The marriage was going to take place in the Ameerkot kingdom, the bride was non other than the princess of Ameerkot, the atmosphere wasn’t pleasurable like that should be for the wedding.

It was most inauspicious and dull wedding ever, since the Kingdom have been drowned itself in the pain & fear.

Satan Kingdom was most powerful with its large army. They have already conquered others kingdom nearby, now the King has targeted Ameerkot.

Satan was known to be most powerful, devilious and brutal king even who always thirsty for battles and blood.

And so before the ameerkot get crumble beneath his fearsome army the king took descision to saved it.


The Royal Carriage was moving slowly towards the temple of Ameerkot, to start marriage rituals with prayers in the auspicious temple of Ma Durga, in the blessings of Goddess.

“It pains me deeply, but for the Kingdom, Sacrifices have to be made.”

Her father’s words rang in Geetakshi’s mind, yes it’s true, and she have to do duty of the true princess.

Geetakshi was blessed with beauty and intelligence, she was most humble and kindhearted princess among others two. That her maids couldn’t stop crying with the departure of their dear princess, she has been so kind and friendly to them.

All felt bad with the thought of she can’t experience the wedding every princess dreams of.

Stop crying, will you!! Geetakshi scolded her maid, hum jarur wapas aayenge, Yashoda.

Yashoda smiled in tears, but also feared for her safety since the king was brutal .

Hume bahot Ajeeb sa lag raha hai, jaise koi anhoni hone wali ho…

Anhoni toh ho gayi hai, Rajkumari jane kiski buri nazar lag gayi humare Ameerkot Ko..

Geetakshi was in veil although, she climbed the steps of the temple with the help of her maids, and joined her hands before the goddess of Ma Durga.

Aap toh janti hai, Ma, hum yeh sab humare Ameerkot rajya Ko bachane ke liye kar rahe hai. Hume Shakti dena ke hum ismein puri tarah se kamyaab ho paye. And keep our Ameerkot safe and healthy.

She wanted the pray more, her mind was screaming out to pray to the goddess for her rescue from all this, she never wanted her wedding should happen like this, never, that too the brutal devil king.

She had always dreamt of her King, and have been waiting for the auspicious day, and dream wedding but that never happened.

But unknown to her , her silent desires has been conveyed to the Goddess in the form.of prayers as she slowly descended down the steps, then her maids again helped her into carriage.

The carriage again began their journey with few soldiers following them. Yashoda and her others maids were in other carriages, behind her.

The weather was turning stormy suddenly, as the curtains started blowing furiously in the wind, as she looked through the small window, then pulled back feeling alone, , Suddenly, Geetakshi heard hooves thundering toward them and then the  hustle bustle going around outside, not soon Yashoda came running to her carriage as he carriage stop moving, she was scared and crying hilariously,

It’s Bandit’s!! She exclaimed fearfully making Geetakshi gasped in horror.

Unhone sab khatam kar diya Rajkumari ji, they killed everyone and even our royal soldiers has been killed.

Geetakshi was horror stuck for a moment hearing her, she looked out, there was only blood..she wince with the sight then turned towards her, she recovered herself and grasp her hand, you run away fast, save yourself.

No.. Yashoda screamed in pain, how can I leave you your highness..

It’s my order, run..

Hum kshma kijiye, Rajkumari! And she ran away from there taking other maids with her.

Now Geetakshi was stuck alone in the carriage, she moved inside, thinking of how to save herself from those bandits. They were just outside the window, she can’t climb down to escape.

Hume koi hatyar chahiye, aur..her thoughts halted, as suddenly one of the filthy man barge inside, laughing evilly showing her his dirty teeth.

No…get out!!

Ha….ha…. What a beauty….he called his other mates who dragged her out, Geetakshi was horror stuck with their sudden move that she didn’t get a chance to attack back, although she strongly wriggle but no use.

Soon she was carried on the horse by one bandit who seem their Boss, as he carried her at his front on the horse, started moving furiously deep in the forest, chasing the wind.

She tried to struggle in his hard grip, but he couldn’t let her go, he continued to ride his horse furiously followed by his troop,

Leave me!! Aap hume jante nahi, hum kaun hai, aur kya kar sakte hai, she blasted trying to peeled off his harsh grip from her delicate waist.

the furious wind began tormenting her.. her veil started slipping from her head, and soon it reveal her beautiful face to his hungry eyes.

