Captive Bride Chapter 3

Geetakshi looked at him little surprise hearing his words, a sudden thought came to her mind , he knew about her, then he might used my identity against me or my kingdom.

Rajkumari, aapne humare sawal ka jawab nahi diya..

she was startle hearing him asking the same question again, she turned to looked at him awaiting her answer, aapko kyon farak padta hai, agar hum narraz bhi hue toh aapse, and I should be.. hai na…???

she stopped confused thinking, she don’t know his name yet, but before she could asked , he got up, hume chalna chahiye..

suddenly Geetakshi was alert, she cant believe on him, where is he taking her now, although he saved her from his own gang, yet how can she believe some rogue… hum aapke sath nahi aayenge.. she was stubborn making him turned to look at her surprise, he marched forward and grasp her wrist, I wont leave you here middle of forest, let’s go.. he pulled her along with him,

let me go..she wriggled.

not again.. he thought, you are coming with me to my camp. he said turning towards her

she frowned, another camp..?

he nodded lifting her up onto the horse, then mounted behind her.. hume Ameerkot wapas jana hai.. she demanded with pouting face turning to look back at him,

you can’t ride back through the wilderness now.. you need to someone to take care of you right now. his husky voice whispered into her ear, making her shuddered as he held her closer, rubbing a lock of her brown hair between his fingers.

Geetakshi couldn’t deny that he was saying right, she don’t have any option right now, she nodded then as he to settle himself behind this mysterious bundle of beauty, she have one more demand, I will not go with someone whos name I don’t know.. if you can tell me your name..

He smirked, before uttering his name, “ MAAN”

it’s Maan.. at your service, princess..

geet kept looking at him for a while, when stallion jumped up to start the ride, she held him tight but his neck, as he added further, I won’t go slow, you better hold on tight.. he smirked seeing her twisting her lips on his remark.

after a while,

Maan, why did your men didn’t followed your order? she stopped seeing his eyes turning angry, aur who log kya kah rahe the aapke bare mein.

they were backstabbers, he muttered furiously, you don’t need to know this.

Geetakshi became agitated, why not, you know about me, you stolen my first kiss, she stopped with red cheeks, and you owe me this, hum rajkumari Geetakshi hai,, I can punish you severely for this..

she was feisty , he liked that and smirked devilishly, clever your highness, but I owe you nothing, even I can do anything with you just begin with the kiss, as we are all alone in the deep forest.

Geetakshi shuddered to this, she was furious but couldn’t lash out on him, she just turned her face in anger, seeing his smirking face. she thought, he doesn’t seem to have harmful intentions yet she cant trust him, who knows when he will change his colors. I need to keep calm, and wise if I want to go back my palace safe.

Soon they reached the beautiful place near river, if you would like to tend to yourself, here, he jumped down the horse, helping her as well, his fingers brushed against her bares waist, then her curves, making both shudder in pleasure, both share small eye lock which was broken by the sound of chirping of birds.

Geetakshi nodded, since she too was having some lady matters to attend to, she looked around, the atmosphere was really pleasant, the sun was doing hide and seek behind high tress and bushes. 

Maan led her as both walk up a path into the mountains..leading her into a small clearing that was surrounded by tall juniper trees.

A large pond in the middle of the clearing had been formed by the mountain rains. It was a beautiful place,

Animated Gif by jeroen1435 | Beautiful landscapes, Beautiful waterfalls,  Pictures

She walked into the water, her skirt deep in, she put her hands inside feeling it’s coolness…taking it in her cup of palms she threw that across her face, washing off the dust there by, her face began glowing again as Maan watched her intently,

Khoya hai khoya hai

Khoya hai khoya dil aise

Lehro mein lehro mein
Khoi hai boondein yaar jaise


his hungry gaze remain upon her, from the moment he finished washing his own face, he stood rooted on the spot seeing her circling in the water, then without her notice, she walked under the mountain rain and got drench herself.

It was after a while she did realized what blunder she did, she was not dripping wet and have no change of cloths.

