts, he considers that you belong to him.”

30 thoughts on “CAPTIVE BRIDE CHAPTER 4

  1. Romantic update.Maan is so protective towards towards Geet and she also she also has full confidence that he will not let anything happen to her.eager to know the true identity of maan as it seems he is not a bandit. Nice part passionately narrated.

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  2. U indeed kept me captive with these passionate update wohooo…her trust on maan gave the strength to kill his enemies…is he really a bandit…. maaneet scenes were superb waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  3. This is giving me Asoka feel .. Maan is like Pavan but some other kingdom’s emperor hiding I feel. & have a feeling Maan loves Geet from before not just now. It’s just she doesn’t remember him or something.. their romance is so so hot🔥 my god you’re giving me all mushy feelings with ur updates ☺️ Pls pls keep em coming I can’t wait.. each story has its own feel n they are all so different yet they chemistry in all is just so hot 🔥🔥

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    1. Ashoka…?? I don’t watched that movie , not even a bit , only the song “Roshni se ” from that movie I know and loved to from the time I watched that song seq. In ETR2 ❤️
      That time I came to know about that song and it’s from that movie.
      Coming to updates.. so glad to know you like it..❤️
      Thank you 🤗


      1. Yeah in Asoka Srk is emperor Asoka but in hiding as a commoner by name Pavan.. meets n falls in love with Kareena who is also a princess..

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      2. Yes, raat ka…I disliked first it was always there in every show..and didn’t understand the meaning much that time..
        But later I understand it, now although I don’t like that song but it’s nice. And if it’s used on maneet.then it will became my favourite..😁


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