Geet was too much in her miseries ,she stared at dadima sadly. She have no other option either.how could she stay inbetween the people who hated her to the core.how could she break the family because of herself.

Dadima please..she whisper out holding her hand. Dadi just take out her hand from her hold and started to go from there .she didn’t approve to her decision today..how could she live away from her child.she didn’t think once for her..

Geet was shock seeing her state she followed the old lady quickly. .

Dadima. .suniye..hume maaf kar dijiye.par Hume …

Nahi geet.its not your fault dear..dadima stated her sadly stopping in her steps.

Par aap wapas ghar kyon ja rahi hai.kya hum aapke liye koi aur jagah. .

But before she spoke geet stop her.

Nahi dadima. .hume maa ki yaad aa rahi hai. It’s been so long I have met her last time.

Dadima smile in between her sadness to hear her English. She is improving. .she is glad for her daughter.though she is worried for her softy in her own home but listening her she somehow thought that geet is actually missing her mother as it’s been really long time that she didn’t met her. Apart from her beating ..she is her mother who would be also waiting for her daughter. .she granted her permission finally unknown of the fact that ..she is her  step mother who hate her to the core that ready to killed her.

Apna khayal rakhna. .she patted her cheeks fondly going emotional she take steps towards car with her moisten eyes.

Geet glance at her sitting inside the car and car zoom out on the empty road.her tears finally rolled down on her chubby cheeks. She sob hard clutching the puppy in her arms. She at least got the little shoulder to cry out her miseries. .her shona will not asked her back as why is she crying..

She take steps towards her home feeling terrible at the thought of going inside same hell again. But she don’t have any other option..do she ? It’s her destiny seems like. ..she cant take any more favour from that old lady who always shower her unconditional love on herself going against her family.

Geet hide the puppy outside in lone premises of house and going to take steps inside her home but her steps halted on the door itself hearing the words that was something related to her died mother.

Pata nahi yeh ladki kab wapas Aayegi. .
Yaha hume paiso ki jarurat hai aur yeh ..Her mother was cribbing in frustration.

Jarur waha khurana’s ke yaha aaiyashi kar rahi hogi..her brother replied drinking alcohol.

Geet clutched the door tightly hearing them. How could they thought like that about her.but her heart stop beating almost hearing there next words.

Why are you keeping that girl still unmarried. .her brother chanted in his intoxication. Married her to someone and we could get the huge bundles  of cash.

Are you mad…when we are getting this much money from khurana’s then why to marry her.
Abhi toh dekho. .nothing near us..then where is all that money.?

Woh to uske baap ke kriyakaram main chala gaya na..? Buddha khud toh gaya aur Hume bhI kangal karke chala gaya..her mother words drop a bomb on her that she shake with the effect. Her whole body got numb with coldness spreading through her.
But that didn’t stop there as second shock come again with there next revelation.

Pehle toh uski maa ka paisa bahot tha..the Royal girl she was. For that reason only i asked to him to married her and after getting the money divorce her.

Listening all this her body started to shiver .she cant take it anymore.she can’t. She clutch her mouth tightly to stop her sob.her body vibrate with her silent sobs.

But he jerk ..he got her pregnant and brought this girl here.its our luck that her mother died in that pregnancy. Aur yeh ladki toh bad luck hi leke aayi.

Geet stumble down on her knees breaking in her loud cries.she can’t take it now. How could they ..how could They hide about her father death from her.how could her maa .

Maa..she had loved her..she had betrayed her mother and herself. .how could she.she had never thought her to be her step mother.she didn’t saw her real mother..she wanted to see her now..she wanted to feel her mother’s love , her warmth. She was having her sweet mother aswell.this thought itself made her happy as well as sad to think that she is no more now.

How could they betrayed her mother like that..who was innocent. .just the way they came on with betraying her too.her father also. .
Her mother jaya and her son were shock to see her and they know now that she had heard everything. They frighten at the moment and rushed towards her and pulled her upwards harshly.

Geet she was too weak emotionally aswell as physically. Lost in her own miseries she didn’t fought back just let them take her inside.

