Geet looked at his accusing eyes that were ready to burn her in his fury.he just marched towards her in his blind anger and jerk her closer holding her arms tightly that she yelp in pain…Ahhh…

Who is he ? The only question he could asked bewildering everyone standing there staring at his weird act including dadima herself.

Sumitra was confused at why he is behaving this way asking that question. Her sixth senses were alerting her of son’s doings but still she ignore that busy  in recent happenings.

Annie was fuming with anger to see her dear brother’s doings.she can really related that as what is going between both of them .Along with her one more person ,who was seething with anger to see the scene was Rajeev.

He can’t really connect the dots but going suspicious on his big brother knowing his nature. How could he manhandle his sleeping beauty like this  but he knows he can’t able to do anything against his brother.

I am asking you something dammit. .he shouted on her becoming furious in his demeanor that she shiver like a leaf ,milk bottle fallen down from her shivering hands spilling all milk on the floor.
That she came to her senses and wriggle out of his hard hold seeing the milk scattered on the floor .it got all wasted.there puppy will be hungry.

Fresh tears rolled down her hazels .he caught that and his anger reach to its peak that he started to drag her towards her room.

Maan..leave her ..you are hurting her son..dadima caution him rushing behind him and all family followed her behind.

Kaha chupake rakha hai..dikhao muze ..let me see also..he blasted on her pushing her inside her room angrily that she stumble few steps .dadima hysterical hold her before she hit the hard floor.

Maan..she gasped in great shock of her Grandson’s behavior today.

Just then annie saw something poking out of small basket place in the corner of the room.

What is this..? She asked loudly grasping everyone attention and everyone looked at it to find the small puppy trying to climb out of the basket.

Shona. .geet called out making everyone shock apart from dadima as she made a rushed towards it taking him out of the basket ,she cocooned him in her arms much to maan’s fury.He was already much furious and seeing the scene and that little creature his anger raised to new level.

Urgh. .who the hell brought this dirty thing in my house..Annie sneer at her and puppy making him fume more in his anger.

As he storm towards them and literally snatch that puppy from her hands.

Saheb..geet gasp in fear and anger cursing through her to see that he was hurting her shona.

Use chodiye..aap Use hurt kar rahe hai..she finally said out loud to him seeing his cruelty.

But Maan his senses overpower with his anger and jealousy for that little creature who was sometime before was in her arms ..now hearing her words it fuel his anger more and he just throw that puppy angrily like it was just the random thing.

Shona..geet screamed in fear..to see the scene so was everyone .

All gasped in shock to see his demeanor today.

But before that puppy hit the hard floor Rajeev who was also shock, come out of his shock state and hold that puppy hurriedly before he got hurt.

Geet who was standing numb till then rushed towards him and take the puppy in her hands looking it’s all side ..if he was fine or hurt anywhere.

Shona.. Aap thik toh hai na ? She asked as her face totally fill with sweat and tears.she hugged him tightly to her chest.

How could you bro ? It’s little live..Rajeev continue to scold his big brother but he was stop quickly by his mother.

Rajeev. .it’s not the way you should talk with your big brother..

But mom..

I said stop..she gesture him showing her palms and he just rushed from there angrily.

Maan who was standing there seething with anger rushed from there aswell.

What is this geet..How come this puppy is in our Mansion  .Sumitra asked patiently controlling her raged for this girl increasing day by day in her mind.

Geet have no words to answer her when she knows she is at fault here but she cant leave this puppy now .how could she when it has become her part of her life.

She just stand there keeping her head downcast shedding silent tears.

Sumitra..it’s just 2 days ..it has come.. i brought  him here .it was in the garden itself  .I got it there. Dadima took all the blame on herself glancing at geet. She was totally disappointed with her today.  she had warned her before to kept that in outhouse, hadn’t she?

Oh.its been 2 days and you are keeping that dirty thing in our Mansion dadima. .annie asked angrily to her to which dadima glared her back.

It’s not dirty ..he is also a living life..geet reply back being furious at her for calling her shona as dirty.

Oh so you will tell me now..you mere maid..she taunted back at her angrily making geet upset as she pouted on hearing her words her face fell down.
How could she forget that thing which she always seems to forgot .

