Hum Tumpe Marte Hai Chapter 19

All settled inside the car, beginning their journey to the temple, as their was auspicious puja going to take place in the temple, so Dadi suggested everyone to go their.

Geet was still anxious to go leaving Maan alone at home, as he was sleeping at the time, all decided to leave him at home itself,

Dadima, kya yeh thik rahega , use ghar mein yun akele chod ke hum…

But Dadi stopped her, it’s okay dear, you also know, he needed lots of rest to recover fast.

Phir bhi Dadima..

Oh fo…Geet, pinky pouted, why are you worrying so much, he will be okay.

Dadi we should have left her there with him,why did you bring her along..tasha complained.

Is it..?? Geet threw angry daggers at her with her fuming eyes, then okay, I am going back, me too don’t want to come with you, she pointed her forefinger on her face.

Geet bete, leave it, why are you giving her attention, aap humare sath ja rahe hai, unpe dhyan mat dijiye.. Dadi held her hand, patting her cheek.

Dadima not fair, you love her more than us, tasha made crying which Geet showed her tongue to her, hugging dadi dearly, yeh meri Dadima hai, not yours..

Of course, beta.. aap humari beti hai..

Annie..look..tasha pouted

Annie who till now watching their drama silently just rolled her eyes, ” don’t pulled me in your drama, I don’t want to become crazy!”

Aww…Geet made an o shape of her mouth, Annie ki bachi…tu Ruk .she started wacking her.


Maan slowly opened his eyes with a smile, and turned to his side but soon frowned finding no doll around.

Doll .he got up, where you go…he searched whole room but then she was nowhere, his heart scared, he became panic and rushed out of his room manically calling for her.


He was going crazy finding her, he grabbed each servants by their arm furiously asking from everyone who were damn scared to face their chote sab’s wrath now as they knew no one to saved them from him today.

Where is my Doll..??

Woh…chote..saab, woh temple gayi hai..

Temple..!?? he scratched his head reminding that word , Geet taught him, it’s God place.

Woh akele gayi..? Maan Ko chod kar..?? He pouted.

Servant just nodded, Dadima, Annie bitiya aur unke dost bhi sath mein Gaye hai, he feed in the info while others stood at little distance fearing for his next move.

Sab Sath mein chale Gaye, usne muze nahi liya Sath mein..

She left me alone went along with them, everyone left Maan alone, he began getting aggressive as he searched for anything to take out his anger.

Chote Saab, shant ho jaiye..he tried to hold him but Maan wasn’t in his senses anymore he turned aggressive that he pushed him away furiously, if not for other servants holding him, he would have been hit the floor.

Nakul tried his all way to calm him down but nothing going inside his mind, only thing troubling him that his doll left him alone and went with other,

No one loves Maan.. she too left me.. he threw everything on the floor, breaking the things then rushed upstairs to his room again, breaking everything inside ..

Nakul instantly called Dadi but her cell was unreachable then he dialed Geet, the call was ringing but no answer, it made him worried.

Bechare chote saab, abhi toh thik ho rahe the.. phirse yeh sab…he frowned worried for his chote saab.


Everyone had reach the temple, and Geet suggested Dadi to sit at the downstairs only, concerned about her old age.

Dadi patted her head, no worries beta, I am not that old,

Geet chuckled while she heard her further,

I can climb up few steps, if I feel tired I will sit at the stair,

Sure Dadima,

Sure beta, she was pleased seeing her concern for herself, and Maan, she was already visualizing as Maan’s bride. She have belief now that her Maan will be cure soon, like a normal person with Geet’s care and love.

The temple was crowded reasoning the puja in the temple, everyone’s cell was silent ,so no one could receive the call from home.

As the puja started, everyone got engrossed in it,

Geet joined her hands before the God Shiva statue, chanting om namah shivaya..


Only his thoughts linger inside her mind, she remembers the day she tied Rudraksh on his arm,

Geet, what is it??

It’s Rudraksh, god Shiva’s blessing for you.

He listened intently then asked her many questions about this, she patiently answered them all with a soft smile on her face.

But it’s irritating doll, it’s itching me..he complained cutely as she tied it around his arm.

You have to tied it dear, it’s good for you,

He pouted hearing her,

See Maan, you won’t remove it, she pointed her forefinger at him knowing he would do that after she go.

He turned his face, she cupped it turning it to her, it’s for your good, you will be cure soon.

What happened to me, doll, he confused

She gulped and thought for the answer, noting baby, .but see..if you will land in any trouble anytime, it will save you.

But you are there for me, aren’t you,to save me??

His words made her gasp, her palm halted on his face, she continued to gaped at him, how can he believed her so much.her heart melted, eyes filled up..

I said something wrong doll, why are you crying?? He pouted in worry.

She nodded no, feeling chock.

Then..? You won’t leave me, will you? He asked earnestly.

Never honey..never..she pecked his head with all love she has in her heart for him.


You broke your promise, doll..Maan was so hurt, he cried..and broke the mirror hurting himself in the process.

Geet snap opened her eyes, as if her heart told her about his condition, she felt restless suddenly, and closed her eyes again but now it was making her panic.

Kahi Maan Ko kuch …no..I can’t think like that, he must be sleeping, as he had those pills which wouldn’t awake him one more hour.

She was talking to herself, phir bhi yeh baicheni, she put own hand on her heart, then turned to lord shiva’s statue, joining her hand again to him, and prayed for Maan’s well being.

She rushed to dadi ma, let’s go Dadi Hume niklna chahiye.

But Geet, now only half an hour before we came and…pinky pouted so does other girls completely unaware about her heart state.

If you want to stay back then stay, but I want to back Mansion.

Geet, what happened, you looking panic, dadi saw her pale face, filled with sweat.