She turned around trying to locate Maan,and her breath hitched in her throat feeling his intense gaze moving on her body while he took steps to reach her.

She shuddered badly with cold wind touching her, and turned back not able to hear his hot gaze.

Yeh lijiye Rajkumari, Maan offered her scarf.

She turned back and was astonished seeing her royal scarf in his hands,

Yeh kahase mila aapko, she snatched it from his hands, yeh toh humara rajshahi dupatta hai.

Which you had lost…he completed and watched her walking out of the water like a mermaid.

Taaron si chamke jiski do aankhein
Main hi to hoon na
Jharno mein gaaun main
Jheelo se bolu aake tu sunna

I need to change, can you…she pulled him back from his lost state and he gulped his passion down , composing himself.

Yes, I walk out..

She saw his back as he walked away while she locate the place behind bushes to change and untied her skirt then wet blouse, removing her cloths completely from her body, she looked at her long scarf and then wrapped it around her body like a saree, it reached until her knees revealing her bare legs.

Maan tied his horse at the safer place then again checked the surroundings for safety purpose, and waited for her appear from the of him soon.

Meanwhile, at the Ammerkot Palace, Satan was raging like a bull, he took everyone on command and sent his force to search for Geetakshi, Don’t leave that bandit alive, I want his blood..he commanded furiously then turned to Maharaja of Ammerkot,is it your plan to rescue your daughter..

What are you talking rubbish?? That’s my daughter, I can’t do something like that.. Indra roared furiously.

You can’t either, no one will able to take her away from me, Hum kisiko humse Rajkumari Ko chinne nahi denge. He was going insane with his eyes burning red making Indravardhan worried now for his daughter.



Geetakshi walked out although feeling cold with her cloths, she have no option, she wander her eyes around, checking the beautiful place, birds chirping made her smile, she watched those colorful butterflies flying around her, she tried to catch one but that dodge her, she pouted and began chasing the butterfly and soon stumbled on the stone,

ouch….before she could hit the ground she found herself two strong arms holding her.

Maan forgot to breath seeing her walking out just in that thin material wrapped around her body like second skin, her womanly curves poking out, while the cloth hiding nothing but showing her each parts of body perfectly.

He once check around, he couldn’t let anyone watch her like that apart from him. Suddenly protective instincts for her developed in his heart.

When he saw her stumbling, he instantly ran forward to catch her in moment.

Jahan jahan jaayegi tu
Wahan wahan aaunga main
Roke se main na maanu

Geetakshi shudder with his sudden proximity, he slowly raise her up, their bodies gluing together, are you okay, his husky baritone reached her ears, and she nodded softly, looking down, he pushed her wet curls back making her raised her head to look up into his brown deep eyes.


Both share a short eye lock before he spoke, if you want to rest, ..??

No I am fine.. she muttered softly suddenly feeling conscious under his heated gaze.

Alright, I am really exhausted and just want to lie on the ground and sleep. If you care to join me I would be delighted..he left her and walked away.

Geetakshi wander around for a while, checking out the beautiful place, then sighed being tired , she walked back toward him, he was lying down near the pond.

She watched him sleeping, so hard-chiseled and powerfully built. his brows smooth, with an unruly lock of black hair falling across it.

She liked what she saw, the corded muscles running along his chest and bare arms, the way his chest hair curled down to a point on his stomach. Even relaxed, he was powerful.

She bend on her knees beside him and pushed those locks of hairs up, but next moment he grab her hand before pinning her down below him,

Ouch..she moaned in pain.

Aap…!?? What was you doing !??

She looked up into his chocolate brown eyes and both share a eye lock, are you okay??

She nodded softly, his eyes all the while doing on her shivering pink petals, and soon His mouth closed over hers,

He kissed her with incredible tenderness, his lips moving softly over hers, bringing a delicious languor to her limbs. She felt ridiculously weak. Strangest of all, she didn’t want to pull away. She was enjoying the sweet exploration of his lips.

