Geet made coffee for him of his tastes and brought it out to the hall where he was busy in switching channels in TV.

Lijiye..she offered with a sweet smile , he put the remote down, smiling back, he took that mug from her hands putting that down on side table he held her wrist seeing her walking away again.

Kaha ja rahi ho.

Geet startled answers him, kitchen main, haven’t had your breakfast,

He was astonished hearing her and was really touched seeing her concern for him, she notice him and remembered his activities, that brought pleasant smile on his face.

It’s okay, you don’t have to take trouble for me, sit here and I will drink it with your hand only, he jerked her on his lap, she didn’t get a moment to think about his next move as he slowly wrapped his arm around her waist.

Tu mohobbat hai, ishq hai mera

Ik ibadat hai sath ye tera

Tu mohobbat hai, ishq hai mera

Ik ibadat hai sath ye tera

Geet was speechless with his demand, she remembers their last make out with the coffee and blushed furiously.

He jerked her closer, almost touching his lips with her shivering petals, kya baat hai, itna muskura kyon rahi ho..she nodded in no, her breath hitch in her throat feeling lips on her jaw, they moving upon her chubby red cheeks, enjoying her softness, aur yeh gaal itne laal kyon ho rahe hai,.. with his words he found color deepening of her cheeks, which made him smirk, and Geet could feel it, with her close eyes.

Maaan…she moaned, clutching his collar, while his beard only tease her senses, making her go insane.

She tried to control herself, aap plz coffee pi lijiye, woh thandi ho jayegi..she managed to whisper with the passion consuming her senses.

Maan was turn on with her seductive sight, his hardness poking her below, it made her restless.

Seeing her pleading look, he nodded and she offered him his mug, he drank that with her hand only.

Her heart was warming with his each gestures, there was sweet smile playing across her lips as she continued to stare into his eyes.

Jab dil se dil mile hain

Phir kyon ye faasle hai is tarah

Their eye lock was broken with weird sounds coming from tv, both turned simultaneously towards the direction and her eyes pop out with mouth hanging open with the sight, while Maan only smirked devilishly seeing her face.

There was scene of couple making out going on,

Geet couldn’t digest the sight, “babaji…” She hides her face in the crook of his neck, feeling her breaths raising up, Maan smiled, her each innocent antics only making him fall for her unknown to him, his heart was joyous with her nearness, he hugged her back, feeling her going hyper, she clutched his collar, murmuring few curses against his neck, he felt her soft lips moving against his skin.

Plz kijiye.. she finally spoke pulling apart to meet his smiling face that only angered her , you are smiling??

Then what to do, you are reacting as if never know about this..

Kya matlab hai aapka!?? Geet was suddenly conscious.

You know what I mean…his eyes bore into her passionately, she couldn’t digest to remain in eye lock that lower her eyes,

He switched off the TV, not pulling on the tease more, but his words made Geet guilty, restless and angry on him lastly.

Yes he is habitual of it, offcourse, how can she forget his night life. She fumed inwardly, became upset..and rushed away from there.

Maan assumed it to be her shyness, and shook his head.


Har kisi ko nahi milta

Yahaan pyaar zindagi me x (2)

Geet was really upset , she cooked Italian good for him and served it on the table, he washed his hands and took his seat.

Tum nahi khaoigi, he asked seeing her still standing on same place.

No.. I have my bf at KM already.

Thoda sa..Jaan..he held her hand

She was still upset, that pulled her hand away, nahi Maan, plz zid mat kijiye.

Kya baat hai, Geet . Just before sometime you was okay, then what happens suddenly.

Geet blink her eyes lashes fighting to stop the tears, didn’t want him to know what’s going on inside her mind.he might make fun of her, he wouldn’t understand, why would he first of all, it was she, who has to understand that there is no place for her in his heart or life,

Now also, she knew, she is just another timepass for him, another woman,

Geet…he got up seeing her not responding,

Ji..she pulled back from her thoughts and looked up, why did you get up, have your bf, she tried to push him back on the chair, no..he denied clearly, first I need to know, why are you upset, what’s the thing that bothering you so much?

