Hum Tumpe Marte Hai Chapter 18

Aapke naam se naam hum jodh de

Yeh kasam khaye hum har kasam todh de

(I’ll connect my name with your name

I take a vow that I’ll break all other promises)


Yes that’s how you write baby. She chirped happily writing down both their names together holding his hand,

Yes, Maan Geet, he pointed to himself then her, Geet Maan, then follow reverse action happily giving her full teeth smile.

Geet kissed his cheek hanging on his neck making him blush there by, without his own notice.

Awww…you have started blushing jaannu..she pulled his cheek lovingly.

Jaanu..woh kya hota hai..?? He asked innocently, with a deep frown on his forehead.

She was startled, when she said that word in a flow,..!?? When did she started thinking like that, she looked at him, he was having cute pout on his face, still waiting for his answer.

She smiled cupping his jaw, Like, you are my Jaan.. jaanu.. she kissed his forehead making him dazed with unknown emotions, then his eyes, you are my life Maan, she whispered in her mind, ” you won’t understand that now, ” she thought pecking his both cheeks, lastly coming to his lips, both stopped for few moments, just observing each other lips with heavy breaths,

Without thinking Maan put his lips on her, not able to control his innocent heart who was urging him to do so.

Geet too couldn’t hold back after his licking on her soft lips, she cupped his nape, pushing herself closer in his arms, as he engulfed her softly like his soft toy.

Tum kaho yeh gali yeh shehar chhod de

Kya gali kya shehar hum jahaan chhod de

(If you want I’ll leave this street and this city

Forget this street and this city, I’ll leave this world for you)

Geet suck his lips, making him follow her lead, he bite her lips feeling their softness and then invade her sweet mouth fetching her sweet nectar, Geet was enjoying the kiss, as it’s showing his craving for her.

Her hands rubbed his chest, tearing the shirt apart in the process, he groaned in her mouth, feeling her soft hands rubbing his bare chest, she caressed his broad shoulders, feeling their stiffness, lost in passion she forgot about his insanity.

Hum aap mein kuch ho gaya
Kuch mil gaya, kuch kho gaya
Joh chahe tum isse maan lo

Lekin suno yeh jaan lo

Both broke apart feeling breathless, still dazed in the pull of uncontrollable passion and emotions. He was still in his sub conscious mind set, not knowing what’s happening to him while Geet completely lost herself to him.

She looked at his perfect structure of torso, and glued to him, kissing his jaw, Maan held her closer, enjoying her soft kisses, as she strolled kisses on his neck, then going down on his chest,

Geet…he moaned closing his eyes, his hands cupped her head aggressively, his fingers pressed into her scalp, feeling his body busting with unknown desires,

He pulled her up harshly, she gasped seeing those red eyes showing his hidden desires.

Maan, she cupped his face, then wiped his sweaty forehead, you okay??

Next moment he crushed her in his arms, hugging her tight, his face dipped into her neck, breathing heavily,

Hum tum pe marte hain
Hum tum pe marte hain

Geet hugged him back, rubbing his back, she hissed feeling his teeth nipping her soft skin of neck, his beard rubbing her there making her moan, she turned her neck the give him more access, while her knees wobble bearing so much of passion, she went on her knees taking him with her, as he bend down on her, laying her on the floor of terrace (of outhouse)

The cold breeze was tormenting their senses yet that was soothing their hotness.

Her robe was already hanging down on her waist, leaving her bare body to cherish for him.

You are too soft doll, he repeated what he had been come saying to her always making her blushed furiously, she felt his lips rubbing on her boobs as he enjoyed her softness, he began licking her cleavage making her quiver in desires.

His lips moving on her chest, feeling her softness which was giving her goosebumps, she was dripping wet down.

Her hands rose of their own volition and her fingers speared into his thick black hair, loving the texture, lingering to trace his well-shaped back and finally staying to hold her to him while she moved restively, involuntarily beneath him, wanting more contact, denied it. She was in another world, a bewitching world of sensuality, aware of her body as she had never been aware of it before, aware of her capacity for pleasure and utterly seduced by the desperate need for that same pleasure to continue.

His impatient hands trailed down the straps baring her breasts. Geet moaned in a crazy mixture of shame and excitement…tensing, and her eyes flew open. He engulfed a thrusting pink bud with the heat of his mouth and she cried out, lashed and tormented by sensation, the image of his dark head against her breasts forever imprinted inside her head.

