She felt herself dragging as she try to opened her dizzy eyes.

Bhai..hume hume jane dijiye..please…she yet again did that. Pleading to her own family but they as always ignore her pleading and her mother drag her towards her room.

Thik se baith yaha.i have to make you ready.she barked on geet who was still in subconscious state .she have no strength left to stand properly also .but she have to ..for herself.now she have to think of herself atleast. .


It was next morning and he just rushed to his office don’t want to face anything or anyone now frustrated at his ownself. 

He kept himself busy in work trying to be away from her thoughts to calm himself but nothing is happening.
He wanted to see her.He want her now only here infront of his eyes. He can’t live without her.why can’t she understand. Why..dammn..it.

he broke all things in frustration .adi just rushed back to his cabin hurriedly hearing loud voices from inside his office.his staff faced his real wrath today in his spoiled mood.


Where is maan ? Asked dadima to nakul.

He has gone to office in early morning only dadima. 

She sigh in agony.why her Grandson is not understanding. Why he is being stubborn.he still don’t know that geet is not at home. Bit what he will do after knowing this also.nothing.that same frustration that same ego and his anger.that will come again..


It was evening when her mother was making her ready forcefully hurting her again and again on her previous wounds.
Aahhh..maa…she wince yet again dozing on her chair.she was hell dizzy wanted to closed her eyes but she will not .if she will don’t know what they will do with her and her shona..

SHONA..her eyes welled up.where did he go..

Hume shadi nahi karni. .she blabber yet again heard by deaf ears.

Let’s move fast ma..that man is waiting.

Chalo..she grasp her wrist tightly and drag her yet again to outside.

She stumble few steps but they cared nothing as both of them pushed her inside vehicle they had arranged and that speed up on the road.
Hume chodiye..hume nahi jana kahi bhi..she wriggle in there hold but that was futile as same as her straight.
Her heart ached in her agony.her droopy eyes try to search him but he was nowhere to be seen .will he come..?


He step inside dark mansion feeling emptiness all around.his eyes roam all around in search of his jaan but she was not there not on dinning table nor on sofa also waiting for him.where is she ? Why didn’t she waited for him like always.surely with that dirty creature .offcourse that is..his knuckles curls in fist and he storm towards his room angry to the core.

He broke all the things in is room angrily pushing nakul out of his room.his anger raised after seeing nakul bringing his black coffee which have always done by her..then why not today also.he comb his hairs in frustration. His heart somewhere scared for her but his mind that was blur with his anger and ego refused to heard his heart.

It’s only thing you knows son..isn’t it ? He heard his dadima as he turn to see her angry as much as he is.


They both drag her out of the car furiously and brought her inside temple which was standing there alone in secluded area little far from the main road.

She saw all around her with red horrified eyes.there was wedding arrangements was done and her to be groom was standing there waiting for her.he was some old age man.her whole shook with the reality she is facing back to back.she made a disgusting face at them.how could they went this low ..how could they do something like this with her.

She came out of her thoughts hearing priest calling for the bride.her senses got back and she just thought to ran from there at once to save herself.they both were busy with the groom and priest there that she slowly sneak from there and hide behind on of the poll of temple.

As priest called again for her her brother and mother turn to looked at her but she was missing.they both got horrified and angry at once. 

didn’t you caught her sometime before only.her brother blasted on jaya his mother.

Yes son.i had.

Just forget that..Let’s find her first.both of them scatter apart .geet was seeing all from behind the poll.she try to calm her uneven breaths and just turn to tan from there but her Payal and bangles made enough sound to catch her by both the evils.
Yeh ruk..where are you running.she heard her brother shouting from behind as she try to run holding her designer lehenga, her duppatta when felt flying she don’t know..only thing she knows at the time was she have to ran from there to save herself.

Soon she felt a harsh pulled on her hand and got caged inbetween the big wall and her step brother. 

She let out a frustrated cry on finding herself again caged in hell.

Leave me..leave me..she shouted angrily on his face that was coming closer and closer towards herself.

Why is so hurry. .when you are going to married finally then let me enjoyed first with you…he added eyeing her lustily.
Aap Aise soch bhi kaise sakte hai..hum aapki bahen (sister) hai..