Kuch nahi Dadi ma, I am just not feeling good.

Oh..again worried about bhai, Annie rolled her eyes, Geet you are worrying too much, let us stay for a while more, he will be fine.

No Annie… Dadima please I want to go home, Annie you all come later, Dadi ma it’s okay for you?? She was getting impatient to reach back to Maan and see him safe and sound.

It’s okay beta, she patted her cheek, you go back, I will come with Annie.

Thank you dadi ma, she smiled in delight and placing a kiss on her cheek she storm away from there in lightening speed.

Bahot hi pyari hai,

Of course, Annie smiled back, only she knew what a tornado her friend is but she also couldn’t refused the fact that she had seen huge changes in her after coming here, and she is really glad about it, although somewhere she missed her old friend and her antics… felt bad for making her stuck in this situation.


Geet ran inside like a crazy, as she saw umpteenth miss calls from mansion,

Maan…where is he?!

Servants informed her about everything , she gasped in horror seeing the state of hall, then she ran upstairs skipping few steps, she was really getting scare as heard from servants they heard something breaking in his room.

Couldn’t you follow him up, !?? She shouted banging in the door to open by him but it wasn’t answer.

We did mam, but he couldn’t open the door. open the door, plz honey. She banged on the door continuously, look u am back honey, won’t you let me in..

are you alright, atleast let me see..she cried at the end, rolling on the floor on her knees beside door.

After a while, the door open making her jerk up, she chuckled seeing him peeking from the door..

She walked inside signalling all to go from there, they sighed in relief, with a smile and walked downstairs again.

Geet step inside his room with a smile, but soon she was frozen seeing  the sight of the room, everything was broken.. with blood spot on the mirror.

She gasped, and turned back to see him, he stood there angrily like nothing happened, his hand bleeding with little drops falling down on the floor

Maan…you.. moron…she shouted and grabbed his hand, my god..what would I do now .. she cried, hopelessly looking at him then the wound, nothing going inside her mind seeing his wound.

It’s paining, he complained, with her hold on his wound, as she tried to stop the blood.

Now you feeling pain..? Where it gone when you tried this stunt, you stupid..!?

Main stupid ya tum?? He shouted on her making her jerk back, put bandage on my hand, stupid girl..

Her jaw dropped hearing him, and then reality stuck her, yes..I need to aid him..oh making me crazy Maan…like you she added talking aloud to herself.

He frowned, I am not crazy..

he shouted on her, seeing her fetching the aid box, yes baby you are not crazy..she rolled her eyes and rushed back to him, both sat on the bed while she washed his hand first, cleaning the wound, he hissed…her eyes filled up, she blew on his wound, and put bandage on.

Then kissed it, now it will heal soon..jada jor mat dena ise..okay.. !??

He just huff and got up turning his back to her.

Kya hua Maan..

No answer..


Still silence from his side.

Naraaz ho??

She walked upto him and wrapped her arms around him, hugging him from back…he jerked that off angrily, you don’t love Maan..

Maan..she gasped, hearing that from his mouth, her heart pained, don’t say like that.

Yes , doll don’t love me, he poked his chest, showing her his angry eyes, you left me alone, everyone left Maan one loves Maan..he was shouting, and searching the place or thing to hit his hand in anger but Geet got the clue and grasp his hand before he could harm himself again.

Maan, plz..

Leave me.. you don’t love me..

I love you honey..if only you know how much I love you, she confessed cupping his jaw with wet eyes, staring at the man who’d ruled her every thought for the past weeks.

He seems calm bit, she put her head on his chest, listening his heartbeats. ..which were running marathon, plz calm down, she looked kissing his lips softly, he wouldn’t response still angry on her, you were sleeping so peacefully, I don’t have a heart to break your sleep, and it’s necessary for you to take rest, she touched her cheek with his, caressing him.

He sighed burying his face in the crook of her neck, his lips burned her soft skin, she cupped his nape, crushing him deep in her,

You wouldn’t like your sleep breaking, would you??

He just hmm in response getting lost in her fragrance, she tilted her face giving him more access, as he began smooching her skin madly. Then coming back to face her,

Don’t leave me again..He breathed roughly as his lips crashed down on hers, hard and insistent. She shivered feeling the intensity of his mad kiss, he was hungrily devouring her lips pouring out all his anger and pain through that one kiss.

She moaned against his mouth in passion and swallowed his tongue and shoved her deep into his mouth, then gripped his hair hard with her fists and devoured him.

She was afraid that he’d vanish, that he’d sequester himself in his room alone again and she’d be robbed of him. She’d missed him so much it hurt like hell…

He moaned desperately commandeering her face, kissing and biting and licking…making her insane.

His hands around her waist move down and cupped her hips, pulling her tight against him.

Her mind registered somewhere that his cock was rock hard, her hips arched in anticipation as she pressed her abdomen into his straining erection.

He moaned and kissed her back as ardently as she kissed him, sinking his teeth into her bottom lip until it hurt, then soothing it with a vibrating suck.

Thank you so much guys for awesome ideas for further track, but I had already set the end of the story.. but don’t worry i am not goona give it abrupt ending.. also your all ideas are precious for me.. i have decided those tracks for my another ff.. will guys will know soon.. till then stay tune… ; )

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    1. Nice update.Maan missed her a lot that he became mad breaking all the thingsin his room.what if she leaves him and marries the person her parents are looking for.will he become normal?eager for next update.

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  1. Wow read the note, so it’s understood that the story is not going to be like one of the readers ideas which means I can expect something else 🙀 eager to read more ya waiting to see how story progresses

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    1. Yeah, I have already planned something from the beginning of the story.. still wanted to read you guys pov about story..😋


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        You surely get the shock with the upcoming twist..😜😜

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