Aap?? She looked at him wide eyed, as it’s late night and he stood at her room door, it was giving her goosebumps.

He walked closer and she walked back inside her room, you didn’t had your dinner!? He said softly,

Ji..she was confused, just then her stomach grumble making her embarrassed while he looked worried some bite, but smile seeing her red face as she looked down.

I said, kuch nahi khaya tumne thinkse, it wasn’t of your choice!??

She looked up at his face in awe, from no one she had heard this question before, no one showed this concern for her before apart from her father. Her eyes instantly filled up showing her emotions, she blink her lashes with a soft smile, nothing like that Maan, it’s just place for me..she covered turning her back, couldn’t lie on his face.

Why can’t you say the truth?? He grabbed her shoulders, kyon humesha gumsum rahti ho, kyon chupa rahi ho muzse, he jerked her closer, she tried to walked away but he turned her in his arms, holding her close.

Hum aapse kuch nahi chupa rahe, her voice quivered, she stolen her gaze from him,

You dared to lied to me twice..his husky voice made her shudder as she looked up only to see his angry eyes.

Seeing her about to cry face, he composed himself and left her, she looked on surprised as he stroll through her room before stopping by the intercom,

He dialled the number and Nakul received the call, make some Indian food , make sure, no voice would come out of kitchen,

Geet gasped with widen eyes as he turned looking at her, say your favorite..

She was mum.

Geet, what would you like to eat..??

Rahne dijiye , uski koi jarurat nahi, I am really not hungry now..

Geet.. he was furious, his jaw tighten, and she knew he wouldn’t leave her unless and until she replied. she hurriedly said out what comes in her mind first, rice and curry.

And then gulped down seeing his stern face, he nodded curtly and inform on the phone before putting it down.

Why are you making them do it, look at the time, it’s late, she pouted.

It’s their work, let them do it. He walked up to her grabbing her in his arms again.

You don’t worry about anything, now food will arrive soon in a room, kha lena… He tucked her hairs behind ear, caressing its smoothness.

She shuddered, feeling overwhelmed with his care, she looked into his eyes and both got hooked into a eye lock.

Dekha teri mast nigahon mein,

Nasha hai ada hai mohabbat hai, ho,

Aaja tujhe bahon mein lelu main,

Roop ye gazab hai qayamat hai,

He got closer to her until his lips touching hers, as his tongue brushed the soft outline of her lips, her eyes widened in astonishment… her body registered its response to his light touch. His tongue moved over her mouth again and Geet found her lips parting, wanting against her will a deeper contact. Everything else was forgotten as Maan’s mouth moved lightly against her own, teasing and tormenting until without being aware of it she was moving closer to him, like a moth attracted to the flame. He held her closed in his arms, his mouth plundering the innocence of hers with a bruising pressure that shocked and reddened her,

Dhadkane tez ho jaane do,

Pyaar mein hosh kho jaane do,

She felt her breasts crushing against the hard wall of his chest through their cloths, his mouth enforcing his dominance over her, his fingers tightening on her hip bones as he molded her against his body.

when his mouth finally released hers. Her lips felt swollen and bruised,

Maan…plz …she felt herself wobbling on knees feeling enormous pleasure at a moment.

He lifted her in his arms, walking upto the bed, putting her down softly, dinner will arrive soon, take it and sleep he pecked her forehead and got up to go but she grabbed his wrist, making him look back at her,

Thank you!!

No need of that are our guest, we should look after you nicely, his eyes wander down on chest, she followed his gaze, and her cheeks heated instantly seeing her bare cleavage, she hurriedly pulled her sari pallu on covering herself .

He was about to step out, when Nakul walked inside carrying the food tray, Maan orders him to put that on table and go.

After he went leaving both alone, Geet again stopped him, won’t you accompany me, I can’t eat alone.she pouted.

But I have had my dinner ,

But you can just sit with me, please..she made an puppy face, making his heart skip a bit, how can he resist it now, he smiled , alright and sat down on the couch place in her room, switching on the TV.

