Anhoni toh ho gayi hai, Rajkumari jane kiski buri nazar lag gayi humare Ameerkot Ko..

Geetakshi was horror stuck for a moment hearing her, she looked out, there was only blood..she wince with the sight then turned towards her, she recovered herself and grasp her hand, you run away fast, save yourself.

She tried to struggle in his hard grip, but he couldn’t let her go, he continued to ride his horse furiously followed by his troop,

Leave me!! Aap hume jante nahi, hum Kaun hai, aur kya kar sakte hai, she blasted trying to peeled off his harsh grip from her delicate waist.

So guys, here are few glimpses in the story..quick sneak peak..


As I have just started typing it, was really stuck at some points..

You guys have to wait for one more day, for first chapter, really sorry about that, till then read promo.



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