Geet was in fix now, she doesn’t know what to reply and how, he wouldn’t budge, as if hearing her silent prayers, his cell buzz saving her from his queries.

As it’s from office, he took the call, seeing the chance, she quickly compose herself and thought to enjoy the moment with him for today, she never know what’s gonna happen tomorrow after kunals return, she clutched her wedding chain, thinking, she is too bounded in a relation..that couldn’t voice out her desires to anyone,


Aa bol de tu ya bol du main

Kab tak chupayen ye be-khudi

Maan walked behind her , caging her in his arms, she startled drop her cloths down as she was packing her small bag to take to KM.


Hmm..he nuzzled his nose on her nape making her shiver, Hume chodiye, .she tried to wriggle out but he only held her tightly, now planting kisses on her jaw line.

Geet gulped her Saliva, seeing her inners lying on the floor , if his gaze went on it, then only God knows what will happen.

Chodiye..she struggle hard, and pulled out from his arms harshly leaving him astonished, he looked at her quickly taking cloths from the floor and hide it behind her back,making her suspicious with her fake smile.

You wait outside, I have to pack my bag,

Maan raised his brow, really..!?? She shook her head innocently, achcha, first tell me what you are hiding from me,

Hidding…!?? She played innocent, nahi toh..gulioing her Saliva, her eyes wandering around not looking at him.

It is, then look at me and say it, Maan was curious as well.

I am saying na, I am hiding nothing, see..she show him one hand.

Tell me Geet, he demanded sternly walking up to her while she stepped back, as a reflex.

Suddenly he grabbed her , pinning her arms behind her, and touched the cloths in her hands, gasped with his sudden move, didn’t get the time to stop him.and next moment she dropped the things on the floor, closed her eyes out of embarrassment.

Maan looked down, his eyes pop out seeing it, his gaze went to her, seeing her turning back and almost hiding into the wall make him chuckled silently.

Geet, he whispered huskily, holding her shoulders, she shuddered badly out if shyness, couldn’t face him , and knew he will tease her to no end now.

You don’t need to be too shy, he said in soft tone to ease her, she compose herself and asked softly, will you please go out , I need to change..

His hold on her shoulder tighten, while his hot breath fanning on her neck, showing her signs of his desires, may I help you, darling!?

Breath stuck in her throat, she couldn’t fork a word to deny him when felt him opening the chain of her dress which at her back.

Tum me hum hain, hum me tum ho

Tum se hum hain, humse tum ho

Qismato se milte hai do dil yahan

She shuddered, feeling herself bare to his hot gaze, her skin burned under his gaze, his eyes turned dark with desires, seeing her marble skin, he slowly put his lips on her back making her moan out his name, maann…

It only added fuel to his desires, as he strolled down the hard kisses on her bare back, pushing the material down from her shoulder, he dropped the dress down, it hand on her front.

He began smooching on her shoulder, neck, making her wet down, it was aching badly giving her signals she was unaware about, she hadn’t been touched by anyone this closely to know the hidden secrets behind man woman relationship.

Plz…Maan..she was pleading him silently to stop and continue with his sweet torture simultaneously.

He was busy tormenting her with his hungry wet kisses on her neck, as he turned her briskly, his kisses going up on her jaw, cheeks, and he captured her lips in his hungry mouth , kissing and chewing her lips hungrily.

He was unsatisfied, wanted just to have her ..only her, bit she couldn’t give in easily nor he wanted to force her.

But in those days, he only desired her, no other words an make him this crazy before, or satisfied him, he had stopped going to others, don’t know when but only geet roamed around his mind, his lust for her was unsatisfied, wanted to quench the thirst of it,

Leaving her mouth he went down on her boobs, his hands already cupping them, wanted to have them bare behind his huge palms.

Geet felt her nipples tightening against thin material of her inner, it was aching badly, she cried in enormous pleasure he was giving he, she couldn’t bear it.