As he shuffled through the channels, she pouted, and looked at him now and then , he caught her gaze, what??

She nodded in no, gulping down the morsel.

Babaji..I want to watch my cartoon show and he only changing channel, here I almost finished my dinner..she huffed.

Next moment he walked up to her, threw the remote on the bed beside her, she give him confused look, first being startled with his sudden move.

You want to watch cartoon, don’t you?? He smirked seeing her jaw dropping, I told you say loud and clear to me, you couldn’t stop muttering to yourself.

She turned red hearing him , then couldn’t stop getting amazed thinking he has such a sharp ears.

She continued laughing and eating side by side watching her favorite Tom and Jerry. He couldn’t believe the woman sat across him would fancied such a thing, but then woman..they are mystery, the more near he goes to her the more he seem revealing her each secrets to him.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is c0cmo6d.jpg

Small smile tug at his lips, seeing her so freely laughing today without no boundaries, he had never seen this happy before, the girl who always seem too vulnerable and scare in his arms today he saw the child in her..

After she finished her dinner, he bide her goodnight and walked out of the room, not wanted to risk himself near her, he wouldn’t able to keep his hands off her then.

Geet sighed, she was feeling so good with him but now, she felt alone, how she wished, he would have stopped here with her, thinking about his care, his touches, she felt warmth in her heart and smiled blushing reminding about their kiss , she shook her head and change into her nightdress.

Just then her cell buzz, seeing the name flashing on the screen, she felt restless and became sweaty, now feeling ashamed how to talk with him. With heavy heart she received his call, hello..

Jaan…his loving voice buzzed into the phone making her shivered , as she led down on the bed, not knowing how to respond and what to talk.


Naraz ho..

She pouted and turned her side, holding the pillow to her chest, his words reminded her about her anger on him, hm..

What.!?? Muzse baat nahi karni..

Nahi..she felt her eyes getting wet, hearing his voice, it was making her feel, she was cheating on him when he loved her deeply.

I told na Jaan, it’s my dream, if you won’t understand me Geet then who will…Samjha karo na Jaan. He pleaded, and could hear her sigh, he wished to just rushed to her and crushed her in his arms, but he was helpless.

They talk for a while, he only heard about Lisa from her mouth, no more word, not about love.. he smiled knowing how much she missed her own pet bit because of his stupid fear from dogs, she adjusted with him without her soul sister, her baby..that what she always called her.

Jaan…Geet..he called her but no response, he got that she must be sleeping, and chuckled, love you kiss to the phone he cut the call.

Love you Maan..she moaned in her sleep feeling it’s Maan who kissed her,


It was midnight when Geet got up with a jerk, and found only darkness greeting her, she cried unable to see anything in the peach dark.

The thing she hated the most was this darkness, as she felt someone walking towards her, babaji… Save me, she muttered and pulled the blanket on sweating profusely inside.

Then peek out again seeing lights coming back, she sighed in relief, but then again lights went off, maybe some of problem happened to switch system.. now what shall I do, Hume neend nahi aayegi itni andher mein. She thought and got up taking her cell with her, switching on the torch.

She slowly got up, tears rolling down her cheeks getting flashes of the horrible incidents happened with her. Because of darkness it started roaming around her blank mind.

You have to be strong Geet, stop crying..she wiped her tears, trying to search Dadima room.

When she felt some shadow at her back, it was her mind which playing trick with her but she was damn scared now, that walked into the next room she find near her.

She somehow walked near the bed, and focus her cellphone torch on the person to check, but she quickly pulled it down gasping in shock, she walked into Maan’s room, as he had forgotten to locked his room door after walking back.

Realization stuck her when lights illuminated the room again.

She took steps back being tense, his sleep will break because of her, babaji..yeh humne kya Kiya..but it was too late as Maan got up, hearing the sound of her bangles and anklets.

Maan looked at her with his dizzy eyes, tum.. he thought for a while, he is hallucinating her but after he got up then also she was there, what are you doing here??