Urgh  you are not…he sneer angrily at her grasping her waist tightly that she wince in pain.

Aahh…chodiye hume…she started to bang on his chest but he hold her hands tight and started to reduce the distance between there lips .

Leave me..she continued her attempts to pushed him far from her but he was not moving an inch.

Soon she felt his body going away from her flying in air.she gasp with sudden realization as she turn to see who is the person who punch him hard.

SAHEB. .she gasp audibly as sudden happiness washed over her face buy soon that was replaced again with the same pain and agony she was Carrying till now. 

Maan looked at her gorgeous face that was happy sometime before but there was again that sadness on her beautiful face.that was all because him ,he knows.

********An hour back *******

It’s only thing you knows son..isn’t it ? He heard his dadima as he turn to see her angry as much as he is.

Just leave from here dadima. .I Am in no mood now.. he spitted out angrily.

But i am..her eyes blazed red in fury at her egoistic grandson.
Is this anger and ego of yours is more important than your love..or there is any…i Am now thinking.
And that’s it..dadima did pinch on his right nerve to made him react. .

DADIMA. .he shouted in great fury ..

How dare you to insult my love..

Love ..is that your so called love to leave her alone. Is that your love to hate the thing which she loved the most..or is that your love to hurt her a such as you want to your heart satisfied. .
Dadima ..enough..his anger was reaching to its peak hearing her.how could she doubt on his love for his jaan..that was not false.that was as much as true as his innocent jaan.

Why it’s bothering you..then think of geet..she has bear this alone when you were hurting her or that little life aswell. doesn’t that life have the right to live in this world like you and us are living that you just threw that mercilessly. .and after that even you are expecting us to take your side. .

She blasted on him her all anger ,frustration came out on him.he is the reason of her lotus is not at home now.she leave him..this mansion.

Maan just closed his eyes in frustration listening her.she is right at many points or all of them.

He stamp his hand on the wall as he remembered her tears stricken hurtful face blaming at him.but next second he snap open his eyes hearing next set of words from dadima. 

You are the reason son that geet is not at mansion now..she leave me because of you..dadima blamed him directly not bearing anymore pain of this parting from her dear child.
He shook with the thought of her being alone somewhere..where did she went..That’s why she was not there when he came back from office. .

Oh..God. .what he had done..where she will be now. .he comb back his hairs in frustration as he rushed to take out his cloths from cupboard. 

Where are you going now ? Asked dadima glaring at his back.
Did she said something to you dadima that where she is going ? He asked her in rushed to going outside.
She has gone to her home ..before she spoke further he shouted stopping in his track..

What…oh shit…why did you sent her there dadima. .you did know about her family ,didn’t you ? He held her shoulders.

I know son but whatever that maybe she is her mother.and geet said me that she was missing her mother and wanted to meet her ,then how could I stopped from going to her own house..

No dadima. .you are not understanding. .just forget that..let me move now.i need to hurry. .you take rest . .I will bring her ..saying so he rushed from there wondering on her words..

It’s all because of him .how could she still go back there after all pain she bore there. He hit the steering in frustration.

It’s not difficult for him to find out her whereabouts and he reach near her area asking about her to nearby one house but what they said that totally shook him for a moment. How disgusting her family could go ..they are ready to married her with old man..how dared they..she is just his..his jaan. .he will not let that happened. .he make some calls and  rushed towards temple where they had planed to married her..


He looked at her brother and his anger reach to new level of insanity remembering what he just try to do with his jaan..his lotus..

How dared he..

He rushed towards him and started to hit him as much he wanted with his foot. After that he held his collars tightly punching him black and blue. geet stood there rooted emotionless let him do whatever he wanted.she will not stop him today .he must be punished severely. He deserves it .her step brother he was.she greeted her teeth. he brought a shame on the beautiful relation. ..

Her heart felt unknown satisfaction to see him getting beaten  like that.she heard his each screams carefully to remember her own inbetween that.her all pain ,agony..her sufferings come again rushing through that making her little more mature as her eyes spark in anger to see that filthy creature wriggling in great pain. 

