Its been two days now after her saheb taught her about the romancing word. she was hell shy knowing the meaning .she ran towards outhouse for her classes. 

easy geet.why are in so much hurry .? Mrs. Singh asked her .she was looking from few days , she would always in hurry.
its nothing mam. geet answer politely,her head was downcast in respect and fear for her.
Dadima look at her sad face and wonder what happened to her now.she asked from her so many times but that girl is not ready to opened her mouth.
its related to puppy. dadima asked. 
aap shona ke bare main keh rahi hai ?geet asked her confuse on her question.
ji ha..dadima sighed on her innocence.
ji nahi. dadima.woh to so rahe hai abhi.geet answer absent mindly.
achcha..? dadima was amused at her  again try to asked from her.
toh ap kyun itna upsate hai. kahi aap royi to nahi ?
nahi.. toh.geet try to wipe her eyes hiding her face from her.
dadima thought to let it go, she will talk with maan .
geet was coming from his room making it tidy ,when she bump into Rajeev who was coming from other side .she try to go but he never let her instead caged her in his arms tightly making her hell scared.
Hume chodiye.. she try to wriggle out of his hold but its got tighten on her bare waist, he smirk on her fragile attempts .
yeh aap kya kar rahe hai ? chodiye hume.geet was hell frighten now, she looked at her surrounding ,its seclude  corridor,no one was there. 
she try to bang on his chest but he grasp it and kissed her knuckles softly sniffing her scent. 
geet .her tears made there way on her cheeks seeing his behavior today. 
hey sleeping beauty,why are you crying.looked.please don’t cry.i cant bear tears in your beautiful eyes ,please don’t cry , he wiped her cheeks softly caressing it more than necessary
she flinch with his touch .he continue stared at her innocent face, never ever in his entire life he had saw the beauty like her,coated with innocence.
and today he got the chance to touch her finally. 
god.she is so soft. he continue to caressed her bare waist and hold her tender hands in his own which was on his hands pushing him. 
geet already was so upset and his acts added more fuel into her miseries that she burst in her loud cries.
rajeev got frighten suddenly hearing her loud cries that he leave her instantly .
hey.geet..stop..just stop..ok i am sorry baby..geet..he tried to pacified her in fear of anyone could heard her cries. she just rushed from there to her room crying.
MAAN stared at her sad face something he didn’t like at all. what happened to her ? she was all fine till morning then..?
he pulled her in his arms suddenly scaring her .she clutch his shoulders tightly hell scared .
maan turn amused at her behavior. why is she fearing so much . 
Geet.what happened ? he asked her softly.
but she didn’t answer instead try to wriggle out of his hold.it turn him frustrated seeing her going away from him.
Geet.his tone became high and her tears rolled down which she was holding but she instantly try to wipe them in fear of him. few more rolled down after she wiped her tears. they never stop .maan hold her hands turning worried on her behavior now.
Jaan.kya baat hai .? he asked her softly cupping her face in his hands.she broke down in his arms clutching him tightly.
its 1 day before Mrs.Singh had asked her to watch some movies or news in English language to make her more improve.
geet  on turn happy to do new adventure but was unknown of what problem she herself going to land into.
the first person come into her mind is dadima to asked from help. she rushed to her room and asked from her.to which dadima made her watch some news  and later she goes to sleep in her room so geet thought to let her sleep and she can watch some other thing on TV outside in living area. as its afternoon ,everyone was outside for there respective works.servants was in kitchen . so she was all alone in hall started one English movie in excitement but its all turn upside down after seeing the on goings. 
there lovemaking scene started and geet unknown to all this she was glue to screen that didn’t get first whats happening .as she started to read the lines below,its all turning unknown to her.. 
but when her eyes turn upwards on what happening in the movie,its turn big, horrified, both were bare and the boy was inside her biting  her all over her body.
geet turn numb with big shock. her eyes started to well up seeing the girl crying in pain and that boy was harshly biting her and thrusting inside her,she don’t know what was that, but with all that scenery she just get to know that the boy was giving pain to that girl.
she started to shiver as sweat drops started to appear on her whole face.
maan was too shock on listening her ,she was crying hard after giving her info.it could had impact on her innocent mind negatively. offcource it is. afterall seeing how innocent she was.
he don’t know how to calm her ,when in between there romance also he had seen her going frighten sometimes,even he could clearly remember of there dinner night,she was hell scared of his harshness and had cried furiously.
he hugged her tight caressing her back he try to make her calm and she did calm down a bit ,her sobs turn into hiccups and then he heard her breaths going calm. he looked at her face to see her sleeping in his arms looking all tired.
Maan was looking at her innocent face.she was sleeping peacefully. He dont know how to explain her .it’s needed to be neat way of explanation for her innocent mind.
What happened? Did she told you anything ? Asked worried dadima.
She watched that English movie day before,  and you know. .he left that there knowing his dadima would grasp the things.
And she did.She gasp with realization. what impact that could be left on her innocence. 
But when did she saw it.it’s new channels we were surfing that time.and then..
You went to sleep that time she watch it outside in living room. He completed her sentence as per geet had informed him with each happenings.
Dadima sat worried for her innocent child.
You try to make her understand dadima. I cant ..you know..saying so he storm out of there leaving dadima worried on how to do that.
Two days went like this…geet forgot about that day where all incidents happened in the day itself.it’s her shona kept her busy that she never remember what was that with her innocence. 
Dadima after seeing this thought to let it go for the time being .if she will asked her now geet will remember that again and will become sad.