His pace became slow as he continued to gawk her beauty unconsciously, Geetakshi looked into his eyes finding them gaping at her without a blink, it was only his eyes revealed to her , as his face was hidden behind the scarf wrapped around his neck.

Eyes, they were so red and furious, it made her attempts stop and soon she found him wincing in pain,

His hold loosen on the horse, and it stumbled before making them fall down ruthlessly.. Geetakshi got up to run but her steps halted seeing him pulling out that arrow stuck on his back, blood spilled out of his wound, the sight she couldn’t bear was of blood, she took a step to go ahead but then thought crossed her mind, he deserved it,and then she have to rushed away from there as soon as possible, before he recovers and chess her again.

Geetakshi tried running away from there but she was pulled back and caught to a man’s broad chest. He held her imprisoned in his powerful arms for what seemed like an eternity.

Chodiye hume… Chodiye..she struggle but his grip was so harsh around her delicate waist. she looked up into his eyes.

And the moment stopped for both of them, as both continued to gaped at each other, his scarf was removed from face as well and she continues to watch his gorgeous face in wonder as if never seen this handsome face before.

Roshni se bhare bhare, bhare bhare naina tere – (2)

 Chhuke bole naa chhuna mujhe – (2)

 Sapno se bhare bhare, bhare bhare naina tere – (2)

 Chhuke bole naa chhuna mujhe – (2)

His astonished gaze locked with her pair of brown eyes that danced so spiritedly they held him spellbound. the beautiful eyes he had ever seen, so gorgeous and sparkling that they-unnerved him. He could not drag his glance away from this young woman. A fringe of thick, black lashes surrounded those amber pools that lit up her exquisitely beautiful face. And she had a dark brown hair that flow till her waist, high elegant cheekbones, full sensuous lips, and . . . he felt desire kindle in his veins as his all-consuming gaze swam over her curvaceous breasts and then resettled on her soft, inviting lips. He blinked bewilderingly but continued to stare at those rose petals. Before him was the most gorgeous creature he had ever laid eyes on.

While He was hungrily devouring Geetakshi, she found herself instantly attracted to this darkly handsome stranger. Tall and raven-haired, Crisp, wavy hair, as black as midnight, framed his craggy features, and he had prominent cheekbones, long sharp nose, and a strong jaw. dark brown eyes that sparkled like priceless diamond peered back at her from beneath a veil of long, sooty lashes…lashes that any woman would envy. And there was an arrogantly confident look on bronze features of his face , an aura of primitive maleness about him. Geetakshi was suddenly vividly aware of his masculinity.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is hsmfkly.jpg

His brows were dark and thick, as if to protect his eyes from harsh weather, and his lips were full. . . . Geetakshi suddenly wondered what it would be like to experience the touch of those lips, yet quickly she corralled her wandering thoughts.

This stranger had magnetic charm and dashing good looks.

she hissed with her own thoughts and parted from him harshly. she couldn’t get a one more chance to make run from there as she heard the approaching hooves again, that must be his troop. she quickly ran her mind and garb his horse to hop on, although it wasn’t easy with her bridal attire, but she was trained in those dresses only back at her Palace.

her relief with the rescue was short while because just after a moment the man mounted behind her,

His large hand enfolded her small one, and he gave not a second thought before joining her in the saddle.

When his muscled thighs crowded her hips and his brawny arms enveloped her waist, Geetakshi gulped down her apprehension and gouged the bay stallion in the flanks. The steed made a tight circle, reversed direction, and then lunged forward as if struck by a lightning bolt. the man was although prepared he toppled over her,  Once he had squirmed back to an upright position, he clamped one hand on the pommel of the saddle, the other tightly around her waist. As he molded himself closer, Geetakshi’s anxiety rose another notch.

 “Damn, woman, slow this speed down..

 Geetakshi refused to allow the horse to break stride,

She maintained her reckless pace to ensure that the rogue who had just abducted her from her carriage would make no advances.

ps. so now guys must have come to know this is gonna be historical romance, as most of readers requesting me to write on this theme. now plz do like and comment, how it is.. :))

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  1. Excellent update dear.
    Nice concept.
    Congratulations for new story.
    Historical story.
    So geet ek princess haj. Apne rajya ko bachane ke liye wo shadi karti hai.
    Lekin rasteme hi twist aa gaya. Bandits ka hamla. Geet ka bhagna, maan se milna, dono ka ek dusre ke tarf attract hona, bhagneki koshish. Fir se maan geetakshi ko pakad leta hai…
    Ab aage kya hoga….???
    Update soon dear.

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