Hum Tumpe Marte Hai…Chapter 20

He pulled off her top and yanked her bra down, baring her breasts so that they spilled over the top of the elastic ..Bending low, he sucked one nipple into his mouth, twirling his tongue like a tornado while it was nestled inside his hot mouth.

She moaned loudly when pleasure stampeded down her spine and took a direct route to her already leaking core. Her fingers and toes tingled with every strong suction of his lips on my hard nipples. He moved from one breast to the other, tonguing the rigid peaks. Then he buried his face between the full mounds and inhaled deeply. A low groan rumbled from his throat like an approaching locomotive. The sound accelerated in depth until it raced through her chest and reached down to curl her toes.

Geet somehow managed to pulled him back hearing the honking sound of cars, he was glued to her chest like a baby, not ready to leave her.

Maan..honey..plz let go ..look Dadima and Annie have come now..don’t you want to meet them.

He nodded his head in no, still gluing to her.

Maan…she groaned pulling him force fully, away, she tried to hook her bra, but next moment, he yanked it down again leaving her startle, what the hell are you doing?? She gritted her teeth, facing him, she hooked it somehow when he took hold of her top , teasing her.

Maan..give that too me, she demanded with glare , he shook his head for no, haww, be serious Maan, give that back, Dadima will come anytime..

He laughed …I won’t give,

teri toh main….she cursed and stomp her foot to chase him as he ran around the bed.

Doll won’t able to catch me.. pakdo pakdo…he laughed, and giggled seeing her running behind him.

Maan..I kill you, give that back…she warned making him stop dead on his place, he turned behind widen eyes, looking at her, she didn’t realize her words shocked him but smiled in victory and took the top from his hand, wearing that she heard him stammering in fear, “you will kill Maan…you kill me..!?? He asked her like a little kid.

Geet rolled her eyes and called Nakul instructing him to get his room clean.

She clasped still shock and scare Maan’s wrist dragging him out of his room. He pulled back his hand fearing from her, leave gonna kill me??

What!?? She was irritated now, just then dadi called him, are awake!??

And he ran downstairs saving his life, next moment he hugged Dadi tightly , Dadi saved me, Doll is going to kill me.

What?? Dadi looked at him pulling apart, while others just rolled their eyes. .

Yes, she just said me, Maan , I kill you..he imitated her making everyone Laughed around him.

Geet greeted her teeth in anger and rush down, giving fake smile to everyone,

Geet, kya baat hai, why he is saying like that? Asked Annie.

Kuch nahi Annie..woh bas…

But Maan broke her, main batata hoo. I…he was going to spill the beans when Geet clasp his mouth, it’s nothing Annie.. I was only teasing him..

Dadi ma aap chaliye, let’s go to your room, you need to rest.

Yes beta,

And everyone move to their respective rooms leaving behind poor Maan to face angry Geet’s wrath.

Now you are gone honey, she swears and he shouted, ” Dadima” before making run for his life as geet began chasing him again.


Few Days passed, Now it’s been month to their betting , Annie still remember it, and kept teasing her in those days.

Geet was irritated but she was sure, this time too she will win this bet, and infact Maan is showing improvement also.

So now one month has finally ended Geet, what do you have to say on this!? Asked smirking Annie.

Of course Annie, mere khayal se Maan ab thik ho Chuka hai..I will be succeed.

You will say that only but how will we believe you, it was always you stay with him not us to see, Tasha taunted.

You guys can take his exam,

What test..?? Asked Annie amazed

He is getting normal, about that..


Annie replied calmly .

But Tasha taunted, what’s the need of it, your it is your frustration which is talking now..

Geet became angry listening to this, don’t you talk nonsense, first let Annie take his test.

But if you get fail in this test then get ready for your decided punishment, this time Annie said with a taunted tone.

Tomorrow will decided that!! Geet was confident and faithful about herself and maan.


Next Day,

Everything was set, all arrangements were done in the huge hall of KM. Geet was tense a bit but she was really confident as well that covered her all tension.

Girls placed two bowls on the table, and asked Maan to sit on the chair infront of that to take his exam.

Dadima sat across on the couch really hopeful for her grandson, while Annie and girls sat either side of hers on different seaties..

Now find out the sweet thing from these..asked Sasha, ( her friends group have 4- 5 girls, I haven’t mentioned before, but you guys assume, and include Sasha into the group)

Sweet!? He frowned looking at those bowls then at Geet, who was gesturing him silently, halwa..(she had made it for him previously)

Halwa .his eyes widen in delight as he caught her words, and gesture..