Sasumom .you very well know this ..how much my son hated this things..then why..? Sumitra asked to dadima glaring at geet.

Geet just shiver remembering his anger few minutes back.

He is my grandson , Sumitra. .if you forgot.so I have kept it hidden from him till now and most precisely far from him.

This dirty thing ..dadima added taunting at her but her glare was fix on annie.

And its your daughter only who began this all..
Dadima. .how could you blame all this on me when she was the one who was hiding that creature inside our house. annie blasted on her seeing her insulting her infront that maid.

Sasumom. .everything happens till now..it’s all right but now we have to throw that thing out of here..sumitra declared making geet gasped in fear and she clutch the puppy more tightly into herself.
Sumitra ,this puppy is not going to go anywhere ..it’s my order..dadima said in no nonsense voice seeing geet’s condition.

Sumitra and annie gasped in shock.how could she just go against them for that mere maid.

Thik hai..so throw that girl out of our house.annie sneer at geet making her flinch back with her look.

Why would she ? She is not going anywhere nor that little puppy. Dadima argue back little flabbergasted at her words.

You are going against your family for that mere maid..how could you dadima. .annie argue back..

Yes I am..and how many times I have to tell you..dont called her that..

.so what should I called her ?

And you are  my dadima not her..a mere maid..she is..annie made a disgusting face making dadima fumed more.
Annie mind your tongue. .

I said the truth only..she is just mere maid here and you..you are giving her all importance from the time she had came in this mansion.

Sumitra was staring at the due fighting with each other. She could make out that her dear daughter was pouring out her all frustration on her sasumom. .her jealousy of being neglected while that maid getting attention of hers every now  and then..day and night.

She is just mere maid..ONLY MAID..nothing more or less.annie shouted and dadima just slap her hard..

Annie was shock so as sumitra ..it’s first time she did get so much angry and even hit her. She was always humble all  the time .and pampering her grandchildren.

How could you ?annie whisper out ,her hidden pain along her frustration. As her tears rolled down her cheeks.



Annie looked her hurt as her tears rolled down on her cheeks.she ran from there feeling too much hurt today.

Anwesha. .sumitra shouted from behind her.but she was long gone. She turn her furious eyes back at her mother in law. 

You didn’t do the right thing,sasumom.saying so she also rushed behind her daughter. 

Dadima sigh in frustration and turn to looked at geet but there was no one now.she was all alone standing in her room.

Geet..Geet. .she called hysterical but there no reply come. 

Hey babaji. .yeh kya ho gaya ? She held her head in tension building inside her old mind but there was no one to hold her.

She try to calm herself and called nakul. Nakul came rushing immediately towards her supporting her.

Nakul ,did you saw geet ? She asked in hope. 

No Dadima, i have not seen her anywhere .he reply nonchalantly. 

Dadima check everywhere hurriedly in hall and garden and outside premises but geet was nowhere to be seen.she frighten at the thought of her going alone outside .

She called the driver immediately and got inside car .car speed up on the main road so was her worried heart was beating fast in anxious. 

She was hell worried for her child. Her frighten eyes roam everywhere on the empty road in late afternoon .

That’s when she find some petite figure walking slowly on the empty road , she can see her saree.which was the same saree geet was wearing in the morning. She felt her life came back to her as she order the driver to stop the car and made rush out of the car calling her name.

But the girl or lady didn’t turn back instead continue to walk further. dadima fasten her steps reaching to her and she hold her shoulder making her to turn back.


He broke another ice cube in extreme fury recalling every moment of what happened in her room.her words ..

SHONA. .her scream was still buzzing in his ears making him fume in anger.

How could she called that creature like that.how could she snuggle him closer to herself.

He hit the punch bag hardly pushing that back in anger.

Why the hell she had brought that creature in his mansion.

Why..damn..it ..he jump in air furiously making him moves in fast pace.


She was walking on the empty road all alone with her little shona ,holding that protectively in her saree hiding that inside her pallu to save him from afternoon heat.her heart was paining deep .that was not stopping. 

She was listening her all accusations silently when she heard her next words that hit her hard making her realized what  blunder she was doing till now in thee family.

“You are going against your  family for that mere maid.”

