Captive Bride Chapter 2

His rich husky voice, so close to her ear, sent a shudder through Geetakshi, and the feel of his hard torso,fitted against her feminine curves, made her tremble. This is absurd, she told herself. 

hey devi ma, I don’t even know this man! phir kyon hume unki nazdeekta ka itna prabhav pad raha hai!? She had not been close to any male in the past years of her life.. and now this closeness of the stranger getting her physically attracted. 

Dhoonda hai dhoonda hai tujhe Aakaash upar tale

Shaayad kisi badri mein Lipti hui tu mile

Aah, dhoonda hai dhoonda hai tujhe Aakaash upar tale

Shaayad kisi nadiya pe Chalta hua tu mile

On the other hand, the man was completely  floored by this raging princess.. he grabbed her waving hairs that had been slapping him in the face, he tucked them in her skirt, and her breath stuck in her throat.. she inhaled sharply feeling his fingers on her forbidden skin, as they brushed across her marble smooth waist just above her hips. he inhaled the delicious scent of her femininity .. 

that only angered her and she became furious which alerted him instantly.. 

ruk jayiye, rajkumari ji.. nahi toh aap khudko nuksan pahuchaiyegi.. 

when does the rouge started worrying for her.. she gritted her teeth.. but not soon her eyes widen in horror finding ahead is nothing but the death awaiting for her. 

as they had came riding on the top most hill of the forest.. ahead that there was deep valley..

she lose her command on the horse in horror shock but he was quick to get the hold of the lead rope, he took a control on the animal.. saddling up. he tried to take turn.. but the stallions became uncontrollable to handle.. it jumped up turned furiously .. 

geetakshi hided her face in his broad chest out of fear while her captor handle the horse.. at the end they were riding back to other side of the forest. 


Geetakshi slowly opened her eyes to see the unknown place,  after a moment she remember all that happenings , she just dozed on that bandit’s chest.. she got up with the jerk checking around this new place which looked a like of tent. 

it was large and was curtained around with a sheer material through  which the fire outside brightly illuminated the room. 

she looked up to watched the leaves and branches has form a roof, forming a canopy.

she quickly take a step to walked out only to be halted on her place by the intruder , who was none other than her captor.

she fumed irrecoverably, so you’re the leader of the bandit’s!? 

he only smirked devilishly stepping inside the tent, while she took steps back unconsciously, tell me, how many more of them out here!? i am getting pretty sick of being ambushed by enemies.. she spitted taking steps back while he was walking up to her, 

well, there’s an entire horde of my bandits awaiting my orders. he pressed her against the poll, making her gasp that’s when she realized that she was pinned by him, as he held her wrist pining them behind he poll and added with an evil smirk, ” they can do anything with you.. just anything..” 

seeing her face going blank he said, so hows about stop making more enemies and just cooperate with me.. 

you devil.. why did you abducted me!! she blasted struggling under his harsh grip to let go. 

why do bandit would abduct the princess.? his gaze turned lusty as it traveled on her lips, then moved down hungrily on her body before stopping on her breast which was hidden under tight material of her blouse. 

she got his dirty intention and turned more furious, let go of me,, shaitan… she blasted, you never know when my soldiers come hunting me.. she saw her words made no affect on him instead his evil smirk was still intact on his handsome face.

Roshni se bhare bhare, bhare bhare naina tere

Chhooke bole na chhoona mujhe

Chhooke bole na chhoona mujhe

His unusual eyes held her hypnotized. Why did he have to be so damned handsome,

she thought irrelevantly.


they would meet their end as soon as they step here before me, he murmured huskily with dangerous tone that left her to shiver in anticipation.. 

she never got a chance to think more as his lips capture her next, taking her by a shock, he kissed her passionately, holding her head with one hand and both of her arms with the other. 

Geetakshi felt a strange sensation creeping through her body again. Did she enjoy his kiss? But that was impossible. She hated him!

She went limp in his arms, but before she realized he pulled apart giving both of them chance to taken much needed breaths. he caressed her soft cheeks affectionately, I apologized, i must have frightened you. 

Geetakshi was horrified with the realization of what just happened, next moment she found herself hitting against his cheek so furiously, that the sound of harsh hit echo through the silent tent. 


get off me, she tried to push him but he pinned her again in his rage, you don’t know the soldiers from Satan kingdom as well will arrive any moment now, so you better let go of me, she gritted her teeth, struggling in his harsh grip. 

but he became so furious with that hit from her, he carried her next moment through the heavy curtains to his bed. sorry your wedding plans were foiled .. he smirked again seeing her cheeks turning red in anger,  “leave me you devil,” she began to fight in earnest, but he dropped her onto the bed and lay down beside her. She beat at his chest with her fists until he pulled both of her arms above her head and held them there with one hand.

I am soft and calm to you until now. he whispered huskily, his warm breath fanning her face making her restless, 

don’t make me lose my patience and show my devil side to you.. He threw his leg over her to still her kicking and, her skirt was going up in the process, baring her soft skin. his eyes turning hysterical as they gazed upon her delicious breast which were half revealing, she lost her dupatta in a way somewhere, now the blouse was so small to hide her modesty. 