Hey man..leave him..both heard the loud voice and maan stopped in his track of beating him as he saw that mother of just name sake rushing towards them.

How dared you to touch my son..she blasted on him eyeing geet furiously. 

How dared he to touch my geet .maan blasted back on the filthy women standing before him showing him attitude. She rushed towards her son supporting him as he was looking as if going to blank out soon. But she did caught that “my geet ” .

She eyed him top to bottom and soon enough she catch him being one of khurana.but there is nothing left she knows that.

What relation she have with you that you are calling her yours ? Her question make him dumbstruck as he turn his gaze towards geet who was standing there in looking drown in her own agony.her eyes were red droopy deprive of any sleep or rest.he knows now he need to take her away from here soon.

Arey jaya , what happened. .pandit ji is calling my would be wife..the old man came there eyeing geet .

Geet ..she wince back remembering for what reason she is here.

Whereas maan..his fist tighten hearing him ,he take out his shirt a nd wrap her all body and just blasted on that man..

Get lost from here. .any marriage not going to happen here.

But jaya..he tried again but seeing him almost marching towards him he ran away from there.

Soon police came there with group .seeing that jaya’s eyes widen in shock.

What is this ? She question fearfully at maan. 

It’s for you..he smirk on her..take her and that baster away from here..fast..he order the officer and they dragged both of them furiously. 

Geet..geet..said them to leave us…or we will not leave you..she shouted in anger and fear..but geet heard nothing she stand there motionless at the ongoing scene which was giving her somewhat satisfaction. .

Lets move jaan..he hold her wrist and try to move from there.

Kis haq se aap Hume le ja rahe hai..aur kaha ? He heard her soft voice trying to be stern but that never come out.

He looked at her nave face. .how did she managed to question him now.where did his innocent jaan gone..who never question him like that then why today ..

he analysed her face for second to see that there was lots of unsaid words she is trying said ad asked from him but she did nothing just stop him.

Her question do hold that weight though..it’s time for him now to gave his jaan all the happiness and desires she was wishing to .determined he looked at her ,his face was calm which made her confused…

Slowly nodding at her he asked her to followed him holding her wrist firmly.she followed him like always lost in his eyes, his silent words.

As they both step inside the temple taking same steps side by side. Bells rang and priest looked upto see the couple.
Maan walk further infront of priest holding geet by side. He take the sindoor box from the thali  in priest hand and filled her partition at once shocking her to the core as she stumble back only to be hold by him..

Geet..he hold her protectively in his arms. The priest gave him wedding chain to made her wear that and he did.he take the seven rounds around the holy fire before God and priest ,taking her in his arms whereas priest did there marriage chanting the mantras of wedding…



  1. It was a dhamaakedaar update Di. Didn’t expect her so called mother and brother to stoop so low😡.
    The sudden marriage was really superb. Eagerly waiting for the next update to see the reactions of their family members.
    Please update soon Di 🤗😊.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Fabulous update.Maan has come for Geet’s rescue.Her step mother and brother how greedy they are to get her marry to a old man.Wow Maan and geet are getting married. Eager for next update soon.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Hi.. dear
    The entire Journey of ‘His maid’ was really enchanting.. with every chapter a new feel blooms in heart… in first few parts where maan is portrayed as richie rich with attitude and selfishness…. felt like men like maan doesn’t deserve purity… a time where he thought to take advantage of geet’s care and humbleness… I felt… ise koi mare tuo achcha hoga… but its said na… purity washes always all the evilness… maan started changing and truly felt… like banda sudhar gaya… geet is a true sweetheart..I just wished ki we got to know why dadima favours geet so much..how come she met her… I hope geet gets to know about her mom in second season… finally maan listened to his heart and proclaimed geet as his wife… I hope Journey from here gets interesting and we get to see a fierce geet who could stand for her dignity…loved reading the story dear….. thanks for writing it..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much 🤗
      So glad to know..
      Hope you will like next season also
      I don’t know how it had come out as it’s been few years now, and my first story it was..
      So hope it has reach to your expectations till little extent.😊


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