Maan was not convinced with this but dadima made him understand that she will later tell her if she would asked her on that.in fact he would also made her understand later if needed.

she had teased him further leaving him frustrated. But he just sighed  little convince by her.
images (8)
Its new morning .geet opened her eyes as she felt herself shona licking her face.she giggle on his innocent acts and grasp his small body in her palms as she opened her eyes to see his cute face.
Aap bahot badmashiya karte hai,shona.(You do naughty things always)
She complained giggling on him.
he wriggle in her arms and started to walk on her stomach.
Aahh. .Yeh aap kya kar rahe hai..she wince slightly with his small nails piercing her skin through her saree.
She hold him in her hands again and stand up from her bed.
Aap yaha baithiye .hum aapke liye doodh(milk) leke aate hai.
She kept him in his basket and after freshn up rushed downstairs to get him some milk as he must be hungry now in the morning. 
She ran towards kitchen .it’s all silent and she was alone in the early morning when she take little amount of milk in one bottle and started to climb the stairs.
Where are you going stealing this. She heard the angry voice and she recognized well who is it.
Her eyes turn big in horror as stop dead in her track fearing to face the person.

Annie was not early riser but she came from night out. And when she step inside mansion she saw that mere maid stealing something from kitchen.Already she was waiting for a chance to bashed her and today she got one. 
Her blood had started to boil in much furry to see the sight.there was no one inside mansion. Must be still sleeping in rooms.
You b****,what are you doing ?annie blasted on her yet again making her shiver in fear.she turn slowly fearing from her next move.
as she turn hiding the milk bottle in her pallu,that caught her attention,and she fumed marching towards her.
what is that.? what is it ,you are hiding ? annie was in full mood now to take her revenge .geet dont know how to react or what to answer her.first her words hurting her .she just called her bitch..its meaning she knows now,it give her more shock,how can she called her with that named.her innocent mind comprehend on that. before she didn’t knowing the meaning didn’t gave attention to it ,whenever she called her with that but today its hurt..hurt her deep. it was better then ,she couldn’t have knows this language in which we get hurt to knows this bashing words meanings and its really hurts.
tears rolled down her beautiful hazels, she glanced at her angry face painfully,with her blurry eyes that was fill with hurt. she respect her too much even each members in the family,that cant able to bear her bashing today,when its making her senses of each words.
annie ignoring her tears continue to asked her in her bashing way.
was you stealing the things inside my house ? 
geet frighten at once on her question,nodded vigorously in negative but no words come out of her mouth in respect and fear for her.
then what are you hiding inside your saree ? she again asked furious at the thought of her knowing her speaking ,she knows well ,geet was studying inside her home and its dadima who had arranged everything for her.
hum..wo..she find it difficult to speak infront of angry annie memsab. she knows its her fault today .and it was giving more courage to annie to bash her.
ANNIE.. what is happening here..dadima came down hearing loud voices followed by sumitra and rajeev.
dadima rushed toward her  supporting her ,she saw her  in so much vulnerable condition .
what is it annie ? what did you done with  her ? asked dadima glaring angrily at her.
nope dadima . i did nothing ,you asked to your favorite child. she mocked angrily gritting  her teeth. 
dadima once glanced at her face confused
but geet was not in the condition to speak anything crying silently but didnt even try to wiped her eyes, just standing like this with her nonstop tears cascading down on her chubby cheeks. 
dear.. what have you done ? dadima asked softly wiping her wet cheeks .
Geet dont know how to tell her, its because of her dadima also now got stuck in this situation. how could she do this with dadima ? she had warned her beforehand only but she never listen in her blind love for her shona.how could she leaved her shona like this alone.her heart twitch with the thought.


Shona..she gasp audibly suddenly remembering it.he must be hungry.. his small face came before eyes making her quiver in pain.
dadima turn more worried to see her silence. she shook her and asked again to which annie reply this time angrily.
let me tell you,what she was doing..here ..she hold her hand forcefully and snatch the milk bottle which she was hiding from her hands harshly that geet yelped in pain.
Kabhi Palkon Pe Aansoo Hain
aahh.. she cried out loud seeing her harshness.


ANNIE..maan scream on her angrily descending the staircase ,he just came down hearing loud voices, first he ignore that thinking it there one of arguments between ladies but it didnt stop for long time so he decided to check .but when he came down ,his blood boiled to see her crying silently and annie was bashing her .its unbearable for him,still he control himself thinking maybe she did something mistakenly but after seeing annie’s  harshness how could he stop himself.
he rushed towards then angrily that all stare at him in surprised.


What are you doing ? his voice was dangerous husky. his red eyes scared annie for sometime but she knows today she have the charged in her hands .
look bhai.. she was stealing in our house.annie showed them the milk bottle making all confuse. 
she was stealing it  from kitchen. she clarify them all. 
so what is big deal,she must be taking for someone.rajeev spoke finally not bearing her tears. 
nope.. asked her for whom she was taking and who did asked her to bring this.. when everyone was sleeping ? annie fire at once making all suspicious. 
everyone knows they  were sleeping inside room. they asked dadima but she too decline it not knowing its must be for puppy.
humne chori..nahi..ki.. she finally utter the words sobbing inbetween but this words for him only who was gazing her accusingly aswell.
he dont know why she done that. if she needed anything then she could have asked to dadima if not him. but here giving chance to others to accused her  and bashed her. it pain him more to see her in this situation. 
oh..oh.. toh yeh kya hai.. annie taunted.
Yeh humare..shona ke liye hai.. she finally disclosed not knowing how to defend herself more.
dadima gasp with realization but it was too late now as annie stop her from further saying with her continuous bashing.
who is this sona..or whatever.. annie mock again.


Maan was startle at her sudden words.. anger rushed through his whole body listening that word. off course he knows that word use for affectionate called like he called her as JAAN.
and what is she hiding from him  and whom. jealousy spread through him making his mind and heart blur with angry mist.


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