He licked the teat, then rolled his tongue around it, going completely gaga over it,

Oh…Maan… hm…she moaned opening her arms without even thinking about it, suddenly wild to hold him close.

and he started latching on her breast like a kid, sucking it hungrily, she shook hard with the pleasure he was giving her, she held his hand dragging it to her other curve, getting those silent signals he cupped it, the thirsting his hand inside her dress, he caught it bare in his large palm, feeling it’s softness he began molding it, pinching the tit.

Maan..she closed her eyes, feeling enormous passion busting inside her, her body melting under his hot touches,

His shirt was soon removed by her shivering hands, she hugged him tight, rubbing his back sensuously as he feast upon her delicious curves.

Nind bhee lut lee, chain bhee le liya
Aap kaa, aap ke pyar kaa shukriya
Aap se hai hame yeh gila, o piya
Jan kyun chhod dee, le liya jab jiya

She felt charged with a sensation disturbingly akin to excitement. She was stripped of every thought, every feeling. The surging hunger of her own body for sensation was terrifyingly greedy. The rush of heat to her pelvis made her hips move and she cried out, moaned, gasped, flung violently out of control by the intensity of her own excitement.

His lusty lips moving sensuously on her swollen peaks, and he groaned deep in his throat with satisfaction.

His thick erection pushed into her belly through their clothes and that somehow brought her back to her senses.

Ham aap me kuchh hogaya,
Kuchh mil gaya, kuchh kho gaya
Jo chahe tum isse man lo,
Lekin suno yeh jan lo

She was scarlet red as she pulled him up to face her, maan.. he was still daze, She cradled his face in between her palms, couldn’t explain this intense attraction she had for this man.

Ham tumpe marte hain
Ham tumpe marte hain

She wanted Maan to know how she felt about him. She adored the lines of his body, her hands roaming on his abs.. shoulders.. leaving him to shiver in pleasure, He was simply beautiful…thought Geet kissing the tip of his nose, then rested her forehead against his..with a sweet smile, they were so close that she caught the breaths pushing from his lungs, inhaling them into her.

“You’re so beautiful, Doll,” he whispered, warming her. “What are you doing with me? I….” She leaned in and kissed him, intentionally silencing his words. His lips melted against hers, feathery soft and quietly reverent.. His tongue licked tenderly into her mouth, skimming the edges of her teeth, and stealing back his breaths. “Oh baby.. she sighed.. palming his cheeks and looked into his eyes. “I enjoy spending time with you. I love the way you gaze at me.. she knew he wouldn’t understand her words entirely still she couldn’t stop confessing him.

His hungry gaze took in my heavy breasts, then with a groan, he palmed them and rolled the peaks between his thumb and forefinger again teasing her senses.

maan plz stop honey.. we have to go to sleep and then.. her words stuck in her throat as his hot mouth soon covered her breast, whipping the tight bud with his tongue, then suctioning the crest hard. He seems became expert in enjoying her delicious curves as if his favorite candy..while his hands pressing down on her tummy, feeling her softness.

Streaks of pleasure shot through her, causing her to arch her back and squeezing a broken moan from her throat. Her body was on fire.

She was lost somewhere in the pool of passion and desires…was percolating with lust and shaking with need. Her thighs trembled in enormous pleasure.. after a while he left her being tired himself,

Both held on to each other, sweating and panting, their breaths tinged sweet with pleasure. She never wanted him to leave her body. She was afraid to move, afraid to disturb this cloud of absolute contentment. Oh God, what’s happening to her…perhaps she had been falling for him…

Her thoughts halted, no.. it’s can’t be..she was dazed with her lost thoughts, when felt his fingers playing with her teats while he nuzzled into her neck sniffing her scent..

She shifted and peeked at him through her heavy lids, her fingers pushing back the locks that had fallen onto his face. He smiled happily for devouring her, she didn’t know what to feel, her throat was full of emotion, and along with the pleasure still buzzing through her body.

Bas aapke ham hogaye
Bas aapke ham hogaye.

Precap :

Maan became aggressive

I have one request for my HtMh readers cum Friends, do plz suggest me any idea or scene or twist to take in the next story.. i mean in future updates of the story. or else i am ending this one. because i have no more ideas to take into the story with crazy maan.

I have read two ffs with mental maan years back, that too only few chapters stories was them, so wanted to try one of my own, and I have tried to update whatever i have ideas and scenes with the concept of the story.

so plz consider my request. or i will finish this in few more chapters.