They drag her lifeless body inside and pushed her in the hard floor.

Ahh..she wince coming out of her lost state as her hand got hurted bruising it.blood drip from there.
She glared at them furiously. Her all weakness was gone away with the thought of there true colors. He inside burn with her all controlling pain..she bear  it all alone till in the respect of her dear mother.. the love she hold for her as a mother.but she was not her mother…she destroyed her all happiness. .her childhood. .her whole life this 20 years..she destroyed there sweet life.she could have also get her mother’s love..but this lady. Didn’t let her.

Her all suppressing pain..sufferings came rushing through her red eyes in tears..
Her face was wet with her uncontrollable tears..

How could you.? Just one question asked..and again got that tight slap from her  mother.

Tumhari himmat kaise hui muzse sawal puchne ki..she blasted on her.

Chal paise nikal. .they both demanded money from her but she stand up firmly on her place and answer them rudely first time in her life.

I don’t have any money. Aur hota bhi toh hum aapko nahi dete.

And her mother fly her hand to slap her again but geet hold that tight shocking both of them as there eyes became shock at her courage.but soon she felt pulled on her hairs from behind and she shouted in great pain.
Aahh. .bhai. leave me..

Tuze chod Doon..ha..tumhari himmat kaise hui maa ko rokne ki..

He clutch her curls more tightly giving her immense pain as she try to wriggle out of his hard clutch .but its not possible for her weak self. tears were continuously flowing from her hazels on her helplessness.

He drag her towards store room and pushed her inside furiously. .

Aahh.her feet hit with the furniture there and it got hurt.

She stand up stumbling on her steps..her steps went backwards seeing him moving closer towards her.
Yeh kya kar raha hai tu. .her mother just came on a time to stop him.

Bas ab bahot ho gaya.i  going to have her now itself..he blurted shocking geet to the core.
She is just feeling disgusted now to called him as her brother even.

Aap Aise soch bhi kaise sakte hai..chi..she blasted on him furiously  realizing all the facts today.seems like she just neglected all the things till now..that were making her more weak.

He marched towards her angrily but his mother hold him again.

What are you doing.i said we should marry her off with some rich person.we can get money aswell get ride off this girl.she mutter to him angrily glaring at her.

Geet stood numb listening to her. She was going to sold her just to get money.how could she..and why ? What is her fault .

No..she is not going to stop here for a moment now..she will run away..thinking so she make rushed from there but both of them hold her furiously and pushed her again inside.

Nahi..hume jane dijiye..please..she try once again joining her hands but they stone heart heard nothing her pleads.
They lock her inside the storeroom where as she cry ..pleaded them to let her go.

Maa ..hume yahase bahar nikaliye please maa..she stroll down sticking to closed door.her cruel fate seems not satisfied by playing games with her ..


He lay down on the hard floor of his gym feeling this restlessness again.is she ok.the sudden thought rushed through him as he sat up in jerk.as he take steps towards the door to check on her once.but soon all events cane rushing to him and he stop himself from going further.his ego win over his all Concern and love for her. He just rushed towards his room feeling so vacant corridor on his way but he ignore all other thoughts and dash inside his room.


He turned and twisted on the bed but sleep was nowhere on his eyes. He stand up and goes towards balcony thinking about her.that puppy. How did she brought this inside. He was calm now to think on the rational things of his mind. He stood as soft wind blowing around him.

He could still able to saw her tears stricken painful face.his heart stop beating for a moment. He hold it tight feeling unbearable pain rushing through it.he clutch the railings tight almost hurting his palm.


It was now turned dark completely adding to her miseries. She started tremble down and finally went into unconsciousness. …


  1. Wow so geet got to know the BIGGEST truth of her life…and now her step mother planning to sell her to a Richie rich…geet was disgusted…geet was super bold…here maan was completely restless..but his ego took toll..hope he saves geet on time

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Nice update. Poor geet her decision coming away from the Mansion is not right as she fell in danger again as her step mother wants to make money through her marriage.how will Maan react now knowing her situation. Eager for next update

    Liked by 1 person

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