His hands began to move along her back, sending tingles down her spine. Then he was suddenly caressing her neck. The hand moving slowly downward. Her heart began to hammer. She knew what he intended, but she couldn’t find the will to stop him. When his hand finally pressed boldly against her breast, she thought she would faint from the sheer wickedness of it.

It was madness. She knew she couldn’t let him continue, but the sweet sensations he was stirring over took her completely. When his lips moved along her cheek to her neck, she was finally able to find her voice.


It sounded like an endearment, but she meant to admonish him. Her hands had no strength to push him away. His lips were at her ear, and excitement intensified until she could hardly bear it.

He leaned back so he could gaze into her eyes, but his arms still held her close. There was a smoldering heat in his eyes that pierced right to her soul.

legs and pressed against her groin, an ardent shock followed that reverberated through her system, and she moaned despite herself.

Get some sleep, we have long day of ridding ahead.. His tongue slipped inside her ear, and she thought she would faint… She turned around while he caged her in his arms, wrapping his arms on her tummy, pulling her back to his hard chest, she couldn’t stop moaning , feeling his palms pressing her bare tummy while he felt her stomach arching inside, it only arouse him.

His hands went up cupping her breast, she struggle to breath, feeling his fingers pressing her hard nipples, he could feel the softness of her mounts through that thin material of scarf, his legs cover hers, his toes moving up on her bare leg, making her shivered in anticipation.

She tried to pulled off his hand from her body but that was futile though she found no straight to do so and he nuzzled into her neck, you can’t run away from me..

I …. Her voice died in her throat with his soft strokes on her nipples, she felt it aching badly to be devour by his mouth.

Soon she felt him snoring softly which made her smile, she tilted her neck to see him sleeping, she turned around and he pulled her in his arms, she hugged him tight feeling safe in those strong arms.

After few hours , Geetakshi open her eyes to see him feeding grass to his horse, she got up and saw herself, blushed furiously seeing her own condition.

Maan looked up hearing her anklets sound, he smirked seeing her hiding herself behind her arms as she crossed them on her chest. She ignored his gaze, and went to check her previous cloths , finding them dry she smiled in delight and went to change again.


Maan couldn’t resist and walked behind her, he saw her turned around and untied her scarf it slid down over her body and dropped to the ground. Geetakshi stepped out of the clothes and walked into the water, deeper and deeper until it covered her breasts.


Khoya hai khoya hai
Khoya hai khoya dil aise
Lehro mein lehro mein
Khoi hai boondein yaar jaise
Taaron si chamke jiski do aankhein
Main hi to hoon na
Jharno mein gaaun main
Jheelo se bolu aake tu sunna

He stood mesmerized, bewitched with the scene as she bathed herself like a mermaid and then walked out again changing into her bridal attire.

He saw her struggling with the numerous knots at her back of blouse, he walked near her, her breath halted and she found herself again going weak with his strong proximity, he tied her each knots carefully, brushing his long fingers on her bare skin with each knot.

He turned her around slowly and cupped her chin raising her face to lock his eyes with hers.

And he bend to fetch a kiss from her beautiful lips again.

His kiss took her completely by surprise. She moved back to breakaway, but his hands fell on her shoulders, and she was forced to let him kiss her, forced to stare into those brown eyes and wonder what emotion she saw there.

It was only a few seconds before she began to notice the texture of his lips, how very soft they were.

His hands slid along her shoulders to her neck, and ahead feeling came out of nowhere. Her eyes closed. Her lips moved under his provocatively until he met the challenge, his tongue boldly slipping between them.

Only one thought cross over her heart, why couldn’t she stop him , he kissed her numerous time from the time he abducted her and she found herself spellbound by his masculine charm every time she thought to protest.

Sunn zara tu singaar yaara

Saawra tu hai mera

Precap :- Bandit attack and more…

My update got deleted…smiley19
it took me whole two days to update this chapter with so much difficulty and it got deleted at the end .

It took me whole two days to update this chapter with so much difficulty and it got deleted at the end .

I have to retype it..

Forgive for errors..

I just notice yesterday, there are few spelling mistakes and few words replacement in my updates. Sorry for that, I update from phone, I think that’s why it happens.

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