Sweet..he smiled big and took fist of sugar from the bowl, this is sweet..and filled his mouth making everyone laughed around. He got up coming to geet, he tried to feed her as well, she smiled affectionately, for me…??

He nodded and feed her,

Now come and sit, this time Tasha approach him, with a notebook, now Maan write down the letters, G…D…T.

G d t.. he again looked at Geet,

Yes Maan, Ganesha.. Ganpati Bappa, she June her hands, making trunk with her hands, and he giggled out, yes I know G…for Ganesha..

And he wrote down all three letters making Geet jumped in joy almost, she took his notebook running to Dadima overjoyed,

Dadima was really happy, as she watched this much improvement in her dear g.son. she got up and walked up to him, great son.

Just then girls put different Colors bowl on the table for next test,

Maan beta, now this is last test, Maan looked confused while Annie came from behind Geet, with a smirk plastered upon her face, yes Maan bhai, now tell us which Colors they are.?

Geet ignored her and looked hopefully at Maan, her smirk really irritating her, she wanted to wiped that off giving her answer that could be only given by Maan’s passing in this test.

Maan , tell us which the white color from all these.. ? Asked pinky.

Maan looked at the Colors first observing them for a while, then he turned toward dadi, catching her sari pallu in his hands, white color he smiled big making Dadi smiled as well.

Geet was having big smile as she looked at Annie jerking her hairs in attitude. Annie smiled seeing her antics.

Now last one, find out the black color!!

Maan was irritated now, he jerked his head in no, stamping his foot.

What happened?? Geet became tense seeing his tantrums, he shook his head making faces.

Aisa nahi karte nicely you answered all questions, now this is last question baby. Please for me..

No..he shook his head pouting irritatingly, block Color , he was trying to guess, but not able to remember.

Yes black color, he will tell..

But he still wasn’t ready to open his mouth,

Black color, yes…she was trying to encouraging him to speak…of hairs..she shows him her curls, yes, black color

Seeing him not in a mood, she walked up to him, trying to hold his face but he refused to melt down now,

Maan, aise kyo kar rahe ho, you gives such a nice answers to all those questions, then this is last question, she held his shoulder pestering him continuously while all watching their drama silently.

You want to go to temple…


Yes maan, we will go to temple, now you show us black color first, go..

He nodded with a big smile, black color and walked up to he table. Now huge smile plastered on Geet’s face as well, other also waited with a smile.

He took the bowl of black color, and walked up to her, yes black color, Geet shook her head telling him that he is right.

He stood before her with a black color and next moment threw that straight on her face making her dropped the notebook on the floor.

She herself dropped down on her knees, feeling defeated, her while shaking in anger as she jerked her head to glared him furiously, bit more on herself for her failure..she failed..she failed in the end…the thought was not digestible to herself but it’s the truth and she had to face it.


She got up suddenly with determination, and turned to face Annie, Annie, I am ready to marry Maan, I loss the bet.

to be continued….

Needed to stop here guys, if it’s short…

24 thoughts on “Hum Tumpe Marte Hai…Chapter 20

  1. Omg…such a passionate update…maan seems to improve and all set for test as the duration of one month is over…I was happy hearing maan answering well but alas at last she failed and agreed to marry maan waiting to read more ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome update… Didn’t understand what happened in last how she failed he stood before her with black color, he recognize which is black color

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      If he was cured, he didn’t have thew that color on her face, and after he laughed also on her.. and she knew he is yet not normal..


  3. Passionate update. Maan was horrified when Geet told himm she will kill her.He answered all the questions right but what happened that he threw the bowl on her.Has he recovered or not.Finally Geet agreed to marry him.May be this is a sign of his full recovery.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you πŸ€—
      He hasn’t recovered that shows the way he threw that color on her face,
      You will know more about it in next chappy..


  4. Amazing update.
    So geet lost the bet.
    Now she us ready to marry him.
    But what about her family? They already fixed her engagement.
    What will happen now?
    Is dadi knew about the bet?
    Kta ye shadi sach me hogi?
    Update soon dear

    Liked by 1 person

  5. She is sad that atlast she fails in the test,and also tell ready for the marriage,now wt will happen, looking forward to further 😍….

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Superb update
    Maan ka test bt maan got irritated with their continuous questioning
    Nd finally emptied the bowl on geet

    So geet looses the bet nd she is ready to get married to maan

    Waiting for nxt

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh God superbly written. Can’t wait for next geet is getting married to Maan 😍😍😍😍😍thanks for the lovely update

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