Geet’s tears flowed down on her cheeks which she was holding till now, thinking he would lash on her now for her stunt but she was helpless,..

Geet..he got up at once, walking to her, kya hua, tum itni ghabrayi hui kyon ho..he cupped her face wiping her tears but more flew from her eyes as she clung to his chest wetting it there by, woh..lights….Hume..neend nahi…she sobbed.

Shh…first calm down..he patted her head parting her apart, he wiped her tears, and brought glass of water for her, she took few sips then again spoke, woh electricity was gone, so I was so scare in dark, so bhi nahi pata rahe the.. I thought it’s Dadima room.she completed looking at him innocently like a child.

Maan kept watching her, he remembered how she was scared that day in the office lift as well, and he had mocked her.

Now cursed himself inwardly, then looked at her red face, he tucked those soft tendrils behind her ear, caressing her cheek, are you alright, he pulled her face against his chest.

She nodded and hugged him again like a little girl, snuggling in his warmth.. he lifted her and brought her to his bed, laying her down carefully, she sighed and closed her eyes as she was really felt secure around him.

Maan pecks her forehead affectionately, then got up pulling out his cell, he called the security and instructed to look after the problem.

You sleep without worry darling, he caressed her head and cheek, she smiled nodding her head but then there was power cut again, and she got up with a jerk.

Shh.its okay, he hugged her as she snuggle in his arms, shivering in fear, security is looking after it, you need not the be scare, power will come back again, you sleep..he tried to leave but she snuggle closer, nahi.. please Hume chod ke mat jaiye..

I am not going anywhere, but atleast let me sleep, she nodded and gave him space, he led down and craddled on top of him, snuggling to his chest like a small baby.

He groaned inwardly, feeling her nipples poking against his chest through the thin material of her cloths, as she wasn’t wearing u********** inside.

He crushed her against his chest, burying his face in the crook of her neck, she moaned feeling his hands moving under her gown, he opened the buttons of her gown and pushed that down , while his lips moving on her cleavage passionately,..

She moaned with close eyes, slowly passion started consuming her senses vanishing the fear from her mind.

Ye Husn Aur, Ye Mastiyaan,

Chaane Lagi Hai Madhoshiyan,

Ufff Do Dilon, Ke Saaz Par,

Gaane Lagi Hai, Khamoshiyan,

to be continued….

Precap :-

Passionate Night and morning after….


23 thoughts on “MEHBOOBA S2 CHAPTER 36

  1. Maan ordering food for geet is showing his care for her. Geet watching cartoon is really cute and maan is latoo on her. She has really serious issues which should come out

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    1. Yes, he cared for her , he has understood her innocence..
      Let’s see.. everything will reveal soon step by step as the story proceeds further, ..


  2. Passionate update but its too short.Maan is too observative and caring.He observed that she did not eat well and ordered food for her.He is controlling his desires but its geet who is not allowing him ti do so with her innocent acts.eager for next update

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yes, Geet is nave and he understood it that’s why he controlled his desires around her but in the end she seduced him innocently.😉


  3. Maan is so caring towards her now a days geet said I love you to him in sleep… Looking forward for night to continue and morning🌞 😇😇

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    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yeah, she scared of darkness and now fecth refugee from him..who else will be there for her at kid night..😋😜😉😉


  5. Maan has become soo protective and affectionate towards her. Where is the guy who was just lusting after her a few days back? He left her in her room without troubling her, taking such good care when she is vulnerable.. he is totally in love i wonder what happens next like in Season 1 I think he’ll dump her but wonder how.. also eager for hot scenes in the next

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    1. Let’s see..
      Even I don’t know what’s gonna happen next…and how story takes turn.but it surely will bringing twist after few updates..😉


  6. Nice update. He really cares for her and understands her better than anyone. He knew she didn’t eat well, got food made for her and took care of her. They have an amazing bond, please get them together soon and reveal the mystery of her past.

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