He was moving down kissing her open chest, simultaneously slipping down her night gown from her breast, her head moving tormentingly from side to side as his mouth lifted from hers, leaving her bereft.

‘Shush . . . shush . . . It’s all right.’ he whispered huskily.. caging her tightly in his arms.

The thick whisper was meant to comfort, but it only aroused her more, and her flesh quivered in mute pleasure as his hand found her breast.

‘geet…., you don’t know what you do to me.’

She could hear the tension and excitement in his voice and mindlessly she responded to it… burning on fire .. she breathed in an aching sigh of pleasure as his hips moved against her, his mouth hot and shaking slightly as it touched her throat. The ache of need inside her was something totally outside any previous experience she had with him only.. it was him and only him, she had been touched by.. do he know this. she whimpered in pleasure as the pressure of his mouth against her breast became deliciously savage. Her body arched against his mouth in longing and in pleasure, her fingers digging into the bunched muscles of his shoulders.

Maan moved, rolling on to his back and taking her with him, his hands savoring the fullness of her breast as his mouth devouring one delicious full curve of hers.

Just then, power came on, making her jerked back to reality, she looked down to where his head lay against her breast, his mouth hot against her aching flesh.

maan.. she tried to pushed him now blushing furiously, but instead of stopping he pushed her down on her back, still cherishing her assets, His mouth found her other breast, tugging gently on her swollen nipple until she felt almost faint with the frenzy of feeling he was arousing inside her.

He was like a man possessed, she thought feverishly, unstoppable, determined to take what he wanted with or without her consent. She should have despised him, but she didn’t. Her body was shaking against his…fierce intensity of her answering desire totally engulfed her. She wanted to be here like this with him for ever, her mouth dominated by the hunger of his, all her senses alive.

Copy of giphy (11)

She didn’t have the will to stop him, didn’t want to, couldn’t even muster a token protest.

She felt so much heat, from him, from herself. And that tingling in her breasts seemed to travel straight down between her legs. She was close moaning continuously holding his nape…couldn’t think. The sensations coursing through her were overwhelming every one of her senses. she heard the sounds of satisfaction he was making deep in his throat, she inhaled his heady masculine scent.

and the way he was touching her, caressing her felt so good she wished he’d never stop. When she couldn’t help but moan with pleasure, his mouth came quickly back to hers for the deepest kiss yet.

I like the feel of you under me, soft as down yet warm, he confessed huskily still licking her lips, she blushed furiously hiding her face in his chest, that he groaned wrapping his arms on her , pulling her tightly against his chest, he gather her into his arms, she was too weak to do anything that simply lie against him.

he caressed her soft back tenderly but it only made her moaned, he could feel her trembling in his arms, against her ear she felt his lips move, deep baritone of his made her stomach churned, as he muttered softly, ‘Forgive me, Geet, I’ve exhausted you. I hadn’t intended to be so . . . , but you making me go crazy.. he confessed only to feel her snuggled more to him, she deep her face in the crook of his neck, Her body ached, but it was a pleasant ache, the outcome of his passion.. as she drifted off to sleep she thought she felt Maan’s mouth gently caressing her moist skin, trailing a tender path from her throat to the slight swell of her belly, before his arms curved round her again and she finally relaxed into exhaustion.

When she woke up next morning, he was gone…but still his scent linger upon her skin, she blushed and hide herself under the blanket, the realization stuck her again, babaji. she is in maan’s room.. where did he go?? she thought looking around , and gasp in surprised finding herself in her own room. that’s mean he brought her here, just then her cell buzzed, she received the call with thudding of her heart, hello.. her voice quivered…as she waited for the response from other side.

Get ready and hurry up darling, you are already late for office..

What??? Her all shyness and nervousness washed away as his words sink into her, her gaze dropped to the clock and her eyes widen in horror, how long she is sleeping.its too late..

Dadima…what she would say to me now..she pouted with frown on her face,

No one will say anything to you Jaan, you get ready fast and and after coming to office, you definitely have to give reason to your Boss.

Her jaw dropped to the floor, she could visualizes his devilish smirk, and pouted.


If you stop making faces, or else I will do more starting from the kiss …

Babaji..she muttered before cutting the call.

Geet…he chuckled on the other side, crazy woman.

Geet blushed, still could smell the scent of him on her skin, and shivered slightly, Her breasts ached slightly, her nipples tight and faintly swollen If maan was here beside her …Swiftly banishing the thought, she pushed back the covers and headed for her bathroom, standing under the cooling lash of the shower while she tried to get a grip on her tumultuous emotions.

Maan did not love her. How could he? Her eyes became teary, All the time she was dressing, her thoughts wandering around only at last night, and her body shook as she remembered his passionate desire for her and her own response to it. she was terrified by the knowledge of how much she yearned for him. It would be far too dangerous to allow herself to get any further involved with him.

But will she able to stay away from him, never..the answer came quickly, despite her firm resolve several times , She has to stop herself thinking about her feelings for him , She had tried to prevent it; she had tried to protect herself, but at every turn fate had conspired against her…


Whole day went very busy and hectic for Maan, as he was switching to one after another meeting just after few minutes.

Geet looked at him through the blinds, and pouted, how much he worked babaji..she thought looking up then again looked back at him suddenly realizing how much tired he look, he looked after me so well, cared for her so much, her heart suddenly dipped in pain. She storm out of the cabin walking towards him, deciding something in her mind.

Come in, he replied to the light knock on his cabin, hearing that cham cham sound, suddenly he looked up, it was so soothing to hear that sound of hers, then her sight after whole tiring day, was something like getting water in otherwise deserted place. Although she was always beside him following him, but he had no time to notice her much then.

Bolo, kuch kaam tha..he asked watching her standing silent on her place.

Ji..she couldn’t collected the courage and rushed to him, yes, I want to go Home.

He looked at the clock hearing her, that’s when he did realized about the time, it’s crossing 9 o’Clock.

Alright, you go home, and my driver will drop you,

You are not coming up with me?

Nahi..I have work pending..

But it’s over time Maan,

But I can’t come darling, before finishing this, he was only looking into his lappy,

She sighed, twisted her lips and what’s come into her , she just rushed forward shutting his lappy down,


That’s when she realized what blunder she did,


“plz, forgive me but I won’t go without you. You can do remaining tomorrow as well, why stressing yourself so much,” she was blabbering worried for him and he forgotten his anger just looking at her.

Precap :-

I will follow your order darling, but first I want something in return…


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  1. passionate update.very well narrated.Maan is so concerned for her that he shifted her into her bedroom in the morning. He is caring her but will he truly love her.eager for next update.

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