He looked up to see her face red and tears stinging in her eyes, he got her condition, it’s new for her and she was innocent and pure to all this things, still young to bear the intensity of his passion.

He got up, she closed eyes eyes and hugged him tight, Maan hugged her back, caressing her head, Maan…she was shivering badly, clutching him tight, his shirt got crushed in her fist,

Yes Jaan..he patted her head to sooth her senses, relax,’s okay..he rubbed her back, that only made her restless, she arched her body, plz..aap aise mat kijiye, ..she cried, and bite his neck making him hiss.

I am sorry, she spoke in teary voice pulling apart.

Shh.geet.. there is no fault of yours, he cupped her face, he stopped his gaze from roaming down on her cleavage, seeing her so vulnerable he couldn’t go further with his desires,

You get dress, I am outside waiting, hm..!?? He peck her forehead and rushed outgiving her privacy.

Geet was still lost in his touches, she blushed and hit her forehead after realising what she did, zalli…

Now he will tease me with tag ” cry baby” she pouted taking her cloths from the floor to change.


Maan was not in a good condition either, he freshen up in guest room and walked out waiting for her, he was completely turn on, if there was other girl on her place, he would have rip her apart till now but with geet, he couldn’t go further, just seeing her small cries , he stopped himself.

Why?? He have no answer yet, he combed his hairs back furiously, he doesn’t know the L of love thing then how he supposed to feel that emotion, he thought restlessly.. unaware to himself, he was falling deeply for this weirdly sweet woman.

His thoughts come to halt hearing her anklets sound, soft rhythm of breaths in the silent room and then her chiming of bangles, as he guess her gesture , she must be tucking her hairs behind ear.

He smiled turning back to face her, she was looking damn nervous, still her cheeks were red tantalizing him.

Chale, Mrs. Khurana!?? He teased.

Geet nodded absent mindly, then her head shot up to see his lop sided smile.


Whole day Geet kept herself busy in her work at office, to avoid further embarrass situations for her , although she have to encounter Maan now and then with the work purposes but then seeing his professionalism at work help her to stay sane.

Maan himself avoid those situations, he thought, he had scared her enough for the day, least he wanted to see her getting scare and in tears that too because of him. He couldn’t even digest the thought, what’s happening to him and she does she pulling him towards her, he didn’t get time to think on that..for him those are silly things, he couldn’t waste his precious time on those things, thinking about them, like he cant just thought about Love emotion.


At night,

The dinner was set, all of Khuranas choice, Geet pouted inwardly seeing English dishes, she so much craving to just run to her cozy home and cook her own favorite, but sadly she can’t do that..

Maan walked down joining his family, he took an empty seat beside Geet, she was now sandwich between him and Dadi.

Geet felt conscious, she adjusted herself and Maan was having hidden smirk on his face seeing her condition, he was really feeling peace at heart, finding her so near to him before his eyes.

He got busy reporting his dad about the work at office while dadi was making faces complaining to geet making her smile.

Koi muzse bhi baat kare, I am also here, Annie spike in between making all Khuranas roll their eyes,

Yes Annie beta, tell me what did you did whole day, Ranjeet asked affectionately and she went on blabbering him.

Geet looked on with a sweet smile, she was reminded about her own father, her eyes turn wet , she blink her lashes few times to stop crying, she couldn’t spoil their family moment.

What happened?? Suddenly Maan grab her hand below the table startling her, she gave him weak smile saying silently, it’s nothing..

He noticed she hardly ate anything, urged her to eat, pressing her hand, she just nodded bit couldn’t eat much.

As everyone retired to their room bidding each other good night, Maan followed her silently in her room.

Before she close the door, he appeared before her,


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  1. Lovely update so it’s romance time for maaneet and geet is still so naive and maan cares for her but never understands he is in love with her…Mrs.Khurana was meaningful when he called geet miss her parents..geet is still upset thinking about maans night life waiting to read more ❀️😘

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