I have one more different concept with mental maan in my mind but can’t include that in this ff.. i will post that FF differently some other time.,

16 thoughts on “Hum Tumpe Marte Hai Chapter 18

  1. Loved this passionate update dear… coming to suggestions
    Kindly do not end it..may be will give one liners you build up the story…

    Take the story like maaneet cannot be away from each other and maan getting addicted to her meanwhile geet’s parents are fixing her marriages…and waiting for her return…here geet losing her challenge with Annie wantedly to get married to maan…as she can’t stay away from him and lost fighting with her emotions and fell in love with maan…and biggest news to geet’s parents about her marriage and some happy moments of maaneet after marriage and one fine accident with maan where he gets normal and forgets who is geet and goes to typical MSK mode geet avoids Herself for maans health..and some new girl entry for maan…geet jealousy…maans hatred towards geet…then geet leaving forever and maan’s realizations of his mental health and search geet and some regrets and reunion love…

    Just my idea go through others suggestions also but do continue don’t drop this story

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Romantic update.. Dont end this one…. Take the story to prologue uske baad dekhte hai kya add ho sakta hai…. This story is totally different from other story…. One suggestion you can add after prologue part like maan was never mad it was his some plan


    1. Hot hot update 😍😍
      Me blushing ☺️😃
      Geet to totally in love with maan
      Maan iss condition mai itna passionate h to thik hota to hayeeee😘😘😘😘

      Plzz don’t end
      U can add na maan was never mad ad it’s all his plan to bring geet to him

      Ya phir maan ka accident show kr do wo thik ho jaye aur wo geet ko bhool jaye

      Ya phir uski ex girlfriend le aao

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Romantic update.loved the way you narrated it.write the story as you have in mind .suggestions will change the story you wanted to are a good narrater and I like ur stories.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much🤗
      You said perfect just what I wanted to hear from you guys.
      Yes, I have twist and end set in my mind.. but still readers will feel bad withthe quick end to the story I asked all of you..


  4. Superb update. don’t finish this story. Passionate and romantic different storyline. For twist i will suggest to show that Maan is normal and not mental ill and He is in love with geet from so may years and want to made geet his. Annie anyhow knows about it but she is aware of gests stubborn nature so she decided to help Maan . Maan and Annie make plan all this so geet fall in love with Maan. Marry them and then show the twist. If like then ok if not then also no problem 😊 🙂 ☺ 😉

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Full of passionate update.
      Love birds busy in their beautiful moments.
      Geet want to share everything the way she was feeling at that time.
      But maan couldn’t understand.
      How will she handle everything.
      Precap is nice.
      Update soon.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Thank you so much🤗
      So glad to read your idea..
      Ofcourse I have planned the twist at the end and then story will end..
      Let’s hope you guys like it..😊


  5. It was so nice to read the update after so long. Its not only Maan who’s changing, Geet has equally changed from the egoistic girl in the beginning to loving him unconditionally.. she’s not at all bothered by his illness!!
    My idea is something like Maan & Geet consummating their relationship bcoz of Geet’s deewangi for him. But later he shd get alright bcoz of her n reject her. About her alliance, I don’t know how relevant it is in the situation now. Hope to read updates quicker…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yes, Geet has changed…and she isn’t bother about his mental state, all she cared is now Maan and how to cure him..
      😯It’s like you sneak into my mind to read my ideas..😜 i have same idea in my mind but thinking to take it here or in different story as I have already decided the upcoming track and ending..😁 too wanted to update quicker but other things held me back, and so many FFS to update..😐


  6. They are glued to each other,
    Their presence calm each other,and they only have the power to evoke such new feelings in each other,both of them going through new things,Now wt is in store for them only time can tell…

    Please continue the story,it’s going good, Don’t know how u r going to proceed,they both are special for each other,but in case they seperate or he didn’t remember her,then show how he will he get to know, remember her,how he fights for her,and once again make her his… Don’t want any third person to involve in their story as in this they are like “them and their world”,so everything will be around them,they fight for each other and conquer…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you 🤗
      Yeah now both are inseparable..❤️
      Thank you so much for the ideas..going to take that that in other story..
      Offcourse I have same ideas in my mind but with different story..😊
      Let’s see..
      After next update..I can think..
      I although think right now, it’s better to wrap up this one..of course I am not gonna give abrupt ending.. but clear one like other stories..

      Liked by 1 person

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