Must you rape me against my will,” she asked coldly, making him stopped and she saw  the desire fade from his dark brown eyes. He released her and stood up beside the bed. He gazed down at her, and his mouth was hard, matching the cold glint in his eyes.

he got some scarf from the side poll and threw on her, never. he busted, I will never rape you. he turn away , take some rest and perhaps you will not try to run away, as it’s not safe for you. he said and turned around only to see her curling into a ball with her back to him, he saw her shaking of body and knew she is crying. 

It angered him, he curled his fist in a ball and rushed out furiously, he was too tired to suffer her rage, and now doesn’t know why those cries of hers hurting him. 


Geetakshi slowly got up looking around, it was mid night, good chance for her to run out, she thought and step out of tent.

There were few more tents probably for other bandits. The bonfire was already dead leaving the night to dipped in the darkness.

She put that scarf around her face hidding it, and took hurried steps to walked out first from the place.

Her anklets and other jewellery was making sound, in the silent night, she suddenly felt some shadow hovering her.

She alerted, and turned back only to gasped in horror, seeing the dirty face of the man, he laughed manically seeing her scare face while she liked around to see few more walking around her.

She was trapped badly now, she turned step to go but one of them grab her dupatta, other held her arm, she struggle badly but they were well built and very strong compare to delicate her.

Chod do Hume, warna anjam bahot bura hoga..she warned them with gritting teth behind her tight lips but they were fearless.

Anjam toh bura hoga , magar hunare Sath nahi..tumhara.. and they laughed again evilly.

She was disgusted, tried to make an attempt but they just threw her on the floor, altogether walking towards her, to quench their thirst of lust.

Geetakshi tried to get up , one thug almost jump on her, making her scream in pain, ahhh..

Hume chod dijiye….nahi…

GHSP 215 HD_2445.jpg

She was screaming but they only laughed on her, seeing her wriggling under them like a fish, before they could touch her, there was a thundering of hooves, all alerted and walked away from her seeing their boss jumping down the horse.

Geetakshi wasn’t in good condition, she quickly got up and rushed straight to him, seeing them stepping back she realized they all are scared from him and he had given her word he wouldn’t do that which all those rig tried to do with her just now.

Hume bacha lijiye..

she murmured, against his chest, hiding her face in his broad chest, while wrapped his arm around her petite form.

Boss, it’s good you come on right time, let’s have fun with her now. And all of them laugh seeing her horror stuck face as she pulled apart instantly looking at him questioningly.

Feeling her expecting gaze on her, he looked at her, then grabbed her close, she gasped when he pushed her behind him , stay away from her, he warned his troop making her relive a bit

How can you say like that, boss!

That woman have surely done some black magic on him, other thug added angrily.

We knew it would happen someday, the guy will show his true colour.

Geetakshi was silently listening their talks and looked at Maan who stood silent, blank like a rock with any emotions on his face neither he uttered any word.

Look give her to us, if you don’t want to join us, atleast let us have our fun.

You can’t, not with her..leave her alone, he said bossily with his straight face…now his eyes showing anger as he glared to all of them furiously.


And it’s my order!! He said with finality and turned to go taking her along with him to the tent

But behind him, thugs turn suspicious seeing his strange behavior, they all exchange the look and one thug who was already jealous of him, took others in his vicious plan.

And soon all attacks on him together, but he was alert that he dodge them, Geetakshi gasp, seeing one thug attacking him with the huge knife, he slash it on his chest, with there one hurt his arm making him hiss.

Not soon he took an whole control and beat everyone mercilessly, few died on the spot, few were injured, other two half injured still they ran for their life.

Geetakshi ran towards him, kitna khoon bah raha hai, she tore her scarf and bound it on his arm, remaining piece on his chest, still it was turning wet.

Humare Sath chaliye, Hume kuch ayurvedic pattiyo ka gyat hai, hum unhe pisvake aapki chot par laga denge, phir yeh khoon bhi tham jayega, she dragged him inside forest blabbering sweetly to him.

He stopped her, par itni raat gaye…

Chinta mat kijiye, Hume aadat hai aur Gyan bhi hai pattiyo ka..

He couldn’t refused her sweet demand and follow her silently, with his sword.

She got those medicines plants just few steps away and both walked back to the tent.

As she made the paste , he informed her,yaha rahna khatere se Khali nahi hai ab, Hume turant nikalna chahiye..

She only nodded at him and again got busy in her work, once done she got up to apply it on his wounds,

Aap humse naraaz nahi hai, geetakshi!? Hearing his words she stopped in her work and looked at him.

to be continued…

©Mugdha M.

22 thoughts on “Captive Bride Chapter 2

  1. Nice part…He was the leader still his men didn’t listened to him. . Why… He was lineint towards geet too… Is he really a bandit or something is secret… The way he asked in last was doubtful… He surely knows her…

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  2. Wow very nice update. What kind of sardar Maan no one listen to him. Why Maan is soft towards geet and geet is attracted towards Maan. Very interesting story

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  3. Woww Lovey so maan is the one who abducted her and he is the one saved her from other bandits…how lovely his possessiveness was nice and geet cares for him too Waiting to read more ❤️😘

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  4. Omg omg I’m so excited to read this one…. what does the man mean he will show his true colours…is he not one of them then how come he is the leader
    Waiting for the next update already ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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