The words buzzed in her innocent mind till now and she didn’t get herself when her steps turn backwards towards door and she rushed outside holding the puppy tight in her hands.

All three ladies was busy in themselves that no one notice her going out.

A MERE Maid she is..

Yes she is just maid there nothing else to anyone there nor to her SAHEB. 

It jolted her body with pain to remember about him.her tears rolled down on her chubby cheeks wetting them.

How could he throw her shona like this.she knows its her fault entirely.she began all this but we could he turn so rude to throw that little live like this.

She clutch the puppy more tight remembering that moment when he had throw her shona. It’s was Rajeev Saheb,that her shona is still alive and with her today.

She shiver remembering that moment. Her eyes closed for a moment thanking him from inside her heart for saving this little life.


Rajeev throw all things in the room frustrated at the events.

He can’t see tears in her beautiful hazels. How could they.

He was much more angry on all of his family.how could he just throw that puppy. he too have  his little life.

He never expected atleast this act from his big brother. 


Geet was walking alone on the road with tears soaking her cheeks continuously .that’s when she felt her hand on her shoulder. She turn towards her only to be shock on finding her dadima there. She Dailey big showing her teeth to dadima becoming happy that she came for her.Her Dadima. 

No she was not hers .is not her.

You are my dadima not hers.

The words buzzed in her innocent mind making her smile disappear from her small face. 

She turn sad and turn to go again when dadima’s voice stop her.

Dadima was looking at her each expressions carefully.she can see her tears soak face alone with there was sadness on her little face.

In finding her she saw her happiness like herself but soon that happy smile turn into sadness and she watch her turning away from her to go.seeing this she immediately called her from back.

Geet..aap kaha ja rahi hai bache.

Hearing her affection geet couldn’t control herself more she just turn towards her and hug her tightly crying her eyes out.

Dadima smile on her innocent child taking her in her motherly warmth. 

Dadima. Please hume..Jane dijiye..

She turn shock on her words .

Why dear ? She asked her softly.

Nahi..dadima. .hume Bas ghar jana hai.hum ab aur nahi sah sakte .she came out of her hug feeling puppy’s moments. He got stuck inbetween there bodies.

Aap chinta mat kijiye geet.hum sab thik kar denge. She wiped her tears.

Nahi dadima. Waha kisiko humari jarurat nahi hai ab.hum kahi aur kaam dhoond lenge.

Hearing her words dadima gasp in shock.how could she let her work somewhere when she is going to become her future Grand daughter in law.

Aap Aise kyon kah rahi hai bete. It’s not like that.we need you..aur maan.

Aap yeh kaise bhool gaye .humne aapko unlike liye hi hire kiya tha.

Hearing her geet stop numb for a moment. Yes how could she forget him.never.she is not.how could she when her heart was there with him.

Her innocence could make out that love of them atleast. 

She loves him now and forever.

But the right to stay there in his house ,that was not with her.when everyone is ready to throw her out.till when dadima is going to support her all alone when she is at fault today.she can’t expect anything from him after seeing his cruelty today. 

She clutch the puppy tightly caressing it’s head.

Shayad ab unhe bhi humari jarurat nahi hai dadima .he always prefer nakul kaka only na ? Then why today you are stopping me.

You are taking everything wrong dear.

No dadima. Aap please khud ko takleef mat dijiye humare liye.aapko humari kasam dadima Hume jane dijiye aur aap khud ka aur baki sabka khayal rakhiyega.Her heart pain remembering his face.

How will she going to stay away from him but he will not come to her when he himself had walk out with his anger.her heart pain with the thought. 

Dadima gasped hearing her.what happened to her innocent child .from when did she started to talk this Big things .but she knows its her studies that made her to think this today.the education she is getting today that  was making her mature .


BUT How Could SHE Let HER Go. SHE IS her FAVORITE Child. 



What Will She Do. .



  1. Nice update.Maan is so possessive that he is not able to bare anyone come so close to her.will geet be able to stay in the mansion after all what had happened.She has to face Annie and Sumithra’s anger everyday.poor geet.Eager for next update.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Omg maans anger was at peak in jealousy and his behavior towards the little soul was not good thankgod rajeev caught on right time…it’s high that he will understand about his behavior and her need in his life..I feel sad for daadi… Waiting to read more ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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